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Allstore Systems Ltd were established in 1992, and ever since then have supplied high-quality storage systems for the warehouse sector at exceptionally competitive prices. From our headquarters in Crawley, we service customers around the UK, providing the best possible products and support.

Whether you need pallet racking, mezzanine flooring or racking systems, Allstore will direct you towards the most appropriate and effective method of storage for your organisation. We’ll survey your premises free of charge, so we know exactly what will work best for you, and will then deploy the latest CAD software to come up with design solutions. If you wish, we can source pre-owned storage systems, saving you time and money. Allstore are verified health and safety experts, and the systems we offer range from secure walkways to bollards, while we also provide safety inspections for your racking systems. Our comprehensive selection of ancillary warehouse equipment includes safety mobile steps, pallet straps and storage containers.

From the moment you get in touch with us, we’ll manage your warehouse storage project, taking the administrative burden away from you. You’ll be assured that your new system will be fully compliant with national and local legislation, and that it will streamline your operation to the maximum.

Racking Solutions

Whatever the load, application or layout, from multi-tier edifices to the narrowest and widest aisles, Allhouse have the racking product to suit. The combination of modular construction with a plethora of available sizes means we can produce a specific package that will meet your company’s exact remit. From rack-end barriers, anti-collapse mesh and fork spacers to decking, column protectors and drum cradles, they’re all in our inventory. We’re happy to source pre-owned racking, benefiting you both financially and environmentally, and we can arrange to have your current racking system examined by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a highly flexible and versatile option. Its modular nature implies the precise configuration of storage solutions, which can be amended to cope with changing requirements. Allstore’s choice of racking options include cantilever, push-back, multi-tier, drive-in and adjustable pallet racking, representing variants suitable for aisles of all widths, double-deep storage situations and pallet types of diverse sizes. For storing long or wide items, we recommend cantilever racking – it’s great for metal bars, tubes and timber panels. Another facility we offer is live-storage systems for pallets and cartons, optimising the space available for FIFO pick-up zones and buffer stores.


We supply our customers with all manner of the finest steel shelving, whether you want small parts binning or longspan and heavier construction shelves. All our modular systems combine with each other to create the ideal operational solution. We’ll design elevated storage platforms and multi-tier options to take full advantage of your space, and we always give due consideration to internal distances, selection speeds and ergonomic issues so that productive output is maximised. To make installation as fast and cheap as possible, a number of our shelving systems are designed without bolts. You’ll find lots more shelving details when you look online.

Mezzanine Floors

If you want to make the most of the space available to you, then adding a mezzanine floor could be the answer. They’re perfect for when you want to expand without moving premises. Allstore will cover your mezzanine floor with a suitable material, and we can enhance the area with ladders, staircases and handrails at your request. If your building is high enough, we can even provide multi-tier mezzanine configurations. When prescribed by building edicts, we’ll also supply fascia, column cladding and fire-proof ceilings. Finally, Allstore will make sure that fire protection and local authority application regulations are strictly adhered to.


Sectioning off your workspace is an easy and practical strategy with Allstore’s partitioning systems. We have steel systems which work splendidly in both office and warehouse environments, and also sell a wealth of complementary products, including fascias and suspended ceilings. All Allstore partitioning systems are finished to an exemplary standard, with numerous stylish doors, trims and wall coverings to choose from. You might consider our bespoke service for your company office area, whereby we’ll supply and fit internal steel partitions made to your own specifications. Get in touch with us today for further details – your dream partition is just a phone call or email away!

Ancillary Equipment

Allstore’s selection of ancillary warehouse equipment is truly extensive. It includes such essential items as fire protection equipment, trolleys, storage lockers, workbenches, fascias and safety signage. We have everything you could possibly need to keep your warehouse or facility ready for business. As well as the products which we ourselves supply, we can also give our customers recommendations for approved suppliers of conveyors, fork lift trucks and other larger forms of equipment in the materials handling area. Look at our online gallery for more information about our warehouse accessories.

Fork Lift Trucks

Over the years, Allstore have developed close and mutually supportive working relationships with members of the fork truck industry. Through our connections with some of the sector’s most prominent suppliers, we are fully informed about the current types of vehicles available. This means we can incorporate already existing or new models of fork lifts into our warehouse schemes. After briefing you on basic models of truck, we’ll provide a direct introduction to the retailer most able to satisfy your particular requirements. The science behind fork lift truck design is constantly evolving, and with Allstore to guide you, you’ll end up with just the truck you need.

Pedestrian and Traffic Barriers

Safety and security are key issues in any warehouse, and Allstore offer several types of protection equipment to preserve the well-being of employees and customers. Our safety barriers include pedestrian barriers to place between passers-by and your business’s activities; traffic barriers for isolating your fleet of forklifts and other company vehicles; height restrictors; kerb alignment guides and rack-end barriers. All these barriers are made from polypropylene and meet BS 6399 certfication. After impact, they resume their natural shape, completely unscathed. They can be used either inside or outdoors and are guaranteed rust-free.

Bollards and Safety Mesh

Bollards are useful to enable your premises to survive unharmed in the event of vehicles accidentally colliding onsite. Such incidents often happen when arriving in or leaving company car parks or loading bays. Allstore sell both anti-ram security bollards and heavy-duty steel bollards to give you an optimum choice. Safety mesh is another recommended precautionary measure, which helps safeguard your staff and equipment. We’ve got floor-mounted guards, in-deck panels or rack-mounted anti-collapse mesh for your protection, all of which will give you added peace of mind during the day-to-day running of your enterprise.

Racking Inspections

You probably know that it’s your responsibility to observe appropriate safety standards in your storage and racking systems. Although things may appear properly maintained, it is essential to have your racking scrutinised by a suitably detached professional. Allstore can organise site inspections for your pallet racketing which will comply with HSE benchmarks. Our staff will produce a report of any noticeable damage caused by wear and tear, impacts and beam overloading, while also commenting on the state of pallets, handling and floor equipment. These inspections are highly worthwhile investments which could spare you untold legal expenses and compensation claims.

Innovative Products

Make your facility more eco-friendly with the help of Allstore’s pallet straps. Longlasting and completely reusable, they’re perfect for fastening goods onto pallets in warehouses, closed-loop logistics and distribution centres. The straps are made from heavy fabric and come in four different lengths between four and seven metres. They have hooks on one side and loops on the reverse, allowing for fastening between sides so loads can be secured on pallets. In contrast to shrink-wrap pallet straps, the Allstore strap is usable time and time again. Its soft material limits scratching, while its relatively narrow width acts an aid to labelling and package identification.



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