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ATA Engineering Processes is a well established company based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. It manufactures and supplies various types of high performance, precision machinery and equipment to clients in various industries such as aerospace, woodworking and plastics. ATA Engineering’s highly skilled and qualified members of staff have many years of experience within the industry and confidently provide products and services of the highest quality to their customers.

At ATA Engineering Processes we are committed to supplying high quality machinery and tools to the industry at competitive prices. All of our products are manufactured to strict industry regulations to ensure 100% quality assurance. Our machines and products are used and installed around the world for successful machining and tooling operations.

Router Cutters

At ATA Engineering Processes, we supply a range of router cutters to be used with materials such as plastics, composites, light alloys and wood. Our router cutters are available in HSS, they can be carbide tipped or made from solid carbide to suit a wide range of applications in aerospace, woodworking, plastics and composites.

We also supply special cutters/form, edge finishing tools and T-slot cutters in PCD, TCT and HSS,
cutters for specific requirements. We are able to supply a range of diamond tipped countersink cutters, reamers and other special cutting tools for carbon fibre. These cutting tools have excellent wear resistance on very abrasive types of materials. We also supply HSS and carbide cutter for
machining honeycomb structures.

CNC Routing Machines

Our CNC routing machines are extremely versatile and can be used for machining various materials.

At ATA Engineering Processes, we are exclusive UK and Ireland agents for CR Onsrud CNC Routers. These state of the art machines are installed and sought after for use in many different industries across the world for their accuracy, precision and ease of use. These high speed machines are robust and are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements and fit comfortably within your operating area.

Our experience within the industry enables us to confidently supply these particular CNC machines. We have found them to be extremely reliable and trustworthy routing solutions. We offer online support and diagnostics 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tooling For Riveting Operation

We supply a wide range of tooling for riveting operations. These include:

  • Wedgelock Cylindrical Body Rivet clamps: high quality pliers/power/hand operated
    rivet clamps that can be speedily inserted and removed whilst ensuring
    uniform clamp loads.
  • Rivet Sets : a wide range of snaps to suit most types of rivet airframe
    applications and general engineering.
  • Rivet Hammers: a range ofrecoilless and conventional hammers meeting virtually all riveting
  • Compression Riveters: portable C yoke and Alligator jaw models. The tandem cylinder models are light and easy to handle and will set rivets up to 3/16" diameter.
  • Rivet Milling Tools and Cutters: a range of 3 different types of milling tool with a variety of cutters for milling aluminium, stainless steel, monel and titanium fasteners.


We supply a range of Boelube® products for use with machining processes.

Boelube® was initially created by Boeing Aircraft Company to be used for the machining of complex products for the aerospace, nuclear, automotive industries and more. Boelube® has many advantages for use in machining applications. However, it is easy to remove with solvent or detergent. It is compatible with most paint and sealant materials, it does not have to be removed before heat treatments and it can be used for machining as well as acting as a corrosion inhibitor.

Boelube® is available in a variety of forms such as liquid, pastes, solid wax, water soluble and water soluble paste.

Castle, Inc

At ATA Engineering Processes, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the very best products that are available in the industry. One of the companies we are pleased to work with is Castle, Inc.

Castle, Inc is an American machinery manufacturer that has designed and manufactured products for the woodworking industry since the 1980s. Its products are manufactured to the highest standards and are widely used within the woodworking industry. We are pleased to be able to offer these products to our customers.

Tool Holders & Collets

We are a leading manufacturer of tool holders and collets and supply a full range of high precision items of various shapes and sizes to suit most CNC machines and routers.

Our range of items include those which are fully hardened, precision ground and fine balanced to achieve greater strength in applications. Our tool holders and collets are a great choice for use in high speed precision milling operations.

Screw Driver Bits & Accessories

Our screwdriver bits and accessories are hardwearing and precision made to ensure ease of use and durability within the workplace. At ATA Engineering Processes we stock a wide range of screwdriver bits and accessories to suit most applications. We supply insert and power bits, insert holders, nut setters, square drive sockets, extensions, hand bit holders, hand screwdrivers and hi-torque. We supply a variety of screwdriver bits to suit various screw/bolt heads such as ACR® Phillips, slotted, Pozidrive®, French recess, hex tamper resistant, Supadriv®, Tri-Wing-ACR® and Tri-Wing®, Torq-set-ACR® and Torq-set®, socket heads, square recess, and Torx®.

