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Block is one of the world’s leading coiled product manufacturers. We have been supplying transformers, power supplies, reactors and EMC-filters to trade and industry for decades. In that time our name has become known to everyone working in the electronics sector as one that stands for quality, reliability and on-time delivery. 


To maintain its reputation as an industry leader, as well as to guarantee the quality of its products, Block continues to invest heavily in controllable, rapid and above all reliable in-house production facilities. These, together with our extensive R&D facilities, enable us to offer a fast customisation and product redevelopment service alongside our extensive off-the-shelf product range. 


Tailor-made Block products can be certified and ready for shipping from our production centres in Verden, Germany, within just three weeks. 


Our standard product range can be browsed on the Block UK website, where full details and technical specifications are given. If you require any advice or assistance in the selection of a transformer, power supply, reactor or filter, you can always contact our Essex-based team by phone or email. 


BLOCK EMC testing Laboratory

Our fully equipped EMC testing lab, where we test our own products, is offered as a service to external customers and is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.  Our fully trained staff can run all the EMC related tests to the appropriate standards for product performance verification.  We cover interface emission tests over the full frequency band.  Interference immunity tests include ESD, burst, surge, line guided, power fail, harmonics, voltage fluctuations and many more.  We also have a mobile EMC testing service that can come to you anywhere throughout Europe and test your projects on site.

Environmental Simulations - Consultancy

Our consulting service offers advice on standards and performance for areas such as EMC, weak point analysis, climate and mechanical testing.  We also provide development support for your projects in these areas.  The climate simulations offer a fully controlled environment covering a temperature range of -40˚C to +180˚C and a humidity range of 0% to 100%.  Our shock and vibrations tests handle items up to 350kg in weight.  The facility provides sinusoidal oscillation shock tests and broadband noise.  Testing ranges are:  peak force of 22.2KN, maximum acceleration of 40g (60g vertical), shock 150g, RMS random 50g and maximum velocity of 2m/s.  All our testing is done to the appropriate DIN standards.

Renewable Energy

Block has developed new technologies to face the challenges of the coming decades.  With increasing emphasis being placed on the requirements of renewable energy, it is more important than ever for products to be lighter and cheaper, with smaller and more efficient cooling systems.  Our cooling systems offer up to 50% reduction in size compared to traditional alternatives, with transformers producing fewer losses and costing up to 25% less.  Our power supplies and transformers are currently used in windmills and, due to our special impregnation process, work reliably and efficiently in extreme environmental conditions.

Lighting Technology

Our SAVERGY is an intelligent control system which monitors and controls the voltage used for lighting facilities, both indoors and outdoors.  The system constantly monitors and automatically adjusts the local voltage coming into the controller to a fixed and tailored level for output to the lights.  For example, if the output is set to 207V with an input of 230V, significant savings can be realised with virtually no loss of brightness.  Energy savings of up to 30% are possible, with increased lamp life.  High voltage surge protection is also provided.  The system produces a sinusoidal output, making it suitable for many lighting installations which use HQL, NAV and fluorescent lamps.

Building Service Engineering

Working closely with the customer, Fuhr, we developed a robust, slim-line switched-mode regulator for fitting to an automatic electro-mechanical locking system for doors.  All aspects of the project were managed and executed at Block, including EMC compatibility testing of the entire system.  The completed unit is now manufactured at our facilities.  This novel power supply can be adjusted to suit various door profiles, is short circuit-proof, splash-proof and fully encapsulated.

Apparatus Engineeering

Block works with many international companies to develop and manufacture bespoke power supplies and transformers.  Providers turn to us for their power supply solutions due to our renowned reliability, efficiency and fast turn around.  For example, we worked with the Belgian company IPSO to develop and produce a fully EMC tested power supply for their new washing machine.  Elsewhere, we produced a high performance 400HZ transformer used on the ground to power aircraft after landing or before take-off.  Our versatile production facilities offer manufacture of a wide variety of power supplies.  A couple of other examples are a fully EMC tested toroidal transformer for a fire alarm control centre and a 350amp welding transformer.

Drive Engineering

Due to our comprehensive test facilities, the most diverse and difficult cooling challenges can be addressed and cost-effective solutions developed.  With our team of expert engineers, we can produce a liquid cooling system that will allow greater heat dissipation with increased performance and reductions in size.  Our motor reaction testing station can effectively simulate a variety of motor powered scenarios, allowing us to customise a liquid cooling system to meet your requirements.  Please download the PDF brochure from our website for further details.


Block UK Ltd offers several different choices of enclosures.  The BG range of floor mounted enclosures is fabricated from powder-coated sheet steel affording it excellent corrosion protection as well as resistance against abrasion.  It is available in four different models of varying size, each of which offers IP 23 protection.  The BGUK is also fabricated from powder-coated steel and benefits from nine different models which are either floor mounted, wall mounted or offer the flexibility of both floor and wall mounting and have the option of up to IP54.  Finally the PEL Case is a light grey glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate enclosure that is available in a choice of three widths and can be used with mains adaptor applications.


