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Barcode Technologies Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of barcode, RFID data capture and AutoID products and solutions. We offer an extensive range of barcode printers, scanners and software packages to address all of your automatic identification, data capture and asset/inventory management needs, helping you to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your business. We also provide a wide selection of associated consumables, including barcode labels, thermal ribbons and RFID tags. 

Over a 14-year period Barcode Technologies Ltd has established a solid reputation for quality products and an outstanding level of service. Our experience in asset tracking and inventory management allows us to offer comprehensive technical support and advice both pre- and post-sales. We listen to your requirements and provide hardware and software solutions that meet your demands. 

At Barcode Technologies Ltd we focus on delivering value for our customers. As the UK’s leading supplier of barcode, RFID data capture and AutoID solutions, we have the purchasing power to achieve big savings – savings which we gladly pass on to you. So whatever your project, Barcode Technologies can provide a practical solution that meets your budgetary requirements. 

In the sections below you’ll find some of our barcode systems and other technologies. To discover our complete range of products, please head over to the Barcode Technologies website – and if you require any help or advice in selecting the right system for your business, just give our technical support team a call on 01442 872 232. 

Asset Tracking Software Solution

Asset Tracking from RedBeam is a software package designed to make tracking computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets as easy as possible. It is available in two versions; standard and mobile. The former allows for data collection using cabled barcode scanners attached to PC workstations, while the latter gives you the ability to collect data on scanner-enabled mobile computers.  

RedBeam is a tried, tested and proven asset tracking solution that integrates the best asset tracking practices – including bar coding, record keeping and reporting – all into one powerful but user-friendly system. And whether you have 500 or 50,000 assets, RedBeam can handle virtually all tracking requirements. That’s why many of today’s leading organisations use it. Find out more by visiting Barcode Technologies online. 

Check In / Check Out

Check In/Check Out software from RedBeam allows you to effectively track tools and equipment, files and folders, product samples, rental items or anything that has revolving ownership or possession. Like most RedBeam software solutions it is available in two versions: standard, which allows for data collection using scanners attached to PC workstations; and mobile, which allows you to collect data from a scanning-enabled mobile device. 

With Check In/Check Out you can enter employees, members, customers or students into the system, and then track equipment or files by checking them in and out with a scanner. This enables you to monitor overdue items, rental fees, item usage and more. 

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking is an inventory control programme designed to help you monitor and control inventory levels and item movements within your warehouse, distribution centre, stock room or store. It allows you to track serial numbers, lot numbers and also expiry dates, either by scanning items with a barcode scanner or entering data manually. You can also print count sheets and take periodic physical inventories, run transaction reports, place orders and perform various other tasks. Inventory Tracking comes in PC and mobile versions. Find out more by visiting Barcode Technologies online.

Complete Solutions

As well as providing a huge range of hardware and software products, Barcode Technologies can offer complete solutions for barcode scanning and asset or inventory tracking. Packages include:

  • Order Pick and Pack Solution – A simple and inexpensive pick and pack solution that allows you to fulfil orders using an easy-to-use barcode scanner. 
  • Put Away Solution – Assists in the putting away of goods inwards.
  • Quality Check Solution – Allows you to verify whether goods are being labelled or packed correctly during the manufacturing process, or to inspect the quality of finished goods. 
  • Retail-Shop Stock Take Audit Solution – Gives you the ability to take stock of goods in many locations across your business. 
  • Serial Number Tracking Solution – For tracking goods with bar coded serial numbers. 
  • Security Control Tracking Solution – Assists with the verification of security checks. 

These are just some of the tracking solutions we offer. Please head over to our website to discover more. 

RFID Solutions

RFID technologies are beginning to be implemented by many of the world’s leading companies as they seek to capture and share real-time business information across entire enterprises and with trading partners. There are many ways in which RFID tracking systems can be used:

  • Jewellery Tracking – With an RFID system an entire case/tray of jewellery can be read in a matter of seconds with no need for a line-of-sight and handling (as required by barcode systems). 
  • Anti-Counterfeiting – RFID technologies provide a quick and simple way of detecting counterfeit products and can ensure that only authorised parts and supplies are used. 
  • Inventory Control – RFID allows you to deliver correct and current information about inventory levels.
  • Asset Management – RFID provides real-time information about the location of assets.
  • Supply Chain Logistics – RFID optimises process efficiency and quality, thereby reducing costs. 

