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AP Technology Ltd is a specialist suppler of interconnect products such as cable, connectors, cable assemblies, wire, wire management products and more. Established in 2001, AP Technology has established a firm position in the market for providing top quality products to customers in a range of industries worldwide. AP’s customer base largely consists of manufacturers, sub-contractors, installers and resellers who return to AP again and again for quality parts and a reliable and informative service. AP Technology prides itself on being able to meet a range of industry demands and offers a bespoke service whereby products can be customised to meet specific customer/ industry requirements. Alongside AP’s extensive product range, the team also offers additional services such as in-house cable assembly manufacturing, cable cutting, custom labels and packaging and more.

Please read on to find out more about our products and services. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at AP with enquiries and we will be happy to help.

Power Connectors

Here at AP Technology we offer a fantastic range of quality power connectors which are designed to rev up motors, spindle drives and servo motors. Our power connectors are widely sought for use in a range of industries such as robotics, automation, aerospace, shipbuilding, drive systems, food, textile, railroad, transportation and more. They are manufactured by Intercontec Power Connectors and various styles are available within the range to suit a range of customer/ industry requirements. If you are unsure which connector you need, please see the ‘Product Selector’ tool on our website. Alternatively, please contact us directly at AP Technology for support.

Signal Connectors

We also supply an excellent selection of signal connectors manufactured by Intercontec Power Connectors. These connectors are used to transmit signals, control motors and monitor complex machines.

The range includes:

  • Intercontec M17 Signal Connectors – 617 series of UL listed and VDE approved M17 signal connectors available six body styles.
  • Intercontec M23 Signal Connectors – 623 series of UL and VDE approved M23 signal connectors available with eight body styles.
  • M23 Stainless Steel Signal Connectors – manufactured in 1.4404 (316L) grade stainless steel for use in harsh environments.
  • Intercontec M27 Signal Connectors – 627 series of UL listed and VDE approved 26 pole M27 signal connector.

Please visit our website to view technical data and images.


Hybrid Connectors

Intercontec’s fantastic range of power and signal connectors provides users with a range of new connection possibilities. These hybrid connectors feature 5x power and 6x signal contacts as well as 1x Quadrax Element (Bus module) for super-fast industrial ethernet connections.

The range includes:

  • M23 Power and Signal Connectors – hybrid design for combination applications requiring data and power contacts within the same insert and body style.
  • M32 Power and Signal Connectors. Combines power and signal contacts in the same body and available in six body styles with three insert styles.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of hybrid connectors.


Interconnection Solutions

AP Technology offers an extensive selection of connectors to suit a wide range of applications.

The range includes:

  • Speedtec – a coupling system with ‘one-second’ quick-lock fastening.
  • Crown Clamp – screen termination to IP67 level and featuring coax style termination for multiple connectors.
  • Xtec – a modular interconnect system for the creation of power and signal systems.
  • Springtec – quick lock fastener with a spring-loaded mechanism for positive locking in areas with limited space.
  • Locktec -for tamper proof pre-terminated assembly without the need to over mould.
  • Ytec and Itec – an ultra-compact auto-locking quick release fastener with IP66/67 rating.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.



Here at AP we have many years of experience when it comes to the bespoke production of cable assemblies. Our skilled team works in-house to produce cable assemblies that meet specific customer requirements. We hold large amounts of stock at any one time in order to process and deliver cable assemblies in fast turnaround times. Cables in our range include Servo Cables, Encoder Cables, Robotic Cables, Control Cables, Power Cables, Dynamic and Automation Cables, Bus Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Electronic and Data Cables, Fibre Optic Cables and many more. Please head over to our website to find out more about our cables and cable assemblies.


Cable Glands

Alongside our cables and cable assemblies we also supply an extensive range of cable glands and accessories.

The range includes:

  • Bimed Standard Series Glands (Plastic) – IP68 polyamide cable glands featuring tamellate construction for equal cable compression and a trapeze thread to eliminate cross threading.
  • Bimed Standard Series Cable Glands (Metallic) – manufactured from Nickel plated brass and feature a smooth bore aesthetic finish and a waterproof Neoprene Seal Polyamide Clamping insert.
  • Spiral Glands – manufactured from Polyamide 6 and offering IP68 protection up to 5 bar of pressure.

Please visit our website to view the complete range of cable glands.


EMC Glands

We also source and supply Bimed EMC Glands. These glands feature the same benefits as the nickel-plated brass gland but with additional EMC protection.

Examples of the range include:

  • 4th Generation EMC Glands – feature easy insertion with bi-directional cable entry, open EMC contact fingers for ease of cable positioning, free radial and axial movement of the cable and large contact surfaces.
  • 3rd Generation EMC Glands – combines the features of the 2nd Generation EMC Glands but with additional patented contact system which offers 360 degrees of contact to the screen.

2nd Generation EMC Glands and Special EMC Cable Glands are also available.


Cable Gland Accessories

AP Technology offers a wide selection of cable gland accessories to complement its range of cable glands.