Agents for Ritter Manufacturing

Ritter Manufacturing designs, engineers and manufactures high quality industrial machinery for the woodworking industry. At ATA Engineering Processes, we are pleased to offer a full range of Ritter machinery such as drilling and boring machines, shaping and sanding machines, clamping and assembly machines and other related specialty machines for use in the woodworking industry for the cabinet, casework and furniture industries as well as the manufacture of joinery, doors and windows. Examples of the Ritter models we offer include the Model R-30 raised panel door system, the Model R-1475 raised panel door system, the model R-450V cabinet door assembly system, the model R-46 double row system drill and the Model R-700 series horizontal edge belt sanders. For product specifications please visit our website or call us for further information.

Inverted Pin Routers

Introducing Onsrud’s Inverted Pin Router, a high performance solution for cutting intricate profiles. The machine’s cutter enters the workpiece from underneath, from where chips and dust are also extracted – this arrangement greatly improves operator safety and comfort. The guide pin, meanwhile, is located on top of the machine and in full view of the operator, improving the stability of both the workpiece and the cutter. This helps to ensure a smoother cutting action and allows the operator to follow complex profiles. To find out more about how it works, visit ATA online or get in touch on 01442 264411.

Pocket Routers

Pocket routers offer a quick and easy way of producing a strong joint. They are ideal for drawer manufacturing, kitchen and bedroom cabinet carcass construction, and for the production of fire surrounds, worktops and point of sale display cabinets. There are three models available:

  • TSM-10 (Bench Top Model) – Manual operation. Ideal for site work. 
  • TSM-21 (Floor Standing Model) – Automatic operation. 
  • TSM-35 (Heavy Duty Model) – For continuous production. 

Find out more by visiting ATA online. 


CR CNC Routers

CR CNC Routers are made by C.R. Onsrud, the industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, high-performance CNC machines. They incorporate the same quality manufacturing that earned Onsrud a global reputation for reliability and performance, but at a price point that you would expect from lesser duty or lower performance alternatives. CR CNC routers have been developed to address the specific needs of first-time CNC users: they come as part of a complete package that includes local training, installation, software and support. You can find out more about the benefits of choosing a CR CNC router by visiting ATA online.

Fastener Installation Tooling

ATA can offer various tools for the installation of fasteners, including a series of hand and power operated tools for Visu-lok / Composilok fasteners up to ¼” in diameter, plus a range of nosepieces for installing or splitting collars on Lock-Bolt Fasteners (these are suitable for most popular types of power tool, such as the G-85). For more information, please head over to the ATA website or get in touch on 01442 264411.

Agents for Monogram Aerospace Fasteners

Based in Los Angeles, Monogram are manufacturers and suppliers of specialist Aerospace fasteners. Monogram pride themselves in providing state of the art products and are committed to innovation. As well as designing solutions which are effective and completely tailored to the task at hand, Monogram also consider cost effectiveness. As agents of this company, we can provide customers with access to their extensive product range. If you have any questions or you would like further information, please visit the website. 

Agents for Onsrud Cutters

As agents of the US based company LMT Onsrud, we can provide a wide range of aerospace based tools. LMT Onsrud offer a comprehensive selection of components including milling cutters, carbide tipped tools, diamond drill bits, plastic drilling tools, CNC plastic cutting tools and PCD cutting tools, as well as many more. If you would like more information on LMT Onsrud or any of their products, feel free to visit the website or alternatively, you can contact us directly. 

Agents for Zephyr Tools

The California based Zephyr tool group are a leading manufacturer of aerospace and industrial tools and tool systems. Zephyr can offer a comprehensive selection of products including many specialist and tailored components. The company has many agents across a wealth of different countries and we are pleased to be a UK representative. For further information, don't hesitate to visit the website or you can contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Agents for C R Onsrud

Based in North Carolina, CR Onsrud stock a wide range of products which include CNC machinery, inverted routers and many other tooling components. As well as offering high quality, effective products, CR Onsrud are also renowned for their excellent customer service. If you would like to view their range in full, including detailed product information, please visit the website. 

Agents for Castle

As an agent for the California based Castle Inc. we can provide customers with access to their extensive range of products. Just some of the products that Castle can offer include screw pocket systems, fast face frame assemblies as well as much more. For further information you can visit the website or alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email. 



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Founded:1 January, 1952 (72 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
Company Type:
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Atlantic Air Tools Manacturer of Compression Rivetters
  • CR Onsrud CNC Router Manufacturer
  • Monogram Aerospace Fasteners Flying and Temporary Fasteners
  • Monogram Aerospace Fasteners Flying and Temporary Fasteners, Wedgelok.
  • Onsrud Cutter Cutter Manufacturer
  • Orelube Manufacturer of Boelube Products
  • Zephyr Tool Manufacturer of Aeropsace Tooling and Screwdriver Bits

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements