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Austin Consultants offers engineering design, development, integration and test solution. With our team of highly skilled engineers we focus on electronic, mechanical and software “design to manufacture services”, maintenance, and through life support.

Austin Consultants offers full turnkey solutions from initial requirements capture through to manufacture, commissioning and long term support. We also offer:

Mechanical, electronic, electrical and software design engineering
Custom built test solutions  
ATE architecture and design  
Software development including LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand, NI Vision, C++, C, C#, .NET, VB, JAVA, Linux
iPhone and Android Development  
Pre-functional and functional testing  
Low cost automated fixtures, mechanical or pneumatic, for testing completed products  
Support and maintenance packages, custom tailored to your requirement

Our clients are sourced from a wide range of industries, including aerospace, green technology, R&D, automotive, military, optoelectronics and medical.

Energy Monitoring

The eAnalyser allows you to monitor the amount of energy that has been consumed either throughout an entire building, or within an isolated area. There is an notepad application connected to it which allows a user to make a note of every single level of output - this means you can quickly identify where money could be saved and act accordingly. By using more than one in conjunction with each other, you can also compare and contrast different areas of a building independently to verify any original results. 

XY Plotter

This software allows you to convert your PC into a fully functioning XY plotter which can then act as a time based recorder and automated tester - convenience and ease of use are the key advantages here.  The XY Plotter allows you to plot data in .csv or .pdf format and print the relevant figures immediately. Just highlight specific areas to activate the on-screen calculations function. As well as this, the plotter allows you to test against built in limits and create customised criteria surrounding limit masks with a pass or fail indication. 

Embedded Hardware

Austin Consultants offers sets of products that facilitate test and measurement, allowing customers to develop customised solutions, thanks to these products and the graphical programming language LabVIEW. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the all essential technologies and approaches that allow our customers to take their own innovation and approach to customised solutions forward and our efforts in the test and measurement space clearly demonstrates this.

Serial Board

We also offer serial to USB boards that allow transceivers to pass through serial devices which, when powered up will highlight whether the device has been connected. The particular model we stock incorporate favourable connectivity levels and environmental impact.

CPU Board

We stock a CPU (Central Processing Unit) board which is the part of a computer that performs the majority of the data processing required to operate properly. The CPU and computer memory form the central part of a pc to which most other functions are attached. The model we provide  incorporates favourable connectivity levels and environmental impact.

Experimental Board

Our experimental board facilitates connectivity to the CPU board for debugging and special functionality, such as UART, PWM, I2C, and SPI. Its dimensions are 36 x 45 x 6 mm with a storage temperature of -55 to 105°C and an operating temperature of -40 to 85°C. Compared to others on the market, it is priced favourably at £95, so it’s well worth considering this, in light of the higher prices levied by other providers for exactly the same product.

GPS Board

Global Positioning System, or GPS is essential standard used for navigation, asset tracking, Geo-tagging and location-aware data logging. We offer a great quality board that allows GPS data access for synchronized acquisition. Its maximum consumption level is  300mW and it has a storage temperature of -55 to 105°C. Its software requirement dictates that it is compatible with drivers for LabVIEW Embedded for ARM (including set of NMEA command).

JTAG Adapter Board

A JTAG Adapter Board is a communication/ debug interface that facilitates the ability to access flash chips directly, even if circumstances where the OS is either corrupted or not installed properly - if your device has been corrupted by flashing it with incorrect firmware, the JTAG adapter board can be used to bring it back to life.  The specific model we carry is a programming and debugging adapter for ANTS, priced favourably at £80.

CompactRIO Module “Flex ARM”

We also stock a  Reconfigurable ARM based cRIO module for specific needs - it can be difficult to source such a specialist component at a competitive price but we managed it - visit the website to find out more.

Power Board

Our power board has been independently tested for safety by an independent verifier, the most important point to check off when looking to purchase. Our model is also competitively priced at £135.00. Its dimensions are  36 x 36 x 7 mm and it primarily acts as a power supply for the ANTS stack.

ANTS Base Kit

Our ANTS Base Kit is essentially a starter bundle that includes a power board, CPU board, and JTAG adapter board.  It has a CR1216 type back up battery and has a storage temperature of -40 to 80°C. It has two digital outputs and incorporates Drivers for LabVIEW Embedded for ARM (including EIO and CAN bus).

USB Stick

We also offer a competitively priced specialist USB stick accessory for PC wireless connectivity to the ANTS network. As ever, this is a portable must have that has a high level of memory and back up, to ensure that everything saved onto it stays there free of corruption.

Wireless Board

Our wireless board, essentially a 6LoWPAN wireless connectivity function for ANTS, provides great levels of speed and connection. It's encrypted technology means you can rest assured that confidential and private information stays that way. Our model is priced at £150, visit the website to find out more.



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