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Bradfabs Ltd are highly experienced steel and sheet metal fabricators.  Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we specialise in custom engineered products, from balconies and canopies, staircases, walkways and gates, fencing and railing.  Additionally we undertake structural engineering, taking a structural steelwork through from first conception to finished structure.
At Bradfabs we put our customers’ needs first.  Our talented and highly experienced designers listen carefully to your requirements and design products to your satisfaction.  Our bespoke products are then fabricated by a team with years of experience in steel and sheet metal fabrication.  Attention to detail is important and all our products are designed and fabricated to high standards to provide years of functional and durable use.  We take care to match our products to their environment and consider style, colour and location.  From ornate  and elegant grand staircases through to functional and safe industrial walkways, everything we make is guaranteed to be long-lasting, durable and of the highest standard.  Most importantly, we design and fabricate to your requirements.  Once fabrication is complete we offer fast delivery to any location in the UK and installation as required.

We provide cost-effective design, fabrication, delivery and installation.  It is of the greatest importance to us that each of our products meets every customer’s precise requirements and specifications and is produced to our exacting high standards


At Bradfabs Ltd we offer a vast range of  custom-made balconies.  We will liaise with you to ascertain your exact requirements and then design, fabricate, deliver and install your quality balcony.  We provide superior balconies to homes and other developments.  Fabricated in galvanised mild steel or stainless steel, with toughened glass or mesh infill panels, our balconies are minimum or no-maintenance and will last for years and years – almost forever!  Have a look on our website to see examples of the many various balconies we have designed and installed throughout the UK.  You will see that we take care to match and complement all sorts of buildings and offer balconies that are not just durable and functional but which enhance the look of your building, increasing value as well as providing aesthetic appeal.


There is a wide range of uses for canopies – from offering protection from the weather, to creating an external walkway for covered access of goods and making an attractive entrance.  At Bradfabs Ltd we are aware that canopies are needed for a variety of functions, so we design to your precise specifications to suit your purpose, whilst matching the look and style of your building.  Our wall-suspended canopies are made of steel and glass and are suitable for both single and double doors, as well as porches and patios.  Look on our website to see a selection of the custom built canopies we have designed delivered and installed to homes, flats schools, offices, hospitals and all sorts of commercial developments.

Balconettes and Juliet Balconies

Balconettes offer security to your home or development, as well as adding style and visual appeal.  We offer custom made balconettes, designed to your precise requirements, delivered and installed.  Constructed from flat bar and tubular mild and stainless steel and using toughened glass infill, our balconettes are galvanised and powder coated to ensure a long lasting finish and protection from the elements.  We design and build to fit Juliet balconies, French doors and double-windowed balconettes.  Our website shows a variety of the custom designed balconettes we have installed throughout the UK

Balustrading and Banisters

The range of balustrading fabrications and banisters provided by Bradfabs is immense, offering both functionality and form.  Functionality is evident in custom designed and built safety railings, handrails and balustrading.  Form comes to the fore in elegant staircases, displaying superb craftsmanship and design.  All our products are built to last – from outdoor and industrial balustrading constructed to meet and exceed safety standards to grand staircases which, in addition to providing safety have breathtaking aesthetic impact.  Check out the examples of bespoke balustrading on our website.  We supply to a diverse range of developments including residential properties, pubs, training and leisure centres, warehouses, school and offices and many more.

Straight Staircases

All our straight staircases are designed to your requirements to enhance the functionality and appearance of a number of different buildings.  From modern to decorative to multi-tiered and external and internal staircases, all are constructed from mild and stainless steel with a range of styles and finishes.  We have provided bespoke straight staircases to homes, schools, offices and many other types of development.  All meet our exacting standards of craftsmanship, safety and long-lasting reliability.   Visit our website to see a selection of straight staircases we have designed, built and installed in many varied developments in the UK.

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases come in many shapes and sizes – from circular to classic spiral, from multi-storey spiral to emergency exit, to name just a few.  At Bradfabs, we take great pride in our recognised expertise in designing, building and installing steel spiral staircases.  We design and build to your specific requirements, working to blend in with and enhance the existing environment – be it home or industrial.   Spiral staircases add value to your property and can be a great space saving solution.   From functional to ornate, we supply you with hand wearing, durable internal and external staircases.  Have a look at the bespoke examples on our website.

