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Aspen Electronics is a leading UK distributor of electronic components and test & measurement equipment. We supply the avionics, automotive, broadcasting, defence, instrumentation, datacoms and telecoms sectors with state-of-the-art systems and components from industry-leading manufacturers whose products are recognised for their quality and performance worldwide. With a product range consisting of over 5,000 components and more than 1,000 items of test equipment, we’re able to cover virtually all requirements. 

Aspen takes a consultative approach to component and equipment sales. We listen to your requirements and provide practical, appropriate solutions to meet your individual needs. Through this approach we have earned the trust of customers across all industry sectors and throughout the UK. They rely on us for expert advice and guidance as well as top class products. 

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Sources and oscillators
  • Filters
  • Amplifiers
  • Waveguide components
  • Millimetre wave
  • Passive RF and Microwave components

We have a team of engineers ready to solve your electronics problems. Get in touch today on 020 8868 1311.

In the sections below you’ll find an overview of each of our product categories. For further details, please visit Aspen Electronics online or contact our customer service team. 


We offer a comprehensive range of RF & Microwave amplifiers designed for defence and commercial applications spanning the frequency range 10kHz to 100GHz. They include:

  • Low noise amplifiers for radar, communications and satcom applications.
  • Medium and high power amplifiers for systems and test equipment applications
  • Millimeter wave amplifiers for all applications up to 110GHz.

    Products are supplied by leading amplifier manufacturers such as Vectrawave, Ciao Wireless, HXI, Aethercomm and Marki Microwave – all of whom are known for the quality and reliability of their components. 

Our aim is to help you find a product that meets your requirements, both technically and commercially. We therefore welcome the opportunity to discuss your application requirements at the earliest possible stage. Get in touch on 020 8868 1311 and speak to one of our experienced sales engineers today. 


Also available is a great range of high quality antennas covering a number of applications and frequency ranges. We are approved UK distributors for the following antennae manufacturers:

  • ATM – Offering a range of waveguide horn antennas, including standard gain horns in waveguide sizes from WR650 to WR5, plus WRD250 and WRD180.
  • Bird Technologies – Manufacturers of tough, durable RF antennas for use in harsh conditions and challenging situations.
  • Deltenna – A leading designer of standard and specialist radio products for mobile base-stations and other wireless access applications.
  • Admiral Microwaves – Cushcraft antenna stockist offering broadband wireless antennas, dispatch radio antennas, in-building cellular applications and other passive RF products for RFID antennas. 

Visit Aspen Electronics online to find out more. 


We offer a complete range of fixed / variable attenuators and loads covering the frequency range from DC to 60GHz and power ratings from 2W to 2kW, in both coax and waveguide configurations. Aspen Electronics is an approved distributor for the following attenuator/load manufacturers:

  • ATM – Offering a range of coaxial loads and attenuators, including fixed, variable and step attenuators for production or test applications up to 18GHz
  • Bird Electronics – Designs and manufactures a range of attenuators with power ratings from 2W to 2kW.
  • HXI – Manufacturer of the HVA series of broadband PIN diode attenuators, covering waveguide bands from 18 ~ 110GHz
  • Lorch Microwave – Produces a variety of bespoke digital attenuators for commercial and military applications up to 3GHz.
  • Res-Net – Offering a range of standard and custom attenuators and terminations for any production requirement.


Aspen Electronics have one of the largest, most diverse ranges of couplers, splitters and combiners in the UK. It includes a variety of radial combiners/splitters, directional couplers and hybrid couplers in coax, surface mount, rigid line and waveguide configurations. Aspen is an approved distributor for the following coupler/splitter manufacturers:

  • ATM – Manufactures a range of broadband sampling direction couplers, as well as a variety of 2-way, 4-way and 8-way power dividers/combiners.
  • Ciao Wireless – Offers a wide variety of radial couplers/splitters.
  • Bird Electronics – A leading supplier of directional couplers and combiners. 
  • Tx Rx Systems Inc – Offers a range of multi-couplers, combiners and duplexers.
  • IF Engineering – Manufactures HF, VHF and UHF splitters, directional couplers and hybrid couplers. 

