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Berry Systems manufacture and supply vehicle safety barriers that can truly be relied upon. Since developing an innovative spring steel barrier system for multi-storey car parks in the 1970s, Berry Systems has grown its product portfolio to include a comprehensive range of barriers, bollards, speed restraints and wheel guides for both car parks and industrial situations. Our products are designed, developed and engineered to offer optimum protection from accidents involving cars, vans, HGVs, fork lift trucks and pallet trucks. As health and safety standards have become increasingly important, so has the strength and integrity of our solutions. Today, our vehicle safety barriers can be found in car parks, logistics yards, loading bays, distribution centres, and warehouses all over the UK. Every one of our products is independently tested to meet relevant BS regulations. And now Berry Systems also offer a design and installation service for car park cladding to enable you to be confident that the systems meet the latest standards, requirements and relevant recommendations for car parks of all shapes and sizes.

Column Mounted Perimeter Systems

Here at Berry Systems, we have developed three different kinds of flexible column mounted barrier systems which offer dependable, stylish and cost-effective vehicle and pedestrian protection. The Berry Brisafe system consists of three lengths of wire rope that are anchored under tension to the car park structure. The wire ropes are then fitted with in-fill panels which are available in a selection of colours. System 3 works in much the same way, but uses tensioned steel bars instead of wire ropes and features anti-climb mesh and handrails attached to the in-fill panels.

Lastly, our Flexi-Panel system offers a fast fit solution and includes vehicle barrier, pedestrian handrails and anti-climb mesh. Flexi-panels are preassembled for faster installation and are bolted to columns rather than the car park deck. To find out about how these barriers work and what other in-fill options are available, please follow the link to the Berry Systems website.

Car Park Cladding & Facades

Complete packages including cladding, curtain walling, perimeter barriers and pedestrian protection make Berry Systems the one stop choice for car park exteriors saving you time, materials and a lot of hassle! Industry leading experience in the car park sector means you can be confident these systems meet the latest standards, requirements and relevant recommendations for car parks of all shapes and sizes. Early involvement in the specification process can lead to significant benefits and savings and a more efficient perimeter solution. For example, Berry Systems can advise on how to achieve the required level of ventilation through the cladding and also how it can be potentially rated for pedestrian loadings if required.

Twice Force Barriers

The latest ICE/ISE recommendations outline the need for a ‘twice force’ (i.e. 300kN) system in car parks where traffic travel can exceed 20m in length. Twice force barriers need to withstand a 1500kg car travelling head-on at 14.4mph. Primarily this relates to traffic flow aisle ends and opposite down ramps. This requirement is achieved by either using heavier duty systems or, in some cases reducing post centres on standard systems.

Car Park Safety Barriers

We offer two main types of barriers:

Flexible Barriers: these barriers are designed to deflect on impact to be able to absorb minor knocks without causing damage to the barrier or the vehicle involved. The harder the impact, the more chance there is of damage but flexible barriers will certainly reduce it.

Rigid Systems: these systems stop vehicles without deflecting on impact and damage can be much more significant to both the vehicle and the barrier.

Our barriers can be column mounted or floor mounted to suit specific requirements. To find out more about our barrier types, please follow the link to our website.

Flexible Barrier Systems

Flexible barrier systems offer many advantages. Ultimately, the flexible barrier absorbs an amount of the impact so as to reduce damage to the vehicle and the barrier itself. We use high quality materials and design methods to create highly effective flexible barrier systems. We can offer systems and designs to suit light impacts, semi-flexible systems to absorb more energy and our Berry Spring Steel Buffa System in environments where large impacts are possible. Please take a look at our website where you can view images and further information regarding our flexible barrier systems. Our team is also on hand to answer any queries you may have and to offer advice as to the suitability of our product range to your requirements.

Pedestrian Walkways

We can provide a wide range of industrial safety barriers to suit many different pedestrian walkways. Just some of the products we have to offer includes handrails, Flexi-Posts, barriers, the spring steel buffa and spring steel buffa plus. It is also worth noting that we can provide completely bespoke systems if required. For more information on these or any of our products don't hesitate to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email and we will do everything we can to help. 



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Bri-Safe Wire Rope Perimeter Edge Protection System
  • Flexi-Bollard Provides single point impact protection of up to 5 tonnes by using inbuilt rubber shock absorbers
  • Flexi-Panel Fast Fit Combined Safety Barrier and Ballustrade
  • Flexi-Post Barrier mounting post featuring rubber shock absorbers positioned within the post socket
  • Protecta-Clad Combined Cladding and Safety Barrier System
  • System 3 Wire Rod Perimeter Edge Protection System
  • TopDeck Parking Modular Car Parks