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Allspeeds Ltd is a UK manufacturer of hydraulic equipment for use across a number of industries, including construction, oil and gas, subsea, nuclear, aviation, bridging and defence. We have a highly skilled team of hydraulic engineers with the industry experience and technical know-how to produce quality, bespoke solutions for just about any engineering requirement. 

Allspeeds brands include:

  • Webtool – a series of hydraulic cutting and lifting tools for wire rope and cables.
  • Tangye – a range of lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks.
  • Millingford – a range of subsurface sucker rod pumps and fittings, covered by the API Specification 11AX.
  • Kopp – a series of variable speed drives.
  • Blake Hydram – a range of water powered pumps. 

Allspeeds have over 150 years of heritage in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and mechanical systems. We have a global reputation for reliable, practical and long-lasting hydraulic solutions. 

All research, design, development and manufacturing processes are carried out within our very own production facility in Lancashire, meaning we have full control over the quality and consistency of our hydraulic products. State-of-the-art CNC technologies enable us to manufacture bespoke products extremely quickly and cost-effectively, without ever compromising on quality. 

All of our operations are subject to an ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System, thus guaranteeing the quality of our design, manufacturing, supply and after-sales service. 

Visit Allspeeds online to find out more. 

Hydraclaw Hydraulic Jack

The Hydraclaw is a powerful hydraulic jack with a 5 tonne lifting capacity on both the head and toe. Despite its innate strength, this popular Tangye product weighs only 18kg, making it relatively easy to handle. It benefits from a fast operation (5.5mm lift per stroke), a high lift ability (178mm), a robust steel construction suitable for underground use, a strong, steady base for stability, a positive stop feature to prevent over stroking, and a pressure relief valve to prevent overloading. For more information, please head over to the Allspeeds website.


Hydrapak pumps are ideal for use in environments where there is no access to a power source, or in situations where a power source fails. They are fast, compact and portable, weighing just 4.5kg and offering two speeds of operation. Despite their compact design, Hydrapak pumps are capable of producing up to 700 bar pressure. Meanwhile, interchangeable plungers allow you to select the optimum pressure/flow characteristics for your particular application. If required, Hydrapak pumps can be fitted with relief valves to prevent over-pressurisation. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Hydramite Hydraulic Jack

The Hydramite is the smallest in our Tangye range of hydraulic jacks. This lightweight aluminium tool comes in three sizes, depending on the lift capacity required. The largest Hydramite jack has a total lift capacity of 15 tonnes, which is remarkable given its size and weight. 

Unsurprisingly, Hydramite hydraulic jacks are used worldwide for all sorts of applications. They are chosen for their versatility, their ease of operation, their compact construction, and their proven track record in tough environments. To find out more about the Hydramite hydraulic jack, please contact our sales team on 01254 615 100.

Hydralite Hydraulic Jack

The Hydralite is the most popular of our Tangye hydraulic jacks. The largest model in the Hydralite range is capable of lifting an incredible 100 tonnes. 

Each model can be configured with one of three stroke options. These are:

  • Plain  ram – ideal for standard lifting applications
  • Claw lift – ideal for lifting loads with low ground clearance
  • Screwed ram – for loads that need to be sustained for a significant amount of time. 

For more information on the Hydralite range of hydraulic jacks, please head over to our website or get in touch with our sales team on 01254 615 100.

Webtool Intensifier Panel

The Webtool HP690 Intensifier Panel has been designed with a unique hydraulic circuit that automatically releases the pressure on the output side as soon as the input pressure is removed. This makes it safe to use for all double acting tools, including the Webtool range of high pressure cutters and grippers. This safety feature eliminates the problems caused by the build-up of pressure as a result of surfacing or temperature rises. Maximum output pressure of 690 bar is achieved with an input pressure of 215 bar.

Webtool Nuclear

The Webtool Nuclear range consists of a number of cutting and gripping tools specially designed for nuclear decommissioning projects - they are suitable for use in both contaminated and non-contaminated areas, including storage ponds. 

We can also design and manufacture bespoke tools suitable for the nuclear industry. For more information, please head over to our website or contact us directly on 01254 615 100.

Webtool Softline Cutter

Webtool Softline Cutters are currently the lightest subsea cutting tools that we manufacture. They are specifically designed for divers or ROVs. 

Softline cutters have a narrow profile to optimise efficiency and a lightweight construction to improve operator ease of use. An open-side design allows soft lines or fibre ropes up to 135mm in diameter to be cut quickly and efficiently in subsea environments, while a stainless steel finish ensures long-term protection against corrosive elements. 

Please visit us online for more information. 

