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BAUR Test Equipment Ltd is the UK subsidiary of BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH, the world’s leading cable test and measurement specialist. As well as BAUR equipment sales, we offer comprehensive product support and a range of test and measurement services for customers throughout the United Kingdom. 


As a daughter company of BAUR GmbH (of Germany), we’re able to offer an exceptional range of cable fault locating systems, high voltage test devices, cable diagnostic test equipment and insulating oil test equipment. These are BAUR’s four main areas of expertise. For nearly 70 years they have been the market leader in cable fault location, cable testing, cable diagnostics and insulating fluids testing. 


BAUR Test Equipment Ltd provides UK support for the entire BAUR GmbH product range. This includes high voltage and dissipation factor calibration of test and measurement equipment, maintenance and calibration of cable test vans, and the supply of BAUR spares and accessories. 


We can also provide a range of testing and measurement services, including field testing of underground power cables (using our own BAUR cable test van), field diagnostics and customer technical training. 


Whatever your cable testing requirements, BAUR Test Equipment Ltd can provide a solution, whether it’s a product that allows you to carry out the test yourself or a service where we do it all for you. Either way, you can expect nothing less than the very best in terms of quality, performance, accuracy and reliability. 


You can find out more about BAUR Test Equipment Ltd and the services we offer on our website. You’ll also find links to the BAUR GmbH website, which has full information on our range of products and the BAUR group of companies. If you have any questions about the products or services available here in the UK, please contact us on 020 8661 0957.


KSG 100

Our KSG 100 cable identification system can be used with many different types of cable including single and multicore varieties. As well as offering an exceptional usability, the KSG 100 possesses many other useful features including automatic gain control, high pulse current and a reliable signal acquisition, as well as many more. For more information, including technical details, don't hesitate to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email.  


Shirla is our comprehensive fault location system which can be used for testing, pre-location and pinpointing. The Shirla system is not only fully automatic but can be used for a multitude of functions. The device will complete the relevant calculations without being prompted and the results will be displayed on the digital screen. Customers can visit the website to download the data sheet for the Shirla system. This data sheet includes detailed technical information and is available in a range of different languages for your convenience. 


'liona' is the name for our online PD spot testing system. As well as being easy to use and incredibly reliable, liona can you help to save money thanks to its precise estimation capabilities? The online PD spot testing usually takes in between 5 and 10 minutes per cable which illustrates just how quick the process can be, allowing users the ability to do more with their time. For more information about liona, don't hesitate to visit the website where you will find detailed technical specifications. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. 

DPA 60 C

The DPA 60 C is an automatic unit which tests breakdown strengths in accordance with national and international regulations. The 60 C has been designed with versatility in mind and can operate both within a laboratory and within the field. Customers are guaranteed precise and reliable results which can be successfully reproduced. It is also worth noting that the 60 C can be utilised with a wide range of materials, including esther liquids, silicone oils and mineral oils. For further information, feel free to visit the website. 


The DAC MV 10 is a test and diagnostic system which features an internal PD measurement tool. As well as being an excellent device in its own right, the MV 10 can also be integrated into our cable test vans for further functionality. The MV 10 is capable of a wide selection of applications including the testing of newly laid cables, regulation testing and routine testing of service-aged cables, as well as many more. To find out more about this or any of our products, feel free to visit the website. 


Sharing many features with the DAC MC 10, the DAC MV 20 is also a test and diagnostic system. When in comprehensive PD diagnostics mode, the MV 20 can work with PD inception voltages, extinction voltages and PRPD analysis as well as much more. For further information please visit the website or you can contact us directly by phone or email. 


Our HV 20 test and diagnostic system is fast, reliable and incredibly simple to use. As well as being effective, the HV 20 is also extremely portable and can be easily transported and therefore used in the field. As with many of our systems, the HV 20 can carry out a wide range of measurements as well as relevant analysis. If you would like more information on this unit, you can visit the website to download the data sheet which includes all of the technical specs and product details. 

IRG 2000

IRG 2000 is a compact, flexible and fast impulse reflection measurement unit (or echometer) designed specifically for single-phase cable fault pre-location. It can be used in combination with a surge voltage generator on low, medium and high voltage cables from 0-65km in length. Its portable design makes it perfect for field work where access is restricted, while user-friendly controls make it extremely easy to operate – only a minimal amount of training is required. Depending on the intended application, the IRG 2000 can be operated on its integrated rechargeable battery or via a mains supply.

