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Bath Potters Supplies Limited provide a diverse and comprehensive range of pottery products for sale both online and from our store in Bath. Our product offering covers clays and other raw materials, slips and glazes, various tools and equipments, bisque tiles and bisque ware, and materials for sculpting as well as numerous craft accessories and associated books. Within this range, we supply products from a vast array of well known brands within the industry including Amaco, Botz, Gladstone, Mayco, Northern Kilns, Pyrotech, Stafford and Terracolor. At any one time, we also list a number of different second hand items for sale, on behalf of local sellers, which are ideal for those shopping for larger equipment on a budget. Our website also offers a wealth of information and advice on all aspects of pottery and how to use our products. We are always more than happy to take telephone calls from our customers with regards to help and advice on buying and using products from our range so please do not hesitate to get in touch. Items can be purchased in store and orders can be placed online through our website as well as via fax, telephone or email. With an ever expanding range, extremely competitive prices and an efficient and reliable service, Bath Potters Supplies aims to be the first choice for both professional and hobby potters.

Books- Decoration & Design

Bath Potters Supplies stocks a huge range of informative and educational books about all aspects of pottery craft for both the professional and the hobby potter. The Decoration & Design section includes a huge array of books covering various techniques and with plenty of inspiration to help you envisage your next project. The range includes a selection of books from Suzanne Tourtillot's '500' series including '500 Pitchers', '500 Tiles in Clay', '500 Teapots', '500 Cups', '500 Vases', '500 Raku', '500 Plates & Chargers', and '500 Glass Objects'. These interesting and attractive books provide a wealth of inspiration and information for the pottery fan.

Books - Glazes & Technical

For professional potters and hobby potters alike, books can provide everything you need to know about a new technique or a technical process from the comfort of your own home. The Glazes & Technical book section at Bath Potters Supplies contains a large selection of books about all aspects of glazing and glazes as well as technical information books about different aspects of pottery. 'The Ceramic Glaze Handbook' by Mark Burleston acts as a complete guide from the chemistry of glazes right through to trouble shooting issues with glaze. Full colour photos are provided as a clear reference for the user.

Books - Specific Techniques

The Specific Techniques book section at Bath Potters Supplies includes a huge choice of books on all aspects of pottery techniques for both the hobbyist and the professional potter alike. From wheel throwing and enamelling to ceramic bead jewellery and large scale ceramics with everything in between, you will be able to find a fantastic array of books to help you with your next project. 'Sculpting and Handbuilding' by Claire Loder is an interesting guide to using your imagination and intuition to create sculpture without the need for lots of tools or equipment. The book covers traditional techniques right through to modern and cutting edge approaches.

Clays & Raw Materials - Earthenware Clay

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a huge selection of earthenware clay including buff clay, low fire white earthenware, apache red micaceous body, standard smooth red terracotta, green earthenware clay body, grogged buff earthenware, sculptural terracotta, and chocolate black clay to name but a small selection. Ideal for large size sculptures and slabs, our robust black chunky sculpture clay features a strong body with a low shrinkage value. Our CWE white earthenware smooth throwing clay is made up of china clays and highly plastic ball clays which combine to give this clay high quality throwing capabilities.

Clays & Raw Materials - Stoneware Clay

Bath Potters Supplies stocks a comprehensive range of stoneware clay including grogged white clay, Earthstone speckled stoneware, buff clay, vulcan black stoneware clay, modelling clay, Professional black chunky clay, lavafleck clay, and premium craft crank clay among many more. Our range also includes general purpose stoneware clay ideal for use in schools. This clay has a 10% sand composition that provides a small amount of 'tooth'. With a medium texture and a firing colour that comes out off-white, this clay can be used for all types of throwing and hand building projects.

Clays & Raw Materials - Raku Clay

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a range of different raku clays including ashraf hanna raku body, Potclays raku clay, Ivanhoe clay and Y Material clay. Our ashraf hanna raku body is a high quality white raku body that has been manufactured with over 58% molochite that helps the body to stand up to even the most extreme thermal shock. This raku body also features a very low amount of shrinkage, a high level of resistance to both warping and cracking, and a medium texture. Our raku clay has a firing temperature range of 900°C to 1300°C and can be used for slabbing as well as for the raku process.

