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For over 50 years Benson Beltings have been the foremost UK supplier and manufacturer of conveyor and drive belting. We are the largest independent retailer of the Habasit Brand and a founding member of the Habasit Network Partnership, which is awarded for consistently achieving a high standard of quality and performance.


In addition to Habasit we also carry other well known industry brand names and are the UK agent and stockist for Muhlen, Sohn, Fluitex Airslde fabrics as well as leading supplier of Felxco Clipper and Minet belt fastener brands.  Other types of belting in our collection include PVC, PU, rubber, silicone, cotton and plastic modular in addition to carrying the largest UK range of laundry webbing belts.


Benson Beltings values its high level of service and the quality of the products we supply. Our flawless reputation means that our customers come to us from a diverse array of industries including agriculture, food, laundry, textiles, print and paper, to name a few.  Our belts are extremely adaptable and we can advise which would be the most suitable for your specific purpose.


In addition to supplying belts we are able to offer a full range of other related services.  We can carry out onsite installations and vulcanising as well as being able to offer full belt surveys. Our customers are also able to contract us for regular belt maintenance checks and scheduled belt inspections to ensure that your belt is running correctly and to avoid costly and time consuming repairs at a later date. 


We have a fully equipped fabrication workshop on our site at Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire and we can also provide our customers with technical support on our range of belts. Furthermore should you require it, we are able to offer a training service relating to your product, including how to vulcanise belts.


We are available to take enquiries by phone, fax or email and further information about all our products and services is available in the form of downloadable PDFs from our site.


Grabber Belt

A hard wearing, long lasting belt the Grabber is the preferred choice by many of the world’s manufactures for vertical form seal machines. The belt is made from a single piece moulded cover with no splicing or seams, so that it offers consistent wear and does not form hard spots. It is also abrasion resistant, with an anti glaze compound, both of which add to its life span. There are a range of covers available for different industry uses as and the belt’s extreme flexibility prevents cracks and tears forming. Vacuum holes and slots can be engineered and the belt is available in both metricand imperial measurements.


A high performance, plastic moulded link conveyor belt chain, the Habasit Link can be used for multiple purposes. Benson are able to provide the belt in a high spec plastic for robust industrial use or in special designs that allow the belt to be used with food products and conform to USDA, FDA and EU regulations. For straight running designs we supply the chains in flat, flush grid, raised rib and grid top belts and we also provide the inventive radius belt for more unusual applications.


HABAChain is made from high grade plastic and is available in three different types; Plastic Crate Chains, Plastic Conveyor Chains and Plastic Slat Chain.

All versions of chain offer superb performance and have an excellent life span.  Belts vary depending on the type but are the Plastic Crate and Plastic Conveyor Chains are both suitable for straight and curved conveying whilst the Plastic Slat Chain is particularly useful for areas where there is a tight turn radii.

 All types use special stainless steel hinge pins and are the Plastic Slat Chain and the Plastic Crate Chains are supplied in 10ft lengths.


This state of the art conveyor belt form Habasit is made from Habilene, the latest food polymer. The belt has multiple uses in food processing and is moisture resistant and incredibly hygienic making it an ideal surface for processing and cleaning. It offers a barrier to UV radiation and harsh cleaning products and it is the most chemical resistance of all the thermoplastic belting.


KVP are considered market leaders in plastic belts and for over 15 years their belts have been in continuous use on spiral systems. The Spiral Pro and the All in One are now considered the industry standard for freezing, cooling and dwelling systems. These belts can be retrofitted to an existing system with minimal fuss and are available in a range of engineered thermoplasts. As well as freezing and cooling, they are suitable for elevated temperatures, accumulation, high load, and flame retardant applications.


The KVP radius belt boasts an impressive selection of belt surfaces and accessories as well as having the tightest inside-turn radii of any belt on the market.



There are two main Airslide fabrics used for pneumatic conveying, cotton or polyester.  Our cotton fabric is available in fixed widths. For a more moisture resistant belt our polyester fabrics are cut to widths and have heat sealed edges and are available in two anti static grades. We also supply the latest in fabric technology such as Nomex® and Kevlar®, which have many benefits including the ability to withstand high temperatures. All fabrics can be cut to size pads or made into specific shapes and are sold on open rolls.


Denipro’s new range of conveyers offer an abundance of benefits and can be used across various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, packaging, and printing. For sliding conveyors we stock the newly developed denimove®, deniroll®, deniway®, deniconda® and the denirug® and for roller based conveyors the easychain®is a revolutionary development.


Not only are these designs truly innovative, they are also durable, flexible and energy efficient. Long term they will save time and resources, making them a sound financial investment. No matter what your industry or the type of product you want to convey, Denipro has a conveyor to suit your needs.



Conveyor belts and presses can be joined either by vulcanising or by simply repairing it using steel belt fasteners. 


Bensons are able to supply belts pre-vulcanised or come to your site and fit them for you in-situ. We also offer full training in addition to a range of vulcanising tools. A 1 and 2 ply PU prepared belt can be joined in under 10 minutes using our new Hi-Speed press.


We have one of the largest stocks of light duty fasteners in the UK, with a range that includes well known brands including Clipper, for whom we are a leading distributor. Should metallic fastenings not be an option, we are able to offer alternatives. 


Spen-Flex Polyurethane Timing Belts

We offer an extensive range of Polyurethane Timing Belts within our Spen-Flex range, which has been devised to encompass a wide variety of requirements and includes open lengths, endless belts and jointed endless belts, all in metric and imperial options. The Spen-Flex belts feature the addition of polyamide for smoother tooth engagement, lower noise emissions and increased resistance to wearing. We have a comprehensive range of covers available to suit a variety of applications, including food-grade, heat-resistant, shock –absorption, low-friction and high-friction covers.  For full details of the vast array of options available as well as technical details of the product range, please follow the link above.

Spen-Link Spiral Link Monofilament Belts

Our Spen-Link belts feature a smooth surface which is achieved through a monofilament, open-link structure and are suited to a variety of applications including drying in textile and food processing as well as dewatering.   Spen-Link is available in the following materials: polyester, modified polyester hydrolysis resistant, polyester with 5% PTFE alloy yarn, FDA approved white polyester for food applications and state-of-the-art PPS (Ryton®).  This belt is very practical when it comes to maintenance work, being simple to remove.  Full details of available options can be found on our website including technical specifications.

Spen-Metallic - Wire Link & Mesh Belting

For a broad selection of wire link and mesh belting, please see our Spen-Metallic range, which includes belts in a range of link/mesh configurations including wire-flex, eye-link, wire-weave, chain driven and honeycomb, each of which has been designed for specific applications, particularly within the food processing industry, where applications include vegetable blanching, pasteurisation tunnels, dryers, baking ovens, cooling and freezing tunnels. The use of Spen-Metallic is also common within the textile, print and electronics industries.

Spen-Ply Conveyor Belts

If you’re looking for plied construction conveyor belts then please visit our website to discover our Spen-Ply range which contains an expansive range of cover options, colours, textures, flights and sidewalls and tracking profiles; in fact our range is so extensive we believe we have a belt to suit 99.9% of applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to find a belting solution. As an example, our choice of cover materials include: PVC, polyurethane, polyester, rubber, PTFE and silicone.



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