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Belcom is the UK's leading stockholder and distributor of industrial automation cables. Founded in 1992, Belcom's success is largely down to its team of highly skilled professionals who work tirelessly to provide the best services and products to their customers. We have a wide range of cables available straight from our stock and have the capabilities to respond to all types of customer requirements. We can provide a completely new cable design or adapt existing designs to meet all types of cable developments successfully. We endeavour to deliver UK orders the next working day and also have an efficient worldwide delivery service in place. We are committed to meeting your requirements quickly and efficiently. Here at Belcom, we have a great reputation for meeting cable developments successfully and have provided our cable services to some of the most challenging environments around the world.

Fire Performance Cables

We supply a wide selection of FireFighter™ High Performance Cables to suit different environments. These low-smoke and zero halogen data cables are top performance products designed to ensure that in the case of a fire, damaging toxic fumes are not emitted from the cable. The cables are designed to prevent increased damage to equipment and lives. All of our FireFighter™ data and control cables have been manufactured using Low-Smoke Zero Halogen compounds and meet various safety standards such as IEC60332-1 flame resistant for single cables, IEC61034 low smoke generation, 600 volt rated tray cable applications, IEC60332-3 flame resistant for bunched cables, IEC60754-1 negligible halogen gas generation, IEC60092 for Offshore Applications.

Data Guard™

Our DataGuard™ Armoured Network Cables are the most efficient solutions for installations that require mechanical protection. As opposed to standard cables that will need further protection in the form of conduit or ducting, our DataGuard™ cables do the job in one go. Our cables are cost effective solutions for customers who require a top performance cable that can be installed with the minimum disruption. They are widely used in industrial applications and direct burial trenches or through ducting. Please see our website for detailed descriptions and high quality close-up images of our different types of DataGuard™ cables.

SureLAN™ Cables

We supply high quality network Cables for new and existing installations. Local Area Networks (LAN) and Gigabit (1000 Mbps), known as 'Fast Ethernet,' are now commonplace in the industry. This means that all factors need to meet the grade to allow the networks to run at the data transfer speed. Factors that may affect the speed include the cable, the switch, the server, the standard of the installation and the network card at the workstation. We recommend our SureLAN™ cables to be used for new installations to meet modern industry demands, as well as modifications and extensions made to existing installations. We supply a wide range of SureLAN™ cables to suit different requirements.


SureLight™ Fibre-Optic Cables are beneficial over copper cables in many ways - they are light weight, free from electromagnetic interference, and provide greater transmission rates over longer distances. We supply a large selection of fibre-optic cables such as, loose and multitube Intex and distribution types alongside fire resistant and steel protected industrial versions. We supply three main fibre types: multimode <50/125> for the lowest attenuation, Multimode <62.5/125> is available in OM1 & OM1, and Single Mode <9/125> for use in long distance installations. We can
also accommodate specific construction styles on request.

Marine Offshore Cables

We supply a selection of six marine cables (fibre-optic):

  • QFCI - DNV approved enhanced fire resistant fibre optic cable.
  • QFCI MUD resistant DNV approved enhanced fire resistant fibre optic cable.
  • ALCI - DNV approved flame retardant fibre optic cable.
  • FFCI   Fire resistant loose tube flame retardant fibre optic cable.
  • DGBLT flame retardant SHF-1 FIREFIGHTER™ UV stabilised fire optic cable.
  • DGBTB flame retardant SHF-1 FIREFIGHTER™ UV stabilised fibre optic cable.

For detailed specifications, please visit our website. High quality images of each product can also be viewed.

Event Series

Here at Belcom we have a commitment to providing the highest quality cable solutions. Our Event Series™ of audio and broadcast cables has been developed over the last twenty years to meet the demands of technology in the modern world. Our technical team has worked closely with industry professionals and manufacturing partners to create audio and broadcast cables of the highest quality. Our cables have been tried and tested to so that we can be confident they will meet the demands in the events industry. We also supply various other installation cables and can adapt cables to meet specific industry requirements.

Fieldbus Cables

We are pleased to work with a number of independent organisations that act as approvals authorities for the development of fieldbus systems. We are associated directly as members of AS-interface expert alliance, Profibus international together with Leoni Special Cables who are also members of Open Devicenet Vendoes association (ODVA), CC-Link Partnership Association (CLPA), Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance (IONA) and Interbus. These associations ensure quality and performance of Fieldbus cables meet the standards of various systems and allows us to provide Fieldbus cables that meet the latest industry demands and requirements for use in all industries.

Coax Cables

We supply a large selection of coax cables of different specifications to suit different operations including TV relay, satellite TV coax together with RG and URM types. The main standards that influence commonly used coax are the military standard MIL-C-17F for RG type cables and the Uniradio metric styles on URM types. For detailed specifications of all of our coax cables, please visit our website where you can also see high quality images. For further information regarding all of our products, please contact us at Belcom where we will be happy to help. We are dedicated to providing a quality service that will meet all of your cable requests.

Industrial Automation Cables

Advances in modern motor design have facilitated the de-centralisation of drive systems in all areas of production processes. This means that smaller motors can be implemented at each stage of the process and interlinked through the process FieldBus Network. In order for these motors to work in conjunction with one another, several high performance servo motor cables and encoder cables are required. These allow for precise control over speed and in many cases motor temperature.

At Belcom, we manufacture Servo motor and encoder cables to the highest possible standards so that they deliver outstanding reliability even in some of the most demanding industrial environments. Head over to our website and take a look at our range.

Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables are an ideal solution for internal wiring in electronic equipment, and are therefore used in applications ranging from high end computer equipment and manufacturing controls to gaming machines and high tech Bingo suites.

Our ribbon cables are designed specifically for mass termination and with insulation displacement connectors. A clean connection is guaranteed by precision pitch control during the manufacturing process. Ribbon cables are available in 2.54mm, 1.27mm and 0.635 pitches, and are supplied in 100ft reels for ease of use.

Def Stan Cables

Though our Def-Stan 61-12 Pt 4 & 5 cables were initially designed to meet military specifications across a range of electrical applications within fighting vehicles and associated equipment, they quickly became an accepted standard for use in communicational electronic systems. Today they are used in a multitude of applications as a standard electronic interconnection cable. Def-Stan cables are available in three conductor sizes, 0.05mm² (7/0.1mm), 0.25mm² (7/0.20mm) and 0.50mm² (16/0.20mm) in screened and un-screened form with PVC or LSZH FireFighterTM jackets. Find out more about these innovative, high spec cables by visiting the Belcom website.

Industrial Power & Communication Cables

On the Belcom website you’ll find a selection of highly versatile single and multi-conductor power and communication cables and glands, all of which conform to recognised harmonised standards. These cables can be used across an almost unlimited range of applications in almost any industrial environment. Indeed, their rugged, robust construction makes them resistant to some of the most demanding environments in modern industry. Find out more by visiting the Belcom website.



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  • Armada Marine Offshore Cables
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  • SureLAN Local Area Network Cables
  • SureLight Fibre Optic Cable

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