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Heatsinks have become essential for many central processing use, and we can design and manufacture our products to suit your market and application. Having worked in thermal management for many years, you can trust us to find an effective and reliable solution for your cooling needs, all at a cost effective price. We have worked with the telecommunications, military, industrial automation, power, and medical industries, and heatsinks are becoming a major consideration for anyone looking to package modern electronics. With heatsinks made to both standard and or customised specifications, we also have many accessories available such as attachment clips, tapes, and interface materials.

We are proud to be ahead of the competition when it comes to manufacturing complex heatsinks and extruded solutions, often having the ability to provide solutions that our competitors can not. With a proactive quality management system, and skilled in-house engineers, we work closely with all our clients to offer an optimised cooling solution. We strike a balance between product, cost, and timescales, using the latest in mechanical and thermal modelling techniques to ensure the best cooling solution for your product. We are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and work with companies all over the UK and beyond, so get in touch with our skilled team to discuss your requirements.  

BGA / PGA Heatsinks

We have a range of standard ball grid array (BGA) heatsinks to suit various applications, and these parts are manufactured from high quality aluminium and have different attachment methods to suit your needs. The design of a BGA allows for airflow in all directions, maximising the amount of heat that is dissipated. We can show you the correct model to order based on the amount of thermal resistance needed, and from this we can calculate the air velocity that can be achieved.

Complex Heatsinks

We design complex heatsinks for applications that use high power or have unique needs. These bespoke designs include:

  • Combined heatsinks and heatpipe coolers
  • Heat spreaders
  • Active fan heat sinks
  • Stamping and extrusion dies.

We have the manufacturing facilities to produce multi-face finned, or extrusions with high fin density. We can also manufacture very wide extrusions for large thermal systems, which is a more cost effective solution than using multiple heatsinks. Our work has included very complex shapes, and we have the bespoke tooling needed to create your items on time and on budget.  

Extrusion Profile

We can supply extrusion profiles to any length required, meaning you can get the exact product to suit your application. Choose the ideal profile by surface area, with the larger areas allowing for the most effective cooling.

Folded Fin Heatsinks

Folded fin heatsinks can cope with demanding high power, forced convection applications, without taking up precious space. Thermal resistance is increased by up to 60%, thanks to the increased surface area of this design, making it a high performance cooling method. This is achieved by taking a continuous sheet of metal, and folding it into the square wave pattern. This design means you can have an increased number of fins per inch to further reduce thermal resistance. We customise most of our folding fin products, and you can choose between copper and aluminium. Copper offers excellent thermal conductivity, but some applications are better suited to the lightweight, cost effective aluminium.

Processor Heatsinks

We have a wide range of processor heat sinks available for Intel and AMD microprocessors, and our designs are manufactured to make assembly as easy as possible, with attachment clips and retention mechanisms available. For those with demanding applications, we offer copper heat sinks and heat spreaders which incorporate inbuilt heat pipes, ensuring the best possible performance from the CPU. Use thermal interface material and firmly attach the heat sink to the CPU to give co-planarity, increasing the effectiveness of the heat transfer.  

Heat Pipe Technology

Heat pipes allow for much lower thermal conductivity than a solid conductor, allowing the transfer of large amounts of heat. With no moving parts, they have great system reliability, and require no power to operate them. They can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes, and are small and lightweight, making them ideal for any system where space is limited. Choose between cylindrical, tubular, or flat construction, with copper or aluminium outer shells for high conductivity. These models are ideal for transferring heat where there is a small Delta T between the hold and cold ends of the pipe, using a small amount of coolant to expel and condense gasses and liquids.  

Thermal Interface Materials

We have a wide range of thermal interface materials available, ensuring the robustness and cost effectiveness of your final product. Just let us know thermal and electrical characteristics and temperature range, and we can ensure the correct material is used. Interface materials create greater co-polarity and contact area, allowing for a highly effective thermal bond between a heat sink and your device.  

To XXX Stamped Heatsinks

Stamped heat sinks offer a cost effective cooling solution for printed circuit boards (PCBs) where space is at a premium. Available with a range of surface finishes, they can be manufactured in copper or aluminium and stamped into your chosen shape, meaning it's easy to find one that fits your configuration. Choose between various attachment features to make your assembly process easier and reduce production time.  


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used for complex thermal problems in fluid flows. The system is divided into a series of points, and CFD allows for the mapping of heat transfers between various points in the grid. This method uses numerical methods and algorithms that take into account the heat course, materials used, airflow and boundaries of the system. We can then create a visual representation of what's occurring in the system, either as still shots or a video, allowing solutions to be created for your thermal issues.  


Computer aided design (CAD) is used to design most components in modern electronics, and our design engineers are SolidWorks Professionals, demonstrating advanced skills in solid modelling. This allows us to create bespoke board level or stamped heat sinks, heat pipes, fan trays, extrusions, and many other custom solutions. CAD is often used in conjunction with CFD to allow us to create more complex solutions. Whether you just want basic drafting, or a full product design, we can make the whole process easier. Once completed, we can use our superior machining capabilities to make your design a reality, offering a cost effective manufacturing process.  

Machining Capabilities

Once you have finalised your product design, we offer many machining options including:

  • CNC milling – Computer numerical control milling is often used for custom heatsinks, as we can accurately remove materials using a spinning cutter that moves sideways as well as up and down. This also means we can create features such as cutting slots, drilling holes, planing, routing, diesinking, and rebating.
  • Drafting and tapping – This can be used as part of the CNC process or as a standalone option. Holes can be added to a heatsink to allow for associated fixtures and peripheral devices.
  • Cutting – Heatsink extrusion bars are often far larger than required, and our cutting service allows customers to get the length they require.  

New Tooling Design And Extrusion Dies

We offer a comprehensive manufacturing service for precision tooling that is used to create metal stampings and extrusion dies. We offer soft tooled samples to ensure rapid prototyping, and can manufacture tooling dies to very light tolerances. We take pride in creating durable tools that will last a lifetime, even on high volume products. Using the latest CAD and CAM technology, we provide the highest quality tools and die, while remaining cost effective.  


Our quality management system ensures that high standards are met from early prototype to manufacture. During the design and prototype process, we carry out full first article inspections, and design failure mode and effects analysis to identify any flaws before we begin manufacturing. When it comes to creating your product, we use the best manufacturing techniques and perform thorough inspections, as well as random batch testing before shipping. We are happy to supply a copy of our quality manual, or explain how our inspection process works.  



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