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Avon Barrier is a well-established UK company specialising in the field of vehicle and pedestrian control. We have provided an extensive range of vehicle and pedestrian access control solutions since the 1980s and our high quality products and services have made us one of the UK market leaders in this field. We offer some of the best secure access solutions available including road blockers, security barriers, security gates and bollards. Our products have been specifically designed to secure and protect a diversity of access control points within a variety of environments.

At Avon Barrier we understand the security challenges faced by the commercial and industrial sectors and our products can be tailored to meet our customer’s requirements. The equipment developed by our company has been rigorously crash tested in order to ensure the highest protection and performance available. Visit our website to view full details and examples of our vehicle and pedestrian access control solutions.

PAS 68 High Security Barriers

Our high security barriers are manufactured from heavy gauge materials and have been physically impact tested to PAS 68 criteria. The high security barriers provide shallow mounted protection (from 450mm overall depth) in environments such as construction sites, warehouses and retail parks. Our high security barriers feature a manual hand pump facility as well as an electro-hydraulically operated rising arm, meaning the barrier can still operate in the case of power failure. Our crash barriers feature a standard push button control but barriers can be customised with a variety of access control equipment to suit customer requirements.

PAS68 High Security Road Blockers

Our PAS68 high security road blockers have been specifically designed to provide the highest level of protection against unauthorised vehicle access. Our Chieftain High Security Road Blockers are anti-terrorist road blockers designed to withstand direct impact forces in excess of 1,852KJ. The high security road blockers have been rigorously tested using five different independent tests and have been independently structurally evaluated. Our high security road blockers are manufactured from heavy gauge materials and feature an electro-hydraulically operated blocking system as well manual operation in the case of power failure. A programmable Logic Control System is another of the key features as well as a six second raise or lower operating system.

High Security PAS68 Bollards

Our high security bollards are the ideal solution for those looking for an access and security protection product designed to complement the surrounding environment. The PAS 68 automatic security bollards can withstand impact forces in excess of 1,800KJ and have been designed by engineers in the field of high security and access control. Our high security bollards come in a range of styles and key features include a programmable Logic Control System as well as manual hand pump facility in the case of power failure. Push button control is standard on our security bollards but there is the option of customised interface with access control equipment to suit our customers.

Road Blockers

At Avon Barrier Company we offer road blockers in a variety of widths to suit customer needs and specific locations. Our road blockers are commonly used for access control in car parks, roadways and retails parks, to name just a few. Road blockers, sometimes known as rising kerbs, come with standard push button control but can be customised to interface with our customer’s existing access control equipment. Our RB680 Road Blockers feature a hydraulic ram operating system plus a manual operating feature in the case of power failure. Designed to withstand the harshest of environments our road blockers are also vandal resistant and extremely durable.

Parking Barriers

Avon EB450 Parking Barriers provide the ideal access solution for car parks with medium to high traffic use. Our automatic parking barriers feature an electro-mechanical drive unit with a rapid 2.4 seconds operation and a winding hand facility. The automatic parking barriers have a heavy duty motor plate, which supports the 100% duty cycle permanent capacitor motor. A parking logic control panel is housed in the parking barrier cabinet and provides the power supply isolator, fuses, thermal overload trips and motor contactors. Our parking barrier systems can easily be interfaced with either new or existing control systems and the manual operating system can be used in the event of power failure.

Security Traffic Barriers

Our Avon EB750 Security Barriers are a reliable and low maintenance traffic and security control option. The security barriers are ideal for roads of wider width and the barriers feature an electro-mechanically driven rising arm with a fast acting 4.2 second operation. Our security barriers stand 1135mm above foundation level with the rising barrier arm 840mm above foundation level. Straining wire is included for additional stability if the barrier rising arm length exceeds 5m. Our security traffic barriers are commonly used in commercial sites, public car parks and retail parks, to name just a few.

High Impact Security Sliding Gates

Our high impact security sliding gates provide the ultimate in protection against unauthorised access. Designed as a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solution (HVMS) our high impact sliding armoured vehicle gates are constructed from heavy gauge materials and have been physically impact tested to PAS68 criteria. Our high impact security gates come in a range of height and clear widths, and offer shallow mounting at less than 500mm overall depth. The sliding gates come with a standard hold to run control but customisation is available in order to interface with existing or new control equipment. Avon Barrier Company will conduct a full risk assessment during the security sliding gates design stage.

Pedestrian Turnstile Systems

Our turnstile systems are one of our most popular solutions for pedestrian access control. Avon full height turnstiles are manufactured in the UK from galvanised steel and steel framed panels. Our low maintenance turnstiles feature 90 degree and 120 degree rotation options and provide the ideal security solution for unguarded site entrances. We offer a variety of designs as well as a range of operating modes and access control options. Push button control is standard with Avon turnstiles but customisation is available for interface with existing control systems including card readers and communications equipment.



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