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Blundell Production Equipment is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of PCB assembly and cleaning equipment. We have been providing electronics manufacturers with production solutions for over three decades, and in that time we’ve established a solid reputation not only for quality machines but for outstanding technical support and service backup.

Blundell is a one stop shop for PCB assembly and soldering equipment including SMT Placement machines from  i-Pulse, X-Ray inspection machines from Nordson-Dage, Selective soldering and wave soldering machines from Ersa, Vapour Phase Machines from IBL, Selective soldering machines from Ebso, SMT Pick and place machines from TWS Automation,  and conformal coating machines from PVA. On our website you’ll find SMT mounting machines, soldering irons and rework equipment (including wave, selective and vapour phase machines), BGA rework and inspection equipment, solder fume extraction systems, hand soldering stations and much more.


Why us?

Blundell has been providing the PCB assembly industry with production machinery and tools for over 30 years. This experience makes us both trusted by our customers and valued by our partners, and down the years we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the global PCB manufacturing market. 

All of the products we sell, whatever their size or value, come with comprehensive backup and support provided by a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to help in whichever way they can. 

Find out more...

You can find out more about Blundell and the equipment we offer by visiting us online. If you require any further information or would like to discuss your PCB assembly needs with one of our expert advisors, just get in touch using the contact details provided above.

Cleaning: PCB & Stencil

Blundell offers a range of specialist PCB cleaning machines, including:

  • Riebesam Professional Cleaning System – An advanced cleaning machine with a touch-screen control panel. 
  • System 1000 Bench-top Cleaning Machine – A bench-mounted aqueous cleaning and drying machine for PCBs. Can also be used for cleaning solder paste from misprinted boards. 
  • System 2000 Aqueous PCB Cleaning Machine – A floor-standing machine for aqueous cleaning and drying of PCBs. Also cleans solder paste from misprinted boards. 

Blundell also offers a specialist solder paste screen and stencil cleaning machine; this is the Crystal Clean 960S (pictured right) – a pneumatically operated cleaner which uses bi-directional jet streams to provide low pressure and high flow flushing effects. Visit us online to find out more. 

Component Cutting & Pre Forming

Blundell currently offers two choices for component preforming and precutting requirements. These are the E33-1, a compact, low maintenance, hand-cranked (motorised version also available) pre-forming and de-taping machine for taped radial components of different thicknesses and pitch dimensions; and the E40-2/3, a de-taping, pre-bending and cutting machine for taped axial components like resistors, capacitors and diodes. Standard models are hand-cranked, though motorised versions are available. More details and specifications for both the E33 and the E40 can be found on the Blundell Production Equipment website.

Conformal Coating, Dispensing & Encapsulation

We can offer several different options for conformal coating, dispensing and encapsulation processes. Machines available include:

  • PVA-350 Bench-top Conformal Coating/Dispensing Machine – A flexible three or four-axis robot suitable for virtually any selective coating and automated dispensing application. 
  • PVA-650 Conformal Coating Machine – Ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications requiring a high level of accuracy and repeatability in medium to high volume manufacturing environments. 
  • PVA-650SMT Selective Under-Fill

Find out more by visiting Blundell Production Equipment online. 

Fume Extraction & Enclosures

Blundell offers a choice of fume extraction solutions. They include:

  • T570H Fume Enclosure – A small, bench-top model for use in situations where external venting is impractical but where contaminant capture and filtration is necessary.
  • T660-990 Fume Cabinets – Designed to provide immediate protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants. All gases, fumes, vapours and particulates within the hood enclosure are filtered, with clean air released from the top rear of the cabinet. 
  • Tip & Volume Extraction Systems – A range of solder fume extraction systems manufactured by Purex. 

Full details and specifications can be found on the Blundell website. 