Examples of available cable gland accessories include:

  • Lock Nuts – plastic lock nuts, metallic lock nuts, EMC lock nuts.
  • Seals – special seals, flat cable seals and multi hole seals.
  • Adaptors – various reducers and enlargers available in the range.
  • Blind Stops – manufactured from Polyamide 6 and designed for use where threads must be closed to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt within the housing.
  • Protection Tabs – manufactured from Polyamide 6 and designed to prevent the ingress of moisture or dust through the cable gland.

Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.


Bespoke Cable Assembly

With many years of experience in the industry, we are pleased to offer a bespoke cable assembly service whereby we are able to design and manufacture cable solutions to meet specific customer requirements. We work closely with customers to gain a firm understanding of requirements in order to deliver fine quality solutions which meet all of the necessary industry regulations. Our bespoke services include Customised Standard Cables, Over Sheathing, Over Armouring, Cable Striping, Pre-assembled Drag Chains and more. Please contact our friendly team at AP Technology to discuss your bespoke cable assembly requirements.


Cross Referral Service

Here at AP Technology we offer a simple 4-stage cross referral service which enables us to source and supply products to meet specific customer requirements. As an Interconnect solutions provider we are able to identify and source solutions that deliver the best results in terms of performance, availability and cost. The cross-referral service is straightforward. Simply send us your part numbers along with any descriptions you may have and we’ll call you to discuss your requirements.


Interconnection Solutions for Industrial Automation

We also offer top quality Sense, Control and Automation interconnection solutions for customers in a range of industries including industrial and automotive plants, buildings, airports and more.

Examples of the cables stocked for Sense, Control and Automation applications include:

  • Servo Cables
  • Robotic Cables
  • Encoder and Decoder Cables
  • Defence Standard Cables
  • Siwo-Kul
  • Hybrid Cables
  • DeviceNet™
  • Bespoke/ Custom-made Cables.

All products are manufactured to incredibly high standards in line with quality and safety standards. Please get in touch to find out more about our interconnection solutions.


Interconnection Solutions for Audio, Video, Broadcasting and Entertainments

Alongside our interconnection solutions for industrial automation, we also supply an excellent range of sound and lighting control interconnection products. These are widely used in broadcast, education and the AV industry where specialist cable and wire products are required for network, radio and broadcast, HDTV sound and security applications.

Our media solutions include:

  • Audio/ video/ broadcasting cables
  • Coax, Triax camera cables
  • Analogue audio multicore/ multipair cables
  • Radio link installations
  • Audio Hi-Fi
  • Audio Snake Cables
  • Composite Video Cables
  • And many more.

Please visit our website to find out more.


Interconnection Solutions for Renewables industries

AP Technology also provides quality interconnection solutions to the renewables industry. With a wealth of experience and access to fine quality materials from well-respected manufacturers the team at AP is  able to source and supply various interconnection products including cables and connectors for a range of applications including wind turbines and photovoltaics.

Examples of our renewable industry cable include:

  • Wind tray turbine cable
  • Photovoltaic cable
  • Tri-rated cable (BS6231)
  • PLTC (Power Limited Tray Cables)
  • Steel Wire Armour
  • Single and Multi-Core Rubber Cables
  • And more.

Please visit our website to find out more about our interconnection solutions for renewables industries.


Interconnection Solutions for Airports

AP Technology has supplied cabling solutions for a number of airport infrastructure projects over the years. Various critical operations in airports such as elevators, computers, baggage handling facilities and emergency power must perform faultlessly at all times so the quality of cabling solutions is paramount. Our cabling solutions meet a range of industry standards and are delivered to customers in fast turnaround times.

Our specialist cable includes:

  • High temperature silicone cables
  • Elevator cables
  • Data Cables
  • Coxial Cables
  • Single and multi-core Rubber Cables
  • Single and multi-core Aluminium Cables
  • Airfield Lighting Cables

Bespoke and custom-made cables are also available.

Systems Integration - Interconnection Solutions

AP Technology Ltd offers a wide range of interconnection solutions.

The range includes:

  • Fibre Optics – includes single mode, multi-mode, loose tube and tight buffered.
  • Cable – servo cable, robotic cable, encoder cable and BUS/sensor cable.

Our cable is suitable for a range of manufacturer systems including ABB, Bernecker and Rainer, Bosch Rexroth, Control Techniques, ELAU, Fanuc, Fagor, Heidenhain, Kollmorgen and many more. Please visit our website to find out more about our systems integration solutions.

Interconnection Solutions for Defence

We also source and deliver quality interconnection equipment for a range of Defence applications including avionic control systems, military vehicles, signalling and telemetry applications.

Examples of our cable for the Defence industry include:

  • Single and multi-core aluminium cables
  • Single and multi-core rubber cables
  • Defence standard cables
  • PTFE cables

We also manufacture and supply bespoke and custom-made cables to meet specific customer requirements. If you’d like to find out more about our interconnection solutions for the Defence industry, or indeed any of our products and services, please get in touch.



Registration Number: 05158605
VAT Number: GB848 3552 00
Registered at Companies House:21 June, 2004 (19 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor

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