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B2B International Ltd is a global market research specialist with offices based at a selection of locations around the world.

With decades of experience under their belts, the team at B2B works with clients in a range of industry sectors to help build and develop their brands using accurate and reliable data.

At B2B, our market research services combined with our consultancy support enables us to help clients improve customer experience and loyalty, test new products and concepts and gain excellent entries into various marketplaces.

Our market research experience spans: chemicals and gases, construction and trade, energy and utilities, healthcare and medical, manufacturing and industrial, IT, technology and telecoms, professional, business and financial services.

We have a global reach, meeting the needs of clients in all countries with ease. We are pleased to have worked with a number of leading brands throughout the years including bp, DHL, brother and Air Products offering a range of services including branding research, competitor intelligence, customer experience, employee research, markets and opportunities research, pricing research, product research and segmentation research.

We build great relationships with the companies we work with and look forward to taking on new challenges. If you’d like to find out more about how market research can drive your business forwards, please give us a call. 

Branding research for b2b leaders - Visit our website

At B2B International we believe a brand is an asset and that good brand management is an incredibly powerful tool in business to business marketing. When carrying our branding research we always like to understand the facts behind your brand, what does it stand for? Its values? How does it compete with other brands competing with yours? We have various white papers on branding research which can be found by visiting our website. Here you will also be able to find out more in general about our branding research service. If you would like to speak to someone directly please just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Competitive Intelligence - Visit our website

We also provide businesses with Competitive Intelligence Solutions. To achieve the best results we carry out a range of activities such as press analysis, competitor pricing research, competitor interviews, customer interviews, company website analysis and more. We provide a detailed outline of the business’s competitive environment covering a range of areas such as company characteristics, investment plans, strategic direction, produce pipeline, marketing strategies, financial data, expansion records and plans and more. Our Competitive Intelligence Solutions help businesses overcome industry challenges and gain an edge over competitors. Please visit our website to view some of our white papers on competitive business intelligence.

Customer Experience / VOC - Visit our website

With years of b2b research experience under our belts we know exactly how to listen to the voice of the customer in order to gain the most effective results. We transfer our expertise to our clients via our b2b Customer Experience Programme which offers actionable insights and intelligence to help develop and deliver the very best customer experience.  By integrating our programme with our unique b2b consultancy services and customers’ existing or new systems we are able to help our clients achieve long-term commitment from their customers and achieve greater financial returns.   

Employee Research - Visit our website

The voice of employees is equally as important as the voice of the customer. The workforce represents the brand and if it’s not functioning quite as effectively as it should it will have a huge impact on the success of the brand. We work collaboratively with our clients to discover your employee engagement and employee satisfaction. We develop and implement tailored action plans incorporating empowerment and positive change to bridge any gaps that are evident and help to create a cohesive and successful team. We also provide support with recruitment processes, reward schemes and hierarchical structures within organisations to help them to stand out in the employee marketplace. 

Markets and Opportunities Research - Visit our website

At B2B International Ltd, we have years of market sizing experience and work closely with clients to help create accurate decisions on the direction and development of their businesses. With our in-depth, industry-specific knowledge, we are able to provide accurate insights into industries and competitors in order to identify the most effective route to take.  With market intelligence, value chain analysis, our go-to-market strategy, modelling and prediction support, we arm our clients with all the information they need to serve the market in the best possible way. 

Pricing Research - Visit our website

We also carry out pricing research to help clients develop a sustainable pricing strategy. Our vast experience in carrying out pricing research for numerous industries enables us to provide clients with expert support and proven results. We know all of the right questions to ask and use sophisticated modelling tools to help explore different scenarios and strategies. We use some of the very latest pricing research techniques including MAXDIFF and SIMALTO to provide the best service to our clients and support is tailored to each individual company to ensure the best results are achieved. 

Product Research - Visit our website

Our product research support covers the entire development cycle. From the generation of ideas right through to concept testing, prototype testing and post-launch evaluation we provide our clients with expert support using tried and tested means in order achieve excellent results in the global b2b marketplace.

Please head over to our website to find out more about the areas of support we cover when providing product research:

  • Scoping and strategy
  • Ideation
  • Concept and prototype testing
  • Communication
  • Measurement
  • Cycle of innovation

Various whitepapers, webinars and further information is provided on our website, however, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with is at B2B International for more information. 