Winding Wires

If you are looking for winding wires then you’ll find an excellent selection at Block UK Ltd with over 50 varieties to choose from.  Our enamelled copper wires for general laboratory applications offer the largest choice with over 30 different wire diameters/current ratings (0.02A to 11.50A) and each offering long-term thermal resistance of 150°C.  Next is our resistance wire, which in addition to general laboratory applications is also suited to technical resistances and shunts.  The selection we have available caters to resistances of 62.400Ω/m to 0.039Ω/m.  For applications requiring radio frequency range we recommend our selection of varnish insulated stranded copper wire which has current ratings of between 0.42A and 3.36A.


Energy Saving Systems

Block UK Ltd has developed two energy saving devices that have been developed in order provide a solution for energy reduction in HQL, NAV and fluorescent lighting installations by optimising energy consumption.  They also have the added advantage of providing protection to said installations from fluctuations in mains voltages.  We offer two ranges – Savergy1 and Savergy3.  Savergy1 has input voltage rating of 230Vac and there are four models to choose from with varying outputs from 16.00A to 25.00A.  The Savergy3 offers a choice of six models each with 3x400Vac input and 25.00A to 63.00A output depending on the model chosen.


Inrush Current Limiters

Prolong the life of your components with our fantastic range of inrush current limiters which suit a variety of applications that have high switch-ons or inrush currents such as power tools and transformers.  Manufactured to a high specification, these encapsulated limiters are available in four different varieties with a maximum rated current of 16A and various models in each range.  Full details of each, including product specifications and images can be found on our website. 


Control Transformers

On the Block UK website you’ll find more than 200 different variations of control transformer, with outputs from less than 99VA to more than 10000VA. Full details and technical specifications are provided. 


Pictured to the right is the STE, a control transformer that offers input voltages of 230 – 400 Vac, output voltages of 24 – 230 Vac and a power rating of 63-25000 VA. This product benefits from excellent switch-on behaviour thanks to reduced starting currents, as well as outstanding corrosion protection and low noise thanks to BLOCKIMPEX vacuum impregnation.  Spring-loaded terminals make the STE control transformer quick to cable up, whilst a robust metal footplate with oval slots makes mounting extremely simple. 


Find out more about this transformer and others in the Block range by visiting us online. 


PCB Transformers

Our range of PCB transformers encompasses many different types, voltages and power ranges.  Many are short circuit-proof, with an output range of up to 49VAC and 50VA.  Input voltages are 2 x 115VAC or 230VAC.  Included in this range is the ECO2003 series of efficient transformers with a minimum no-load loss of approximately 0.5W.  All our PCB transformers are safety certified with the appropriate UL and CSA certification, including insulation class and IP protection ratings.  Visit our website for more detailed information on the full selection available.

Toroidal Transformer

Block offers two types of mains transformer. These are the RKD, which offers input voltages of 2 x 115 Vac, output voltages of 2 x 12 – 2 x 115 Vac, and a power rating of 15-3000 VA; and the RTE, which offers input voltages of 230 Vac, output voltages of 2 x 12 – 2 x 36 Vac, and a power rating of 15-625 VA. Both deliver high output from a compact and lightweight unit, and both offer outstanding temperature behaviour thanks to a low magnetic leakage field. The RTE model is also protected against overload by an integral temperature fuse. Find out more about our standard mains transformers by visiting Block UK online.

Low Profile Transformers

On the Block UK website you’ll find a complete range of low-profile transformers suitable for all kinds of applications requiring high output from a compact device. Amongst them is the FL transformer (pictured right), which offers output voltages from 2 x 5 to 2 x 24 Vac. This device delivers excellent output from a highly compact, low-profile housing. It also benefits from permanent corrosion protection, high insulation values and maximum electrical reliability thanks to XtraDenseFill resin encapsulation. For more information about this and other low-profile transformers in our standard range, please visit Block UK online.

Power Supplies

In addition to transformers, Block manufactures an extensive range of power supplies. Many of our standard products can be found on our website, where they are categorised as follows:

  • Primary Switched Power Supplies
  • Redundant Modules
  • Buffer Modules
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Accumulator Modules
  • Linear Stabilised Power Supplies
  • Non-Stabilised Power Supplies

Output voltages range from < 11Vdc to 48Vdc. 


Pictured to the right is the PEL 230, a single phase switched mode power supply with stabilised and adjustable output voltage. It’s just one of many devices featured in our standard range. 



We also offer a large number of EMC-filters and reactors. These are categorised as follows:

  • Line Reactors
  • Harmonic Circuit Filter Reactors
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Radio Interference Suppression Filters
  • Stabilisers
  • Sinusoidal Filters
  • Motor Reactors

The range includes more than 500 different models. These can be found on our website with full details, technical specifications and application information. 




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