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Alca Tools Limited have been in the business of supplying tools to the trade, as well as private customers, since 1974. We have grown from a local firm based in the Kent area to a major supplier able to deliver throughout the UK. Alca Tools aims to be a 'one stop single source solution' for all your tool requirements having supplied a wide cross-section of industries over the course of our business including maintenance, production, assembly, Health & Safety, government and DIY among many others. We also supply barcode and vending systems that can help to manage your procurement whilst providing an automated service allowing you greater control over usage and budget requirements. We are also a major supplier of cutting tools from taps and drills to milling tools and carbide inserts whether your requirement is for standard, special or high performance tooling. As a founder member of the biggest buying group in the UK, Alca Tools is also able to offer our trade and private customers a selection of products from some of the world's brand leaders including Horn, Guhring, Walter, Dormer, and OSG among many others, at fantastic prices. We are now also able to provide access to over 26,00 tools, consumables and other products via our partner website, Toolbank. If you are unable, however, to find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us as we have access to over 500,000 items in total. As such, we're confident we can find the right product for you.

Woodworking Tools

Alca Tools holds a huge range of woodworking tools in stock including tools for wood turning and wood carving, tack lifters, nail pullers, spokeshaves, dowelling, chisels, cabinet scrapers, bench hooks and adzes to name but a few. The Bahco 414 is a bevel edge chisel suitable for a range of different applications whilst able to provide performance to a high standard. Superb long lasting sharpness from the tempered and hardened steel construction has been achieved with precision grinding on the blade. The Stanley Moulded Body Surform Plane is lightweight and features a quick release blade facilitated by a thumb screw. It can be used with all types of plastic, laminate, copper, aluminium and wood.

Files & Rasps

A huge range of files and rasps are available from Alca Tools including hand, flat, round, square, warding, dreadnaught, millsaw, needle and handy files, and wood and horse rasps to name but a small selection. The Faithfull Three Square Second Cut Engineers File features three flat sides and is ideally suited for filing in acute angles, cleaning corners that are cut square and enlarging angular holes. The Nicholson Horse Rasp has a rectangular shape and features a topside with rasp teeth and an underneath with file teeth. Measuring 300mm in length, this tanged rasp is ideally suited for hot rasping.

Spirit Levels

From girder levels and box section levels to water levels and electronic levels, Alca Tools can supply a huge selection of different types of spirit level. The Digital Levels by Stanley provide readings to a high level of accuracy and are able to measure to the nearest 0.10 degrees at both level and plumb. With horizontal, vertical and digital vials, these Digital Levels also make an audible sound to alert the user when the level has found 0°, 45° and 90°. Readings are also displayed via an LCD screen and the unit is able to recalibrate which allows the user to create a 'false zero' if required.

Marking Out Tools

Alca Tools can provide a wide range of marking out tools including chalk lines, line blocks, markers, cutting gauges, sliding bevels, combination squares, and mitre squares among many, many more. The Tajima Plumb Rite Plump Bob Setter can be fixed in a number of different ways, such as magnetically, with a retractable metal pin or with the adjustable hook, allowing you to accurately plumb all manner of items. The bob and main unit are also attached together by an automatically retracting line for maximum convenience. The Stanley Roofing Square is manufactured in tempered steel for a durable and reliable way to calculate roofing and stair layouts.

Sharpening Tools

Alca Tools stocks a great selection of sharpening tools including scythe stones, rubbing bricks, oil stones, abrasive files, honing guides and diamond whetstones. The D8 Diamond Sharp Whetstone by DMT measures 200mm in length and has been manufactured from the hardest material that sharpens efficiently without breaking, chipping, cracking or being marked with hollows or grooves. The D8 is available in extra fine, fine, and coarse grades and can be used without the need for any lubrication. The Faithfull Fluted Rubbing Brick is manufactured from Silicon Carbide which is a hard and abrasive material suitable for heavy-duty usage such as on floor tiles and concrete.

