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Barricade Ltd is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of high quality stainless and mild steel street furniture. We are a well-established business with a wealth of experience in fabricating, supplying and installing a range of street furniture including cycle shelters, hoop barriers, security bollards, waiting shelters and handrails and litter bins, to name just a few. We specialise in steel products but also offer a range of products in polyurethane, wood and recycled materials. We collaborate and work with our customers to provide street furniture to their specifications at extremely competitive prices.

We are a family run company located in Lancashire in the North West of England and supply our products both locally and nationally. We manufacture and supply our products to a diversity of industries and have built many long term business relationships with our satisfied clients. We offer our products in a range of materials and styles to meet our customers’ requirements. We also have in depth experience in producing bespoke items designed to complement specific environments.

At Barricade we strive to provide the best quality products and the highest standards of service to our customers. Barricade offers an extensive street furniture repair service and lock replacement service. Our repair service is an excellent way to maintain your site security without the need for costly replacements. Our range of hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing street furniture is extensive, and we have included examples with further details on our website.

Barricade is accredited by a number of business bodies meaning our customers have peace of mind when it comes to the quality of our products and services.

Traffic Control Bollards and Security Posts

We offer a complete range of static and locking traffic control bollards and security posts. Our bollards are one of the most effective security measures for your premises and are a long term cost effective investment. Our bollards are manufactured in house, which means we have flexibility when it comes to the design process and can offer bespoke bollards to our customers’ specifications. We can offer customised mild and stainless steel bollards with complex or simple designs to suit any situation and environment. Barricade can work with you through the design and manufacture process until you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Static Anti-Ram Bollards

Our anti-ram bollards are a multi-purpose solution that offers protection against vandals as well as being an effective traffic control device. We supply our anti-ram bollards to shops, garages, retail parks and many other premises where perimeter protection is vital. The anti-ram bollards are available in mild steel or stainless steel, come in round or square options, are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard and come in anti-ram and heavy duty options. The diameters of the bollards can range from 60mm to 300mm and are powder coated in range of BS or RAL colours. Reflective tape is available on request from our customers.

Stainless Steel Bollards

Our range of stainless steel bollards offers strength and durability with an aesthetically pleasing design. The low maintenance stainless steel posts complement most buildings and facades, and are very popular within the retail sector and in locations where a modern look is desired. We offer a number of finishes on our posts including brushed steel, high polish and commercial chrome with reflective tape available on request. Our stainless steel bollards are available in static and moveable formats with diameters ranging from 50mm to 300mm. Visit our website to view our range of steel bollards starting at only £49.

Mild Steel Bollards

Mild steel bollards are one of the most popular and cost effective solutions when it comes to protecting premises. This type of bollard acts as an anti-ram device as well as helping to protect against vandalism and are an excellent way to control traffic in large car parks. We offer our mild steel bollards in root fixed or base plate fixed versions with diameters ranging between 50mm and 300mm. Our mild steel bollards are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard and are available in static or moveable options. We also offer options such as anti-ram and reinforced bollards depending on your requirements.

Polyurethane Bollards

Our bollards come in a range of materials and we offer an extensive collection of polyurethane options that are ideal for shop fronts, high street applications and many other locations. Our Barricast polymer bollards are extremely hardwearing, durable and offer an eye pleasing, low maintenance protection method. We offer a range of polymer bollards in a variety of styles to suit their intended environments. Features of our polymer bollards include a hot dipped galvanised steel core, are weather proof and non-corrosive, and can incorporate civic logos, crests and corporate colours. Polymer bollards are highly durable, shatterproof and come in a range of BS and RAL colours.

Cast Iron Bollards

Our range of cast iron bollards provides strength, protection and beautiful designs for environments where quality of finish is important. We offer our extensive collection of cast iron bollards in a range of designs and styles in static and removable formats. Cast iron bollards feature round and square options and can be incorporated with civic crests, logos and corporate colours. Although these bollards are aesthetically pleasing they are heavy duty and extremely hardwearing. They come in a range of BS and RAL colours and are the perfect choice for heritage environments. Visit our website to view our full range of cast iron bollards.

Timber Bollards

Barricade’s timber bollards are the ideal option for environments where a natural fit is important. Our timber bollards are perfect for rural and urban environments are made from hardwood source from forests under conservation and re-plantation programmes; a softwood version is also available. We have supplied our timber bollards for use in educational centres, park entrances, street landscaping, promenades and pedestrian precincts, to name just a few. Timber bollards are fire retardant, naturally durable and come in round and square options. We offer a variety of shapes, styles and materials, and examples of our timber bollards can be viewed on our website.

Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic or retractable drop down bollards are an excellent way to provide protection as well as controlling access to car parks and forecourts. Our telescopic bollards are often used on residential properties as way of securing a driveway and decreasing theft and vandalism; insurance premiums will often be lower if these security devices are in place. Telescopic bollards are integrated with a high security push button locking mechanism and when not in use the bollard is secured in the ground and covered with a flush fitting steel lid. All of Barricade’s telescopic security bollards are endorsed by Sold Secure.

Ornate Telescopic Bollards

Our ornate telescopic bollards feature classic ornamental designs with the protection of standard telescopic security posts. Our ornate telescopic bollards come in three beautiful designs – Aston, Chistlehurst and Sunderland. These heavy duty bollards come with a range of features and benefits including an ornate polymer rising post with a lift assistance mechanism utilising an internal gas strut that reduces the effective lifting weight of each post. Barricade’s ornate telescopic bollards feature a full range of BS and RAL colours and can be include crests, logos and corporate colours. These bollards are ideal for use in prestige town centre projects where an aesthetically pleasing design is important.

Recycled Plastic Bollards

Many businesses and local authorities recognise the importance of using recycled materials and we offer a range of recycled plastic bollards and security products. Recycled bollards are an inexpensive and low maintenance option as well as being environmentally friendly with 100% recycled materials. Our recycled bollards can be used in parks, car parks, playgrounds and rural environments. Recycled bollards are available in static and removable formats, and can include reflective banding in a number of colours. Barricade also offers timber bollard options if recycled bollards are not suitable. Visit our website to view our range of 100% recycled plastic bollards and our extensive collection of timber bollards.

Removable Bollards

Removable or lift out bollards are one of our most popular options for restricting access and for vehicle and property protection. Our heavy duty bollards are sunk into a ground socket this is embedded in concrete with the post itself secured in position by a padlock. When the lift out post is removed the socket lid can be closed and secured flush to the ground. We offer three different sizes of lift out bollards suitable for use in driveways, forecourts, town centres, car parks, HGV parks and distribution centres. Our removable bollards feature reflective bandings, are easy to install and come with lifting handles on larger versions.

Fold Down Locking Bollards

Our range of fold down locking bollards and fold down security posts are ideal for security where a smaller post is required. Our fold down bollards are perfect for securing driveways in either residential or public premises such as employment premises and businesses. Fold down bollards come with a locking mechanism for both raised and lowered positions.  Our bollards come galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard with diameters ranging from 50mm to 300mm. We offer anti-ram and reinforced bollard options as well as the option of reflective tape if required. Visit the Barricade website to view our full range of fold down locking bollards and security posts.

Boot Scrapers

Barricade manufacture and supply a number of outdoor products including boot scrapers, boot wipers and replacement boot brushes. We supply our boot scrapers for use in playing fields, park grounds, public footpaths, golf courses and a variety of other outdoor environments. Our boot scrapers and brushes are specifically designed to remove stubborn dirt from footwear, are available in different heights for adults and children, and are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard. We offer fixed or removable options including base plates fixed into concrete or tarmac. Barricade also offers a replacement brush replacement service as required.


Barricade offer an extensive range of heavy duty, high quality shelters consisting of a roof and optional side and back cladding. We manufacture, supply and install cycle shelters, dugout shelters, smoking shelters, pram shelters, waiting shelters and sports shelters. All of our shelters are designed and fabricated in house, meaning we have complete control and can be very flexible if bespoke shelters are required by our customers for specific environments. Our customers can be assured of the highest build quality and attention to detail thanks to our in depth experience in creating a variety of shelters for a number of environments.

Bike Racks

Barricade offer a wide variety of high quality, durable cycle, scooter, motorcycle stands and bike racks. Our cycle stands compromise of a hooped barrier designed to secure the bike via a bike lock. Cycle stands can be installed inside shelters in rows or racks and each stand permits two bikes per cycle stand unit. We offer a number of different styles including Sheffield and Harrogate styles as well as ‘toast’ type racks and cycle stand brackets. Our cycle stands are made from hardwearing mild steel and we also offer a stainless steel version for harsher environments. We also offer an economy version for those on a limited budget.

