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At Atex Equipment Ltd we strive to supply quality, explosion-proof products for use within zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous electrical areas. Electrical equipment for use within these zones must be constructed in a way that it will not provide a source of ignition. Different types of protection achieve safety from ignition in different ways. Electrical equipment must be suitable to the Gas Group and Temperature Class required as well as to be suitable to the zone it is to be installed or used in.

Our members of staff have extensive knowledge and experience within the electrical industry which enables us to supply a fantastic range of industry safe products. Our products have been tried and tested for may years and are used widely within the industry. All of our products meet industry regulations and are made to exceptional standards. We are confident that our products will meet your electrical needs and will last for a very long time within the workplace.

We have an extensive range of items on our online catalogue that span across various categories. These categories include: intrinsically safe computers and handheld instruments, trace heating cables and accessories, plugs and sockets, fluorescent lighting, control and switchgear, exd enclosure and bespoke systems, special purpose light products, drum heaters, exd torches and accessories, conduit fittings and gauges and transmitters.

Please visit our online catalogue to view products and full specifications.

Heat Tracing Cables

Atex Equipment Ltd offers a comprehensive range of heat tracing cables including self-regulating trace heating cables used for the process temperature maintenance of vessels and pipes. We also provide parallel circuit trace self-regulating trace heating cables for frost protection without steam cleaning. Trace heating cables such as our 3BTV2 consist of twin 1.2mm2 copper conductors that are embedded in a self-regulating conductive core with modified polyolefin insulation, a tin copper braid and a fluoropolymer or polyolefin outer jacket. Our range of high quality heat tracing cables is extensive and we will be able to supply the right product to meet your requirement. Visit our website to view our entire range of trace heating cables.

Heating Cable Connectors and Controllers

Our range of heating cable connectors and controllers includes products such as the JBS-100-E single entry power junction box designed to connect power to one specified parallel heating cable. We also offer kits such as our JMB-100 multiple entry power/tee junction box, which has been designed to connect power to up to three specified heating cables. We also provide low profile power connectors and tee or splice connection kits. Atex Equipment can supply heat shrink end seals as well as electronic, mechanical and surface sensing thermostats. Visit our website to view our full range of heat tracing cable connectors and controllers.

Plugs and Sockets

We offer a variety of high quality durable plugs and sockets suitable for zone 1 use. We offer 16A yellow, blue, red and black 3 pin couplers ranging from 110V to 500V. We also supply 16A, 32A and 63A 3, 4 and 5 pin plugs and switched sockets ranging from 100V to 690V. Our pin plugs feature laminated contacts and individually encapsulated flexibly embedded pins while the switched sockets come with laminated contacts, embedded pins and large lockable switch handles. Visit our website to view our entire range of plugs and switched sockets at our product catalogue.

EEXi Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Atex Equipment Ltd offers an extensive range of intrinsically safe galvanic isolators including our SMART transmitter power supply units featuring 1 and 2 channels. Our SMART transmitter power supply units offer capabilities of 10, 12 and 40kHz (-1dB) depending on the model. We also supply universal converters for RTDs and thermocouples as well as SMART current/voltage 1 channel repeaters and a transformer isolated barrier unit, 1 channel with relay output, 24V. Visit our website to view full details of our intrinsically safe galvanic isolators and converters.

Raychem Trace Heating Cable

Raychem invented their self-regulating trace heating cable technology more than 40 years ago and their superior trace heating cables are used all over the world.  At Atex we are pleased to offer the full range of Raychem heat trace heating cable technologies, most of which are certified to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.  A braid sheath with up to 80% core coverage ensures maximum protection 4.  Raychem heat trace heating cables are designed for use in a great many electric heat tracing applications within ATEX explosive hazardous zone one and zone two, such as, for example, process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, long-line heating, flow assurance, hot water temperature maintenance, frost heave protection and much more.  You can see more information about our world-class quality Raychem heat trace heating cables on our website, so do have a look.