Visit Aspen Electronics online to discover the range. 


Connectors and adaptors are available in a variety of configurations and are distributed by Aspen on behalf of the following manufacturers:

  • Delta Electronics MFG Corp – Manufactures one of the largest ranges of coax connectors and adaptors in the world. Products include all the commonly used coax connector designs, plus many of the newer designs used in wireless applications. 
  • ATM – Supplies “off-the-shelf” and custom designed test cables using high performance coax cable. All common coax connectors are available. 
  • Anritsu – Aspen can supply a selection of products from Anritsu’s K-type, V-type and Q-type coax connectors range. 
  • Bird Electronics – Offers a range of connector adaptors aimed at the broadcast and high power RF market. 

Crystal Oscillators

Aspen can supply crystal oscillators from the following manufacturers:

  • Croven Crystals – A leader in quartz crystal resonator design since 1954.
  • KDS – Specialises in high quality miniature crystal oscillators and resonators.
  • KVG – A German manufacturer of quartz crystal units and specialised oscillators and filters. 

Choosing the right crystal oscillator can be tricky – if you need any help or advice, please get in touch with our expert sales engineers. Our aim is to help you find the right product for your application. 


Partnerships with several key manufacturers allow Aspen Electronics to offer a comprehensive range of filters to cover virtually all applications. We are approved distributors for:

  • NEDI – A leading designer and manufacturer of SAW filters and resonators from 30MHz to 2.4GHz.
  • Lorch Microwave – Supplies filters for applications covering 1MHz ~ 20GHz, in discrete, cavity, ceramic and tubular designs. 
  • IMC – One of the world’s foremost manufacturers of custom ceramic filters and diplexers.
  • Bird Electronics – Offers various cavity filters for wireless multicoupler applications.
  • KDS – Manufactures monolithic crystal filters over the frequency range 10 ~ 160MHz. Available in surface mount and leaded packages. 
  • KVG – Produces discrete quartz filters to cover the frequency range 1.4MHz ~ 70MHz, linear phase crystal filters covering the frequency range 10.7Mhz ~ 70MHz, and “Front End” crystal filters covering the frequency range 60MHz ~ 200MHz. 

Frequency Control

This section covers any product that is used to modify a signal in some way, including mixers, modulators and comparators. These are supplied by Aspen Electronics on behalf of the following manufacturers:

  • IF Engineering – Produces quadrature and complex phase modulators for systems working up to 1GHz.
  • Lorch Microwave – Specialises in the bespoke manufacture of RF signal processing components such as digital attenuators, power dividers, mixers, phase shifters and phase comparators.
  • HXI – A manufacturer of active multipliers, in models ranging from 18 to 140GHz. 

Isolators / Circulators

Aspen Electronics can supply ferrite circulators and isolators in coaxial, waveguide and drop-in configurations, covering virtually all electronics applications. Products are supplied by Aspen on behalf of the following manufacturers:

  • ATM – Produces octave band and band-specific coax ferrite circulators and isolators covering the frequency range 800MHz ~ 40GHz.
  • Pamtech – One of the world’s foremost manufacturers of high specification ferrite products. 
  • HXI – Specialises in the manufacture of millimetre-wave components up to 110GHz.

Millimeter Wave

Aspen Electronics classifies as millimeter-wave anything which operates at or above 30GHz ~ 140GHz. Such components are mostly used in high speed telecoms systems, in either a coax or waveguide configuration. Millimeter-wave technologies are supplied by Aspen on behalf of:

  • HXI – Manufactures a range of millimeter-wave products, including amplifiers, mixers, detectors, Gunn oscillators and VCOs, PIN switches, multipliers and attenuators. 
  • ATM – Supplies products operating above 40GHz, including horn antennas and DC blocks. 
  • Anritsu – As a channel partner for Anritsu, Aspen can supply coax connectors from their K-type, V-type and Q-type ranges.

Noise Sources

Aspen Electronics is an approved distributor of Noisecom products, allowing us to offer a great range of noise diodes, amplified noise modules, broadband amplified noise modules, BITE modules as well as calibrated noise sources for measurement applications. Noisecom’s technical team is made up of dedicated, knowledgeable and creative professionals from a range of backgrounds in test and measurement – their unique blend of experience in RF, microwave and software development enables them to deliver practical solutions to customer problems.