Aircraft Jacks

If you require a bespoke aircraft jacking solution, speak to the team at Tangye. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in this field and can design, develop, assemble and test aircraft jacks within our own UK-based facility, thereby guaranteeing quality and reliability (both of which are vital in such a demanding industry as aviation). For further information, please contact our Engineering Director, Keith Elliot on 01254 615102.


Millingford barrels are precision honed and polished within API specified tolerances to give an optimum surface finish. They are available for the full range of API insert pumps and tubing pumps, and are drift tested to ensure straightness. The Millingford Barrel range is made up of the following:

  • Regular Barrels – made from low-chrome molybdenum alloy steel, ideal for use in non-corrosive, non-abrasive environments.
  • Hardened Barrels – made with the same materials as regular barrels, but with a special hardened bore.
  • Cupro-Nickel Barrels – made from copper (70%) and nickel (30%), suitable for moderate to severe corrosive (but non-abrasive) environments.
  • Monel Barrels – made from Monel 400 and therefore suitable for use in extremely corrosive (but non-abrasive) environments. 


The Millingford range of plungers are engineered for optimum performance and a long service life in even the most severe well conditions. Made with low carbon steel, Millingford plungers are available with the following optional features:

  • Hard chrome plated outside diameter - for abrasive conditions where corrosion is not a factor.
  • Metal sprayed outside diameter – to give a hard homogenous surface that is impervious to abrasive and corrosive conditions.
  • Electro-nickel plated threads and/or bores – for improved performance in extremely corrosive conditions.
  • Monel Pin-end Plungers.


The Millingford Pump range covers all API sizes. There are three main types of pump in the range:

  • Type A – a thin-walled barrel pump with metal plungers for shallow to medium wells. Available with top or bottom anchors. 
  • Type B – a heavy-walled barrel pump with metal plungers for deep or hard to pump wells. Available with top or bottom anchors
  • Type C – a heavy-walled tubing pump with metal plungers for medium to deep wells, available with mechanical or cup-type hold-downs. 

For more information, please head over to our website or contact us directly on 01254 615 100.

Kopp Variable Speed Drives

Kopp Variators are mechanical variable speed drives used for controlling speeds on industrial machinery. These advanced constant power torque converters offer extremely accurate speed holding and resetability. A flexible design means they can be easily adapted for remote control and applications requiring reverse rotation or breaking. 

Kopp Variators benefit from a compact design with in-line shafts that combine easily with standard electric motors and gearboxes. A fully enclosed housing makes them suitable for use in wet or dusty environments, as well as in hazardous locations requiring explosion-proof work. 

Blake Hydram Water Pumps

In the 19th Century, a man named John Blake created a water-powered pump that was capable of transferring water from one place to another using only the energy of a flowing stream or river. The Blake Hydram water pump is based on this same principle - a principle that remains as effective as ever. It is capable of supplying water to remote houses or entire communities, providing water for livestock and allowing irrigation of land or inaccessible areas. Because it is entirely powered by water, the Blake Hydram pump requires no fuel or electricity, gives out zero pollution and can operate 24 hours a day.

Webtool Engineering Solutions

Drawing upon years of industry experience and technical expertise, we’re able to design and manufacture cutters, grippers and allied tooling to almost any specification. It means we can offer bespoke solutions for customers who require something more than just a standard tool. In fact, over the years many of the cutters we originally designed and manufactured for special projects have become industry standard tools. 

All design and development work is carried out right here in the UK at our dedicated engineering facility in Accrington. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of the Webtool design team, just give us a call on 01254 615 100.

Webtool Grippers

Webtool Grippers have been specifically designed for use with an ROV, allowing them to grip and lift steel ropes, cables and umbilicals from the ocean floor. Maximum jaw capacity is 190mm diameter.

Model WGO Grippers feature a secondary locking system to ensure the gripping force does not release during lifting. They are available in two main sizes:

  • WGO135 – capable of gripping steel ropes, cables and umbilicals up to 135mm dia. 
  • WGO190 – designed to grip and lift steel ropes, cables and umbilicals up to 190mm dia. 

Bespoke sizes are available upon request. 

Webtool Cable Cutters

Webtool HCV cable cutters are designed for cutting cables, hydraulic lines and umbilicals in the most severe working conditions. They feature hydraulically powered anvil pins for remote actuation, which allows the ROV operator to capture and sever the cable or wire rope via the manipulator arm. 

When the anvil pin is closed, the rope is held in place. A hardened steel guillotine blade is then driven through the rope. 

There are two models in this range:

  • HCV155 – capable of cutting cables, hydraulic lines and umbilicals up to 155mm dia.
  • HCV270 – capable of cutting cables, umbilicals and flexible risers up to 270mm dia. 



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