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Architectural Products Ltd are based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and are a specialist company dealing with roof glazing (patent glazing), architectural aluminium fabrications, pressure bonded panels and other fire rated products. We were established in 1993 and since our inception have worked with customers on a diverse range of projects and commissions. 

We work with our clients from the early stages of their project providing them with our personnel’s combined experience that totals over 30 years in the patent glazing and pressed metal industry. We can advise on all elements of the project, including the all technical areas as well as Health and Safety and CDM. 

We also work in conjunction with some of the foremost names in UK curtain walling systems who return to us time and time again knowing that our products are of the highest quality and will always be fit for purpose. These companies work with us on either a supply only or supply and fix basis and they have unswerving confidence in our products and their ability to meet the demands of their applications. 

Drawing & Design

We offer our clients a full design service at Architectural Products Ltd. We work with our clients from the early stages of their project right through to completion and we can offer advice on specific development stages. Using state of the art CAD technology and a huge choice of patent glazing applications we can create a design that is suitable for most buildings and situations. We email artwork so that we not only reduce the amount of paperwork but also to ensure we are speeding up the whole approval process as well as quickly addressing any problems.

Design Downloads

On our site, Architectural Products Ltd keeps a selection of drawings that can be used for reference and are based on typical details that regularly feature in projects. The drawings are free to download as PDF’s and can help with your design. Once you have decided on a design we will provide you with site specific drawings for your installation and the materials that we supply so that you are assured that your installation will be perfect and all components will be fitted correctly. Should you not see the type of design you want in our PDF collection please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Architectural Products Ltd and we always ensure that we take the necessary precautions to protect both our employees and anyone who will be affected by the work we are carrying out. We enlist the services of a Health and Safety consultant who advises us and keeps us updated on HSE requirements and who also performs on-site and in-house health and safety audits to make certain that site operatives and employees in our offices and factories remain safe at all times. CSCS cards are carried by all office staff, work supervisors and site labourers.

Design Considerations

When choosing your design there are many elements to consider. Firstly it is necessary to select the correct glazing bar from our varied range of options and the required finish. As an infill, you have a choice of offer transparent, translucent and opaque infill materials, we can also provide plastics, metals and other panels as an infill. Our choice of glass is either laminated, toughened or double glazed units. In addition, it is important to think about the supporting structure and how much weight and loads from wind and show may be inflicted on the glass. Other areas to take into account are how regularly the glass will be cleaned and maintained. Architectural Products Ltd always bear in mind how far to space the bars for maximum light as well as the pitch of the roof for water drainage.

APC40 Stalk Bar Range

The APC40 Stalk Bar Range are inverted stalk aluminium glazing bars that feature decorative outer cappings. Architectural Products Ltd can supply the bars in a mill finish, anodised or with a polyester powder coating. We stock bars that are suitable for both single glazing applications and sealed double glazing units in 24mm or 28mm and they have thermal break inserts for a better U valve. You can download the spec sheet for both types from our website, where we also have a useful and informative video about the APC40 range.

APC40 Box Bar Range

Of the same high quality as the APC40 Stalk Bar Range, Architectural Products Ltd APC40 Box Bars also come in a mill, anodised or polyester powder coated finish. Once again they can be used for either single or for 24mm or 28mm sealed double glazed units and also feature thermal break inserts in order to enhance the U Valve. By using a box bar you are ensured of a clean, smart line and they can also be used at glass joint positions as transoms.

APC50 Glazing Bars

Architectural Products Ltd developed the APC50 range especially for large span rooflights to meet the ever increasing demand of architects using large pieces of glazing in roofing systems. The APC50 range meets this demand and we have a downloadable spec sheet about the range on our website as well as a handy video showing the product.

APR40 Period Box Bar Range

Ideal for older properties or for newer properties trying to achieve a classic look, the APR40 Period Box Bar Range offer the appearance of architrave timber and comes in a choice of a mill finish, anodised of polyester powder coated. The APR40 can be used in 24mm or 28mm sealed double glazed units or in single glazing and also improves the U valve by using thermal break inserts. As with our APC40 box bar, the APR40 gives a strong clean, elegant internal line and can also be used at glass joint positions as transoms.