IRG 3000

The IRG 3000 is an impulse reflection measurement unit which allows for fault location. As well as being incredibly precise and possessing a high resolution, the 3000 is also extremely easy to use, offering a quick and easy operation. It is also worth noting that the IRG 3000 can condense all of your measurement methods into one convenient device. For more information, please visit the website or you can contact us directly, by phone or email. 

SSG 500

SSG 500 is a surge voltage generator used for both pre-locating and pin-pointing high and low resistance faults in power cables. Stored energy within the high voltage capacitors is fed at intervals into the faulty cable – this causes an acoustic noise at the fault position, which can be picked up by a ground microphone and an audio frequency receiver. The SSG 500 has a highly portable design and is very easy to operate. It comes in a sturdy 19” steel housing and has a range of safety features, including an interlock circuit, automatic discharging devices and separation between operation and protection ground.

SSG 1000-3000

SSG 1000 – 3000 surge voltage generators enable accurate location of high resistance, low resistance and intermittent faults on high, medium and low voltage cables. These devices allow the operator to discharge energy from the capacitors into the fault cable either continuously or cyclically. Connected cables and internal surge capacitors are automatically discharged separately from one another upon system shut down. Other features include:

  • Electromagnetically operated surge switch with heat resistant tungsten electrodes
  • Security control according to VDE 0104
  • Output socket for optional remote Emergency-Off unit with signal lamps
  • DC output
  • Thermal overload protection


STG 600

STG 600 is a low voltage cable fault location system comprising of a surge generator and a high voltage source for pin-pointing the position of sheath and cable insulation faults. It has been designed specifically for use on low voltage power distribution networks. If required, a coupling filter can also be included in the STG 600 system, enabling the use of the highly sophisticated and efficient pre-locating method, Secondary Impulse Method/Multiple Impulse Method (SIM-MIM). The STG 600 is lightweight and portable, easy to operate, and has a range of practical features, including a backlit LCD display, integrated cable storage compartment and control panel covers.


ATG 2 is a burn down transformer unit that enables the user to change a high resistance fault into a low resistance fault, thus facilitating the use of an impulse reflection set for fault pre-location. Housed within a sturdy 19” steel case, the ATG 2 is both compact and portable. It features an electronic voltage and current control, integrated terminal for external ohmmeter connection, AC output for use in a low voltage system, and a safety control circuit according to VDE 0104.

ATG 6000

ATG 6000 is a high-power, oil-cooled burn down transformer that gives full power output for up to one hour. Even during the burn down process, the output voltage is switchable in 8 ranges. Continuous regulation of voltage and current from 0-100% within the selected range enables precise regulation of desired output values. Despite its burn down capabilities, the ATG 6000 is still relatively lightweight and portable. It is housed within a 19” steel case and has a safety control circuit according to VDE 0104. More features and benefits can be found on the BAUR GmbH website.


KMF 1 is a cable sheath fault receiver that uses two earth probes (which are dismountable for transportation) to trace the cable route and locate multiple cable sheath faults. Its battery-powered design and adjustable carrying strap makes it ideal for on-site applications. The KMF 1 can be used in combination with a cable sheath test set or surge voltage generator, depending on your requirements. For more information, visit the BAUR GmbH website or get in touch with BAUR’s UK sales team on 020 8661 0957.

CL 20

CL 20 is a highly accurate cable locator designed for use in a variety of situations. This market-leading device is capable of locating long or short cables, inductive or directly coupled, using active or passive transmitter frequencies (50 Hz). Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the CL 20 is ideal for cable detection in hard-to-access areas. A self-explanatory keypad and display make it extremely easy to use. Features include a membrane keypad with separate button functions, integrated digital graphic display with backlight and bar chart indication of signal strength, cable depth digital display and automatic gain control. Get in touch with BAUR Test Equipment Ltd to find out more.

