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A H Allen Steel Services Ltd is a leading steel stockholder based in Northampton. At our Brackmills site we stock over 3,000 tonnes of general steel in various forms, including structural sections, hollow sections, merchant bar, plate and sheet. We also stock a range of steel and stainless steel handrail and walkway products. 

A H Allen is also a steel fabricator. As well as supplying the raw materials, we are able to carry out a range of processing tasks, including forming, finishing, cutting and welding. All work is undertaken by highly trained professionals at our steel processing facility in Northampton. 

Being able to fabricate steel in-house means A H Allen is able to offer a comprehensive service for any client requiring bespoke solutions for their project. 

At A H Allen Steel Services Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the high standard of our service. We offer next day delivery on stocked items as well as a speedy collection service for those who need steel the same day. 

Find out more about our steel supply and fabrication services by visiting A H Allen Steel Services Ltd online. 

Custom Build

A H Allen Steel Services is able to offer a comprehensive custom build package, taking care of everything from initial design right through to just-in-time delivery. State of the art 3D modelling software allows us to import customer drawings – including highly complex shapes and designs – into the production process in order to save time and money. This software can also be used to quickly (and inexpensively) trial various alternative designs in order to find the optimum solution. 

The manufacture of steel sections is undertaken in-house by a team of highly trained professionals who use the latest laser technologies. Our laser cutting equipment requires no tooling, so there are no set-up costs. These savings are of course passed on to you. 

Once formed and finished, custom steel parts and components are carefully packed in accordance with your requirements and delivered to your chosen address by our own fleet of vehicles. 

Street Furniture

As a member of the Barrett Steel Group, A H Allen Steel Services Ltd has access to an unrivalled range of steel products, equipment and components. This includes a collection of high quality street furniture such as lamp posts, bus shelters, benches and decorative lighting made with rust-resistant galvanised steel. For more information about street furniture from Barrett Steel, please head over to our website or simply give us a call.

Stainless Steels

Stainless steel is an alloy with a minimum 10.5% to 11% chromium content by mass. The inclusion of chromium means it does not corrode, rust or stain as other ordinary steels do. These anti-corrosion properties make stainless steel the ideal material for applications where exposure to air and water is likely. It is often used in the manufacture of agricultural plant, mining equipment, materials handling systems, rail infrastructure, tanks and containers, enclosures and cabinets, walkways, stairs and railings. A H Allen holds large stocks of stainless steel in various forms and has access to Barrett Steel depots throughout the country.

Structural Sections

A H Allen Steel Services Ltd is able to offer a huge range of structural sections suitable for all sorts of construction and manufacturing applications. We have universal beams, universal columns, equal and unequal angles and parallel flange angles available for immediate despatch and delivery using our own efficient transport fleet. 

In-house sawing, drilling, cutting, shearing and finishing facilities mean we can also fabricate structural sections in accordance with customer specifications. All work is carried out at our facility in Northampton and is monitored for quality under an ISO-approved QMS. 

Nickel Alloys

Being a member of the Barrett Steel Group means we have access to a complete range of nickel alloys, both in raw and finished form. Nickel alloys have many uses – their outstanding anti-corrosion and heat-resistant properties make them suitable for some of the most demanding applications in the oil & gas, nuclear, power generation and automotive industries. 

If you would like to find out more about our nickel alloys, please head over to the Barrett Steel website or simply give us a call. 


Leading-edge plasma cutting and linishing facilities enable Barrett to produce plate steel to customer specification. A recently acquired £200,000 precision plasma profiling system allows Barrett technicians to cut plate up to 40mm thick, 3m wide and 14m long whilst ensuring a superior cut quality and consistency. Other procedures carried out include gas cutting, shearing, radial arm drilling and general profiling. 

Sophisticated computing technologies allow the Barrett design team to import and work with most types of CAD file, including DXF, DWG, NC, CDC, HPGL and IGES. 

Barrett also supplies a range of immediately available ‘off-the-shelf’ plate products. Please head over to the Barrett Steel website to find out more. 

Bright and Black Bar

Barrett Steel holds extensive stocks of bright and black carbon and alloy steel bars as well as a range of flat products. These are suitable for the production of things like gears, shafts, rollers, plungers, bolts, fasteners, cylinders, axles and valves. 

Bars can be cut, ground, honed and bored according to your requirements. They can also be peeled in order to remove all scale, surface defects and decarburisation. (This process is carried out on bars from 13mm – 150mm diameter only). 

Once formed and finished, bars are packed to your specification and delivered next day. Same day delivery is available for single items. 