Static Hoop Barriers

Our mild and stainless steel hoop barriers are the ideal solution for safely securing large perimeter areas such as car showroom forecourts, car parks and shop fronts. Applications for hoop barriers include limiting access of vehicles and indicating clear pedestrian pathways in areas where vehicles are present. Our hoop barriers are available in a number of sizes and finishes with the option of base plates or root fixing. We can also offer our hoop barriers in static or removable options and lugs are available for signage boards. We offer an extensive selection of hoop barriers and can also offer bespoke designs to your specifications.

Armco Barriers

Armco barriers are one of the most widely used corrugated steel crash barriers in the UK. We supply Armco barriers in both single and multi-row formats for internal and external use. Armco barriers are used in warehouses, car parks, loading bays, factories, industrial yards and roadsides, to name just a few locations. These barriers are available with a variety of post sizes that can be bolted down or set in concrete. The Armco barrier rail system provides the ultimate crash protection while minimising damage at impact. We supply corrugated curved and straight sections in a number of sizes with various post dimensions. Visit our website to view more details and examples of our range of Armco crash barriers.

Litter bins and Dog Waste Disposal Bins

Barricade offer an extensive range of litter bins and dog waste disposal bins. Our bins come in a selection of eye catching colours and materials including plastic, stainless steel and timber. Interior and exterior bins are available and can come with a host of additional features such as lids, ashtrays and wall fixings. Logos, corporate colours and stickers can be added and our bins can be either fixed or removable. We can design bespoke litter bins to your specifications including materials that may not be listed on our website. We offer a range of aesthetically pleasing bins designed to complement specific environments such as our timber litter bins finished in teak for a natural feel.

Manual Rising Arm Barriers

Our manual rising arm barriers offer vehicle access control and additional security in areas such as car parks, private roads and businesses. The lightweight aluminium booms are available in lengths of up to nine metres with pole diameters ranging from 76mm to 101mm. Our rising arm barriers feature lockable options in both upright and horizontal positions and come supplied with highly visible ‘stop’ discs as standard. Poles are available in either red and white or black and yellow vinyl; reflective finishes are available as are other colours on request. For more information on our manual rising arm barriers please visit our website.

Manual Height Restrictors

Manual height restrictors are an ideal access control solution as well as an excellent security measure commonly used at entrances to car parks and retail parks. Our height restrictors are used to prevent access of larger vehicles that exceed stipulated height limits. Barricade’s manual height restrictors can feature signs stipulating maximum vehicle height and can also feature vinyl and reflective tape options. Our restrictors come in standard traffic yellow, which is highly visible but other colours are available on request. Barricade has the capability to offer bespoke height restrictors to any height or length to the customers’ specifications.

Heavy Duty Lockable Manual Gates

Our heavy duty lockable manual swing gates and gate systems are designed to provide the ultimate in site security offering controlled access for a number of locations including car parks, building sites and business premises. Our swings gates are of a bespoke design and are manufactured to client specifications. Features include lockable options when opened or closed and gates can be secured via a heavy duty padlock. Our gates are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard and come in a variety of lengths. Barricade gates are available in either red and white or black and yellow vinyl; a reflective finish is available and other colours are available on request.

Railings, Handrails & Guardrails

Barricade’s range of railings, handrails and guardrails provide perimeter protection and pedestrian safety. We offer a wide variety of railings and handrails in aesthetically pleasing designs with a number of features as standard. All components are ‘hot dipped’ galvanised to BSEN ISO 1461 and available in cast Iron, stainless steel, mild steel or timber. We also offer the option of recycled plastic guardrails as well as polymer rails for harsher environments. Barricade can provide single, double and triple rails as well as bespoke railings manufactured to customer specifications. Visit our website to view our extensive collection of railings, handrails and guardrails.

Fencing and Railings

We offer a number of classic fencing styles such as Palisade and Paladin as well as standard fencing and heavy duty protective railings. Fencings and railings do provide increased perimeter protection, secure site access and restricted access. Our railings can be used in school yards, road sides and retail parks, to name just a few locations. We are experts when it comes to manufacturing all types of fencing and can easily create bespoke fencing to customer specifications. Our Paladin fencing is a popular option combing an eye catching design with strength and durability. Barricade fencing is available in standard green and black with other colours available on request.

