We have been representing European and American manufacturers of specialist equipment for use in the petrochemical, gas, oil, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and waste water industries for over fifty years.

Our principals' products are noted for their technical reliability.

  • BONO (Water treatment plants, industrial boilers & heat)    
  • Ensival - Moret Group (Pumping products; ISO 9001 Certified)    
  • I.S.G S.r.l (Drying & purification packages; ISO 9001 Certified)
  • Jensen Mixers Int'l (side entry tank mixers)
  • Kohler & Horter GMBH (Koho reciprocating process gas compressors; ISO 9001 Certified)
  • RF Tek OY (High performance & air-actuated pinch valves; ISO 9001 Certified)
  • Roth Pump Company (Low NPSH regenerative turbine pumps)
  • Seko Bono Exacta (Metering and process pumps; chemical dosing & injection packages; ISO 9001 Certified)
  • Strahman MG (Wide range of valve products and customisation; ISO 9001 Certified)
  • Strahman Valves Inc. (Valve products; ISO 9001 Certified)
  • Vergaengineering S.p.A. (Fired heaters for chemical and petrochemical plants and refineries)
  • A & R Wilfley & Sons Inc. (Dynamic Seal Pumps)

Sampling Valves - Visit our website

Sampling valves are used in many process industries for obtaining live representative samples from piping and process vessels.

Piston (or Plunger) type sample valves have no dead space providing a sediment crust breaking and clog free operation which is ideally suited to sampling viscous slurries and chemicals including: Asphalts, Bitumens, Glues, Molasses, Paints, Paper Stocks, Polymers, PP, PTA, Sugar Syrups, Tars & Waxes etc.

Options include: Screwed Flanged or Flanged Wafer Insert Mounted, Extended Pistons, Soft Seated or Metal Seated Heat Jackets, Handle, Lever or Pneumatic Operation and a range of pressure classes and materials of construction from stainless steel to exotic alloys.

Disc type sample valves provide a quick ¼ turn operation with spring to close (Dead Man’s Handle).

Sampling valves are also ideally suited to be used in reverse for injection purposes to guarantee process injection points are kept clear.

Tank Outlet Valves - Visit our website

We can offer a wide range of tank outlet valves providing customers with a great deal of flexibility when choosing an outlet valve for tank or process vessel.

Piston (or Plunger) type are available with extended pistons for crust breaking operation.

Disc type outlet valves can be supplied with the disc rising into the tank, or lowering away from the tank when opening. 

Options include: Soft Metal or Dual Seated, Dismountable Seats, Contoured Pistons for Flow Control, Heat Jackets, Bellows Seal, Live Loaded Packing, Temperature Probes and a range of pressure classes and materials of construction from stainless steel to exotic alloys.

Steam Water Mixers - Visit our website

We offer a variety of mixing units and hose stations for the safe and efficient mixing of: 

Steam & Cold Water – Manual or thermostatically controlled.

Hot & Cold Water - Manual or thermostatically controlled.

Bronze, Chrome Plated or Stainless Steel Wall, Cabinet or Pedestal mounted.

Mixing units are supplied with hose racks, hot water hoses and spray nozzles and provide a robust and reliable solution to plant washdown requirements.

Dynamic Seal Pumps - Visit our website

Dynamic seal pumps can operate without a packed gland or expensive mechanical seals.

Rotation of the pump impeller and expeller (or repeller) produces an effective hydro-dynamic seal when in operation. 

When the pump is at rest a static seal re-seats on the pump shaft to prevent leakage.

Benefits include: ‘’Seal less’’ design that requires no mechanical seal.   No water / gland flush external piping pump required. No product dilution or contamination by seal flushing liquid.  No rubbing parts, so the pump can run dry indefinitely.

Ideally suited to abrasive chemical slurry duties the pumps are available in a variety of especially hard wearing alloys or can be rubber lined.