Clays & Raw Materials - Air Drying Clay

Bath Potters Supplies is a stockist of Creative Clay which is a high quality clay that simply air dries without the need for firing. Creative Clay uses a standard modelling clay as its base but also includes fibres made from nylon that offer an incredible bonded strength with a minimum of brittleness once the clay has dried. Dried pieces can be finished off with paint and varnish to create a huge range of decorative and practical pieces. For increased durability, pieces made from Creative Clay can be fired and glazed. Bath Potters Supplies stocks both grey and red Creative Clay in a huge range of weight options, with 1 kilogram sample packs also available.

Clays & Raw Materials - Oxides & Opacifiers

The clays and raw materials section at Bath Potters Supplies includes a range of oxides and opacifiers including zirconium siliacate, manganese dioxide, iron chromate, rutile, ilmenite, manganese carbonate, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide, copper carbonate, tin oxide, silicon carbide and cobalt oxide among many others. The range also includes a selection of wax crayons by Ceraline in copper oxide, manganese oxide, red iron oxide and cobalt oxide versions. Featuring a combination of both metallic colouring oxides and ceramic stains within a wax base, these crayons can apply indelible and bright colour in both lines and over wider areas for a range of decorative effects.

Slips & Glazes - Casting Slips

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a range of casting slips in various types, colours and finishes. Liquid clay that can be poured into shaped moulds to create all manner of pieces, casting slips are made up of ball clay, talc and feldspar. Our selection includes terracotta red and terracotta flax paper slips, white earthenware and white stoneware slips, porcelain slips, bone china slips, grogged body and smooth body flax paper slips, buff slips, parian slips and easycast slips among many others.

Slips & Glazes - Decorating Slips

The slips and glazes range from Bath Potters Supplies includes a selection of decorating slips including Scarva decorating slips and Botz engobes. Our range of Scarva decorating slips comes in a huge selection of colours, produced with either Mason or HFC stains, all of which can be used for decorating both earthenware and stoneware bodies. These slips are designed to be applied with brushes, slip trailers or sponges to leather hard clay which can then be biscuit fired ready for transparent glazing to intensify the decorating slip colour. These decorating slips are available in 500ml, 1l or 5l quantities.

Slips & Glazes - Earthenware Glazes

Bath Potters Supplies carries an extensive collection of earthenware glazes in a huge selection of colours and finishes from a large number of major brands. Suitable for decorating bisque pieces, Mayco Stroke & Coat earthenware glaze is non-toxic and dinnerware safe. Easy to apply, simply paint on your desired number of coats before letting the glaze dry and then fire up to cone 6 for a spectacular finish. We also stock Brush-On earthenware glazes by Terracolor that are delivered ready to use on bisque ware. This brush-on glaze is fast drying and produces fantastic glossy results when fired at 1040°C.

Slips & Glazes - Stoneware Glazes

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a range of different stoneware glazes in both powder and brush on formulations as well as a variety of additional products by Botz. Our selection of brush on stoneware glazes includes the Spectrum 1100 series of glazes in a range of different colours and textures. These glazes come ready mixed for immediate application via a brush. Multiple glazes from the range can be applied in layers in order to create unusual and attractive pieces. Our range of Botz additional products includes Botz Plus which acts as an intensifier for liquid effects, helping to increase the brilliance of your ceramic pieces.

Slips & Glazes - Underglazes, Pens & Pencils

The slips and glazes range at Bath Potters Supplies includes a number of underglazes and both underglaze and overglaze pens and pencils. Underglaze decorating pencils are ideally suited to fine detailed work including shading, the drawing of fine lines and adding identification to your pieces. Our range of underglaze pencils comes in a number of popular colours. Our overglaze pens can be used to create designs in relief on previously fired pottery. They can also be applied to unglazed pieces for a fantastic result. Our overglaze pens are available in a huge range of colours from a selection of top brands.

Slips & Glazes - Metals & Lustres

Bath Potters Supplies has an extensive range of slips and glazes including metals and lustres. Our lustres are available in a selection of different colours including amber, mother of pearl, turquoise green, grey, violet, light and dark green, carmine, cranberry, maroon, blue, purple, bright gold, bright platinum, black and copper. Designed to be applied in very thin coats onto fired glazed surfaces, lustres can deliver beautiful and rich results to all types of pottery. In order to extend the life of your lustres, we can also supply lustre thinner.

Tools - Modelling Tools

With a range that includes plastic, metal and wooden tools, our selection of modelling tools at Bath Potters Supplies covers a huge range of requirements. Our economical plastic tools have been manufactured by string injection moulding and are perfect for learners to get to grip with shaping and modelling thanks to their simple and effective design. The range includes various sizes and profiles for achieving a range of effects.  Ideal for more detailed work, we can also supply fine wire loop pottery tools in different sizes with both single and double ended versions available.

