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AMI Group are one of the UK's leading developers of technologically advanced location based solutions, with a range of location management and security services. Whether you need plant tracking, fleet management, industrial machinery tracking or even tracking of individual people, we can provide you with the latest secure GPS and RF tracking solutions, as well as a range of tracking support and monitoring services.

At AMI Group, we understand that every client has their own priorities, so we aim to tailor our solutions to their individual requirements. We do this through a consultative approach, so whatever specific needs you have for “total fleet management”, “fuel usage reductions” or “finding and locating”, we can provide you with the correct solution.

Our priority is providing industry leading service to clients who require integrity, protection and best return when it comes to “asset investment”. Whether your assets include vehicles, equipment or valuable machinery, we can offer solutions that help in asset management and add value to your business. As well as specialised “wireless tracking” solutions, we can incorporate “man down” solutions alongside them.

For more information about the solutions we provide, see the boxes below or visit our website.

Plant Tracking Security Solution with Livetrack GPS

Utilising GPS and RF for pin point positioning and indoor tracking, the AMI Livetrack is the latest in plant tracking and security. Enabling you to view the precise location of all of your assets, it is the ideal plant tracking solution, providing complete visibility and security. Combining the benefits of GSM, LBS Cell and RF technology with GPS tracking, Livetrack provides full asset management through a secure web portal, where assets can be monitored and reports can be viewed.

AMI Livetrack is suitable for use with a variety of assets, such as excavators, dumpers, compact rollers, telehandlers and more. Its compact design and lack of external ariels/antennae make it very difficult to locate visually, which helps to keep your equipment secure.

Wire Free Asset Tracking & Security

Since 2005, AMI's asset tracking has led to the recovery of more than 250 stolen assets, through the use of radio frequency and cell site technology, and a designated team of finders throughout the UK. Our covert, wire-free tracking device uses GSM, LBS Cell and RF technologies, and its intelligent programmed wake-sleep cycle provides up to 3 years of internal battery life.

The AMI Asset Track's inbuilt RF beacon allows tracking to within 1 metre of its position, relaying information via the mobile network. The location can then be confirmed via LBS Cell positioning and a designated finder is sent to the location with RF locating equipment.

GPS Fleet Management

The costs of running a fleet of vehicles are constantly increasing, as is the price of fuel, which is why we have developed Skyview – GPS fleet management technology made to provide users with total fleet visibility.

A Skyview device is fitted to every vehicle/asset, allowing for the monitoring of a range of digital specific events, like vehicle moving, ignition on/off, vehicle idle and other user defined telemetry devices. Microsoft’s latest Bing Mapping is used to display the location, speed and direction of each vehicle, allowing users to see the entire fleet's movements at a glance. There is also a table view, which lists the vehicles along with the latest data, for users with larger fleets to monitor.

Motorcycle Tracking

Our motorcycle tracking solution was designed with security and visibility in mind, with a clean customer interface and pro-active alerting, to allow total peace of mind. The unique customer interface is accessible 24/7 via the internet, even on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. When the software is started, the location of your device is pin pointed anywhere in the world.

The “where are you now?” command allows you to request a real time update of your device's position, while the standard profile will simply report every minute if the ignition is active. When the device is parked, it goes into high security mode, arms its internal movement sensor and enters a dormant state.

Lone Worker Tracking

For the protection and monitoring of individuals who work in dangerous environments or need support, we have lone worker tracking.

The AMI Care Call Personal Tracking Device allows users to remotely track loved ones, pets, assets or other important items. This can be done in real-time over the internet or through a phone call. Using GPS technology, cell phone communication and the internet, the Care Call Personal Tracking Device can transmit its location upon request, giving users quick peace of mind.

Generator & Towerlight Telemetry

Originally developed for a client who needed to manage the running of their fleet remotely, our bespoke generator and towerlight application is made to handle inputs specifically from generators and towerlights. Including pro-active alerts and the latest GPS generator tracking technology, our generator and towerlight telemetry is a market leading solution.

In the event of a vital warning coming from the asset – be it to do with oil pressure, temperature or low fuel levels – we can alert a designated contact. We can also manage running hours of assets and alert key personnel in the event that an asset needs servicing.

Live Track

Perfect for plant tracking solutions, the Live Track uses GPS and RF to display the precise location of your assets. With full asset management through a secure online web portal, Live Track can give you total visibility and security. Benefits of the Live Track include potential reduction of business costs, reduction of machine downtime and an increase in productivity.


The Mtrack is a wireless unit with an internal antenna and easily concealed design. It is a remotely controlled unit, and is covered by our 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre which will detect when the tamper alarm is triggered. Like the Live Track, the location of the Mtrack unit can be displayed, though it is not as pin point as the Live Track.



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