Hand Soldering; De-soldering & Hot-Air

Blundell can offer a range of hand soldering systems, including the following devices from industry-leading manufacturer Ersa:

  • Ersa DIG20A-84 Digital Single Solder Station
  • Ersa Icon IC1100-A Single Solder Station
  • Ersa Icon IC2000-AC Twins Station with Heated Tweezers and i-Tool
  • Ersa Icon IC2000-AIT Twin Solder Station with x2 i-Tools
  • Ersa Icon IC2000-AXT Twin Station with i-Tool and De-Solder Tool
  • Ersa Icon Nano Single Solder Station
  • Ersa i-CON VARIO 4 Multi-Channel Soldering and De-Soldering Station
  • Ersa i-CON VARIO 2 Multi-Channel Soldering and De-Soldering Station

You can find out more about Ersa solder stations by visiting Blundell Production Equipment online. 

Hot Plates & Solder Baths

Also available from Ersa are a range of high quality hot plates and solder baths. Blundell can supply the following models:

  • T03-11 Series Solder Baths – A range of solder baths ideal for tin plating of stranded wire braids. 
  • IRHP-200A Hot Plate/Base Heater – A compact and ergonomically designed heating plate for pre-heating all SMD components as well as assemblies and substrates during the hand soldering process. 
  • IRHP-100A Hot Plate/Base Heater – The latest addition to the ICON-C workbench family. Features an IR heating plate that comes directly from Ersa’s world renowned IR rework product line. 
  • RA4500S Temperature Regulator – Used to keep the temperature in Ersa solder baths at a constant level. 

Full details and specifications are available on the Blundell website. 

Inspection Systems; BGA & High-Definition

Blundell can offer four different inspection systems to cover the PCB inspection requirements of most electronics testing/assembly companies. These are:

  • Ersascope-1 Plus Inspection System – A high quality inspection system based on the original award-winning Ersascope design. 
  • Ersascope-2 Inspection System – Uses mega-pixel, digital USB 2.0 camera technology to offer up to 400% more resolution, improving image clarity when zooming to higher magnifications. 
  • Extra Eye First Article Inspection / Auto-Optical Inspection System – A user-friendly inspection system that does not require a dedicated technician to program or operate.
  • Inspex-HD High Definition Inspection System – The best digital inspection system available, and available at a very affordable price. Offers a wide magnification range with superb colour reproduction, contrast and resolution. 

Intelligent Storage Solutions

LZero 3 is an intelligent storage, retrieval and re-stocking system designed to save time, reduce stock errors and refine stock control. Key applications include:

  • Barcode scanning and registration
  • Storage location monitoring
  • Component data management
  • Recording of real-time stock movements
  • Automatic minimum stock monitoring
  • “Absolute” F.I.FO. prioritisation retrieval

LZero 3 features a fully configurable cabinet that can be customised according to a company’s particular production process, with internal shelves that can be moved in any combination permitted by the total given dimension of the cabinet. Each cabinet can accommodate up to 1600 different SMD reels and trays. 

Matrix Board Depanellers & Nibblers

Blundell can supply the following matrix board depanellers and nibblers:

  • EasyCut-100 Nibbler – PCBs are led with the milled slot over a pneumatic cutting tool. The strip is moved under the cutting knife and by pressing the foot valve the strips are separated. 
  • EasyCut-300 / 300M Depaneller – Available in manual and motorised versions. Can separate virtually all scored PCBs. 
  • EasyCut-450 Manual Circular/Linear Depaneller – For PCBs up to 450mm in length. Allows both large and small Printed Circuit Boards to be separated in an economical manner.

More details and specifications can be found on the Blundell Production Equipment website. 

Moisture Control; Humidity; Baking & Vacuum sealing

In this category you’ll find drying ovens, low humidity control cabinets and vacuum sealing equipment. 

  • Drying Ovens – UFB-400 and UFB-500 Universal Drying and Baking Ovens. Both made from hygienic, easy to clean stainless steel. 
  • X Series Humidity Control Cabinets – With constant and accurate control down to 1% Rh from ambient.
  • Vacuum Sealing Equipment – Made from high quality stainless steel and featuring high performance vacuum pumps. 

Find out more by visiting Blundell Production Equipment online. 