Tools - Clay Wire & Crimps

Bath Potters Supplies can supply both crimps and clay wire as part of our extensive collection of pottery tools for both the professional and amateur potter. Our crimps, designed to join lengths of wire or cord together, measure 1.5 millimetres in diameter and come in great value packs containing 26 crimps. We stock both plain wheel wire and shell wire both in lengths of 10 metres.

Tools - Cutters

With both metal and plastic cutters available, as well as plastic plunger cutters, Bath Potters Supplies can provide the right cutter to suit your exact application. Our metal cutters are available in a huge range of shapes and also include numerous sets that contain three sizes of shaped cutter. From circles to snowflakes and squares to sharks, our range has something for everyone. Our plunger cutters are designed to facilitate easy removal of your cut shape from the cutter. The range includes incredibly detailed leaf designs and plenty of other shapes besides.

Tools - Brushes

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a huge selection of different brushes including fine point shader brushers, hake brushes, splatter brushes, chinese pipe brushes, detail liners, glaze mops, chinese brushes, cut line banders with quills, flat lacquer brushes and sieve, lawn and stippling brushes as well as various brush sets for increased value for money. Hake brushes are ideally suited for painting on ceramic underglazes and glazes thanks to their wide and flat bristles that can cover larger items in a short amount of time. The flat wooden handles are also easy to hold steady. Our hake brushes come in a huge range of sizes and standards of finish.

Tools - Potters Pins

The tools section at Bath Potters Supplies features a selection of potters pins suitable for various applications. Our range includes mini pins, coarse pins, fine pins and curved pins all with wooden handles as well as a full metal potters pin all of which are suitable for cutting and removing uneven edges as well as removing thrown items from the wheel. The needle points on these various pins are designed to make a clean and smooth cut without much drag. Our mini potters pin is a squat needle tool that measures just 3.35 inches by 0.67 inches for fine and detailed work.

Tools - Potters Knives

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a great choice of potters knives from small pallet knives and fine throwing knives to pottery decorating tools and folding steel knives. Our small curved knife is a pottery decorating tool that is highly suited for cleaning moulds, making dolls, and sgraffito, as well as incising, excising, carving, modelling and trimming all types of pottery project. We also stock various different standard potters knives in a number of different sizes with both wooden handles and plastic handles. Our knives can be dipped in vegetable oil before cutting clay pieces in order to help them glide effortlessly and smoothly through your clay.

Tools - Sponges & Diddlers

Bath Potters Supplies carries an extensive range of sponges, diddlers and sponge sticks as part of our range of pottery tools. Sponges are ideal for removing excess water and can be bought from our online store in a range of different sizes in both synthetic and natural sponge. We also stock rubber scrubbers which feature a soft sponge on one side with an abrasive grit surface on the other. Rubber scrubbers are perfect for cleaning and smoothing and, at a size of just three inches square, are easy to hold and use. We can supply rubber scrubbers in two different abrasive levels to suit a variety of projects.

Tools - Wipe Out Tools

As part of our extensive selection of tools, Bath Potters Supplies can provide three different sizes of wipe out tool as well as a great value set of all three. Double ended, these wipe out tools have wood handles with rubber tips at either end. One tip features a round pointed end and the other has an angled taper with both being made from a soft and flexible rubber material. Wipe out tools can be used to remove wet glaze, create a variety of textures and patterns in wet clay and a whole host of other applications. Our wipe out tools come in small, medium and large and can be bought together in a cost effective set of three.

Equipment - Kilns, Wheels & Equipment

A comprehensive selection of kilns, wheels and other equipment can be found at Bath Potters Supplies including a huge range of wheels, kilns by Rohde, Nabertherm, Potterycraft and Northern, blungers and sifters, pugmills, sedimentation basins, slab rollers, slip preparation equipment, spray booths, spray guns and complete pizza oven kits. The Shimpo RK55 wheel is a compact piece of equipment that weighs just 23 kilograms. It features three legs to increase stability and has an incorporated work surface for your tools. The RK55 also includes a two piece splashpan and a remote foot pedal as well as a 1/8 HP motor.

Equipment - Kiln Building & Firing

At Bath Potters Supplies, we stock an extensive range of products for kiln building and firing including kiln furniture, metal and ceramic stilts, metal spurs, Orton cones, firing accessories, controllers, items for both building and repairing, pyrometers and themocouples, and tile setter cranks. Our selection of kiln furniture covers heavy and light duty props, prop extensions, castellated props, connectors, kiln shelves in various shapes and complete sets of kiln furniture. Our ceramic stilts have been specially designed to support glazed pottery away from the kiln shelving during firing with the minimum of contact. Our range includes stilts in numerous sizes to suit all types of project.