Signal Sources

We offer a range of signal sources for commercial, professional and military applications, including phase locked dielectric resonator oscillators (PDROs), synthesisers, rubidium oscillators and many more. Products are supplied by Aspen on behalf of:

  • Herley CTI – Produces free-running oscillators from 300MHz to 3GHz (CROs) and 3-18GHz (DROs), as well as phase locked oscillators from 300MHz to 3GHz (PCROs) and 3-18 GHZ (PDROs). 
  • HXI – Offers a range of Gunn oscillators and VCOs covering the frequency range 7GHZ ~ 100GHz.
  • SpectraTime – The world’s leading supplier of rubidium oscillators and high stability reference sources. 

For more details, please visit Aspen Electronics online. 

Phase Shifters

We’re able to offer PCB mount, coaxial and waveguide phase shifts to cover almost all applications. These are supplied by Aspen on behalf of the following manufacturers:

  • ATM – Produces both coaxial and waveguide phase shifters operating at frequencies from DC to 40GHz. 
  • IF Engineering – Supplies voltage-controlled phase shifters in 180° and 360° configurations, in either PCB mount or coaxial packages.
  • Lorch Microwave – Offers an extensive range of phase shifters operating at frequencies from DC to 4GHz, in coaxial and surface mount configurations. 

Rotary Joints

As an approved distributor of Diamond Antenna products, we’re able to offer a great range of microwave rotary couplers and roll rings. Diamond is a globally recognised coupler and roll ring designer – their products have been used in radar and satellite communication antennas for over 55 years. 

Typical applications in radar and satcoms include:

  • Ground station uplinks and downlinks
  • Satellite payloads
  • Mobile platforms on land, sea or airborne
  • Navigation systems

All systems feature lubricated bearings for a long life of sector scan or full continuous rotation. Find out more about Diamond rotary joints by visiting Aspen Electronics online. 


Aspen Electronics can offer a comprehensive range of switches from the following manufacturers:

  • Agilent Technologies – Provides a range of electromechnical switches.
  • ATM – Manufactures coaxial PIN and electromechnical switches for applications up to 18GHz.
  • CrossPoint Technologies Inc – A leading designer and manufacturer of matrix switch systems, redundancy switches and selector switches with frequency ranges from DC to 18GHz. Designed for use in both commercial and military applications.
  • Charter Engineering Inc – Specialises in the design of precision electromechanical coax switches. 

Visit Aspen Electronics online to find out more. 


We offer a range of waveguide components with frequencies from WR650 to WR5 at 220GHz. Aspen is a distributor on behalf of the following component manufacturers:

  • ATM – Offers almost every type of waveguide component you might need.
  • Diamond – Produces single and multi-channel waveguide components for communications and radar applications.
  • Pamtech – Designs and manufactures high quality waveguide ferrite circulators and isolators.
  • HXI – Offers an extensive range of millimeter-wave waveguide components. 

Microwave Test Fixtures

Microwave test fixtures are supplied by Aspen on behalf of Electro-Photonics, a market-leading manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the design of RF and Microwave fixtures. Using 3D Mechanical CAD, they are able to design test fixture solutions up to 40GHz that allow for exceptionally accurate and repeatable measurements. However technically challenging the application, Electro-Photonics can provide a solution. Find out more by visiting Aspen Electronics online.

FPGA Prototyping Platform

Aspen Electronics are also approved UK distributors of BEEcube systems. BEEcube Inc. specialise in FPGA-based reconfigurable prototyping platforms that can be applied to even the most demanding computing applications. Their systems are used in wireline and wireless communications such as LTE-Advanced, MIMO WiFi, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). BEEcube products, which include MiniBEE (research in a box) and BEE4 (4th generation – 4 FPGAs), provide DSP designers with commercial off-the-shelf systems with all of the software, hardware and firmware components required for high performance processing applications.