Tapes & Rules

Alca Tools is able to supply a wide selection of different tapes and rules including long, pocket and diameter tapes, measuring and surveyors rods, and rules manufactured from chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, wood and plastic. The T-NL Telescopic Measuring Rod by Stabila can extend to 5 metres in length and has been made in anodised aluminium. Suitable for visual leveling, the T-NL also has the ability to be docked with Stabila laser receivers and receiving units for superb accuracy. The Lufkin W606PD Diameter Tape features graduated diameter inches along the steel tape that allows the user to read diameters with accuracy and ease.

Planers, Biscuit Jointers & Routers

At Alca Tools, we hold a wide range of planers, biscuit jointers and routers in stock including both mains powered and cordless planers, and laminate trimmers. The Black & Decker KW750K Planer has been designed to be durable and able to create smooth results via its 750W electric motor. With 2 reversible TCT blades of high quality, the KW750K has a fantastic length of life as well. The DW682K Biscuit Jointer from DeWalt offers precision vertical adjustments and fence alignment thanks to its rack and pinion control. Fine adjustments can also be achieved with the use of the plunge depth adjustment.


Alca Tools can supply a huge selection of different sanders including 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 sheet orbital sanders, cordless sanders, belt sanders, powered paint strippers and polishers among many more. The DeWalt D26453 Random Orbit Palm Sander provides a professional finish with an adjustable speed motor than can go from 7,000 up to 12,000 orbits per minute. The KA900E Powerfile Belt Sander from Black & Decker features a 13mm sanding belt that is perfectly suited for sanding, sharpening, filing, shaping and removing rust. It also has a dust canister with cyclonic action which collects dust and keeps your work area clean.

Workshop Machines

Alca Tools can supply a great selection of workshop machines from bench morticers and drills and planer thicknessers to belt and disc sanders and wood lathe accessories. The BT-EW150V Electric Welder from Einhell has an adjustable current and is packed into a compact and highly portable body. Ideal for joining pipes, flat or angled steel and many others, the thermostatic control helps the unit to avoid overheating. The DeWalt DW733 Portable Thicknesser features a head lock function that fixes the cutter head into place thus removing any possible movement in the cutter allowing you to achieve a high quality finish with ease.

Discs - Cutting & Grinding

A wide selection of cutting and grinding discs can be found at Alca Tools from metal cut off discs and metal grinding discs to stone grinding discs and multi-purpose discs. The Faithfull Multi-Cut Thin Cut Off Wheels are universal discs able to be used on a range of different construction and fabrication materials. With a thickness of just 1mm, these discs offer efficient cutting whilst minimising the create of dust and waste as well as heat. They are also ideally suited for cutting composite materials and are available in three of the most widely used sizes.

Cable Reels, Site Lights & Transformers

Alca Tools stocks a fantastic range of cable reels, site lights and transformers including portable lights, 110 volt fittings, trailing and extension leads, cable reels, circuit breakers and 240 volt plugs and sockets among many more. The Facom LED Inspection Lamp provides cordless high impact light with the ability to remain constantly bright at 800 lux for 6 hours guaranteed. Easy to wind and unwind, the SMJ CB1513 Revolution Ball Cable Reel has an innovative design that is able to follow you and feed out 15 metres of cable automatically when it is required without any interruptions to the supply of power.

Screwdriver Insert Bits & Adaptors

Alca Tools is able to provide a wide selection of screwdriver insert bits and adapters from many leading brands such as Bahco, DeWalt, Faithfull, Black & Decker, Wera, Britcool, Irwin, Stanley, Witte, Metabo, Blue Spot and Milwalkee. The DeWalt DT71511-QZ Drilling and Screwdriving Set is made up of 35 separate pieces all packed into a durable and highly portable storage case. All pieces are impact rated and designed for use with metal drilling and screwdriving applications. The Irwin 1/4 Inch Quick Release Bit Holder has been specifically designed to be used with higher torque power tools and provides a greater clearance between the tool and the fastener.