Profilers; Reflow and wave

Blundell can offer two different profilers. These are the TWS RT-03, a budget-priced thermal profiler for reflow process control, and the CircuitMaster Reflow & Wave PROfiler, fitted with six Type-K thermocouple channels that offer unprecedented measurement accuracy. The CircuitMaster uses high performance data acquisition circuitry and digital filtering techniques to gather highly accurate profiles. Find out more by visiting Blundell Production Equipment online.

Rework Equipment

Blundell offers a choice of handheld and automated rework systems. Handheld options include:

  • Dip and Print Stencil Systems
  • HR100A Hybrid Infra Red/Hot Air Handheld Rework Centre
  • HR100HP Hybrid Infra Red/Hot Air Rework Centre
  • I-CON Vario 2 Multi-Channel Soldering and De-Soldering Station
  • I-CON Vario 4 Multi-Channel Soldering and De-Soldering Station

Meanwhile our automated systems include:

  • HR600 Automated Rework Centre
  • HR100HP Hybrid Infra Red/Hot Air Rework Centre
  • Inspex-HD High Definition Inspection System
  • IR-PL-RPC 550A Rework Station
  • IR-PL-RPC 650A Rework Centre
  • IR550-RPC500 Rework Package

Full details and specifications for both our handheld and automated ranges can be found on the Blundell website. 

Screen Printing

Blundell Production Equipment can offer several screen printing solutions, including:

  • SD-240 Manual Foil Screen Printer – A compact solder paste printer for use with loose foils fitted direct to the printer. Suitable for short runs, prototypes or projects requiring multiple screen printing variations. 
  • SD-360U Screen Print with Drape Table Effect – Features a PCB table holding a unique up and down lift system to replicate a parallel drape table effect. 
  • TWS SR2000 Manual Screen Printer – A manually operated bench-top screen/stencil printer that offers excellent repeatability and which is very easy to use. 
  • TWS SR2700 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer – An air assisted stencil printer with all the essential operations being fully programmable from a touch screen display.

Visit us online or get in touch to find out more. 

Selective & Wave Soldering Machines

Blundell offers selective and wave soldering machines from industry-leading manufacturers Ersa and Ebso, both of which are headquartered in Germany. Models available include:

  • Ebso 300NC-400NC Selective Solder Machines
  • Ersa Ecoselect Selective Solder Machine
  • Ersa Versaflow Selective Solder Machine
  • Blundell CMS-400 Wave Solder Machine
  • Ersa ETS 250 Wave Soldering Machine
  • Ersa Powerflow Wave Soldering Machine
  • Ersa Powerflow-eN2 Wave Soldering Machine

Details and specifications for each of the above can be found on the Blundell Production Equipment website. 

SMT Placement

We have SMT placement equipment from several of the world’s leading manufacturers, including:

  • Fritsch – Models available include the PA-510 PlaceALL Pick and Place Machine and the PlaceALL 610L SMT Placement Machine. We also have Fritsch PlaceALL feeders and PlaceALL software, as well as several manual pick and place machines. 
  • iPulse – Models available include the iPulse M10 Compact SMT Placement Machine and the iPulse M20 SMT Placement Machine. 
  • TWS – Including the TWS Quadra DVC evo.
  • Technoprint – We supply the CMS-200 manual pick and place machine from Technoprint. 

Vapour Phase & Convection Reflow Machines

Blundell can offer a range of vapour phase and convection reflow machines, including:

  • Ersa Hotflow 2/12 Convection Reflow Oven
  • Ersa Hotflow 3/14 Convection Reflow Oven
  • Ersa Hotflow 3/20 Convection Reflow Oven
  • HA-06 Batch Reflow Oven
  • Iemme NeoFlow-20 Convection Reflow Oven
  • Mistral-260 Small Convection Reflow Oven
  • TWS1380/90 evo Reflow Oven
  • TWS - 850 Batch and Reflow Baking Oven 
  • IBL Premium CX600 and CX800 in-Line Vapour Phase System
  • IBL SLC309 Vapour Phase Reflow System
  • IBL SLC509 Vapour Phase Reflow System
  • IBL SV260 Vapour Phase Reflow
  • IBL-VAC 645 Vapour Phase Reflow System

More details and specifications for each of the above can be found on the Blundell website. 



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