Self-Regulating Cable

Raychem are recognised as world leaders of self-regulating trace heating cable, which they invented over 40 years ago.  At Atex we are pleased to offer this excellent, well proven and dependable cable, designed to automatically adjust power output to compensate for temperature changes.  The cables are perfect for use in a wide variety of applications, such as construction for large buildings, industry and in hazardous areas.  Visit our website where you will see the many benefits of self-regulating heat trace heating cable.

Series Resistance

We offer the prestigious and proven brand of Raychem series-resistance heating cables for use where circuit lengths mean that the ratings of conventional parallel-resistance heating cables are not sufficient, and where a single power source is needed.  These series-resistance cables utilise ohmic heating and provide a wide degree of flexibility.  Cables are available with one or two conductors for use in single phase or three phase systems.  Exposure temperatures of up to 482°F (250°C) and maximum maintain temperatures to 250°F(121°C) highlight the flexibility of Raychem series-resistance heating cables.  More information can be found on our website.

Power Limiting

We supply power-limiting trace heating cables which permit a higher exposure temperature and increased power output at very high temperatures.  Supplied by world-leader, Raychem, these dependable power-limiting cables have a variety of uses, including freeze protection and process temperature maintenance in processes involving high power outputs. These durable and reliable power-limiting cables are also for use where high temperatures are involved.  There is more information for you to see on power-limiting trace heating cables on our website.

DigiTrace Thermostat Controllers

We are pleased to offer the Pentair Digitrace Raystat range of thermostats and controllers, all suitable for use with Raychem heat trace heating cables and systems.  A wide variety of controllers is available, from cost-effective and streamlined mechanical systems right through to devices utilising up to the minute, state of the art technologies.  All our thermostats and controllers are designed to work effectively with the Raychem range of self-regulating, constant wattage, power-limiting, series resistance or mineral insulated electric heat tracing cables.  Used in conjunction with Raychem heat tracing heating tapes, these controllers can be used for basic single line control, all the way up to complete heat management solutions for industrial installations.  Applications include process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, long-line heating, flow assurance, surface snow melting, floor heating and many more.

Raychem Trace Heating Components

Raychem trace heating components have been specifically designed to work with Raychem parallel trace heating cables to provide innovative and economical trace heating systems.   There is a wide variety of applications, both industrial and commercial, as well as in hazardous areas.  If you are after dependable solutions in areas such as process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, long-line heating, flow assurance, hot water temperature maintenance, roof and gutter de-icing , surface snow melting, frost heave prevention and floor heating, we can supply the components you need.  Used with Raychem trace heating cables, Raychem trace heating components are the answer, approved for use in ATEX classified hazardous areas zone one and zone two.

ATEX Lights

Our range of Atex lighting offers a high level of safety and durability.  All our lighting products are certified explosion-proof and can be used in hazardous areas zone 1, zone 21, zone two and zone 22, having been designed for and fully tested in extremely harsh conditions.   You can be assured of the safety of Atex lights as all are compliant with a slew of international standards, including Atex Directive 94/9/EC, IEC or NEC as well as regional standards such as GOST, CEPEL, UL and NEPSI.  Our dependable explosion-proof lighting can be used with complete confidence across a range of applications,  including fluorescent lamps, floodlights, compact lights, emergency lighting and portable hand-held lamps, to name some examples.

ATEX Plugs and Sockets

Atex explosion-proof plugs and sockets are available in 16A to 125A, 12V to 690V and are designed for safe and dependable use within hazardous area zone one and zone two(gas) and zone 21 and 22 (dust).  As well as being explosion-proof our plugs and sockets provide high chemical durability and offer resistance against dangerous atmospheric environments.  The highest level of safety is achieved, thanks to enhanced mechanical and physical strength along with dependable electrical connectivity, even in areas where there is vibration.  Robust Atex plugs and sockets are suitable for use with both static and non-stationary electrical apparatus, maintaining necessary levels of safety and reliability, even when requirements on the energy/power supply is high.