PRW Period Range

Another item from Architectural Products Ltd period range, the PRW, has been manufactured to give the look of traditional lead wing glazing bars that commonly feature on railway stations. Installation is quick and simply as the bar has snap on wings, it comes in a range of finishes that include mill, anodised or polyester powder coated. The PRW can only be used on single glazing applications and has a 20mm edge cover as well as a glazed infill making it ideal for polycarbonate installation.

Self Supporting Rooflights

Architectural Products Ltd can produce unique custom made supporting structures using any of our glazing bar ranges. Supporting structures can be made as pyramids, rectangles, hexagons and polygons and to any size or pitch that you would like. We undertake all work in house at our own workshop and all self-supporting structures meet the requirements laid out in BS5516 1991. It is not necessary to have any other supporting structures other than the structural up stand curb where the rooflight sits. This curb will not spread or move and be able to bear the self-weight as well as the elements including wind and snow.

Structural Glazing

Our glazed frames use concealed fixings to fit down onto standard builder’s kerbs. The passage of cold air is reduced thanks to the light, yet durable aluminium framework, which includes a polyamide thermal break. Glazing on the rooflights can be extended up to 1 metre centres using different size alum angles to link them together. We use safety glass on both panes as standard and thicknesses of up to 42mm can be used that will allow the glass to be walked on. We can finished the aluminium framework in any standard RAL colour and it can be polyester powdered coated. As the framework is only visible from the outside it offers designers unlimited internal option.

Rooflight Vent

Architectural Products Ltd can add one of our glazed APV roof ventilators into any roof glazing or sloping curtain wall. We can glaze into or with a virtually limitless thickness of doubles glazed unit as the system is thermally broken. These units can be used in a variety of ways including as walk on vents or a full opening flat top rooflight or as access hatches. We can offer a range of gas struts, chain openers and rack actuators to provide totally flexibility to your ventilator and they can be made to suit any budget.

Soft Body Impact Test

On 25th January 2011, we carried out extensive testing to replicate what would happen if someone were to fall onto a roof surface. The non fragility tests were carried out on a sloping, glazed panel roof assembly with glazed ventilator rooflight inset. The report describes the details of the test, the middle assembly on the rooflight was raised and had two pitches of 10 degrees on one side and 15 degrees on the other. The test complied with the BSEN1873:2005 for glazed roof assembly and were carried out under BRE Standard Terms and Conditions.

Fire Doors & Screens

Architectural Products Ltd use Jansen and Janisol fire doors and screens and we have several options available. The Jansen Economy 50 has been designed for fire and smoke resistant doors and screens that are flush and they give up to E120 and offer 120 minutes integrity. The Jansen Economy 60 has been manufactured for large smoke and fire resistant doors with closers of up to E120 and provides 120 minutes integrity. For glass doors, more stylish looking doors and glass partitions, the Janisol 2 is the perfect choice. It is a series of steel profiled sections with thermal breaks and is available for glazing of up to 39mm thick. The Janisol 2 will provide up to 30 minutes integrity and insulation. The Janisol 3 is virtually indistinguishable from the Janisol 2 in profile appearance but it is more lightweight and offers EI60 or 60 minutes of integrity and insulation.

Curtain Wall

Our Curtain Walls are also fire rated up to EI90 and provide 90 minutes off integrity and insulation. We use the Schuco Jansen VISS Fire E30, E60 and E90, all are suitable for large vertical facades and feature narrow faced profiles of only 50mm. This range is available in single and double glazing as well as a fire resistant panel, all can be used as infills. We can supply a choice of depths and shapes for the outer cover cap profiles. We also stock the VISS Fire EI30, EI60, EI90. The difference between these and the E panels is in the infill. The EI glazing turns opaque in a fire, providing a safe escape route and also concealing the fire behind the glaze so as not to frighten other people in the building.

Pressed Metal

Through our supply only service, Architectural Products Ltd provide a complete range of pressed metal flashings and other custom made fabrications that can be tailored to even the most outlandish design requirements. Our reputation for supplying distinct pressings and welding fabrications has earned us a loyal and returning customer base. We manufacture intricate pressings and fabrications in line with customer specifications and in a turnaround time that is suitable for the project. We can offer a range of finishes on our aluminium products including  mill finish, anodised, polyester powder coated using a choice of syntha pulvin or interpon D, which both give up to a 25 year guarantee



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