Digging & Cultivating

A huge choice of digging and cultivating products can be found at Alca Tools such as border forks and spades, digging forks and spades, manure forks, hoes, cultivators, rakes, and hand forks and trowels. The Bulldog Premier Digging Fork has been specifically designed to be used by professional gardeners, contractors and landscapers. With tines that have been solid forged from carbon steel and with a handle and shaft made from solid ash, this durable  fork comes with a 15 year guarantee. The Roughneck Landscape Rake has a wide head which aids easy raking over larger areas of wood chips, bark, mulch and lightweight gravel.

Watering Products

With a huge range of watering products in stock, Alca Tools can provide everything from hose reels and spray lances to sprinklers and micro irrigation components. The Hozelock 2412 Compact Hose Reel and Hose set is a lightweight, compact and free-standing unit that comes supplied with its own 25m multi-purpose hose. The hose also comes with two hose end connectors, a threaded connector for taps and an adjustable nozzle. The Hozelock 2826 Waterbutt Pump provides a high pressure flow of up to 2,200 litres of water per hour which allows you to utilise stored rainwater more easily and effectively.


Alca Tools stocks a huge range of different fixings including plastic and nylon wall plugs, cavity wall fixings, frame fixings, lightening bolts, drop in fixings, resin chemical anchor studs, worktop clamps, cable ties, jubilee clips, and picture fixings to name but a few. The Forgefix Cavity Wall Speed Plug Kit comprises of 200 speeds plus and 200 screws made from zinc alloy with a cutting tip that has been specifically designed to pierce plasterboard with ease. The kit also contains its own screwdriver. Forgefix Worktop Clamps are designed to remove the need for worktop joining strips on the surface and are zinc plated for a long-lasting finish.

Riveting & Soldering

Alca Tools is fully equipped to provide a wide range of riveting and soldering products including riveters and rivets, soldering irons, soldering guns, solder, and soldering strands among many more. The Arrow RHT300 Swivel Head Rivet Tool is manufactured from steel and features a spring loaded handle which makes loading and ejecting rivets a much easier task. With a head that can rotate 360°, the RHT300 is able to rivet at any angle. The Weller 8100UD Expert Soldering Gun provides instant heat for soldering, sealing and cutting with tips that are interchangeable. The spotlight feature provides an excellent level of illumination for intricate work.

Building Consumables

Alca Tools has a huge choice of building consumables covering everything from bonding agents and fire cement to line marking paint and flashing tape. Cemstrip from Everbuild is an innovative cement remover offering a much more environmentally friendly option for cleaning off cement, concrete and mortar than traditional hydrochloric acid based cleaners. Able to create an instantaneous waterproof seal even when damp, Evo-Stik's DIY Flashband & Primer Flashing Tape can be applied without the need for specialist tools and offers at least 15 years of protection. Made up of lacquer, foil, membrane and bitumen adhesive in four layers, this tape is ideally suited for flashing, guttering, glazing bars and repairs.

Electrical Fittings

Alca Tools stocks a vast selection of electrical fittings including energy saving light bulbs, light switches, face plates, junction boxes, fuses, shaver sockets, night lights, travel adaptors, blanking plugs, electricians tape and timers. The Eveready Linear ECO Halogen Bulb is friendly to the environment and provides low energy light via UV stop glass that helps to reduce ultra violet radiation causing a bleaching effect on nearby materials. The SMJ Avantix Digital 4 Button Timer is able to produce up to 10 on/off cycles every day as well as individual and daily cycles. Operated with four function buttons, information is displayed via an LCD screen.

Decorating - Painting Tools

Alca Tools holds a huge variety of decorating and painting tools in stock including brushes, paint kettles, rollers, pads, thinners and brush cleaners. The Woodcare Shed and Fence Brush by Faithfull measures 120mm by 40mm and is a wide brush perfectly suited for painting and staining all manner of timber buildings and constructions such as fences and sheds. Made using synthetic bristles, this brush is compatible with the majority of wood care products for outdoor use on the market. We can also supply Polycell Brush Cleaner in 500ml bottles that can effectively remove all paint residue from brushes using strong detergents that break the paint down.