Applications include: Aggregates, Ammonium Nitrates, Caustic Soda, Cement, Dap, Heavy Minerals, Lime, Slurry, Nitric Acid, Oleum, Phosphoric Acid, Potash, Sugar, Urea, Waste Water & Zinc.

We can also supply these pumps with a mechanical seal if required.

Ball Valves - Metal Seated - Visit our website

Our metal-seated ball valves are essential for use in high-temperature, abrasive and corrosive applications. These valves are manufactured from high strength materials to be and tough and robust for long-term use.

Diverter Valves Multi - Way - Visit our website

We are pleased to provide multi-way diverter valves suitable for a wide range of applications. Please contact us with your requirements or for advice and information regarding our range and its suitability to your applications.

Wash Down Equipment - Visit our website

We also supply a variety of top of the range wash-down systems. These are manufactured from high quality materials and are easy to clean and maintain. Please contact us at .J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd to find out more about our fantastic range of wash-down equipment.

Pinch Valves - Visit our website

We also supply pinch valves. These valves are a full bore or fully ported types of control valve that operates using a pinching effect to obstruct the flow of fluid. We supply various different types of pinch valves to suit different industry requirements. Please contact us to find out more.

Tank Mixers - Visit our website

A.J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd offers a wide range of high quality mixers to suit various tank applications. Our tank mixers feature different options to suit open or closed tanks. If you cannot find the tank mixer you are looking for or would like some advice or further information, please contact us at A.J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Compressors - Visit our website

We also provide the industry with a great range of reciprocating compressors. These types of compressors feature pistons that are driven by a crankshaft to deliver gases at high pressure. They are widely used in applications and industries such as oil refineries, gas pipelines, chemical plants, natural gas processing and refrigeration plants. Please contact us at A.J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd to find out more.

Gas Processing - Dehydration - Visit our website

We also provide equipment for the processing of natural gas. This processing involves the separation of the many hydrocarbons and fluids from the pure natural gas to produce dry natural gas. It generally follows four main stages: Oil and condensate removal, water removal, separation of natural gas liquids and sulfur and carbon dioxide removal. Please contact the team at A.J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd to find out more about our range of incredible equipment for the processing of natural gas.

Industrial Refrigeration - Visit our website

Our knowledge and experience in the industry enables us to provide a range of high industrial refrigeration equipment that will be reliable and long-lasting in all kinds of industries. We offer refrigeration units with different temperature ranges to suit different customer/ industry requirements. All of our equipment is manufactured to extremely high standards and is supplied at competitive prices.

Thermostatic Mixing Units and Hose Stations - Visit our website

We also provide the industry with a fantastic range of thermostatic mixing units and hose stations to suit different customer requirements. Please contact us with your project requirements.

Hot & Cold Water Mixing Units - Visit our website

Hot and cold water mixing units feature a mixing valve to blend hot and cold water sources in order to provide distributed water at a constant temperature. Please contact us at A.J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd to find out more about our range of hot and cold water mixing units.

Pumps - Visit our website

AJG Waters Ltd supplies a range of pumps from leading global manufacturers including Ensival Moret, Seko, Roth Pump Company and Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps.  This selection of brand leaders gives us the ability to stock a comprehensive choice of pumps to suit a wide range of applications and includes: plunger and diaphragm type metering pumps, triplex plunger pumps, regenerative turbine pumps for low NPSH applications, centrifugal pumps with hydrodynamic sealing as well as specialist centrifugal pumps suited to applications such as chemical processing, solar power, desalination,  the fertiliser industry, naval, oil & gas, polyolefin industry and Sugar & bio-hazard industries.  



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  • AR Wilfley & Sons Inc Dynamic Seal Pumps
  • Deplechin Centrifugal Pump
  • Ensival Moret Centrifugal Pump
  • Fapmo Centrifugal Pump
  • Kestner Centrifugal Pump
  • RF Tek Valves Pinch
  • Seko Dosing pumps
  • Strahman Valves sampling, Tank Outlets, Steam & Water Mixers

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