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Hertfordshire based, Air Energy Ltd, specialises in compressed air sales, installation, and services and provides services to customers in Hertfordshire, North London and the surrounding counties. We are pleased to work with many leading names in the industry which enables us to provide our customers with a comprehensive product range. Examples of our range includes Lubricated Screw Fixed Speed Compressors, Hydrovane Compressors, Variable Speed Compressors, Piston Compressors, Oil Free Compressors, Portable Compressors, Filters for Compressed Air Installations, Refrigerant, Desiccant and Membrane Dryers, Condensate Management, Heat Recovery, Controls, and Nitrogen Generators. We are able to provide complete project services which include plant room design and layout, design and installation of pipe-work and ducting, provision for suitable ventilation, installation and commissioning. We work closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements in order to meet and surpass their needs and requirements to the highest of standards. We also offer a range of servicing packages for the smooth running of your equipment as well as a 24-hour emergency call-out service. Our highly trained technical team is on hand to provide advice and support whenever it is needed. Please visit our website to find out more about our services, or call us at Air Energy Ltd for further information.

Air Compressors

Here at Air Energy we are pleased to work with many leading companies. This means enables us to provide customers with a fantastic range of top quality compressors and related products. Our range of compressors includes lubricated screw, rotary vane, variable speed, piston and oil free compressors as well as a range of downstream equipment including filters, dryers, condensate management, and heat recovery. Please visit our website to view our range, or contact our friendly team at Air Energy Ltd to find out more about our solutions. We are sure to be able to meet your needs.

BOGE Compressors

BOGE has been in the industry for more than 100 years and is well-respected for its quality air supply system solutions. BOGE supplies a wide range of compressors including oil injected screw compressors, oil injected screw compressors frequency controlled, oil lubricated piston compressors, oil-free compressed air, BLUEKAT screw compressors, oil free screw compressors, and oil free piston compressors. Please contact us with your requirements and for advice and information on choosing the compressor most suitable for your requirements.

Hydrovane Compressors

Our range of Hydrovane Compressors is widely used in a range of industries such as automotive, food and beverage, energy, and manufacturing. The Hydrovane Series offers reliable models that are versatile and powerful to meet a range of industry requirements that require high quality, compressed gas. All models within the range operate with low noise levels enabling them to be used and installed in all kinds of production areas. They are also available in open format or can be fitted with enclosure panels upon request to reduce noise levels even further. Please visit our website to find out more about ourcost-effective range of quality Hydrovane Air Compressors.

CompAir Compressors

We are pleased to supply a fantastic range of CompAir products. CompAir has been providing innovative solutions to the industry for many years and is well-respected as being a leading global supplier of high-performance and low operating cost compressors and ancillaries suitable for a wide range of industry applications. Compressors within the range include oil-free compressors, oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors, heat recovery, portable compressors, standard piston compressors, and more.

Screw Compressors

Our extensive range of Lubricated Screw Fixed Speed Compressors includes the CompAir LO4-L22 series, CompAir L30 - L132 series, CompAir Airstation, and BOGE C Series. All of our rotary screw compressors can be supplied in sizes to suit different output requirements and can be driven by a fixed speed drive motor or with our variable speed drive system. The volume control can also be controlled to meet changing demands. Our complete range of BOGE compressors includes oil-free and variable speed models. Our screw fixed speed compressors are currently supplied with 6 months or 44,000 hours of warranty. Please check warranty details when ordering as warranty may be subject to change.

Variable Speed Compressors

Our fantastic CompAir LRS and Hydrovane RS are robust machines designed to provide excellent energy savings. The LRS-series is designed to accurately maintain a set pressure while responding instantly to changes in air demand. These machines maintain air system pressure at an exact pre-set level to eliminate the need to operate within pressure bands. Our complete range of variable speed compressors provides better efficiency over other conventional variable speed drive systems. Energy consumption of these machines is in near perfect proportion to demand - the wasted energy of conventional regulation systems can be saved.

Energy Efficient Compressors

We provide UK Government approved energy saving products that have been included under the Government’s own unique categories as part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. The CompAir Switched Reluctance and Regulated Speed compressor drive systems feature in the CompAir LVS and LRS Series rotary screw and Hydrovane HVRS series rotary vane compressors and operate efficiently to precisely match the power consumption with air demand using only sufficient energy for the job. Benefits include reduced energy costs, improved process and product quality, reduced electrical and mechanical loads, economical to maintain and they are easy to install and operate.

Portable Compressors

Our CompAir C Series compressors are widely used in various industries. We provide more than 30 models to suit all kinds of applications. These models feature pressure ranges from 7 to 24 Bar (101 to 350psi). A wide range of optional extras are available in order to tailor the compressor to meet your requirements. Options include adjustable tow bars, built in A/C generators on certain models, additional filtration, built in after-coolers, tool lubricators, road lights, pneumatic hose reels as well as customer’s own branding opportunites. We also supply a fantastic range of other CompAir tools. Please contact us at Air Energy Ltd for further information.

