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Founded in 2008, Blackwood Embedded Solutions Limited are specialists in the design of both software and hardware for real-time embedded systems. With a wealth of experience in real-time embedded C/C++/C# either with or without underlying operating systems, Rhapsody UML development tools and hardware design using a number of different embedded microcontrollers, Blackwood Embedded Solutions can bring high quality, reliable, safe and cost effective solutions to your project. Our design process begins with an initial concept meeting and from there, your project will be taken through project planning, and electronics and software specification before being put through the design, verification and validation phase and finally, through to production. We can provide support with regards to risk analysis and FMEA analysis throughout the project. We are also fully equipped to provide consultancy services on all our areas of expertise. In addition to our design and consultancy services, we now sell our own product range that includes our Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card which we have specifically designed to be used as an embedded microcontroller card not only for end products but in your development phase as well. We have also created Quick Start Development Kits for a head start when it comes to product prototyping. We are proud to be partnered with Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) and IMB as well as acting as a third party support consultant for Fujutsu microcontrollers. We are always more than happy to provide free consultations or quotes so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your potential project requirements.

Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU Card

Based on Fujitsu's 32 bit FR MB91F465P MCU, the Blackwood Embedded Solutions' Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card has been specifically developed to be used not only during development but in final product production as well. This is because our card features isolation barriers and components for circuit protection that you need for your final product allowing you to save time and costs in the development stage as well as having the opportunity to use the same code for both the development of the product at the finished article. Our Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card has been designed with a compact form, a fully adjustable clocking frequency and with sleep and power down modes in both the microcontroller and the external components making the card suitable for a wide range of products.

Quick Start Development Kit

For fast and efficient prototyping of your future products, the Quick Start Development Kit from Blackwood Embedded Solutions is an effective and useful tool that allows you to get started right away with all the tools you need for the job. The kit comprises of our very own Universal 32bit MCU card, various Fujitsu software tools including a compiler, a simulator/debugger and MCU programming software, and cables as well as a fanout board. For a head start regarding the coding of your product, simply registering your kit with us gives you access to license-free C Code drivers plus Ethernet demo code and an IBM Rational Rhapsody IDF framwork port.


Blackwood Embedded Solutions is able to provide a consultancy service based on our specialisation in real-time embedded system design for both electronics and software. Our team comprises of both graduate engineers and experienced consultants allowing us to provide our services from the very start of your project right through to the finished piece. Our consultancy service builds on over 25 years worth of experience with the design of medical devices and our recent successes with projects including drug delivery systems, diagnostic medical products and surgical generators. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for consultancy services today.



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