Find out more about RFID applications by visiting Barcode Technologies online. 

Labelling Solutions

Whatever your line of business, Barcode Technologies can supply all the labelling products you need for tracking and identification, including:

  • Tickets, appointment cards, coupons and vouchers – supplied as fan fold tickets or on continuous rolls of ticket paper. 
  • Asset barcoded labels – for a complete asset tracking solution.
  • Autoclave labels – designed to withstand the harshest autoclave environments.
  • Ceramic barcode labels – suitable for pharmaceuticals, laboratories, fixed assets, work-in-progress and glass manufacturing. 
  • Document archive box labels, file labels and folder labels – for file/folder tracking. 
  • Freezer labels – designed to withstand the coldest environments. 
  • Security labels – for maximum protection against counterfeiting, diversion and tampering. 

Discover our complete range of labelling solutions at Barcode Technologies online. 

Software Kits

Barcode Technologies can offer several software kits that include tools and documentation to assist with the development of bespoke software in a specific computer language or for a particular operating environment. These include:

  • Keyport Software – from Data Technologies Inc.
  • MCL-Bridge – Enables you to give mobile worker applications real-time access to host systems.
  • MCL-Client – Allows you to deploy powerful mobile worker applications with cross-platform portability. 
  • MCL-Designer – Allows you to create powerful data management applications for mobile workers. 
  • MCL-Link – Essential to the deployment of mobile computers running MCL applications in batch, non-concurrent user environments. 
  • MCL-Net - Essential to the deployment of mobile computers running MCL applications in networked, concurrent user environments.

Bespoke Solutions

Barcode Technologies Ltd works with the world’s leading manufacturers of data capture and networking equipment to develop bespoke software solutions which meet specific process needs and which seamlessly integrate with scanning hardware. We’re able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and can accommodate for virtually all requirements, no matter how complex or specific. To discuss your barcoding requirements with one of our experts, just give us a call on 01442 872 232.

RFID Document Tracking

Barcode Technologies offers an RFID-based File and Document Tracking and Management system that allows you to track files and documents in an office type situation. An RFID HF tag is used to track each file, document or folder, with all movements monitored and recorded using a database system. This makes locating critical files and documents quick and easy, reducing the amount of time wasted chasing misplaced documents and virtually eliminating the possibility of missing a deadline whilst searching. Tracking documents with RFID also reduces the risk of confidential information being accessed by unauthorised persons. The system is ideal for government offices, legal firms, accountancy companies, hospitals, financial institutions and any other environment where documents are used on a day to day basis.

2D Barcode Solutions

At Barcode Technologies, we offer systems for the following types of 2D barcode:

  • 2-Dimensional Data Matrix Barcodes – Consist of black and white cells or modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. 
  • 2-Dimensional QR Code Barcodes – Consist of black modules arranged in square patterns on a white background. Encoded information can be text, URL or other data. 
  • 2-Dimensional Symbol PDF417 Barcodes – A stacked linear 2D barcode symbol format used primarily in transport, security and inventory management. 

For more information, please visit Barcode Technologies online. 

Barcode Desktop Printers

Barcode Technologies offer a huge range of thermal transfer and direct thermal desktop barcode printers covering virtually all printing requirements. We have options for all interfaces, including RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, 802.11b and Bluetooth. The range includes models from industry leading brands such as Cognitive, SATO, Intermec, Toshiba, TSC and Zebra. Popular models include:

  • Cognitive Advantage LX Desktop Printer – An industrial-grade system in a compact, desktop body. Perfect for demanding users.  
  • Datamax ONeil E-Class Mark III Advanced Desktop Printer – One of the best-value barcode printers on the market. 
  • Intermec PC23d Desktop Printer – An ultra compact device perfect for space-constrained settings. 
  • SATP CG2xx Compact Printer – With a huge range of advanced printing features. 

To discover our complete range of barcode printers, please head over to the Barcode Technologies website. 