Reavell Compressors

We supply a wide range of high pressure systems for use in various industries such as CNG & BioGas, Breathing Air, Industrial Air & Gas, Offshore & Marine, and Defence. Reavell is a well-respected company that supplies compressed natural gas refuelling to customers across five continents. We are pleased to supply a range of Reavell compressors to our customers. Key features include well balanced compressor design, anti-vibration mounts and flexible connections, no special foundations required, individual compression stage separation, reduced moisture carryover between stages, increased component life, explosion-proof and safe terminal boxes, flexible connections, and single outlet manifold for all pressure safety valves.

Nitrogen Generators

Parker Hannifin is the world leader in the manufacture of motion and control technologies and systems and has been providing expert precision-engineered solutions to various industries for many years. We are pleased to provide customers with a range of compressors that meet small to medium requirements, medium requirements, and medium to large requirements. Our Parker generators feature high-quality separation technology for the separation of gas mixtures. The generators feature the production of nitrogen-enriched or oxygen-enriched air from compressed air. Please contact us to find out more about our Parker generators.

Air Dryers

We supply the industry with a range of high-quality air dryers. Our range features some of the latest air dryer technology and provides many benefits such as high efficiency, environmentally friendly R134a and R404a refrigerant, low pressure dew points, minimum space requirements, easy installation and low maintenance, energy saving controls, and more. Brands within our range include CompAir Dryers, BEKO Dryers, Silicair Dryers, and Walker Dryers. Models by these brands feature refrigerant, desiccant and membrane dryer systems. Please visit our website for further information and to view images. Or, please call us at Air Energy Ltd with your queries.

Walker Filters

We also supply a range of filters manufactured by Walker Filtration. Walker Filtration is a UK based company that specialises in the design and manufacture of various industrial air filtration and drying technologies. Items within the range include compressed air filters, vacuum pump filtration and medical sterile filters, laser smoke evacuators, desiccant dryers, filter elements, air/oil separators and vacuum pump separators. We supply Walker Filters for use in a wide range of industry applications including air and gas, vacuum and medical filtration.

Piston Compressors

We are pleased to offer more than 20 different models of piston compressors. The V-Major range and the V-Compact range are suitable for use with a wide range of applications and offer long-term, reliable use. Our piston compressors are widely supplied as vacuum pumps, booster compressors or for the compression of gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane and biogas. We also offer BOGE piston compressors. These compressors have been on the market for more than 80 years and are well known for their reliability and robust design. Various options are available with the BOGE range such as oil-free, oil lubricated, equipped with compressed air receive or refrigerant dryer, mobile or stationary.

Oil Free Compressors

Our range of oil free compressors features the CompAir D-Series and the CompAir DH-Series. The CompAir series are designed to eliminate oil carryover in the compressed air. The removal of oil from the compression process also allows operators to work with maximum environment efficiency. Our oil free compressors are widely used in industries such as automotive, aviation, petro-chemical, power generation, shipping and utilities as well as industries where compressed air is in direct contact with the products being manufactured such as food and drink, pharmaceuticals, electronics and textiles. Please call us at Air Energy to find out more about our CompAir oil free compressors.

Heat Recovery

Our fantastic heat recovery systems enable user to recover up to 94% of heat enabling it to be put to good use elsewhere. Heat recovery systems not only reduce energy consumption but also reduce your energy bill too. Please contact us at Air-Energy and speak to our CompAir representative to find out how much you could potentially save by introducing one of our heat recovery systems.

Condensate Management

We supply various condensate management systems such as condensate drains, oil water separators and zero-loss drains to remove condensation at specific locations of a system. Without condensation management in place various problems may occur such as:
Inconsistent supply of dry air can cause production quality problems
Excessive rust and scale can often form in the air distribution system
Air dryers can become overloaded
In-line filters can become destroyed.
Moisture washes lubrication from air tools and production equipment causing downtime and maintenance costs.
Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our condensation management solutions.


EnergAir Management Controllers: these controllers are designed to control up to 12 air compressors in single or multiple compressor locations. Its unique operating software enables users to overcome pressure imbalance between compressors. Various modular compressor interfacing products are available.
Expansion – Compressor and Compressor System Monitoring: these controls extend the EnergAir Management control system to enable the monitoring of equipment such as alarms, oil temperature, condition of rolling bearings and dryer and filter element conditions.
CompAir SmartAir Master: can control up to 12 compressors of any combination, fixed or variable speed. Benefits include the reduction of energy consumption due to tightening of the network pressure and keep load running to a minimum.


If you've any questions about Air Energy Ltd products or services feel free to ask them here.

Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Bambi Piston air compressors. The BAMBI Budget Range has been developed for those users where ultra low noise and high performance is essential. With sound levels from just 40dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi Budget Compressors can be located in the work area without causing any noise intrusion.
  • BEKOMAT Condensate Management Systems.
  • BOGE C Series Lubricated screw air compressors. Super quiet - very low noise levels Key features No v-belt and no gearbox. Compressor and motor are connected directly via a coupling – transmission losses are reduced to a minimum. Compact design lends itself to the following configurations: - as a compressor unit added to an existing compressed air installation - as a compressor system mounted on a compressed air receiver - as a compressed air centre complete with a refrigeration dryer, mounted on a compressed air receiver. C and CL Series 2.2 - 7.5 kWThe C series is available in the standard pressure of 8, 10 and 13 bar with the CL series available in 10 and 13 bar. Output capacities range from 0.234 - 1.200 m3/min, motor power 2.2 to 7.5kW. The C and CL series from Boge provides a small and quiet screw compressor ideally suited to the smaller industrial compressor user, such as garages and workshops. These small industrial compressors have already proven to be winners in their class where reliability and longevity are prerequisites for the end users.
  • Boge SRD125 Piston air compressors - SRD125, SRD250, SRD350, SRD500, SRD700, SRD1000, SRMD350, SRMD500, SR270, SR475, SR710, SR970, SR1330, SR2030, SR2600, SRM320, SRM450, SRM610, SRM800, SRM1100, SRM1640, SRM2030, SRH330, SRH460, SRH660, SRH940, SRH1250
  • CompAir D Series Oil free air compressors. Oil Free CompAir D series oil-free screw compressors100% oil-free compressed air - guaranteedNon-contact, non wearing labyrinth seals prevent bearing lubricant entering the compression chamber. Thrust balance pistons equalise the loads across the heavy duty low friction ball and roller bearing, allowing each bearing to achieve its optimum life expectancy.
  • CompAir DH Series Oil free air compressors. The new DH-Series offers a cost-effective oil-free solutionWe have extended our oil-free offering with the introduction of a new range of water-injected single screw compressors. Designed for applications where there is a need for high-quality 'active' air - air that comes into direct contact with the process it serves. The series is launched with 15, 22 and 37kW models.
  • CompAir L04-L22 Lubricated screw air compressors. Excellence in every detail CompAir compressors deliver high quality, cool compressed air ideal for a wide range of production processes. An air/oil separation system incorporating centrifugal, gravity and filtered separation ensures very low oil carryover. Versatile and Highly EfficientIndustries, both large and small, rely on CompAir rotary screw compressors for a supply of constantly high quality compressed air. L04-L22 lubricated screw compressors provide: outputs from 0.45 to 3.46 m3/min at pressures between 5 and 13 bar g, and all models are air cooled
  • CompAir L30-L250 Lubricated screw air compressors. Excellence in every detail, CompAir compressors deliver high quality, cool compressed air ideal for a wide range of production processes. An air/oil separation system incorporating centrifugal, gravity and filtered separation ensures very low oil carryover.
  • CompAir L-SERIES Variable Speed Compressors.
  • CompAir V-Compact Piston air compressors. The V-Compact is a free standing, single acting unit set on anti-vibration mounts and is suitable for air or water cooling. Lubricated or oil-Free Available from 1.5 to 10.5 bar g 18 to 63 kW.
  • CompAir V-Major Piston air compressor. The V-Major compressor is a slow speed, double acting, water cooled design lubricated or oil free available from 1.5 to 20.5 bar g 55 to 280 kW.
  • CompAir, Hydrovane, Boge, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Walker, Silicair Air Compressors, Filters and Dryers
  • DryPoint Compressed Air Dryers
  • EnergAir Management controllers Compressed air management systems harness individual air compressor pressure set-points & control target system pressure within fine limits to reduce generating costs, and ensures that the most efficient compressors (irrespective of manufacturer or type) are employed in the most efficient combination to suit a fluctuating air demand pattern.
  • HV01 - HV07RM Hydrovane compressors. Engineered to meet the most stringent of specifications this range is designed for a wide variety of applications including automobile, car body repair shops, dentistry, packaging and machine tools. Hypac Membrane Range HV01 to HV04 Horizontal Compressors
  • HV04 - HV45 Hydrovane compressors. The vertical Hydrovane compressor is a totally new concept building on the proven vane technology that has been continually developed over the last 50 years. Hypac Refrigerant Range HV04 to HV22 Integrated Vertical Compressors
  • HV55 - HV75 HV55 - HV75 Hydrovane compressors. Designed and engineered to satisfy the larger demands of industry. Fully enclosed, the direct drive compressor takes full advantage of the latest microprocessor technology for total compressor control.
  • Hydrovane HV07RS – HV75RS Variable speed compressors
  • JORC Condensate Management Systems
  • Parker Nitrogen Generators
  • Silicair Compressed Air Dryers
  • Walker Air filters.

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