Seating & Benches

Barricade offer a range of hardwearing and beautifully designed benches in a variety of colours and styles. Our benches are made from plastic, stainless steel, timber and metal frames, and we can manufacture benches designed to complement specific environments. We are experts at creating bespoke benches and we welcome the opportunity to work on unusual designs created by our customers.  We can also manufacture benches with specific materials not advertised on our website. Our beautifully designed timber benches are the perfect solution for locations such as parks where an aesthetically pleasing look is desired. Browse through our website to view examples of our collection of benches.

Street Planters and Troughs

Street planters and troughs offer the dual purpose of an aesthetically pleasing design and ram raid protection. Our street planters come in a range of designs and different materials, and can be specifically designed to complement their intended environment. Planters and troughs can instantly improve the appearance of any location and offer a practical but attractive control solution. Our timber and metal planters are very popular options for town centre schemes, educational centres, street landscaping and village squares. We offer a wide range of designs but also have the capabilities to offer bespoke designs to your specifications.

Tree Grilles and Tree Protection

Tree grilles provide the perfect finishing touch and act as protective base. We offer a range of tree grilles and tree protection products in a variety of materials, colours and designs. Our grilles are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and available in polyester powder coating. A full range of BS and RAL colours are available as well as polyester and nylon coatings. Our tree protection products are hardwearing, weatherproof and are designed to complement their intended environment. We offer a wide range of tree grille designs and as we manufacture in house we can easily create bespoke grilles to customer specifications.

Loading Bay Hoop Barriers

Wheel guides are an excellent visual aid designed to help lorry drivers reverse safely into loading bays. We offer HGV wheel guides/loading bay hooped barriers as a low cost solution for vehicle constraint and guided vehicle access. Our wheel guides are fabricated from mild steel and come in a high visibility yellow colouring. Our wheel guides are used in many locations including loading bays, garages, retail parks and warehouses, to name just a few. We offer our products at competitive prices and have supplied our wheel bays both locally and nationally. Barricade wheel guides are highly durable, weatherproof and a cost effective safety solution.

Traffic Control Flow Plates

Traffic control flow plates are a popular traffic calming solution and can also be used to control one way traffic on any road. Traffic control flow plates come in high visibility yellow and are used in conjunction with ‘no entry’ and ‘one way’ road signs. Barricade’s traffic control plates are highly durable and come in heavy duty options if required. Our plates are low maintenance, self-operating and are an extremely robust traffic control solution. Barricade offers a number of low cost traffic access and guiding solutions, and our team can offer expert advice and assistance on the best products to suit your requirements.

Building Corner Protection

Our range of building corner protection guards and solutions include lamp post protectors, column protectors, corner guards, indoor bollards and trolley guides. Our corner protection solutions are used in a diversity of locations including shops, forecourts, supermarkets and retail parks. Lamp post protectors are the ideal cost effective protection device helping to avoid damage to floodlit lighting, phone masts and lamp posts. We also supply internal bollards for use in supermarkets and factories to provide edge protection and prevent accidental damage by acting as a buffer. All of our corner protection guards and internal bollards are available in durable mild and stainless steel versions.

Bollard, Barrier and Street Furniture Repair

We offer a bollard repair and refurbishment service that draws on our vast experience in this field to provide an economical alternative to replacing damaged bollards. Bollards, security posts and street furniture can become damaged due to harsh weather, impact and general wear and tear, and repairing or refurbishing is the cost saving alternative to replacement. We have an extensive repair service that includes shelters, manual barriers, hoop barriers, fold down security posts, telescopic bollards and many more. We can assess and repair almost every type of traffic control system on the market as well as undertaking security post repairs and lock replacements.

Contacting Us

Barricade is based in Conway Industrial Estate, Appley Bridge in Lancashire. We welcome enquiries from our customers on our range of products and our dedicated sales team will be happy to provide product information and quotes via telephone or emails. Our telephone number and email address are available on our website and we have also included an online enquiry form. Once the form has been completed a member of our staff will call you back as soon as possible. You can also contact us and keep up to date on our latest products and services via our twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ pages.

Quality Services and Products

Our company has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of street furniture, and we pride ourselves on the high quality products and services we offer. We believe that our workmanship, competitive pricing and build quality are second to none in this field, and we have a proven track record with many satisfied clients across the UK. We offer additional services such as street furniture repair and an after care service for our clients when needed. We are a fully accredited company meaning our customers are assured that they will receive highest quality products and excellent customer service from the first phone call to the installation of their products.



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