Locator Set / UL 30

BAUR’s Locator Set has been specifically designed for cable tracing and depth evaluation applications. A range of additional accessories facilitate pin-point fault location via a number of different methods (acoustic method, step voltage method, twist method and acoustic propagation time measurement). A standard Locator Set enables the user to:

  • Trace the route of cables and metallic gas and water pipes
  • Evaluate the depth of cables and metallic pipes
  • Detect cables on live lines
  • Locate cables and line joints
  • Accurately locate cable faults according to the twist method
  • Accurately locate cable faults according to the acoustic method
  • Pin-point the location of cable faults using the acoustic method combined with propagation time measurement (indication of fault distance, only with BM 30)


TG 600

TG 600 is an audio frequency transmitter specifically designed for accurately locating cable faults and joints in accordance with the twist method. Maximum output power is selectable between 60 VA or 600 VA (the range of 60 VA is used predominately for route tracing and depth location). If you would like to find out more about the TG 600 audio frequency transmitter, please contact BAUR Test Equipment Ltd on 020 8661 0957

UL 30

The Universal Locator UL 30 is used in combination with BAUR’s BM 30 ground microphone and an SSG or STG series surge voltage generator for pin-pointing the position of cable faults. With its integrated acoustic propagation time measurements, the UL 30 can display the distance to the fault in metres and also indicate the fault’s position once it is reached. When used in combination with an audio frequency transmitter and the BAUR SP 30 detecting rod, the UL 30 becomes ideal for route tracing and depth evaluation of electric lines and cables. Features include an integrated loudspeaker, digital filters for suppression of traffic noise, large illuminated LCD display and easy menu operation.

Software 3.3

BAUR software 3.3 provides optimum support for all testing tasks on power cables. Its user-friendly interface means only a minimal amount of training is required. During cable fault location, BAUR’s test and measurement software supports the engineer with the display of joint positions and through extensive possibilities in the measurement method for locating cable faults quickly and efficiently. 3.3 software has two cable fault location modes: Easy Mode and Expert Mode. Easy Mode is ideal for simple applications that require a speedy solution, while Expert Mode is more suitable for locating complex cable faults.

Cable Testing & Diagnostics

BAUR’s cable testing and diagnostics portfolio has all the requirements of a network operator covered. It includes a range of testing devices typically required for the commissioning of underground cable networks or repairs, as well as several diagnostics devices used for the evaluation of cable status and the planning of anticipatory maintenance. You can find out more about our cable testing and diagnostics systems in the sections below.


truesinus® digital technology enables non-destructive, very low frequency testing for high voltage cables according to VDE, IEC and IEEE. It has a precisely defined sinusoidal voltage shape that facilitates meaningful cable diagnosis. No other high voltage VLF generation system can offer the same level of measurement data as truesinus®.  It is the most sophisticated technology currently on the market. Find out more by visiting BAUR GmbH online or calling BAUR’s UK sales team on 020 8661 0957.

frida TD

Between 70 and 80% of all cable lines are in a voltage range of up to 20 kV. frida TD is a truesinus® testing and diagnostics device that allows all such cables to be tested quickly and easily, with clear and reliable data on the cable condition. It also allows you to examine the ageing condition without damaging the cable. An intuitive user interface, integrated tan delta measurement, compact dimensions and low weight make frida TD the ideal companion for network maintenance personnel and service providers.

viola TD

viola TD is a powerful, compact and easy to use device designed for high voltage testing and diagnostics on cables of up to 35 kV. It incorporates the latest truesinus® VLF technology to give accurate results and meaningful data. Tan delta NDT testing allows the condition of laid power cables to be assessed without them sustaining any damage. Despite its diverse diagnostic capabilities, the viola TD is still highly compact and easy to use. It fits in any vehicle boot and can be used even in places that are difficult to reach. Full details and specifications can be found on the BAUR GmbH website. For advice or assistance, please contact BAUR Test Equipment Ltd (your UK BAUR sales agent).

PHG 70/80

BAUR’s PHG 70 and PHG 80 high voltage testing systems feature top performance, latest generation VLF truesinus® technology, enabling fast and accurate cable testing in accordance with various industry standards. These systems have been designed for testing medium-voltage cables up to 50 kV – they can be used for testing plastic and paper-mass cables, sheathes, generators, transformers and switching systems. 



