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Aluline Grease Management Services is an internationally renowned company providing specialist grease management services to clients in a range of industries. With more than thirty years’ experience in the industry, the team at Aluline are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide clients with first class solutions that not only meet their needs but exceed them also.

Here at Aluline, we work closely with clients to gain a firm understanding of their businesses and requirements in order to deliver the most effective solutions. All of our services are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients and the project in hand. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and implement formal relationship management plans to ensure communications are maintained effectively throughout the project. 

We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the very best services and support. We are pleased to offer natural eco-friendly biotechnology solutions and ‘Waste Removal at Source’ equipment to help reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of production in the commercial food industry.

Aluline is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.

Please read on and/ or visit our website to find out more.


Above Ground Grease Traps for use with Bio-Remediation - Visit our website

Here at Aluline, we manufacture and supply a fantastic range of above ground grease traps designed for use with bio-remediation. These grease traps are manufactured from A1S1304 1.5mm stainless steel and feature easy fit lids with clips to enable access for cleaning. They are also fitted with a standard 50mm – 54mm mechanical pipe. Our above ground grease traps are designed to be environmentally friendly. To find out more about the range, or to view unit specifications, please head over to our website.


Under Ground Grease Traps - Visit our website

We also manufacture top quality under ground grease traps designed to deal with grease and organic waste in existing or new sites. These traps can be treated with our Aluzyme® dosing system which helps to eliminate and remove blockages and odours. They can also feature Pedestrian Lids in Alu-Durbar or Mild Steel Galvanised Durbar, Galvanised Traps and baskets. Our under ground grease traps can be manufactured to meet specific client requests. Please give us a call at Aluline to discuss your requirements.


Lint, Hair, Plaster & Starch Separators - Visit our website

Aluline manufactures and supplies a selection of lint, hair and starch separators. The range includes:

  • Lint and Plaster Separators – stainless steel traps are sized to suit the laundry outflow and feature a steel mesh baffle to prevent fibres from entering the drainage system.
  • Neutralising Tanks – designed for underground installation and widely used in laboratories and metalwork or arts and crafts workshops.
  • Starch Separators – designed to prevent and treat problems caused by waste starch in food process establishments.

We also supply Lint and Hair Separators. Please visit our website to view product specifications and to find out more about the range.


Oil and Petrol Separators - Visit our website

Alongside our Lint, Hair, Plaster & Starch Separators, we also manufacture and supply top quality oil and petrol separators. These are manufactured from stainless steel A1S1304 and feature a pedestrian aluminium durbar lid and stainless-steel screws. As the hydrocarbons enter the trap, they strike the plate which releases hydrocarbon globules to float to the surface. The heavier silt and sludge sinks to the bottom and grey water only is able to return to the waste water systems via the last compartment. Please see images and unit specifications on our website. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Aluline for more information and we will be happy to help.


Coffee Catcher Filters - Visit our website

We are pleased to supply the Aluline Coffee Catcher. This unit features a large, removable filter membrane (100-micron mesh) to allow for the suspension and removal of fine solids and prevent pipe systems from blocking. It can be supplied with or without adjustable legs to meet pipe level requirements. Coffee catcher stands and replacement filters are also available. Alongside our coffee catcher filters, we also supply food scrap interceptors which can be used as a standalone filter or integrated with above or below ground grease separators. Interceptor filters for precious metals are also available.


BDN6 Dosing System - Visit our website

The BDN6 Dosing System has been designed and created to assist with the bio-degration of organic materials and foods stuffs in grease traps, pipe systems and pumping stations.  It features our Aluzyme® Biological Liquid which is used to reduce food, oil and grease in sewer systems and reduce the production of sulphuric acid/ sewer gas producing anaerobic bacteria. The BDN6 Dosing System with Aluzyme® Biological Liquid is used in a range of settings including abattoirs, food processing, leisure, food courts, bakeries, hotels and restaurants and more. A dosing stand can be supplied which can be fitted to the wall freeing up floor space.


SOGT Steam Oven Grease Traps - Visit our website

Here at Aluline, we are pleased to supply the Aluline Alutrap® (model SOGT). This unit has been specifically designed for use with combination ovens and steaming ovens to help with the trapping and removal of food, oil and grease. Manufactured from stainless steel and available with both right or left inlet/outlet, the SOGT steam oven grease trap can be used with Alubio-Blocks for cleaning. We supply inlet and outlet pipe fittings with 50mm standard connections. We also supply 35mm and 40mm reducers if these are required. Please head over to our website to find out more about our SOGT steam oven grease traps and to view unit specifications.  


Kitchen Drains - Floor Gullies - Visit our website

We also supply top quality floor gullies. These are height adjustable to enable easy installation and feature removable gratings, odour traps, rodding ports and waste baskets. Vertical and horizontal outlet options are available. Alongside our floor gullies, we also manufacture and supply fine quality stainless steel cold store channels suitable for installation in modern bathrooms and public wet areas. To find out more about our kitchen drain solutions and cold store channels for bathrooms, please visit our website, or contact us directly at Aluline for more information. 


Grease Management System for Ship Galleys - Visit our website

We manufacture and supply top quality grease management systems for ship galleys. Grease management systems on ship galleys are a legal requirement and we provide a range of grease traps to ensure regulations are met. Our grease traps are designed to be environmentally friendly and are manufactured from A1S1304 1.5mm stainless steel. They feature easy fit lids with clips to enable access for cleaning and are also fitted with a standard 50mm – 54mm mechanical pipe. Aluline can tailor make grease management systems to fit existing spaces. Please visit our website to view our grease management models and specifications.


Site Surveys - Visit our website

We provide site surveys to evaluate and identify areas of improvement in existing grease management systems. Our surveys provide customers with information on how to bring grease management systems inline with regulations and expected costs. Please give us a call at Aluline to find out more about our site surveys and how they can be beneficial to your business.


Specification - Visit our website

Following site surveys, Aluline provides businesses with complete specifications. Our grease management solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of each business and based upon the findings of the site surveys.

  • Sizing Biological Grease Separators – this is carried out in accordance with current guidelines from water authorities.
  • Sizing AG Series – we divide the volume of the water by the discharge time (2 minutes)
  • Sizing UG Series – we use the same method of sizing as we do for the Under-Ground Series but advise using one size larger to reduce cleaning time.

Different factors are taken into account when calculating grease/oil interceptor size such as the type of premises, cleaning regime, staff training, space, location and more.


Installation - Visit our website

Aluline is pleased to offer on site installation of grease management systems. Our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers work safely and efficiently in line with current guidelines to ensure the most effective grease managements solutions are installed, or existing systems modified effectively. Alongside our grease management installation services, we also provide on-site Certified Waste Management Prevention Training. Please enquire for more information.


Training - Visit our website

Our excellent customer service team provides customers with expert support and assurance from initial point of enquiry stages through to after sales support. Our team works hard to promote prevention of grease management problems rather than remediation. Alongside our grease management solutions, we also provide on-site training to ensure business owners and employers understand how the equipment works and how to reduce waste entering the drains. Aluline provides Certified Waste Management Training with every system supplied regardless of whether Aluline or another company installs it.


Design Considerations - Visit our website

There are many points to consider when designing an area requiring drainage equipment. The positioning of sinks and drainage systems is extremely important if the system is to work effectively and meet industry regulations. Various considerations should be covered such as that pipework cannot cross walkways or door openings, pipework buried in concrete slabs must have rodding eyes, or pipework under concrete slabs should be able to be cleaned from above. Aluline can advise and assist with your grease management designs and solutions. Please get in touch to find out more.


Service - Visit our website

Aluline provides four-monthly maintenance checks to guarantee equipment compliance. We also carry out waste water audits to inform and advise clients on necessary grease management systems. These audits will cover possible costs of supply and supply and installation of necessary or advised grease management systems. Training can be provided by our skilled engineers upon installation of grease management systems. We also provide a deep clean service and are a registered waste carrier for the removal of waste from sites.


Compliance & the Law - Visit our website

Outlet contamination can lead to site closure, unlimited fines, or even imprisonment so it’s important to ensure grease management systems are not only of the highest quality and installed correctly, but also meet industry regulations. Maintenance of grease management systems is also important to ensure they continue to operate effectively and that no contamination issues arise. Please visit our website to download our compliance booklet or contact our friendly team at Aluline to discuss your grease management requirements and possible solutions.


Cost - Visit our website

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we provide our clients with valuable advice and solutions to ensure they are meeting compliance demands and operating effective grease management systems. We deliver sustainable, economic solutions to our food service customers complete with advice, fact sheets, training and full management participation. It is important to choose equipment from a trusted supplier. At Aluline we not only manufacture and supply grease management systems, but we do so along with advice, support, service and maintenance plans, training and more. The value we provide doesn’t only lie in the cost of the equipment but in the complete service we offer and deliver.


Engineers - Visit our website

Our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers carries out a range of services including the installation of equipment, inspection and servicing, audits and advice and training. Whether you require grease watch tank monitoring equipment, or waste water audits and advice, our team is on hand to help. All services are carried out safely and efficiently in line with industry regulations. Our engineers are highly trained and knowledgeable in their field providing all the advice and support you may need.


Health Check - Visit our website

Our scientific officer provides advice on how to ensure your sewage treatment and disposal methods are meeting regulations and also how existing or new waste systems can be modified or maintained to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our surveys include:

  • Sampling and analysis
  • Determination of theoretical load
  • Confirmation of effluent discharge consent conditions and compliance
  • Various assessments
  • Advice on repairs and service/ maintenance

Aluline provides expert advice and solutions based on findings to help businesses manage waste disposal effectively and keep costs to a minimum. Please head over to our website to find out more about our waste management solutions, or contact us directly at Aluline for more information.




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