Antenna Testers

Our antenna testers are designed and manufactured by Bird Electronics. They include:

  • Bird Electronics AT-500 & AT-800 Series Testers – These compact handheld systems provide a fast, cost-effective way of establishing the quality of mobile and base-station antennas. An extended battery life makes AT-Series testers ideal for field use. 
  • Bird Electronics Site Analyser – A user-friendly handheld test solution for installing and maintaining antenna and cable systems. Can also be used for troubleshooting. 
  • Bird Electronics ACM Antenna & Cable Monitor – A complete solution for monitoring transmission antenna systems, aimed at service providers and self-maintained end users who need to ensure their critical sites are up and running at all times. 

General Purpose

Aspen Electronics offers an expansive range of general purpose test & measurement equipment designed for all environments and applications, including design and development, production, installation and maintenance. The range covers:

  • Signal & Function Generators
  • LCR Meters
  • Milli-Ohm Testers
  • Hi-Pot Testers
  • Bench & Handheld Multimeters
  • AC Power Meters
  • Thermal Platforms

If you would like to find out more, head over to Aspen Electronics online or contact our expert sales engineers on 020 8868 1311.

GNSS Simulators

As a supplier of Spectracom products, we’re able to offer our customers some of the most advanced GNSS simulators in the world. Spectracom specialises in the design of innovative products for calibration, measurement and analysis of time and frequency (as well as related parameters). They are the leading suppliers of frequency counters in Europe. 

Spectracom simulators are multifaceted, and are available in various specifications. From the cost-efficient single channel signal generator to the complex multi-channel simulator, there is a product in the range to meet any requirement. 

Noise Generators

Noisecom has been providing RF & Microwave noise generating equipment for commercial and military applications since 1985, and we’re extremely proud to represent them here in the UK. We can offer our customers many of the market-leading technologies from the Noisecom range, including:

  • Digital Noise Generators – DNG7500 & GPS7500
  • Analogue Noise Generators – NC6000A / 8000A, UFX7000A, PNG7000, J7000A, and UFX EboNo
  • Waveguide Calibrated Noise Sources – NC346 and NC5000
  • Coaxial Calibrated Noise Sources – NC346 and NC3000
  • HD Radio Testers – DSG9000
  • CATV Testers – Merlin

More details can be found on the Aspen Electronics website. 


Thanks to a number of business partnerships with key electronics manufacturers, we’re able to offer an excellent choice of oscilloscopes, with models to suit all applications and budgets. We distribute oscilloscopes on behalf of:

  • Agilent Technologies – Manufacturers of the highly popular 3000X Series oscilloscopes (with 100, 200, 350, 500 MHz and 1GHz bandwidths).
  • GW Instek – Offers a range of digital models from 60MHz to 250Mhz. Instek also supply analogue models from 20MHz to 200MHz.
  • WENS – Provides a series of handheld digital oscilloscope meters from 20MHz to 60MHz.
  • CleverScope – Designs and manufactures PC based mixed signal oscilloscopes. 

Power Supplies

We have one of the widest ranges of programmable system power supplies and programmable electronics loads in the whole of the UK. It starts from standard 100W single output bench models and extends right up to fully programmable 150kW rack-mounted models. Power supplies offered by Aspen come from the following manufacturers:

  • Chroma ATE – Offers single and three-phase AC supplies and programmable DC supplies up to 15kW. Also available are a range of AC and DC electronic loads. 
  • Agilent Technologies – Provides a selection of bench-friendly and system-ready instruments to meet all testing challenges. 
  • GW Instek – Manufactures bench power supplies from 100W to 400W, as well as programmable power supplies from 100W to 500W. 
  • TDK Lambda – Specialises in modular programmable supplies and front end power supplies. 

RF Monitoring

Wavecontrol has been involved in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of EMC instrumentation and components for over 15 years. Their products are used across a multitude of commercial, government and defence applications. As approved distributors, we’re able to offer the following Wavecontrol products and equipment:

  • MapEm – A series of electronic maps detailing the levels of electromagnetic radiation in cities, towns, regions, etc. 
  • Handheld Field Monitoring Equipment – for the periodic assessment of electromagnetic fields.
  • Permanent Field Monitoring Equipment – for the continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields. 