Hand & Workshop Cleaners

Alca Tools stocks a wide choice in hand and workshop cleaners and wipes including degreaser, sun protection and skin safety cradles. The Swarfega Van Cradle Complete Starter Kit is designed to be installed in tight spaces and provides a quick and economical sanitising solution with up to 750 applications able to be dispensed from each cartridge. The starter kit comes with CRH36V Hand Cleaner that removes dirt without the need for water; CRC340 Protective Cream which helps to protect the skin against contaminants whilst being perfume and grease free; and CRA360 Hand Sanitiser in an alcohol-based gel form that protects and disinfects the hands of bacteria.


Alca Tools can supply a wide variety of torches from a number of different brands including LED Lenser, Lighthouse, Maglite and Stanley. The Lighthouse Extender is a multipurpose torch that provides a number of different functions including an LED spotlight, two LED pull-out floodlights, and red warning LEDs that flash. The swivel head allows you to direct the spotlight to where it is most needed while the pull-out floodlight function comprises of two sets of 15 LEDs that pull out of the top and bottom able to provide up to 6 hours of continuous illumination when used separately. The Extender comes with both a mains charging unit and an in-car adapter for charging on the move.

Penknives & Leisure Tools

Alca Tools is fully equipped to supply a great choice of penknives and leisure tools such as zip tools, Swiss Army knives, multi-tool pliers, flasks, thermometers and scales. The Ultimate Knife from Gerber's Bear Grylls Survival Series is a 10in fixed blade serrated knife that is ideal for cutting rope thanks to the high carbon, stainless steel blade with a drop point. The Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool is a small yet highly functional set of pliers that also contain a carabiner, a serrated knife, a bottle opener, V-cut wire cutters, a flat head screwdriver, and a Philips head screwdriver. This multi-tool is ideal for everyday use, with a weight of just 5oz.

Pest Control

Alca Tools can supply a huge range of pest control products including electronic rodent control, rodent traps, rodent baits, cage traps, cat and dog control, household and garden pest control, mole control, insect control and clothing care. The Renotokil Ultrasonic Repeller is an ultrasonic weatherproof unit that is inaudible to humans and poison free ideal for deterring all manner of animal pest, including foxes, squirrels, dogs and cats, from your garden day and night with a range of 10 metres. The Beacon Mouse and Rat Repeller emits an ultrasonic frequency as well as an electromagnetic frequency that transmits through all of your electrical cables for amazing effectiveness in deterring rodents from your building.

Clothing & Workwear

A great selection of clothing and workwear is available from Alca Tools including Hi-Visibility clothing, jackets, gilets, knee pads, gloves, boilersuits, coveralls and work aprons among much more. The Scan Hi-Vis Motorway Jacket is available in both yellow and orange and provides waterproof protection thanks to its polyurethane coating, taped seams, storm flap and stowaway hood. The quilted lining made from nylon also offers great insulation for extra warmth. The DeWalt Framer Gloves are manufactured in spandex, neoprene and synthetic leather for great flexibility and comfort. The Velcro wrist fastener allows the wearer to achieve as custom fit while the three missing fingers are ideal for specialist handling.

Personal Protection Equipment

With a wide selection of personal protection equipment available from masks and respirators to helmets and goggles, Alca Tools are confident that we can find the right products to suit your PPE requirements. Available in packs of 20, the Moldex MOL2555 Classic Mask provides FFP3 protection against dust, as well as water- and oil-based mists and fumes. The Scan Standard SNR26 Ear Defenders provide lightweight protection with the ability to create a reduction in noise of 26 decibels whilst still letting the user hear regular conversation. Soft PVC ear cushions, a flexible headband and a cup height that can be adjusted, provides a comfy fit.

