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Bondline Electronics specialises in the manufacture and supply of static control products, anti-static control products and precision hand tools. With everything from anti-static wrist straps and shoes to test instruments and anti-static sprays, we’re able to meet all your static control requirements. 

As well as protecting electrical engineers from static shock, our products are designed to prevent short circuiting, circuit damage and even total circuit failure in electrical equipment. Static electricity is no small problem: it can cause catastrophic failure in all kinds of plant and machinery, which not only poses a threat to safety, but can also lead to lengthy downtime and loss of production. That’s why it is essential to control it. 

With our range of anti-static products you can. Head over to our online shop to see what we have available. Delivery to most UK addresses takes place within 2-3 working days (occasionally extending to 5-7 days, depending on the product ordered). 

Visit Bondline Electronics online to find out more. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an advisor about the control of static electricity, just give us a call on 01793 511000. 

KillStat Sprays & Cleaners

Other KillStat products supplied by Bondline Electronics include:

  • KillStat floor cleaner
  • KillStat floor finish
  • KillStat floor stripper
  • KillStat hand lotion
  • KillStat mat/table top cleaner
  • KillStat restorer/cleaner

To find out more about KillStat anti-static cleaning solutions, or any of the products listed in the sections above, please visit Bondline Electronics online or contact us on 01793 511000. 

Wrist Straps & Cords

Also known as ESD wrist straps or ground bracelets, anti-static wrist straps are designed to safely ground a person who is working on sensitive electronic equipment. They do this by preventing the build-up of static electricity on the worker’s body, thus eliminating the possibility of electrostatic discharge (ESD). At Bondline Electronics we have a range of anti-static wrist straps for you to choose from, each offering a different level of comfort and protection. They include:

  • Adjustable stainless steel wrist straps
  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Crocheted wrist straps
  • Disposal wrist straps
  • Premium high comfort wrist straps
  • Wrist straps with replacement strips

You can find out more about the products listed above by visiting Bondline Electronics online. 

Office, Signs & Labels

Also available are a range of anti-static office supplies, including tape, ESD document storage, pens, letter trays, rubber bands and other stationary products. All are made with special materials designed to prevent the build-up of harmful static charges. 

This category also includes our extensive range of static electricity warning signs and labels – these can be viewed on the Bondline Electronics website. Warning signs and labels are essential in any environment where there is potential for electrostatic shock/interference. For advice and guidance on the use of signs and labels, just give us a call on 01793 511000. 

Hand Tools & Tweezers

Bondline Electronics can offer a full range of anti-static electrician’s tools, all of which are made with insulating handles that prevent the build-up and transfer of harmful static electricity. Anti-static tools are an essential part of any electrician’s kit. 

Our range encompasses the following:

  • Anti-static cutters
  • Anti-static pliers
  • General anti-static tools
  • EREM tools
  • KillStat cutters
  • Soldering aids
  • Non-magnetic tweezers

Also available are a range of general purpose hand tools (non ESD). Visit Bondline Electronics online to find out more. 

Flooring products

Anti-static flooring products are commonly used in laboratories, electronic assembly plants and other areas where static electricity is likely to cause electronic failure. Bondline Electronics offers several different solutions:

  • ESD flooring – including anti-fatigue matting, conductive plastic flooring and static dissipative vinyl flooring.
  • Floor treatments and cleaners – including contamination control mats and ESD floor cleaners.
  • KillStat floor matting – a durable, two-layer dissipative vinyl with a conductive backing that complies with DIN EN 61340-5-1. 

For more information on our anti-static flooring products, please visit Bondline Electronics online. 

Field Service

This category is made up of several anti-static products and grounding accessories:

  • Earthing plugs – with 1 or 3 x 10mm studs, or 1 x 10mm stud and 2 jack sockets.
  • Field service kits – a mini portable anti-static workstation with a 3-layer static dissipative floor mat and a fully adjustable wrist-strap with connecting leads.
  • Accessories – including adaptor snaps, croc receptacles and stack snaps. 

For more information, including product specifications and prices, please visit our online shop or contact our sales and service team on 01793 511000. 

Garments & Gloves

Bondline Electronics offers a great range of high quality, low cost ESD clothing and anti-static gloves manufactured from static dissipative materials and ideal for anyone working in ESD protected areas. 

  • Lab jackets
  • Lab coats
  • ESD polo shirts
  • ESD t-shirts
  • ESD caps
  • ESD gloves

All of our garments can be machine washed at 40°C. For details on material composition and size availability, please head over to our online shop, where purchases can be processed securely via Sage Pay. 