Barcode Industrial Printers

As well as desktop barcode printers, we offer a wide selection of industrial-grade systems to cater for higher volume requirements in tougher, more demanding environments. Popular models include:

  • Datamax ONeil H-4212 / H-4212X Industrial RFID Printer – An exceptionally accurate, high performing system that’s also highly durable. 
  • Printronix T5204r / T5304r Thermal Barcode Printer – A web-enabled, industrial-grade printer capable of operating in the most demanding manufacturing or distribution environments. 
  • SATO DR308e Tag & Label Printer – Caters for the retailers’ increasing need for more visible price marking and in-store merchandise promotion. 
  • Toshiba TEC B-SA4TP Industrial Printer – Offers industrial performance with versatile printing options. 
  • TSC TTP-268M Series – A highly reliable, industrial-grade thermal transfer printer with more features for your money than most systems on the market. 

These are just some of the industrial-grade printers you’ll find on the Barcode Technologies website. Be sure to visit us online to discover more! 

Barcode Mobile Printers

We also have a great range of portable label and receipt printers from the likes of Zebra, Toshiba, Epson, Datamax and Intermec. Popular models include:

  • Toshiba TEC B-SP2D – A compact and lightweight portable printer ideal for a variety of wireless printing applications.
  • Zebra EM220 – An ultra-small, user-friendly mobile receipt printer with MCR and Bluetooth.
  • Intermec PB31 – A rugged mobile receipt printer that is extremely fast and efficient. 
  • Datamax ONeil Andes 3 – A compact, lightweight but sturdy portable printer for a range of applications. 

Discover our complete range of mobile printing devices at Barcode Technologies online. 

Barcode EPOS Printers

Barcode Technologies offers a huge choice of receipt and label printers for all areas of retail. We have equipment from Cognitive, Epson, Toshiba, Star Micronics and many other leading manufacturers. Popular models include:

  • Epson TM-J7600 – A multi-function POS inkjet printer that offers fast, smooth and reliable printing. Ideal for retail or banking. 
  • IBM / Toshiba 4689 SurePOS – A sleek POS printer with a tiny footprint, conserving valuable counter space.
  • Star Micronics TSP-L10 / TSP-L11 Series – A high performance Linux-based API printer for secure transactions, including coupon, lottery and ticketing operations.  

You’ll find more EPOS printers at Barcode Technologies online. 

Colour Label Printers

Barcode Technologies offers a range of colour label printers ideal for customers who need to print graphics or photos on their labels. The range includes (but is not limited to):

  • Epson TM-C3400 SecurColor – A fast, reliable printer for colour labels on demand. 
  • Epson TM-C3400-LT – A stand-alone, plug-and-play label terminal for printing custom-colour labels, tickets and wristbands.
  • Primera LX400e – An advanced colour label printer for full-colour labels on demand.
  • Primera LX900e – The world’s first and only full colour RFID “on-demand” label printer. 

Label Software

We can provide a range of software solutions with user-friendly interfaces for the design of labels, including:

  • Bartender Labelling Software from Seagull Scientific (Bartender Upgrades also available).
  • Toshiba TEC SOLO Studio – A fully-featured PC design application for use with Toshiba label printers.
  • Zebra KDU Plus – A compact keyboard unit for use with Zebra EPL desktop printers.
  • ZebraDesigner Pro – An intuitive, easy-to-use design application that makes creating complex label designs simple. 

More details can be found on our website. 

Barcode Labels

Barcode Technologies aims to be a one-stop shop for all your barcode supplies, including blank and pre-printed barcode labels. We have a huge selection of label types in many different sizes. Some of the most popular include:

  • Direct Thermal Paper Labels – For both desktop and industrial-grade printers. Various sizes available. Compatible with Datamax, SATO, Paxar, Toshiba, TSC, Zebra and Intermec machines. 
  • Thermal Transfer Paper Labels – For both desktop and industrial-grade printers. Various sizes available. Compatible with Datamax, SATO, Paxar, Toshiba, TSC, Zebra and Intermec machines. 
  • Inkjet Labels for Epson TM-C3400 Colour Printers
  • Inkjet labels for Primera Colour Printers
  • Various Zebra Label and Receipt Rolls - including tamper evident, glossy polyethylene, semi-gloss polyolefin labels. 