Toolboxes & Tool Storage

Alca Tools stocks a comprehensive range of toolboxes and tool storage systems including metal barn, metal cantilever, metal chest, and plastic style toolboxes, toolbags, secure site storage and in-vehicle storage among many other products. We also stock DeWalt Toughsystem products such as the Toughsystem Trolley and 3 DS Tool Boxes that provide a modular and mobile storage solution allowing you to quickly and easily assemble and transport different combinations of tools. We also stock a great selection of tote bags such as the PI562T Bucket Mate bag that features 39 external pockets and 18 waterproof internal pockets as well as a cordless drill holster and various snap loops designed to hold smaller items.

Tool Holders, Pouches & Belts

Alca Tools stocks a wide selection of tool holders, pouches and belts including toolbelts, carpenters aprons, tool pouches, work belts, and chisel, bit and tool rolls. The Leather Chisel Roll by Faithfull features 8 pockets of various sizes and is manufactured from suede leather that is water-resistant and double stitched at the stress points for extra strength. The Irwin R72500 Electricians Pouch has the ability to be mounted onto your belt and has a variety of different pockets, pouches, holders, clips and hooks for effectively storing some of the most common tools used by electricians.

Workbenches & Workmates Trestles

With a wide range of workbenches and Workmates trestles, Alca Tools are confident we can provide the right product to suit your requirements. The Logger's Mate from Roughneck is a lightweight yet extremely strong saw bench that is simple to put up and stores flat for easy storage and transportation. It uses a vice-like grip to securely hold timber and logs in place at the ideal cutting height. We also stock the Stanley Junior Saw Horse Twin Pack, manufactured from lightweight plastic whilst being able to cope with a maximum load of 340kg when used together. Non-slip feet made from rubber have been including for safety when in use.

Safety Signs, Smoke & Fire Detection

Alca Tools is able to supply a wide range of safety signs and smoke and fire detection equipment such as hazard warning signs, fire safety signs, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and warning tapes. The Kidde KSPD2G Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher is a dry powder fire extinguisher of large capacity that is suitable for extinguishing fires associated with wood, paper and textiles, liquids including petrol, oil and paint, and, flammable gases as well as electrical fires. The Scan First Aid Kit can cope with up workplaces of up to 100 employees with the contents having been approved by British Standards.

Paints & Spray Paints

Alca Tools is fully equipped to supply a huge selection of paints and spray paints including enamel paint, blackboard paint, floor and tile paint, primers and undercoats, radiator and heat paints, rust remover, metallic spray paint and damp protection. Hammerite Direct to Rust Smooth Finish Paint can be applied straight onto rusted surfaces and features a 3-in-1 formula which removes the need for an undercoat or primer. The paint provides a barrier against moisture as well as being resistant to corrosion which makes it the ideal paint for use on a wide range of outdoor metalwork including railings, gates, guttering, drainpipes and outdoor furniture.

Tiling Tools & Adhesives

Alca Tool stocks a wide choice of tiling tools and adhesives including powered, flat bed and hand tile cutters, laminate cutters, profile gauges, tile scorers, tile saws, tile grout, tile spacers, grouting tools and tile wash kits. The Laminate Scoring Knife by Faithfull has a double ended blade that has been dipped in Tungsten Carbide for superb durability as well as a contoured grip for ease of use. Unibond Tile On Walls Anti-Mould Readymix Adhesive & Grout is a comprehensive solution for tiling and even helps to prevent the growth of mould in the bathroom with a water-repelling formulation.


Alca Tools can provide a wide selection of sealants suitable for many different applications including for glazing, roofing, kitchens and bathrooms as well as multi-purpose and specialist sealants and all the related accessories and tools. Weather Mate Sealant from Everbuild is suitable for sealing the perimeter pointing on window and door frames as well as all types of exterior weather sealing. With a high level of water and rain resistance, Weather Mate has a lifespan of 25 years and can even be painted over once cured. UniBond's Silicone Sealant Remover is a gel-based product that is able to break down cured silicone sealant quickly and effectively to facilitate removal.

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