Segmentation Research - Visit our website

Our segmentation programmes enable clients to gain a competitive advantage in their field. Our team of experts help clients identify customer segments that really count in order to develop strategies and campaigns that will lead to results.  

Our segmentation support covers:

  • Embedding – helping clients embed segmentation into business practices.
  • Deeper Analysis – using advanced statistical approaches.
  • Communication – techniques to embed the segmentation into the workplace.
  • Practical Solutions – designed to help define specific objectives.

To find out more about our segmentation support, please head over to our website, or contact us directly at B2B International Ltd and we will be happy to help.

B2B Advisory Services - Visit our website

As a global leader in business-to-business market research, we have an extensive knowledge base built upon years of experience and success in the industry. As a result, we have created B2B Advisory to provide our clients with sophisticated marketing support.

The service involves:

  • Training in B2B Marketing Excellence
  • Writing Marketing and Business Plans
  • Training in Collecting Market Intelligence
  • Conference Ted Talks
  • Marketing Audits
  • Brand Audits
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Audits

More information on our B2B Advisory Services can be found on our website.

Aerospace Market Research - Visit our website

The Aerospace market is a vast industry spanning fuel, deicing, airports, retail, traffic management, military and commercial elements. As one of the most globally interconnected industries in the engineering sector, gaining the best position in this market is a challenge that we welcome. Our aerospace market research is tailored to meet the objectives and identified areas of support for each different company we work with. Our incredibly talented team of researchers and consultants work closely with clients to deliver an honest and impartial strategy designed to achieve the best results. Please see case studies on our website to find out more. 

Automotive Market Research - Visit our website

In this competitive market, the need to make every investment decision count is extremely important and with the best market research you can do just that. We deliver a range of market research to ensure your decisions are based on accurate data and reliable consultancy. Our independent services provide each client with a unique and tailored support strategy designed to maximise market position and return on investment. Our automotive experience spans customer satisfaction, brand research, consultancy advice, due diligence, strategic research and more. To find out more about how our team of experts can help drive your business forwards, please give us a call.  

Chemicals Market Research - Visit our website

Research in the global chemical industry is something we carry out on a weekly basis. This vast industry comprises a small number of large players and so it’s essential that data collected is of the highest quality. During the years, we have gained a wealth of experience and provide support in a range of areas such as organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, equipment and supplies, licensing technology, customer satisfaction, new product development, segmentation, market assessment communications and channels. Please visit our website to view the full list of areas we’ve covered in the chemical industry.

Construction Industry Market Research - Visit our website

We also provide market research to clients in the construction industry. Our construction research specialists provide research support in a range of areas including construction materials, finishing, construction tools and equipment, heavy machinery, safety and PPE, consulting, distribution and wholesale/ retail. All services are tailored to meet the requirements and objectives of each of our clients and cover market assessment, voice of the customer, branding, customer experience and pricing studies. From heavy materials through to structural components we’ve carried out research projects in all areas of the construction industry. Please get in touch to discuss your market research requirements.

Education Market Research - Visit our website

The education market is constantly changing and is therefore highly competitive. At B2B International we provide market research and consultancy support to help those in this market meet current and future challenges with ease. Our experience in the education market enables us to quickly understand clients’ needs and requirements and also to identify areas that may need further exploration. We provide educational market research in a range of areas including developing prepositions and pricing, customer satisfaction, student satisfaction, product development, segmentation, market assessment and opportunities, brand and communications and stakeholder consultation. 

Energy and Utilities Market Research - Visit our website

The energy and utilities market is one that spans complex trading arrangements, pricing mechanisms and distribution networks. At B2B International Ltd, we have provided clients in this industry with research in a range of areas including large, I&C energy users, SME energy users, industrial and b2b water users, LPG, LNG, bulk and cylinder gas, renewable energy, energy markets and trading. We engage with each audience and advise on best practices from other sectors. We understand the complexity of the energy and utilities industry and know the right questions to ask from the outset to ensure each research project ‘hits the ground running’. Please get in touch, or visit our website to find out more.