Barcode Ribbons

We offer a huge range of wax and resin thermal transfer ribbons in many different colours and sizes and for all types of barcode printer. All items are available for immediate delivery. Among our most popular products are:

  • ARMOR APR 6 Premium Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons.
  • ARMOR AWR 470 Standard Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons. 
  • ARMOR AWX FH Wax Ribbons
  • ARMOR AXR 7+ Super Premium Resin Ribbons
  • Zebra 2100 Wax Ribbons
  • Zebra 2300 Wax Ribbons
  • Zebra 3200 Wax Ribbons
  • Zebra 5049 Wax Ribbons

Our full range of barcode ribbons can be found on the Barcode Technologies website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us on 01442 872 232 and we’ll order in the ribbons you need. 


Barcode Technologies can supply thermal printheads for all makes and models of thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode label printers – including those from Datamax, Intermec, Printronix, SATO, Toshiba, Zebra and TSC. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more.

Service Contracts

Barcode Technologies offer service contracts for all makes and models of barcode printer. This includes an 8-hour onsite response for all printers which are in the first year of their warranty. Service visits can be scheduled or made on an ad hoc basis, depending on your requirements, and we can provide remote helpdesk support whenever required. 

All maintenance work – whether preventative or remedial – is carried out by highly trained engineers with years of experience in the servicing and repair of barcode printers. Find out more about our service contracts by visiting Barcode Technologies online. 

EPOS Barcode Scanners

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) barcode scanners work just like normal laser barcode scanners, but with the addition of several mirrors and other reflective devices that effectively multiply one laser line into many, all at different angles. This enables barcodes to be read at any angle, speeding up the scanning process quite considerably. At Barcode Technologies we have a huge range of EPOS barcode scanners from the likes of Datalogic, Honeywell, Metrologic, Motorola, Scantech, Opticon, Unitech and other leading brands. Head over to our website to see which models we have available.

Laser Barcode Scanners

These are the most common type of barcode scanner. Standard models are generally able to read barcodes from anywhere between 6 and 24 inches, while long range models can read from a distance anywhere up to 8 feet (certain extra long range devices can read barcodes from up to 30ft). Laser barcode scanners usually have an ergonomic “gun” shape design – however, they are also regularly built for countertop or fixed-mount applications. You can find our complete range of laser barcode scanners listed on the Barcode Technologies website. There you’ll find models from CipherLab, Cognex, Datalogic, Honeywell, Metrologic, Motorola, Intermec, Opticon and many other industry-leading manufacturers.

CCD Barcode Scanners

This type of barcode scanner uses an imaging CCD (Charged Coupled Device) in order to take a picture of the barcode, which is then decoded into a sequence of characters. They typically have a very fast scan speed but a low scan range (often less than 3 inches from the barcode). Because CCD scanners does not contain any moving parts, they tend to be highly durable. This, as well as the fact that they are fast and relatively inexpensive, makes them well suited to POS applications. On our website you’ll find a number of CCD devices from leading manufacturers like CipherLab, Datalogic, Intermec and Opticon.

2D Barcode Scanners

Using both CCD and imaging technology, 2D barcode scanners are able to read and interpret two-dimensional barcodes. These store data in two dimensions rather than in a series of black and white bars. We have a range of 2D scanners for you to choose from, including:

  • CipherLab 1704 – A rugged 2D scanner ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics or any application where versatility and reliability are essential. 
  • Code Corporation CR1000 – With dual optics to allow both high density and wide-field scanning in the same unit. 
  • Cognex DataMan 7500 Series – A 2D scanner which sets the industry standard for reading and verifying Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes for part traceability.
  • Datalogic Gryphon D432 – Performs omnidirectional reading on a range of symbologies, from the most common 1D and 2D codes to stacked and postal codes. 

Our full range of 2D barcode scanners can be found on the Barcode Technologies website. 

Cordless Barcode Scanners

Cordless barcode scanners offer a portable solution for environments where flexibility, mobility and safety are essential. They are ideally suited to applications in tough industrial environments, such as in loading docks where the constant shipping and receiving goods requires freedom of movement, as well as in manufacturing environments where cabled devices may pose a threat to personnel safety. Barcode Technologies can offer a great range of cordless scanners from several leading brands, including Baracoda, Bluebird, CipherLab, Datalogic, Intermec and Motorola.