Tube Products

Barrett Steel has a well-established Tubes Division which has been growing year upon year since its inception in 1992. This is responsible for the supply of hot finished and cold formed hollow sections, precision cut ERW tubes and 1.4003 utility stainless steel. 

All hollow sections are cut to size using our state of the art laser cutting equipment. Laser cutting techniques are far superior to traditional methods, not just in terms of speed and efficiency but also accuracy and consistency. They enable the production of highly complex tubular components without need for time-consuming jigs and fixtures, thus allowing greater creativity in design and manufacture.


Moreover with laser cutting, prototypes, redesigns and specials can be produced almost instantly without the costs associated with tooling. 


Formarail is an innovative guardrail system with a versatile design that makes it very quick and easy to install. Other benefits of this patented system include:

  • A smooth contoured design makes it much more pleasing on the eye than conventional guardrail systems. 
  • Made with high quality, marine grade LM25 aluminium, which is both light and strong.
  • Features a rotating ball which eliminates the need to calculate the angle of the rail before and during installation. 
  • Precision engineered posts ensure exceptional strength and durability. 

Formarail posts are supplied pre-assembled and are available in two heights: 950mm and 1100mm. 

Armco Barrier Systems

Barrett Steel is a leading supplier of Armco Barrier Systems. Suitable for use in car parks, loading bays, factories and other similar environments (inside and outside), Armco barriers are designed to protect customers, employees, assets and structures from the hazards of cars, trucks and other vehicles. They are made with 3mm galvanised steel and are supplied in the standard 3.2m length. Barrett’s Armco barriers are fully compliant with the requirements of BS6180 and BS6399.

D2 Tool Steel

D2 is a high carbon, high chromium, molybdenum and vanadium air-hardening tool steel offering outstanding levels of wear-resistance (thanks to a high volume of hard carbides in its chemical composition). It also offers excellent dimensional stability along with high compressive strength. D2 Tool Steel can be used for the fabrication of cutting, punching and stamping tools, shear blades, thread rolling dies, cold extrusion dies, drawing and bending tools, flanging and straightening tools, deep drawing tools and fine cutting tools.

High Strength Steels

S420MH is a cold formed, high grade, multipurpose hollow steel section offering excellent formability and outstanding toughness. It is now available with dual certification, giving you the flexibility to design using higher strength material when the situation demands it.


S420MH grade steel is ideally suited to the construction of pillars, masts, bridge structures and building frameworks. It can also be used to build framework structures for machinery, vehicles and mechanical handling equipment. 

In-House Services

A H Allen is much more than just a steel stockist. We offer a range of value-added services and provide comprehensive technical advice and support wherever required. At our processing plant we have a huge range of cutting-edge tools and equipment enabling us to fashion steel components according to your exact requirements.  All work is carried out by a team of highly trained engineers and is monitored for quality under an ISO-approved QMS. 

The ability to form, fabricate and finish steel components means we can offer customers a complete service from design right through to delivery. 

Structural Steel Processing

A H Allen carries out a range of structural steel processing tasks, including:

  • Shot Blasting and Priming – We are able to shot-blast all universal beams, columns, hollow sections, merchant bar and plate up to 1500mm wide. This is completed in full compliance with BS EN ISO 8501:2001 SA2.5. 
  • Sawing and Drilling – Allen Steel has saws suitable for all cutting requirements – from one-off jobs to mitre and batch cutting. 
  • Punching and Shearing – We are particularly skilled in the production of connection plates (flat and angled), base plates, diagonal trusses and braces. 
  • Saw Cutting – Our saw cutting equipment includes semi-automatic band saws as well as specialist carbide saws. 

Visit us online to find out more about our structural steel processing capabilities. 


Barrett Steel are able to carry out a range of forging processes, including:

  • Press forging
  • GFM forging
  • Hammer forging
  • Rolling
  • Ring rolling

We can also supply all grades of material in an extensive range of shapes and sizes. This includes rings, blocks, banks, boss forgings, shafts (multi-stepped, single pin or double pin) and cylinders. 

Please get in touch to find out more about our metal forging capabilities. 


Barrett Steel uses an independent testing house which is approved by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive, independently produced certification pack and test report. Testing procedures typically carried out include:

  • Ultrasonic Testing – Undertaken by skilled and experienced staff who are qualified to SNT and PCN Level II standards.
  • Positive Material Identification – Includes an independently compiled test report. 
  • Visual Inspections – All components are visually and dimensionally inspected to ensure they meet both in-house and customer standards. This takes place both during the production process and at the point of despatch. 



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