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Anville Instruments Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of top quality hardware and software solutions designed specifically for thermal validation, process and machine monitoring, calibration and associated applications.

Our fantastic range of equipment has been expertly designed to suit a range of industry applications including: sterile departments, pharmaceutical monitoring, process monitoring, test bed monitoring, environmental monitoring, white goods manufacture, product R&D, calibration and more.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry has enabled us to build great relationships with other manufacturers in order to achieve first class packages to suit a range of customer requirements.

We are dedicated to providing top quality, reliable products at competitive prices. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our excellent product range. If you would like to discuss specific project requirements or would like expert advice, please contact us at Anville Instruments Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Autoclave Validation

Here at Anville Instruments Ltd we offer two validation test sets:

  • EaziVal Series 825 Test Set: the EaziVal test set features the 825 test logger, validation software, thermocouple probes, pressure transducer, thermocouple entry gland, dry-block temperature bath, temperature reference thermometer and pressure calibrator. The set is supplied in a tough, foam-lined case with wheels and an extendable handle.
  • SterilProbe Test Set: the SterilProbe test set features five data loggers, logger interface and SPD software. This set is also supplied in a robust, foam-lined case.

Please see full product specifications on our website.

Anville Series 825

The Anville Series 825 TVI has been expertly designed and manufactured for use with EaziVal SE software. These thermal validation systems are suitable for applications where formal records need to be maintained in order to ensure the correct temperatures and pressures have been reached during critical processes. The Anville Series 825 TVI features individual high speed amplification and analogue to digital conversion on each input channel with conversion to engineering units carried out by the internal microcontroller. The data is communicated to the computer via engineering units which enable the system to feature traceable calibration certification. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about the Anville Series 825 TVI.

Sensor Interfacing

We also offer the Anville Series 800 based on the same parallel input technology featured in the Anville Series 825. Units in the Series 800 range feature mixed input types to suit different applications in continuous monitoring or product evaluation and testing. More than 24 channels can be achieved when units are combined with Prodigy software systems. The Series 800 units feature individual high speed amplification and analogue to digital conversion on each input channel with conversion to engineering units carried out by the internal microcontroller. Please see full product specifications on our website.

Anville EaziVal

EaziVal software provides traceable validation of hospital sterilisers and washer-disinfectors to HTM010 and HTM030. It has been expertly designed and created to work with Anville 425/415/435/500 high accuracy temperature data-loggers. EaziVal is straightforward to install and easy to use. The allocation of logger channels used by thermocouples and pressure transducers as well as the selection of compatible sensor types is carried out by a simple point and click process. The system stores the configuration of each calibration and validation alongside holding details of all of the sterilisation and calibration equipment used. Please see full product details on our website.


We also supply TQSoft – the leading thermal validation software available on the market. This software has been designed and created to suit most leading data acquisition and calibration equipment and can be easily configured to suit a range of thermal validation requirements. This outstanding software has been developed by TQSolutions since 1994 alongside GAMP procedures in order to provide thermal validation engineers with solutions for project specification, calibration management, data collection, data analysis, and reporting tools specifically targeted to thermal validation requirements while featuring measurement of pressure, humidity and other properties.

Machine Downtime

Our Downtime Monitoring facility has been designed and created to automate machine downtime tracking, reporting, analysis and OEE calculation for optimisation of uptime, output and return on investment. Other benefits and features downtime monitoring facility include: minimise downtime, improve efficiency, increase profitability, view and filter events, unlimited events, event-sub-categories, split downtime events, add user comments, machine set-up codes, manual override and complex event detection. Please visit our website to view further details including: Typical Downtime System Overview and Distribution Information Enterprise Wide.

GSM Temperature Monitor

Anville Instruments Ltd supplies the Argon Series of GSM temperature monitor and alarm systems. Units in this range are suitable for use when small standalone systems are required. They connect via mobile phone networks and feature an alert and monitoring solution designed to enable users to pre-set a temperature range and receive an alert via SMS, phone call or email if the temperature exceed the pre-set range. The Argon Series can be controlled via SMS command messages or via a Windows compatible based configuration tool. Pleas visit our website to view technical details.

Mini High Temp Data Logger

The S-Micro and P-Micro Miniature Data Loggers feature reduced dimensions making them practical for users in small production autoclaves. These data loggers can be used with two types of software: SPD (for quick and easy monitoring) and TS Manager (for thorough analysis and control). They are used for a range of industry applications such as temperature monitoring of sterilisation and pasteurisation processes and autoclave validation according to 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The S-Micro and P-Micro are supplied with a traceable calibration certificate. Please see full product details on our website.



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