Trace Heating Services

We design, install and repair a variety of trace heating systems, carrying out a variety of services, all to our strict standards of quality.  Our trace heating inspection service undertakes inspection of already installed systems in accordance with IEC 62395-2.  We offer trace heating system design, also to IEC 62395-2 standards.  Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers install trace heating installation, again in accordance with IEC 62395 specifications.  Further we supply a trace heating system maintenance service.  Our staff are skilled and experienced, offering superb attention to detail.

ATX Legrand Hazardous Area Equipment

A high level of productivity and an even higher level of safety – that is what is offered by Legrand Hazardous Area Equipment.  We provide a comprehensive range to provide protection against harsh environments in any industrial application.  Our flameproof and increased safety products come up to the stringent Zone 1-2 and 21-22 ratings.  Included in this range are lighting, plugs, sockets, junction boxes, panel boards and more.  You can see the full selection on our website and be confident of safety in your workplace and be further assured that you are buying from the leading supplier of electrical products for use in IEC and ATEX locations.

ATX Lights - Explosion Proof

Our ATX Legrand explosion proof lights and hazardous area lighting solutions are ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas designated as Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.  At Atex, we take safety very seriously and our specially designed lighting solutions withstand extreme conditions.  This is borne out by the fact that they comply fully with a slew of  tough international standards, such as ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, IEC or NEC, as well as relevant regional standards.  You will find products in our ATX range that are suitable for almost every application.  Examples include fluorescent lamps, floodlights, compact lamps, emergency lighting and emergency access bulkhead lights.  We are confident that you will find the ideal solution for your use, but if not, our knowledgeable sales staff are always happy to help.

Trace Heating Thermostat Controllers

We are pleased to supply a range of local thermostats and controllers from Raychem, an extremely well thought of provider.  Here you will find the best solution for your electrical heat trace (EHT) system.  Our Digitrace controllers utilise innovative technologies to make your heat management system as effective as possible, at competitive prices.  There are a great many applications, including protection from frost and broad or narrow band temperature maintenance.  You can be sure that your instruments, pipes, tanks and vessels have effective and reliable protection in most commercial, industrial and Atex zoned hazardous areas.   Have a look on our website to find out more about how you can achieve accurate control with easy installation at a low cost.

ATEX Isolators and Safety Switches

Our ATEX certified isolators and ATEX safety switches are designed to protect apparatus from inadvertently switching on.  A piece of equipment that comes on when it should not in potentially explosive areas is a real hazard.  Our range of isolators and safety switches give protection against this and are suitable for use in hazardous areas designated zone 1, zone 2 (gas), zone 21 and zone 22 (dust).  These products are sturdy and reliable, offering high chemical durability and resistance to aggressive atmospheric conditions.  The robust design utilises latest technologies to provide increased mechanical and physical strength.  You can be sure you are working to the highest possible safety standards.  See more information about our Atex isolators and Atex safety switches on our website.

ATEX Control Equipment

Our ATEX control equipment is certified for hazardous areas zone 1 and 2.  We offer explosion proof command systems and signalling devices to provide reliable protection from explosion in ATEX hazardous locations.  Designed for strength and reliability, these products include start and stop and emergency pushbutton combinations, plus easy to see LED indicators, as well as switches and potentiometer.  The modular equipment allows individual customer to design the combinations best suited for their specific application.  Included in this line are position switches, measuring equipment, grounding monitoring equipment and more.  Visit our website where you can find out more about the comprehensive range of solutions.

ATEX Two Way Radios

We supply ATEX and IEC approved, intrinsically safe radio and communication equipment.  Our Ex range of 2 way radio systems are designed to be used in ex hazardous areas.  We realise that in such situations safe and reliable communication is vital.  Applications for the intrinsically radios include the process and petrochemical industries,  as well as for use at well refineries and on oil rigs.



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