  • VLF truesinus®, VLF square wave and DC in one device
  • Nominal voltage PHG 70 of up to 38 kVrms truesinus® ^= 56kVpeak, 57 kV square wave and +/-70 kV DC
  • Nominal voltage PHG 80 of up to 57 kVrms truesinus® ^= 84kVpeak, 80 kV square wave and +/-80 kV DC
  • Maximum capacitive load up to 20 µF
  • Frequency variation from 0.01 to 1 Hz
  • Fully automatic testing
  • Fastest possible results, automatic discharge mechanism


PGK 25

PGK 25 is a compact, mobile and universal high voltage testing device designed for DC testing of low and medium-voltage cables up to 25 kV. Weighing in at a relatively lightweight 16.5 kg, this device is ideal for on-site testing. The PGK 25 is also very easy to use, and has an integrated timer that enables testing time pre-selection of between 1 and 30 minutes – the discharge unit is automatically released at the end of the testing time. 


Features and benefits:

  • Two continuously adjustable voltage ranges: 0 – 5 kV and 0 – 25 kV DC (negative polarity)
  • Maximum discharge energy of 5000 Ws (16 µF/25 kV/interval of 20 min)
  • In-built rechargeable battery of 12 V 6.5 Ah – approx 30 minutes of operation
  • Possibility of an external 12 V DC voltage source 
  • Recorder connection for current range (for earth-free entry) of 0 - 200 mV 
  • Switch-on interlock of high voltage against unintended operation


PGK 50-80

BAUR’S PGK 50 and PGK 80 high voltage testing devices allow DC testing of low and medium-voltage cables up to 50 kV and 80 kV respectively. They are both single-part devices with a compact design, practical case, carry handles and shoulder straps - features that make them ideal for field use. Despite their compact design, BAUR’s PGK high voltage testing devices offer exceptional levels of performance. Visit BAUR GmbH online for full details and specifications. For UK sales, please get in touch with BAUR Equipment Ltd on 020 8661 0957.


BAUR’s PGK HB series high-voltage testing devices are the longest-lasting, most robust and cost-effective testing devices available on the market. They generate stepless adjustable DC test voltages with positive or negative polarity or optional network frequencies. Operating parts feature displays for current and voltage, a safety control unit and a variable voltage transformer, while the high voltage parts contain an oil-insulated high-voltage transformer and, depending on the mode of operation, either a rectifier bar (DC) or a resistant rod (AC). Polarity of the DC test voltage is changed by rotating the rectifier in the high-voltage part.

PHG 70/80 TD

PHG 70/80 TD, featuring truesinus® VLF technology, is a cable diagnosis system using dissipation factor measurement with a 0.1Hz sinusoidal voltage to provide information on the ageing characteristics of PE/XLPE cables. These systems benefit from;

  • Large dynamic range of the measured parameters from DF 1 to 10-4 with cable capacities >10 nF up to 20 µF
  • High resolution +/- 1.10 also new PE/XLPE cable can be measured
  • Free from power supply interference
  • Short assessment test time (3-phase cable app. 1 hour)
  • Diagnostic parameters independent of cable length
  • Menu guided control software (Windows 2000)
  • Automatic diagnostic sequences according to individual programming


PHG 70/80 TD PD

BAUR’s PHG 70 TD/PD and PHG 80 TD/PD cable diagnostics systems are the internationally recognised standard for established cable diagnostics. They are the world’s leading cable diagnostic systems for medium-voltage cables up to 50 kV, providing a comprehensive overview of cable quality and ageing condition. PHG TD/PD systems combine test, dissipation factor measurement tan d, partial discharge level measurement and partial discharge location to give users detailed information about the condition of the cable network for all cable types, independent of cable length. To find out more, please head over to the BAUR website or contact BAUR’s UK subsidiary on 020 8661 0957.

PD Portable

PD Portable was developed by BAUR as an extension for the VLF test generators frida and viola (see above). It allows users to identify the precise location of partial discharges in cable systems, reliably measuring PD levels and locating PD sources over the entire cable line.  User-friendly diagnostics software makes the PD Portable very easy to operate, and a modular 3-part design means it is also easy to transport. 