RF Power Measurement

As an approved distributor for Bird Electronics, we’re able to offer a great range of power measurement equipment designed to cover a variety of test & measurement applications. Products include:

  • RF Power Meters – including the world famous Model 43 Thruline Wattmeter and the Model 5000 Digital Thruline Wattmeter
  • 5000-XT – a brand new handheld digital power meter for use in the field.
  • 5012 Wideband Power Sensor – a Thruline sensor capable of measuring up to 150W CW over the frequency range 350Mhz ~ 4GHz. 

RF Network Analysers

Aspen’s range of RF network analysers are designed and manufactured by LA Techniques Ltd. Their LA19-13 series of PC-driven VNAs offer extensive capabilities at an affordable price, and are suitable for measuring reflection and transmission characteristics over a frequency range of 3MHz to 3000MHz. LA Techniques’ VNAs come with easy-to-use software offering a range of measurement and display options. Find out more by visiting Aspen Electronics online.

Spectrum Analysers

With bench models up to 40GHz and handheld models up to 7.1GHz, Aspen Electronics are able to offer customers a fully comprehensive range of spectrum analysers and monitors. These are supplied by Aspen on behalf of the following industry-leading, standard-setting manufacturers:

  • GW Instek – Range includes 3.0 and 3.7GHz portable bench spectrum analysers with colour and monochrome displays. 
  • Bird Electronics – Manufacturer of the Signal Hawk Spectrum Analyser, a user-friendly test solution for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all segments of RF communications systems. 
  • Agilent Technologies – Offers a comprehensive range of spectrum analysers and signal analysers from DC to 50GHz (extendable to 325GHz with external mixers).
  • Anritsu – A leading manufacturer of bench spectrum analysers (up to 40GHz) and handheld spectrum analysers (up to 7.1GHz).
  • Protek – Produces handheld spectrum monitors up to 2.9GHz and field strength meters up to 2.9GHz. 
  • MAC Ltd – Offers a range of quality spectrum monitoring equipment. 
  • Willtek – Supplies handheld spectrum analysers up to 4GHz. 

Frequency Counters

Aspen Electronics’ range of frequency counters are supplied by the following manufacturers:

  • Agilent Technologies – Offers a range of RF and universal frequency counters/timers to cover all of your frequency and time interval measurement requirements.
  • Pendulum – Manufactures a great range of ultra-high speed frequency counters and frequency analysers.
  • GW Instek – Produces various Function Generators that incorporate the counter within the instrument.

To find out more, please visit Aspen Electronics online or call us on 020 8868 1311

Signal Generators

Signal generators are supplied by Aspen on behalf of:

  • Agilent Technologies – Produces RF signal generators that create realistic, robust test signals with true point-by-point arbitrary waveforms. 
  • Tabor Electronics Ltd – A worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high end test & measurement equipment and a specialist in signal generation. Product range includes arbitrary waveform generators, pulse generators, modular PCI/PXI instruments, wideband amplifiers and function generators. 
  • GW Instek – Produces the SFG-2000 series of DDS function generators, which operate up to 20MHz and far exceed the performance of conventional generators.
  • Spectracom – Specialises in the manufacture of GPS simulators. 


Aspen is an approved UK distributor for Arizona Capacitors Inc., the world’s foremost manufacturer of quality wound film capacitors for commercial and military applications. The range includes audio capacitors, pulsed power capacitors, decoupling capacitors, snubber capacitors, motor start capacitors, sensing capacitors and tuned circuits capacitors. Details and specifications can be found on the Aspen Electronics website.


We also offer a great range of resistors supplied by Tepro, who have been designing and manufacturing wirewound resistors and metal film resistors for more than half a century. Products include:

  • Wirewound resistors
  • Low ohm current sensing resistors
  • Metal film discrete resistors
  • Thick film resistors and heat sink devices
  • Thin film networks
  • Thick film networks
  • Vamistor products

Tepro also specialise in the design of carbon film resistors. You can find more information on these and all of the products listed in the sections above by visiting Aspen Electronics online. 



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