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AVA Limited, Based in Farnham, is a specialist company that manufactures and supplies rubber bonded to metal mountings, and rubber bonded to metal products. Our high quality products are used in various industries for applications such as power generation, industrial applications, HVAC applications, medical equipment, military equipment, Formula 1 racing cars and many more. Alongside our standard range of products, we have the facilities and capabilities to design and manufacture products to meet customers' specific requests. AVA Limited supplies products and solutions to companies and organizations across the world and is widely regarded within the industry.

With more than 70 years knowledge and experience within the industry, AVA Ltd knows the industry inside out and provides a broad range of products to meet most, if not all, industry requests. It has a fantastic global reputation for providing solutions in the field of vibration control where its products are used in various applications to isolate vibration and protect equipment from the effects of shock. AVA Ltd's mountings are manufactured from high grade rubber components and benefits include a high energy storage capacity alongside excellent sound absorbing properties. They also don't require lubrication or maintenance. At AVA Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing customers with excellent customer services.

Our technical team is on hand to offer advice and information on products that are suitable for your application. Our services cover the design, selection and positioning of mounts alongside our bespoke design and manufacturing service to meet individual requirements. Please feel free to contact AVA Ltd with any questions you may have.

P Series

Our general purpose mounting in the Pedestal Series covers loads from 200N up to 48kN per mounting and is used in a wide range of industry applications.

We supply four different sizes within the range. Each of these sizes is manufactured in a range of different hardness compounds in order to offer a wide range of load deflection characteristics to suit different requirements.

Our P Series is widely used for applications such as generating sets, fan and motor sets, load cells, vibratory hoppers, water pumps and many more. Please contact us at AVA Ltd for further information regarding our successful P Series.

Heavy Duty Isolators

Our heavy duty isolators are available in three sizes to cover a load range of up to 18kN per mounting. They are designed and manufactured to be used in compression and are manufactured in a variety of different rubber compounds in order to offer a wide range of load deflection characteristics. These can be from 500N to 18KN per unit. The high deflection characteristics of these mountings enables them to be particularly suited to applications where the load acting on the mounting may be subject to large variations during the normal operating cycle of  the mounted machine.

Applications include the isolation of generating sets, air compressors, large fan and motor sets, vibratory hoppers,
concrete panel moulds, transformers and other heavy industrial equipment.

SCM Series

Mounting equipment within the SCM Series is designed for loads from 2kN up to 15kN per mounting. The SCM Series is widely used for applications such as isolating generating sets, fan and motor sets, vibrating screen hoppers, load cells/ weighing equipment, water chillers, condensing units and more.

Mountings within the SCM Series have a pedestal style fixing and utilize the properties of rubber when loaded in both compression and shear.

MS Series

Our Avacone mountings within the MS Series are available in a range of seven sizes and are designed for loads that range from 50N to 20kN. Identified by the letters 'ms' at the start of the part number, these flexible mountings are particularly useful for mounting mobile equipment where movement
in the horizontal plane has to be accommodated and restrained. Our Avacone mountings are commonly used in applications such as the mounting of gearboxes and transmission equipment, liquid storage tanks, mobile generating sets, mobile compressors, marine engines, radiators, vehicle
cab mountings and more.

Sandwich Mountings

Our sandwich mountings are designed and manufactured to be tough and durable. They are widely used for applications such as the mounting of diesel engines, machine tools, test beds, vibratory hoppers, conveyors, exhaust ventilation systems, gantries and concrete moulds. There are three
different sizes within the range for loads up to 8kN per mounting. Sandwich mountings have a layered construction and are manufactured out of rubber of varying hardness compounds to enable a wide range of deflection characteristics.

Two Bolt Series

 We supply three categories of products within our Two-Bolt Series range.

Items within the range include:

  • Type C – cylindrical series: can be used in both compression and shear applications. Cover a large range of sizes and are available with a variety of fixings to cover the load range from 10N to 8kN.
  • Type H – Hexagon Series: particularly suitable for applications where the mountings have to be fixed to tapped holes and to suit load range of 30N to 600N.
  • Type W – Waisted Series: operate at higher stresses than cylinder types and are particularly suited to applications where the mountings are to be used in shear although they are equally suitable in compression applications or combinations of the two. Suitable for load range from 20N to 4kN.

