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We are a specialist stockholder, processor, and distributor of metals, and with over 2,000 tonnes of copper, brass, and bronze in stock at any one time, we are able to quickly fulfil the most exacting of orders. Whether it's bars, hollow bars, road, wire, sections, extrusions, plate, sheet, or tube, we take orders both big and small to customers across the UK. With knowledgeable, experienced staff, you will receive support at every step, from choosing the right product to technical help, and our ISO9002 ensures products are traceable back to their point of manufacture.

With the backing of one of Europe's largest independent multi-metal stockholders, Aalco Metals Ltd, we can ensure that your order is fulfilled, even if it's an unusual specification or a tight deadline. We specialise in copper strip and foil, and our stock ranges from 0.05mm to 1.6mm thick, with bespoke widths available. If you use a process that generates a lot of scrap, don't despair, we can immediately re-purchase scrap metals and ensure your cash flow stays stable.

Speak to our experienced team today. They are happy to advise on the specification, material performance, and most cost effective options available to you. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers, and we do this by offering high levels of service and quality products. So find out how we can help with your requirements.

Strip and Slitting / Rotary Shearing Service

Our copper strip and foil is stocked from 0.025mm to 2.0mm thick, with four precision sitting lines. This allows is to create bespoke widths down to 3mm, with a coil I/D of 3” to 16”. Our strip and sitting and rotary shearing service also includes:

  • Brass strip – Most popular brass for general and electrical engineering purposes
  • Engraving quality brass - Lead bearing brass for clean, easy cutting to close tolerances
  • Nickel Silvers – Contain no silver, but have a silvery finish that takes a high polish
  • Copper-Nickel-Tin – Alloys available as a strip which can then be fabricated and heat treated
  • Copper-Nickel-Silicon – Available as castings, forgings, rod, and bar
  • Copper-Nickel-Phosphorous – Not as strong as Copper-Nickel-Silicon, but offers better conductivity
  • Bronze – Commercial projects such as phosphor bronze and aluminium bronze

Cast Copper Alloys

We have a comprehensive stock of cast copper alloys with different compositions. With variations in tin, lead, zinc, and phosphorous, our team can help you find the most practical alloy for your application. Whether you need cast rods, tubes, or special sections, we have a wide range of close tolerance sizes, and can product them with a minimum of machining, ideal for those on a tight deadline. Whatever your specifications, our alloys give good corrosion resistance and aren't seriously susceptible to stress corrosion.

Plate and sheet

We stock a wide range of sheet and plate alloys, meaning we can easily source the size and thickness that is needed. This includes brass sheet CW508L-H095 (CZ 108 Half Hard) which is available with a polished finished and protective PVC coating. If you need circles, rings, or irregular shapes, we can provide them to your requirements, and can add special finishes and lacquer coatings to suit your applications. Our brass sheet and plate is popular for general and electrical engineering purposes because of its strength, hardness, ductility, and corrosion resistance. Our engraving quality brass is used for precision clock and instrument parts, and we also stock naval brass for Brackish waters, seawater, and aggressive environments.

Solid Drawn Brass Tubes

Our wide range of copper and brass tubes includes engineering, decorative, condenser, and heat exchanger tubes, and our stock includes solid drawn brass and copper-nickel. These include:

  • CZ108 – Ideal for cold forming applications, and readily joined by soft or hard soldering. Easy to polish, and often used by furniture, lighting, and jewellery manufacturers.
  • CZ126 – Contains a small addition of extra corrosion inhibitor which gives it better strength for heat exchanger work, or any applications where expanding, bulging and other deformations are required.
  • CZ110 – Aluminium brass offers excellent protection corrosion, making it popular for marine environments where reliability is essential.

Sections and Special Extrusions

We stock standard sections which can quickly and easily be supplied when you need flat, square, hexagon, and angle shapes. We also offer various bespoke shapes for specialist applications in various industries. Our experienced team is always happy to help you find the right section or extrusions for your application, and can advise on creating bespoke products.

Wire and Rod

We understand that wire and rod is often required at short notice, and that's why we stock a huge range of bars, rods, hollow bars and wire in a wide range of alloys and many different sizes. These include materials such as copper, brass, and aluminium bronze. Our stock includes round and hexagon products, as well as square, flat and angle.  

Phosphor Bronze and Gunmetal

As part of our wide and rod range, we supply phosphor bronze and gunmetal, a very strong and hard alloy, which is more cost effective than nickel. The range includes PB1, which is a high quality alloy often used in heavily loaded bushes and thrust washers, and PB2 which has higher wear resistance for use in gears and heavy sliding loads. G1 is a gunmetal used in many marine applications, hydraulic pumps, slip rings, and valve spindles, whereas SAE 660 is a more general purpose beating material with strength, hardness, and machinability.

Aluminium Bronzes

Aluminium bronzes are becoming increasingly popular for use in heavy duty applications such as marine, chemical, and general engineering. Offering excellent corrosion resistance, they can be hot worked, yet have excellent impact strength. Although slightly harder to machine than some copper alloys, they can be used for a wide range of applications in forging stock, rod, bard, sections, or plate form.  



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