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Aircon Direct for Cars are your specialists in Vehicle Air Conditioning. Whether it's a car, truck, coach, agricultural tractor, combine harvester, or industrial plant vehicle, we have the experience and expertise to service, troubleshoot, repair and recharge your air conditioning systems. So if you are tired of freezing in the winter – that is usually not an airconditioning problem but mostly a heater fault. Only rarely would we be able to help with this.  BUT!!!!!

Throughout the year the removal of moisture (misting) on the screen and other glassware is a function of the Aircon system – this is something that we are able to cure – if the AC is working correctly then mist will clear very quickly, as if by magic. 

Though we do not install new systems, our experience in the field means we probably know someone who can. There are three good reasons for choosing Aircon Direct for Cars over others – Firstly, with over 37 years in the Air-Con sector, we have all the expertise to deal with virtually any problem; whatever it is, we've probably encountered it before. Secondly, we have invested heavily in our equipment, so that all services are undertaken professionally and effectively. Our large vans are able to carry all the equipment we need to locations around London and the South East. Lastly, we believe in honesty – that means completing only the jobs that NEED doing! We'll never try to pull the wool over your eyes. So for a professional, reliable air-conditioning service, give Aircon Direct for Cars a call today!

Aircon Direct to Your Door

Aircon Direct for Cars covers a wide area of south eastern England, coming to directly to your door to service, repair, and recharge your vehicle air-conditioning systems. Whether you need us to come to your home or a business address, we bring our specially equipped vans and get on with the job. This usually takes about an hour. To find out if we operate in your area, just head to our website where you'll find a full list of the postcodes we cover.


Aircon Direct for Cars will never mislead you into believing you need your air-conditioning system repaired unless it really needs doing. The business has been operating for nearly 40 years, and for 15 of those we have been specialising in vehicle aircon repair. So you can trust us for a professional, efficient and effective service. If you would like to discuss your problems, all you need to do is get in touch – we're just a phone call away!

Convert R12 to R134a

Since 1993, all newly manufactured cars have used the R134a refrigerant as a more environmentally friendly option as compared with the most commonly used air-conditioning refrigerant, R12, an environmentally damaging CFC. While R12 continued to be used for recharging the AC systems on cars manufactured before 1993, that changed in 2001 when CFCs were banned creating the need to convert older vehicles to R134a. Aircon Direct for Cars is fully equipped to carry out such conversions and have already done so on a huge number of vehicles including classic and rare models such as the Nissan Figaro and the Delorean as well as Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Ferraris. For most vehicles, we charge just £105 plus VAT for conversion and recharging.

AC Fault Diagnosis

If you have had your car’s air-conditioning gas recharged, but are still suffering with an inefficient A/C output, Aircon Direct’s mobile fault diagnosis service is a convenient way to get you cool again. This comprehensive service is tailored to your vehicle and we use a number of different diagnostic techniques and high tech equipment to ascertain the specific complication with your vehicle, whether it be an electrical fault, a system leak or a problem with the compressor or condenser fans.  The complexities of modern vehicles means the issue could be linked to any one of a number of components. Once identified, our engineer will rectify the problem and get you cool again as quickly as possible.



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