Features and benefits:

  • Measurement of PD levels typically from 20 pC onwards
  • Location of PD sources within 1 % accuracy
  • Display of PD activity over the cable length
  • Applicable with external high voltage up to 40 kVrms truesinus®
  • High noise suppression, completely insulated from the mains voltage
  • Calibrator for the on-site PD calibration according to IEC 60270



Tracy is a partial discharge inductor used for accurately locating partial discharge points directly at the exposed cable sections. It does this by inducing a signal from the outside to the pre-located fault location in the cable. Then, in combination with a PD measurement system, the signal induced can be located and compared with the result of the partial discharge location. Small, handy and robust, BAUR’s partial discharge inductor is ideal for on-site applications. It features IP 54 protection and weighs just 550g. Find out more by visiting BAUR GmbH online.

Insulating Fluids Testing

In many electrical systems, insulating fluids are essential. Highly refined mineral oils, silicone fluids, vegetable oil and synthetic esters are all used to guarantee the reliable operation of transformers, medical and safety devices, and even radar technologies. However, such materials can lose their insulating and cooling properties over time, which can lead to damage and failure of equipment and systems – sometimes even catastrophic failures that can cause environmental damage. The testing of insulating fluids is therefore a legal requirement, regulated through national and international standards. But legal compliance is not the only reason to have insulating fluids tested: there are also various economic grounds for doing so – including an extended lifetime for your equipment and improved operational efficiency. 


Information on BAUR oil/fluid testing systems can be found in the sections below.

DPA 75 C

The DPA 75 C is a small, handy, robust and reliable portable oil tester offering fully automatic measurement of dielectric strength of insulating fluids up to 75 kV. It provides clear and reliable results thanks to the latest measurement technology, has an integrated battery with an extended operation time for field use, and benefits from an ergonomic design for high efficiency, usability and safety. The DPA 75 C has been designed to conduct tests in accordance with all current regulations governing the analysis of insulating oils.

DTA 100 C

The DTA 100 C is an efficient, accurate and highly reliable oil tester offering fully automatic measurement of liquid insulation dielectric strength up to 100 kV. It has been designed for continuous operation within a laboratory environment, performing tests in accordance with current regulations. The DTA 100 C enables fast and safe analysis of various mineral oils, silicone and ester fluids – it is used to evaluate the degree of impurity due to foreign particles, gas and water, which are often the cause of system damage and failure.

DTA 100 C Incline

The DTA 100 C Inline provides reliable, continuous quality assurance of oils used in production processes. Standard connections on both the inlet and the outlet mean it can be easily integrated within an existing production environment. The combination of extremely short switch-off times during breakdowns and the easy oil sample handling facilitate high quality statements and conclusions on the quality of the insulating oil. Get in touch with BAUR Test Equipment Ltd to find out more.


The DTL C oil tester from BAUR offers fully automatic measurement of the dissipation factor, the specific resistance and the relative permittivity of insulating oils. For this reason alone it is unrivalled anywhere in the market. 


8 pre-programmable standards facilitate fast but comprehensive analyses, while high precision measurement technologies ensure extremely accurate results. Despite these capabilities, the DTL C remains easy to operate and compact in size – it requires only a minimal amount of space within the laboratory.  


ITS Lite

ITS Lite is a BAUR software system designed to simplify the processing and archiving of measurement data. With this user-friendly software suite you can read and interpret data from all BAUR oil testing devices (DPA 75 C, DTA 100 C, DTA 100 C Incline and DTL C).  When used in combination with the DTA 100 C Incline, ITS Lite software enables a fully automated oil testing process, thereby improving operational efficiency.

Cable Test Vans

Cable test systems from BAUR cover all your cable fault location, testing and diagnostics needs. They are designed in accordance with individual customer requirements and can be installed in a range of vehicles up to 3.5 tons. Being completely encapsulated they are entirely touch-proof, and with user-friendly controls are very easy to operate. BAUR cable test systems are equipped with the most advanced digital truesinus® technology for simple yet remarkably precise cable testing and diagnostics.

UK Support and Services

Remember that as well as BAUR product sales, BAUR Test Equipment Ltd can offer comprehensive product support and a range of test and measurement services for customers throughout the United Kingdom. 



  • High voltage and dissipation factor calibration
  • Cable test van maintenance and calibration
  • Repair and calibration of all BAUR GmbH products
  • Supply of spares and accessories


  • Field testing of underground power cables
  • Field diagnostics
  • Customer technical training

If you would like any further information about the services available in the UK, please contact BAUR Test Equipment Ltd on 020 8661 0957.




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