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All-Fill International Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high specification auger-based filling equipment. The company was established in 1969 and provides a fantastic range of durable filling machines with flexible filling heads that can be used with a wide range of products including free-flowing and non free-flowing powders, granules, pastes and creams.

At All-Fill International Ltd, we are committed to providing top quality, innovative solutions combined with first class customer services. Our position in the industry is testament to the quality of our products and services. We are continually researching and developing our services in order to meet the demands of the industry.

We are pleased to boast an incredibly talented team of individuals who work closely with customers to implement the most effective filling solutions in different industry sectors. We provide advice, assistance and training where necessary, as well as technical backup, to ensure customers achieve the best results from their auger-based filling equipment.

Series 10 Volumetric Filler

At All-Fill International Ltd, we are pleased to supply the fantastic AFI Series 10 volumetric filling machine. This tough and robust, free-standing unit features a range of auger drive methods: flux vector inverter, heavy-duty clutch/ brake and servo for improved control and accuracy.

The AFI Series 10 is a semi-automatic system that features a 38 litre hopper and provides users with a versatile and low-cost filling solution. It can be mounted over an existing line or can form as an integral part of bagging, sachet or cartooning equipment.

The head can be combined with a downstream checkweigher to minimise product giveaway.

Please see full product specifications online.

Series 10 Gravimetric Filler

We are also pleased to supply the Series 10 Gravimetric filling machine. This machine features a Siemens Plc controller and has a 38 litre hopper capacity. It incorporates a weighcell or balance to control the fill weight and eliminate inaccuracies that are caused by products of inconsistent density.

The Series 10 Gravimetric filling machine can be operated at a choice of two filling speeds and features high speed bulk and slow speed top-up or multi-stage filling for even greater accuracy. All contact parts (including the hopper lid) are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

Series 10 VFFS Filler

The Series 10 VFFS Filling head is an excellent system used for mounting on automatic baggers. Its long auger/ funnel has been created to avoid dust contamination of the bag sealing area and its sleeved mount enables the head to rotate freely facilitating easy tooling/ hopper removal. It can feature a servo motor, flux vector or clutch/ brake to suit different customer requirements.

The Series 10 VFFS filler features a 38 litre hopper capacity and is easy to operate using a full colour touch-screen interface. Please see full product specification online.

Series 1 Micro-Fill

The AFI Series 1 Micro-Filler filling machine has been specifically designed and manufactured for the precision dosing of powders and granules by weight or by volume. It can be linked to a precision balance to achieve accuracies to within 1mg and 2mg.

This micro-filling machine features a 10 litre hopper capacity and can be supplied as a free-standing unit (for use on a bench or with knee-hole table for laboratory/ pre-production use) or with a container handling package for full-scale production.

Where close auger centres are required, multi-head filling machine configurations are available. Please contact us at All-Fill International Ltd for further information and advice.

Series 5 Mini-Filler

Our Series 5 Mini Filling systems feature individually controlled servo-driven augers, variable speed agitation for each auger, common product hopper and control for use on multi-station vacuum forming machines, stick pack machines, pouch makers and more.

Each mini filling system is tailored to suit specific customer requirements and features tooling to suit the powders to be filled and the output and accuracy levels required.

Series 5 Mini Filling systems feature a 38 litre hopper capacity and all contact parts (including the hopper lid) are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

Series 100, 200 and 400

The Series 100, 200 and 400 filling machines are fully automatic and do not require a change of tools for different containers and powders. Container changes can be quickly and easily made via adjustment of the conveyor guide rails, indexing stop cylinders and head height.

These systems feature neck-entry, dust-free filling and bottom-up, compressive filling. Other available options include: container vibration setting, 1-4 heads, multi-chain, slat and belt conveyor options, weigh-fill checkweigher feedback and tare and gross configurations, horizontal screw, included spiral/screw or vacuum bulk feeders and interlocking dust containment enclosure.

Series CMR

The Series CMR continuous motion rotary filling machines provide users with high speed, accurate filling of various powders and granules. The powder path is completely sealed from the bulk feed through to the container and machine environment and the containers are virtually dust-free. All powder contact parts can be removed and reassembled for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance requirements. A full colour touch-screen is available for ease of use.

The Series CMR can feature a range of options including: 1 - 4 filling heads, 12 - 48 transfer tunnels, vibration or pulsed air technology, checkweigher feedback and integrated tare-and-gross weighing.

Series Multi-Fill

Our multi-fill filling systems feature various individually controlled, servo driven augers, variable speed agitation for each auger, common product hopper and control for use on multi-station vacuum forming machines, stick pack machines, pouch makers and more.

Each system is expertly designed and created to suit different applications with tooling designed to suit the powders to be filled, the output and accuracy levels required.

Customers can also choose from a range of options including variable speed agitation, motorised jacking, compartmentalised hoppers and bulk feed accessories.



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