Helix Staircases

Our helix staircases are constructed of mild steel and stainless steel.  All are designed and built to your individual and precise requirements, with Bradfabs’ renowned attention to detail and finish.  From contemporary to traditional design, our helix staircases have specialist finishing touches, such as timber or polished steel handrails or glass balustrades.  Helix staircases are tasteful and elegant, adding value to your property.  We have provided these bespoke staircases to pubs, restaurants and offices throughout the UK.  Have a look at some of the samples on our website.

Fire Escapes

When it comes to designing, building and installing made to measure fire escapes, we believe in Safety First.  Our fire escapes incorporate life-saving features, including specialised stair treads to limit slipping.  We have provided fire escapes to golf clubs, schools, factories, offices and residential properties all over the UK.  We offer a wide range of fire escapes, including spiral, circular and helix fire escape stairs to multi-level stairs and stairs with landings and emergency exit doors.  All are built to be tough and durable and meet or exceed all UK safety standards.  A selection of fire escapes we have provided is shown on our website.

Bespoke Gates

Whether you need security gates for a school factory, office or private development, Bradfabs Bespoke Gates can provide the solution.  Our range includes manual and automatic electric gates, driveway and pedestrian gates, swing gates, access gates, industrial roller and boundary gates and more.  Many of our gates are available in a range of colours and all are designed and manufactured to high standards of quality to ensure strength, durability and longevity.  As well as mainly functional gates, we also offer beautifully designed driveway gates and metal gates and railings.  All are designed and built to your exact specifications.  You can get an idea of the range available by visiting our website to look at some examples.


Bradfabs steel fencing is used across a wide variety of applications in schools, offices and industrial developments.  Safety and security are the key factors in the manufacture of our fencing.    Additionally, thoughtfully designed fencing can add value to your property.  We offer a wide range of fencing including boundary and security fences, safety fences, sports fencing and boundary and palisade fences.  We design and manufacture to your exact requirements and we can also install the fencing anywhere in the UK.  Many of our fences come in a variety of colours to suit your environment.  Our website shows examples of our safe, secure fencing.


We offer a wide range of railings for a varied number of purposes, from modern security railings for schools, offices, fire escapes and industrial developments to ornate period railings for private residences, tourist attractions, etc.  We take on board your precise individual needs to design, manufacture and install quality, durable railings, which enhance the environment and provide safety, privacy and security, as required.  Our dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the lovely designs of ornate railings, as well as the quality and durability of all our railings.  A selection of the railings we have designed and supplied throughout the UK is available on our website.


We have a wide range of walkways designed to give additional access to both internal and external areas such as roofs, air conditioning units, storage areas, etc.  Our sturdy and safe walkways are fabricated from mild steel and galvanised to resist weather conditions and use.  We design to your requirements, which is important when everyone has different needs.  After manufacture, we can deliver and install anywhere in the UK.  You can check out a variety of walkways we have provided, including elevated, roof, multi-level and multi-tiered, on our website.

Bespoke Engineering

At Bradfabs we specialise in design and fabrication.  Past projects include lamp post protectors, storage units, stainless steel hose, smoke shelters and ticket turnstiles, as well as a great many more.  The list really is endless as we can fabricate whatever you can dream up!  Let us know your design needs and we will provide exactly what you are looking for.  We manufacture and deliver and install to anywhere in the UK.  You can see many examples of our varied bespoke engineering work on our website

Structural Engineering

At Bradfabs we offer you years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing structural steel work projects, from first concept right through to the finished structural engineering site.  As illustrated on our website, the process involves three key stages.  The first stage is design, when we produce engineering drawings, unique to your specifications.  Next we move on to fabrication of the structure with steelwork.  The final stage concludes with a finished structural engineering site, designed and built to your requirements.  There are several examples of this on our website, showing the three stages for apartment buildings, a health care centre and offices. 

Fabrication Finishes

We offer an extensive range of fabrication finishes for our bespoke metal products.  All of our finishes provide a protective coating, ensuring years of functional use.  Fabrication finishes include mirror polishing and powder coating used in company signage, hot-dip galvanising to prevent rusting of ferrous products, as well as satin polishing, zinc plating, metal painting and primer painting for steel.  Examples of the finishes available are shown on our website.

Stock Items

At Bradfabs we have a good range of stock items available, including completely maintenance-free decking boards made of an eco-friendly wood composite.  We stock lamp-post protectors and can provide installation if required.  Also available are bollard caps in mild steel finished in your choice of colour, hand welded handrail brackets in mild and stainless steel, mild steel durbar stair treads, as well as steel tube caps in mild steel, ready for paint finishing.  Our stock items are pictured and described further on our website.    



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