Equipment - Workroom Equipment

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a great selection of equipment for your pottery workroom including various containers and utensils, clay extruders, tile cutters, sieves, throwing batts, banding wheels and turntables as well as numerous miscellaneous items such as scoops, mixing pallettes, hessian squares, rolling guides, workboards and respirators. Our selection of tile cutters includes a number of different shapes including triangular, circular, square and hexagonal in a number of different sizes. Our throwing batts are manufactured from water resistant MDF to a thickness of 10mm and help with the throwing of larger items like plates and platters which are often tricky to remove from the wheelhead.

Bisque - Bisque Tiles

Bath Potters Supplies carries a selection of bisque tiles that are perfect for creating personalised and hand finished decorative tiles. Our ceramic bisque tiles are manufactured from a low-fire earthenware clay in white and can be used for a huge variety of craft and decor projects including the creation of decorative coasters, borders and table tops, as well as much more. These bisque tiles can be covered with underglazes or glazes for the perfect finish when fired at between 999°C to 1060°C. Our range of bisque tiles are available in 4 inch and 6 inch squares and 3.5 inch and 6 inch circular tiles.

Bisque - Bisque Ware

Ideal for creating personalised ceramic ware by hand, Bath Potters Supplies has a great range of bisque ware including bowls, mugs and plates. Bisque is white ceramic ware that is unglazed and therefore is suitable for hand painting to your very own design. The majority of underglazes and glazes are suitable for use on our bisque ware which can then be fired to a recommended temperature of 1020°C. Our range includes a standard 10oz mug, a two handled baby mug, a stylish cone flare mug, a miso bowl, an 8 inch tea side plate, a 10 inch dinner plate and a 12 inch charger plate.

Craft Accessories - Jewellery Boxes

For all your jewellery crafting needs, Bath Potters Supplies stocks a huge range of jewellery and charm boxes in various colours, sizes and finishes. Our range of Kraft boxes are elegant and simple two piece boxes made from plain, natural coloured card with a soft cotton filling, ideal for protecting your pieces. A great value choice, our Kraft range includes a slim necklace box, also ideal for bracelets and watches, and square boxes in three sizes. Our selection also includes jewellery and charm boxes in black, gloss black, silver, white, gloss white and silver swirl styles.

Craft Accessories - Milliput

Bath Potters Supplies is able to supply Milliput in a range of different colours to suit every need. Milliput is a versatile epoxy putty for use with all types of restoration and repairs on a vast range of materials including wood, plastic, masonry, ceramic, porcelain and glass. Milliput can also be used with sculpting and modelling with the ability to withstand drilling and sanding. With the consistency of putty, Milliput is extremely easy to mould and self-hardens without any shrinkage whilst also being resistant to water, chemicals and heat. Our range of Milliput includes Yellow-Grey, Terracotta, Silver-Grey, Black and White.

Craft Accessories - Keyrings

As part of our range of craft accessories, Bath Potters Supplies stocks a selection of split key rings in various shapes and sizes. With a high-shine polished finish, our shaped key ring selection includes a flower, a heart and a star, ideal for all manner of craft projects and gift making. Our plain round split key rings are available in three different sizes from 25mm up to 38mm, and are nickel plated. Available in packs of 10 for great value, these plain round key rings are the ideal base for all types of project.

Craft Accessories - Glass

Bath Potters Supplies can provide a range of glass craft accessories including transparent fusible glass squares in both clear and coloured versions, opalescent fusible coloured glass squares, Millefiori glass, and glass frit in various colours. Our glass frit comes in 200g quantities and can be sprinkled onto glass to enhance or add colour exactly where you need it for all kinds of project. When used with moulds, glass frit can be used to make decorative products and jewellery. Our glass frit range includes clear, black, blue, yellow, red, brown and green versions.

Sculpting Materials

Bath Potters Supplies stocks a selection of sculpting materials including armature wire, chopped fibreglass strands, hessian jute scrim and ciment fondue. Our armature wire rounds come in one metre rolls with a choice of three different diameters. This wire can be used to support sculptures and as an aide with the forming of various shapes and figures. Our thinner diameters are suitable for finer work while the thicker diameters provide strong support for general shaping. Our ciment fondue from Kerneos is widely used with external casts and sculpture and has a fast setting time of just two hours, with complete strength being reached in just 24 hours.



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