Engineering Market Research - Visit our website

This diverse industry spans a range of areas from the manufacturing of components through to OEM assembly, maintenance and sales. With expert engineering intelligence you can propel the business opportunities available to your brand. Our engineering researchers and consultants work closely with clients to deliver tactical and strategic support in this industry. The majority of our research services in this sector cover assessments of the market size, market shares and the route to market. Various studies have also been conducted to seek out new markets in new geographic locations for new products.

Financial Services Market Research - Visit our website

At B2B International Ltd, we carry out hundreds of research projects each year for a range of industries including financial services. In this domain, we provide research support and consultancy services in a range of areas including banking, credit and lending, insurance, tax and accounting, financial technology and financial business services. Our financial services research team works closely with clients to deliver expert market research support. We have years of experience in the field of financial services and deliver quality data to our clients.

Food and Drink Market Research - Visit our website

We’ve also researched every aspect of the food industry during the years which means we are able to provide clients with quality data to help the development and direction of their businesses and brands. We provide food and drink market research in a selection of areas including farming, packaging, process plants and packers, retailers and ready meals. Our services are tailored to meet each different client request and our consultancy support is available to ensure the best strategy and direction is taken. All of our market research is carried out in-house to ensure data is accurate and reliable. We often carry out research with buyers and specifiers, distributors, manual workers and decision makers in the food and drinks industry.  

Government and Public Sector Market Research - Visit our website

B2B International Ltd has worked with a number of clients in the public sector to deliver market research that aids decision making and services that meet taxpayers’ needs. We’ve worked on various economic development and labour market studies during the years for companies such as Business Link, Learning and Skills Council, Regional Development Authorities, local government and central government departments. Our market research combined with our consultancy support enables us to provide clients in this sector with valuable insights that will help drive projects forwards in the most effective and beneficial way.

Healthcare Market Research - Visit our website

Our specialist market research team delivers world-class studies to clients in the healthcare industry. With many years of experience in the industry we have access to specialists, practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, healthcare assistants and patients. We use our tried and tested research techniques and strategies to assess a range of opportunities including branding, customer value propositions, customer satisfaction, new product development, segmentation, market assessment, communications and channels. We have a specialist healthcare team that is dedicated to interviewing and gaining research in the medical industry. We are also members of the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association. 

IT Market Research - Visit our website

Our specialist technology insights team works closely works closely with brands to solve some of the most challenging scenarios. We provide an agile service to our customers, changing the course of direction as and when needed in line with developments in the industry. Some of the areas we provide support with include: Infrastructure and Operations, Security, Identity and Risk Management, Enterprise Mobility, Print and Document Management, Business Applications and Cloud Services, Payments and Point of Sale, IT Consulting, Distribution and Outsourcing. Our research solutions are tailored to suit the different challenges faced by our clients.  

Manufacturing and Industrial Market Research - Visit our website

B2B International is the company to call for all of your manufacturing and industrial market research needs. From heavy primary industries through to light industry and hi-tech manufacturing we have oodles of experience carrying out market research in this industry. We know exactly the right questions to ask to ensure the research provided meets your business objectives. We can also advise on differentiation, value proposition development and more. Please head over to our website to view examples of the manufacturing and industrial markets we work with. Alternatively, please contact us directly to discuss your business requirements and we will be happy to help.

Media, Advertising and Publishing Research - Visit our website

B2B International has a wealth of experience when it comes to carrying out advertising campaign research. By carrying out effective advertising development, research and tracking, B2B International can help customers achieve a greater reach with their marketing campaigns. At B2B, we have carried out advertising research for numerous customers and provide customers with detailed feedback on why campaigns were successful or unsuccessful in order for them to be improved in the future. If you would like to find out more about how we can help develop your advertising campaign, please give us a call today at B2B International.

Metals Market Research - Visit our website

Our expert research team covers almost every aspect of the metal industry. We know the industry inside out and are ready and waiting to share our expertise with you. Our success in this area lies heavily with the fact that we understand the technicalities of the products and processes in the industry. We talk regularly with production, technical and procurement personnel all across the world to meet the demands of this industry. To find out more about our metals market research and how it can help your business, please give us a call, or head over to our website where more information can be found.

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