AL Series

Mountings within the AL Series are specifically designed for applications such as the mounting of mobile equipment which can include things like mobile compressors, generators, fans and other motor equipment. The AL Series is designed to be particularly suited to applications where movement resulting from dynamic loads has to be accommodated and restrained. There are four different sizes of mountings within the AL Series that cover the load range of up to 2kN. They offer a captive installation and have been designed to isolate medium to high frequency vibration. The property of increasing stiffness with deflection helps to provide smooth cushioning to movements in compression.

Bump Stops/Bonded Feet

We supply a wide selection of bump stops for loads of up to 30kN. Our bump stops are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different applications. All of our products are manufactured to extremely high standards and designed to last. If you are unsure of the bump stop to use for your application, please speak with one of our technical advisors who will answer any questions you may have and offer advice on the products that will suit your application.

Machinery Mounts

Our range of machinery mounts are supplies in two sizes and are designed to isolate vibration from lightweight workshop machinery such as lathes, punches, grinding machines, machine tools, vacuum equipment and ancillary plant. They are easy to install and cover the load range from 200N to 5kN.
All of our machinery mounts are manufactured in oil resistant rubber and have height adjustment capabilities to enable leveling of the equipment. Our machinery mounts have a rubber bases to prevent movement from friction.

Small Pedestal Series

Our small pedestal series has been designed and created specifically for the isolation of lightweight equipment. There are five sizes within the range for loads from 20N to 1.8kN. Items within our small pedestal series are widely used in applications such as for the mounting of fan units, ducting, control panels, laboratory equipment, business machines and lightweight compressors.


We draw upon our considerable experience and expertise to provide comprehensive on-site testing of your equipment.  We utilise up to the minute Vibration Analysis Equipment to ensure that you have the best solution for your specific requirements.  When we test on-site, we are assessing the product’s performance in its unique application and environment to determine the exact mounting solution required for your product.  We would be happy to supply you with a quote for system testing.  You can contact us on-line and we will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

Custom Design

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to develop new products and to expand our customer base with new and varied products.  Perhaps you are considering a mounting solution tailor-made to your application.  Or you may be looking at a large scale bespoke project.  We can design your mounts to your precise specification, thereby producing the solution that is best suited to your use.  If you have ideas or plans for any custom designed project, let us know and we will liaise with you and suggest bespoke solutions.


Over the years, our mounts have been a part of  a great many military applications, including tanks and aircraft transportation.  The Ministry of Defence has relied on us to provide the highest quality, reliable and robust mounts that are suitable for use in extremely difficult environments.  Our experience and skills mean we produce tailor made solutions that function efficiently and consistently in the harshest conditions.


We are proud to supply mountings to some of the world’s biggest businesses in standby power.  We analyse from the base up to ensure the best possible vibration isolation.  Our staff have a vast range of knowledge and skills, enabling them to produce effective and efficient solutions for any gen-set application.  All aspects and dimensions of the product are identified and taken into account.  You will not find this level of expertise in any other company anywhere in the world.  When it comes to generators, our constant aim is to get things right first time and we have proven that ability time after time.


The biggest specialist car makers, such as Ferrari and Lotus, as well as Tesla, who are the leaders in the electric sports car market. rely on AVA for their vibration problems.  We have worked with Formula 1 racing teams, solving isolation issues with mounting gearboxes and transfer boxes.  We also have a great deal of experience in isolating fuel/oil pumps and alternators.  We would be happy to help if you have unique requirements for automotive development.  We will provide advice and suggest solutions designed to suit your exact needs.  Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.


It is essential to have the relevant knowledge, experience and expertise when specifying a small mount.  This is especially critical within the aerospace industry.  We apply a formidable and demanding quality control process on all our airborne mounts, so that customers can be absolutely certain of the structural integrity of each rubber bonded to metal piece we make.  We supply all sorts of aircraft, from passenger planes to fighter jets, included the world-renowned Harrier Jet.  We are respected and trusted in the world of aeronautical engineering.  We mount electrical panels and instruments, as well as rams and pumps.  We are proud of our excellent reputation in the aerospace industry, working with care, innovation and attention to detail and quality control.



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