Imager Barcode Scanners

An “imager” is a barcode scanner that functions more like a digital camera than a laser scanner. Instead of bouncing one of several beams of intense light off of a barcode and back into the receiver, the imager bounces a burst of light onto the barcode and back into a camera-like eye. This means that the imager does not need to be orientated in any way in order to perform a scan. Barcode Technologies can offer a wide choice of imager-type scanners from leading manufacturers like CipherLab, Datalogic, Honeywell, Intermec and Motorola. Discover the range at Barcode Technologies online.

Barcode Verifiers

A barcode verifier is a device used to guarantee the quality of your printed barcodes and to ensure that they are compliant with the symbology specifications. We have several options for you to choose from:

  • Cognex DataMan 100 – A high-performance ID reader offering six sigma read rates of up to 45 parts per second. 
  • Honeywell Quick Check Series – Includes several models covering most verification requirements. 

More details can be found on the Barcode Technologies website. 

Kiosk OEM Scanners

Barcode Technologies is a leader in the supply and integration of OEM barcode scan engines. The following are just some of the devices we are able to offer:

  • CipherLab 1400 OEM CCD Reader – Offering exceptionally fast scanning rates, as well as fast decoding courtesy of a 16-bit microprocessor.
  • Code Corporation Code Reader 1000 – With dual field optics allowing both high density and wide field scanning at the same time.
  • Honeywell 5X00 Series – A range of miniature image scan engines ideal for general purpose data applications.
  • Marson CCD Engines – Available in standard, long-range and extra long-range versions.
  • Motorola / Symbol MS12XX Fixed Mount Scanner – Features fuzzy logic technology for premium scanning performance on a range of codes. 

DPM Barcode Scanners

Barcode Technologies supplies a range of DPM barcode scanners, all of which are designed to meet traceability requirements imposed by national and international regulatory and governmental bodies. The range includes:

  • Cognex DataMan 7500 Series – Sets the industry standard for reading and verifying DPM codes.
  • Datalogic PowerScan PD9530-DPM – A handheld 2D area imager with rugged mechanics suitable for industrial environments. 
  • Honeywell 6300 Series – A range of DPM readers designed specifically to meet the Direct Part Mark reading requirements that exist in today’s industrial marketplace. 
  • Intermec SR61HD – An industrial handheld scanner that can reliably scan DPMs while still offering rapid performance on standard barcodes. 

Wireless Mobile Computers

Wireless mobile computers can be used in conjunction with various application programmes to gather information from barcoded or tagged items. Different models have different scanning technologies, including CCD, laser, 1D, 2D, RFID and Imaging. Most will be installed with a Windows Mobile or DOS-based operating system and will have a keyboard, display and supporting accessories. Often they are IP rated, which means they are suitability protected against the ingress of moisture, dirt and dust, and therefore ideal for tough operating environments – both indoors and outdoors. Barcode Technologies can offer a huge range of mobile handheld computers from industry-leading brands like Bluebird, Casio, CipherLab, Datalogic, Motorola, Metrologic, Opticon, Unitech, Paxar Monarch and others.

Portable Data Collectors

Portable data collectors tend to have less in the way of features than wireless computers, but they still offer a range of scanning options and are compatible with a range of applications designed for gathering information from barcoded or tagged items. These are compact, rugged, user-friendly devices ideal for tough warehousing or manufacturing environments. Barcode Technologies can offer a choice of portable data collectors from leading manufacturers like CipherLab, Metrologic, Nordic and Opticon.

Wireless Connectivity

We offer a range of wireless connectivity products from Cisco, Intermec and Symbol – including a choice of antennae designed to extend the wireless properties of an access point. Typical product examples include:

  • Cisco Aironet 1130 AG Series Access Points – With integrated antennae for easy deployment in offices and other similar RF environments. 
  • Intermec SD61 Wireless Multiport Base Station – Allows up to seven Intermec Bluetooth scanners to operate in the same work area. 
  • Motorola / Symbol AP622 Dual Radio 802.11a/B/G/N Wireless Access Point – Combines the power of WiNG 5 intelligence with the cost-efficiency of a dependent access point. 

To find out more about our wireless connectivity products or any of the systems listed in the sections above, please head over to the Barcode Technologies website or get in touch on 01442 872 232. 



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