Bollegraaf UK Ltd

6 Kimberley Business Park
Kimberley Way, Brereton
WS15 1RE
United Kingdom

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Suppliers of Recycling Machinery, Screens, Separation Plants and MRF Systems.



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  • PAPERMAGNET Part of any waste flow always fails to be separated or picked out and that part eventually ends up at the dump. Especially with this waste flow in mind, Lubo Systems BV developed the Papermagnet. The Papermagnet can be placed in a sorting system, for instance after the glass breaker, the wind shifter and the star screen. The Papermagnet is a conveyor belt running at an incline, with holes where suction is applied underneath.
  • PAPERSPIKE 2 In 2002, the Paperspike turned out to be an ideal machine to pick de-inking paper out of the wastepaper stream collected from domestic households. The Paperspike has now been sold right around the world to companies that supply de-inking paper to paper factories. The machine is so successful because it is superior to the so-called optical sorting systems, and because the Paperspike also picks grey and coloured cardboard out of the paper flow. In optical sorting systems, a large amount of de-inking paper is also taken out of the flow of paper, leading to a major percentage of de-inking paper being lost.