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With our products being used in a multitude of industries including defence, aerospace, environmental sciences, geophysics and the medical physics sector, we have many years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic susceptibility measuring instruments to our worldwide customers either directly or via our network of agents and distributors. Additionally we offer other services including contracted research and development, repairs, calibration, equipment hire and customer training. Our field measurement products and related services are designed to meet the key requirements of a wide range of applications globally. Visit our website for more information and to view our case studies, academic papers and much more.

Three-axis and single axis fluxgate magnetometers

Bartington's Fluxgate Magnetometers and Magnetic Field Sensors are designed to measure the components of a magnetic vector in one or three axes. On our website you’ll find products for a wide range of applications: sensors for general purpose measurements, low power applications, extreme environments and more. Should you require more information on any of these items, each listing can be expanded to reveal a wealth of technical specifications, applicable case studies and academic papers. If you cannot find the information you require please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Test Equipment and Shielding

We have a range of test equipment and shielding at Bartington. Our HCS1 Three-axis Helmholtz Coil System consists of three pairs of coils, a drive amplifier and a control unit to generates a constant magnetic field of known strength. Our magnetic shields are three-layer mu-metal shields that divert the Earth’s magnetic flux around themselves. Our degaussing wands are handheld devices that remove accumulated magnetism which could affect the performance and effectiveness of magnetic field sensors or shielding equipment. Should you require more information on any of these items, each listing can be expanded to reveal a wealth of technical specifications, applicable case studies and academic papers.

Fluxgate Gradiometers

Our single and three-axis fluxgate magnetic field gradiometers allow the measurement of the gradient of magnetic fields, in one axis or in three. This range of products has applications in archaeology – for example, scanning sites that are too fragile for excavation, or where no visible signs exist on the surface – and mineral prospecting. They can be used on land, or versions are available for fitting to submersible vehicles, operating down to 5000m. A non-magnetic cart is also available to enable rapid surveying of a site with multiple sensors.

Magnetic Susceptibility Equipment

We offer a range of instruments for use in laboratories or remote locations which measure the magnetic charge acquired by materials subjected to an alternating magnetic field. On our website you’ll find information on our MS2/MS3 magnetic susceptibility equipment – a versatile system with a wide range of interchangeable sensors and probes (typical applications include climatology, soil, pollution and erosion, archaeology and quality control). You’ll also find information on our BSS-02B Borehole Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde, which operates in boreholes to a depth of 6000m and has typical applications in mineral exploration and stratigraphic correlation. Click onto our website to see the application notes.



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