Storage & Handling

Also available are a range of storage and handling products made with anti-static materials, including:

  • Conductive waste bins and liners
  • ESD vacuum cleaners
  • Conductive trolleys
  • Conductive component boxes, trays and cabinets
  • Conductive picking bins
  • Corstat anti-static shipping materials
  • Conductive Euro boxes

Visit us online or get in touch with our sales and service team to find out more. 

Work Benches

ESD workbenches, drawers and cupboards are commonly used in laboratories, electronic assembly plants or any area where the build-up of static electricity may cause harm to personnel or damage the electronic equipment they are handling. We offer two types of ESD workbench, the first of which has a standard four-leg design and the second of which has a cantilever extension for added workspace. Both can be fitted with ESD lamps, drawers, cupboards and other accessories for a customised solution. Find out more by visiting Bondline Electronics online.


To complement our ESD workbenches, drawers, cupboards and other storage equipment we now offer a range of ESD chairs:

  • Five Star Range – made with dissipative seats and backs in PU, vinyl or fabric. Fully adjustable back-rest. Conform to BS 4875 Part 1. Individually tested. 
  • Supreme Range – ergonomically designed with three-dimensional moulded foam for added comfort, plus a full synchro mechanism that enables seat and back adjustments to ensure all-day support. Supreme Range chairs have a gas lift as standard and are supplied with either conductive glides or conductive castors. 

FAMI Products

FAMI products supplied by Bondline Electronics include: 

  • Dimple board racks – for effective storage of PC boards up to 2mm thick. Fits into a standard euro-container. 
  • PCB racks – a simple but efficient method of storing and transporting PCBs. These racks are made up of two end walls located on aluminium rails. Frames are fully adjustable and will fit perfectly into a standard euro-container. 
  • Ancillary items – including conductive corriplast layer pads, conductive label clips, stainless steel label clips, standard euro-container divider sets and standard lid catches. 
Find out more about our range of FAMI products by visiting Bondline Electronics online. 


Bondline Electronics offers a range of ionisation products for the elimination of static electricity. They include:

  • Bench top ionizers – compact, lightweight and convenient, as well as easy to use and maintain, bench top ionizers are available in two sizes and come complete with mains power leads and transformers. 
  • Horizontal air ionizers – with adjustable blowing angle and air volume. Equipped with an auto-ion balance system, an ionisation indicator light and HV abnormality alarm indicator light. Easy to use and maintain. Each unit comes complete with a mains power supply lead and transformer. 
  • Ion guns and controllers – light and small, our Premium ion guns are extremely easy to operate and are ideal for a wide variety of static elimination applications. The controller has a built-in piezoelectric high voltage power supply and is also equipped with an auto-balance system to ensure a static-free working area. 
  • Overhead ionizers – in 3-fan or 4-fan configurations, with each fan having individual controls and circuitry.

Footwear & Heelstraps

Our anti-static footwear range includes a variety of boots, shoes and slip-ons offering varying levels of protection against static electricity. We have more than 30 different styles for you to choose from, in a full range of sizes and in a choice of colours. Most of our anti-static footwear products are suitable for use on dissipative flooring systems. Many of them also have special features like anti-perspiration linings or anti-slip soles. But one thing they all have in common is quality. All of our footwear products are manufactured from the very best materials and are designed to last.

Bench & Grounding

ESD work mats allow technicians to handle electronic components without risk of electrostatic shock. They also protect the equipment itself from electrostatic interference, which can cause circuit failure. They are used in all sorts of manufacturing environments, as well as in laboratories and research centres. Bondline Electronics’ range of static-eliminating work mats includes:

  • Cushion matting
  • Heavy duty rubber conductive matting
  • Rubber ESD anti-fatigue mats
  • Vinyl bench matting
  • Work area savers
  • KillStat bench matting
  • Static control workstations

More information on the products listed above can be found on the Bondline Electronics website. 


Bondline Electronics offers a comprehensive range of brushes that allow for the safe cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies without generating harmful static charges. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet the requirements of almost any electronics cleaning application. Many of the brushes featured in our range are also safe to use with chemicals and solvents. For more details, please visit Bondline Electronics online.

KILLSTAT Heavy Duty Anti-Static Spray

KillStat anti-static spray can be used on all porous surfaces (carpets, wood, etc) to help prevent the build-up of static charges that can potentially cause annoying and painful shocks. It is an inexpensive solution for long-term static control in environments that are not usually associated with electrostatic build-up, but where it has been known to cause a problem - for example offices, hotels and gymnasiums. Once applied, the spray leaves an ultra-thin static-dissipative layer that will prevent the build up of electrostatic charge.



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