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Established in 1994, Armagard is a double-award winning company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of protective enclosures for PCs, monitors, printers and digital signage, for use in various environments.

Armagard’s enclosures can be installed in arduous industrial environments, indoor and outdoor locations to protect against dust, dirt, liquid ingress and even physical impact and currently protect equipment all over the world with a value exceeding £4 billion.

Offering a free on-site risk assessment survey, Armagard can establish the most ideal enclosure solution for its customers and if it hasn’t been built, we’ll build a custom-made enclosure to suit.

LCD Enclosures

Choose from a range of LCD enclosures available to accommodate digital signage screens ranging between 24” and 72”. An Armagard LCD enclosure is suitable for installation in numerous locations including: Transport Hubs, Sport Venues, Eateries and Industrial Facilities.

The benefits of installing an Armagard LCD enclosure include:

Money saving benefits:

  • Most mainstream equipment accommodated for. No need for purchase of new, expensive equipment.

Money making benefits:

  • Excellent return-on-investment potential when an LCD enclosure is used as an advertising unit.
  • All-year-round advertising in any location, increase sales & revenues without worrying about signage downtime.

Practical benefits:

  • All LCD enclosures are IP/NEMA rated for protection against dust, dirt, liquid ingress and physical impact.
  • Peace of mind. An LCD enclosure protects against vandalism and theft. Install your digital display in confidence.

Bonus benefit:

  • Custom-made LCD enclosure service available.


Digital Signage Solutions

Armagard provides digital signage solutions in numerous styles, capable of accommodating screens ranging between 22” & 72” in size. Armagard’s digital signage solutions are typically used as focal point advertising displays, information points & drive-thru restaurant menu boards. Besides offering practical benefits, such as safeguarding against the effects of the weather & protection against theft & vandalism, Armagard’s digital signage solutions also offer revenue generating benefits. 

Benefits checklist:

Money saving benefits:

  • Screen damage risk reduced. Eliminate cost of expensive repairs/replacement & avoid ‘out-of-action’ screens.

Money making benefits:

  • Excellent focal point feature, attracts audiences, sparks purchase impulses increasing sales & revenue potential.
  • All-year-round advertising, increasing brand awareness & association, encouraging customers to buy from you.

Practical benefits:

  • All digital signage solutions are IP/NEMA rated for protection against dust, dirt & liquid ingress.
  • All-weather protection. Protection from sunlight exposure & freezing temperatures, screens remain functional.
  • Peace of mind. Digital signage solutions protect against vandalism & theft. Install a digital display in confidence.

Bonus benefit:

  • Custom-made digital signage solutions service available.

Touch Screen Enclosures

Armagard offers a variety of computer enclosures ready for installation of a touch screen display. Available in sizes ranging between 17” & 72”, Armagard provides touch screen enclosure solutions for industrial environments & for use as interactive advertising displays, showcasing the versatility of these unique units. 

Touch screen enclosure solutions – incentives to buy:

Money saving benefits:

  • A touch screen enclosure improves reliability, usability & longevity of enclosed equipment. Avoid the cost of replacing/repairing ‘worn’ equipment.

Money making benefits:

  • Touch screen enclosures used as advertising displays provide an excellent focal point & interactive experience stirring purchase impulses therefore, potentially increasing sales & revenues.
  • All-year-round advertising in any location, in any environment. Brand awareness is maintained establishing trust with your customers increasing the likelihood they will purchase a product or service provided by you.

Practical benefits:

  • All touch screen enclosure solutions are IP/NEMA rated for protection against dust, dirt & liquid ingress.
  • Space saving options available for industrial settings.
  • Protect against vandalism, theft & forceful impacts.

Bonus benefit:

  • Custom-made touch screen enclosure service available.

Industrial Enclosures

Armagard’s sleek selection of industrial computer enclosure units are available to accommodate screen sizes ranging between 17” & 22”. Industrial computer enclosure units come in a variety of styles, offering differing features. Choose from: touch screen units, units complete with a keyboard and mouse or all-in-one, compact designs. Armagard also offers a custom-made industrial computer enclosure service to ensure that you get the unit you want.

Armagard’s industrial computer enclosure units are aesthetically pleasing, softening the industrial look of its surroundings. Appearances aside, each unit is IP54 rated providing complete protection against dust, dirt, liquid ingress & heavy impact. Need an all-in-one solution? Armagard’s PENC 800 unit provides protection for a broad range of desktop PCs and displays with optional features allowing for keyboard and mouse integration.

Benefits of installing an industrial computer enclosure include:

Money saving benefits:

  • Most mainstream equipment accommodated for. No need for investment in expensive new equipment.
  • Damage risk reduced. Save on costly repairs/replacement of equipment & eliminate ‘out-of-action’ equipment.  
  • Enhance reliability, usability & longevity of equipment. Avoid cost of repairing/replacing equipment, which ceases to function before its expected lifespan. 

Practical benefits:

  • Space saving solutions available for equipment in industrial environments where space is limited.
  • Manufactured from materials to suit medical, food and wet environments.
  • Waterproof and washable for maintenance of hygiene standards.
  • Corrosion resistant, preventing potential contamination from the enclosure itself.
  • Complete system protection. Rely on one unit for your total business output? Protection of that one system safeguards your entire business operation and maintains business efficiency.

Bonus benefit

  • Custom-made industrial computer enclosure service available.



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