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Aimer Products Ltd is a family run business that specialises in scientific and industrial glassblowing. The company was established in the early 1900s when it began by manufacturing the very first X-ray tubes and laboratory glassware. Now, Aimer Products Ltd supplies a wide range of glassware and services such as ASTM glassware, glass and tubing rod, amber staining, graduating, IP glassware, sintered glass, jointed glassware, and glass repairs. We also manufacture various bespoke glassware items to suit customers’ specific requests. We are regularly developing the company in order to meet industry demands. As such we are now able to manufacture our own brand of high vacuum greaseless stopcocks.

Our highly skilled team manufactures all the parts from the precision bore tubing to the PTFE pistons in our Enfield workshop. We provide all of our customers with a first class service and distribute orders quickly and efficiently. All orders are packaged safely and securely so that items are in perfect condition and ready to use. We are extremely proud of our high quality glassware ranges and the services we are able to provide the industry. Please take a look at our ranges of glassware and contact us with your enquiries.

High Vacuum Greaseless Stopcocks

We boast an exceedingly talented team who manufacture our very own high quality range of high vacuum greaseless stopcocks. The range features Straight through Taps, Right Angle Taps, In-line Taps. Double Oblique Taps, T-Shape Taps, T-Bore Taps, Needle Tap Valves, and General Purpose Stopcocks. All work is carried out following strict quality control procedures to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Sample Flasks

We supply a wide range of sample flasks. Sizes for each type are available in 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. Models vary with plain arms or ball joint arms and various joint sizes accordingly. Please follow the link to view our range and contact the team at Aimer Products Ltd with your enquiries.

Stopcock Right Angle Top

We also supply a range of robust right angle taps – fine thread or fast thread - to suit different specifications. Our stopcock sizes range from 1 – 25 and side arm 0/D and side arm I/D vary accordingly. Our technical team is on hand to provide all the advice and information you may need when ordering your high vacuum greaseless stopcocks. All of our products are manufactured to extremely high standards and are supplied at competitive prices.

Stopcocks Straight Through Tap

Our range of straight through taps – fine thread or fast thread – is designed and manufactured to be tough and long-lasting for use in various settings. Our stopcock sizes range from 1 – 25 and side arm O/D and side arm I/D vary accordingly. We also supply other greaseless stopcock equipment such as in-line taps, double oblique taps, T-shape taps, T-bore taps, needle tap valves, general purpose stopcocks, and more. Please visit our website to view the range.

Stopcock Spares

We supply a wide range of stopcock spares. Please visit our website to view our range, or contact the team at Aimer Products Ltd for further information.

Rain Gauges

We also supply various rain gauge measuring equipment to suit different requirements. All of our glass rain gauge measures are manufactured from borosilicate heat resistant glass and are extremely effective. Our range of rain gauges features the Rain Gauge Measure Flat Base Pattern (sizes range from 1/2inch to 50mm – funnel sizes vary accordingly), Rain Gauge Measure Camden/ Crowfoot Pattern (sizes range from 1/2inch to 50mm – funnel sizes vary accordingly), and Rain Gauge Measure MO Pattern sizes range from 1/2inch to 50mm – funnel sizes vary accordingly). Please see images and specifications on our website.

Sinter Discs

Our sintered discs, thimbles and glassware are manufactured from borosilicate glass and are resistant to all reagents apart from hydrofluoric acid and very strong alkalis. All products are manufactured on site which means we are able to produce models in a range of sizes up to 270mm. We advise that maximum temperatures should not exceed 400 degrees C to ensure there is no strain on the equipment. Our sinter discs are supplied in five porosity grades to suit different filtration requirements. Our porosity five grade is designed for bacterial filtration and is supplied by special order only.

Simax Glass

We are also pleased to supply a fine range of standard glassware from SIMAX. Please see our website to view the extensive list of glassware products available. All of these are supplied at competitive prices. Examples of the range include absorption tubes, beakers, burettes, columns, dishes, flasks, funnels, jars, measuring cylinders, stirring rods, stoppers, test tubes, tanks, pipettes, distillation heads, microscopic slides, mortar and pestle glass, and more. We are also able to modify items of glassware to suit specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your projects.

Glass Tube

We manufacture glass tubing in various sizes from 3mm to 350mm in diameter and can cut glass to specific lengths up to 1500mm long. We primarily supply borosilicate glass which is heat resistant and is ideally suitable to many applications. We use various manufacturing techniques to produce glass tubes that suit customer requirements. We can polish the edges, drill holes or manipulate by flame to product custom-made products. We provide a full list of sizes on our website. Wall thickness of the glass tubes range from 0.7mm thick on the small 3mm diameter tubing to 10mm thick on some of the larger sizes.

Glass Rod

We also supply glass rods in a range of diameters from 3mm up to 30mm. These can also be cut down into specific lengths up to 1500mm long and can be grinded or polished at the ends. Please see our online stock list for sizes or contact the team at Aimer Products Ltd with your enquiries and orders.


Our Orsat Analyser has been designed for applications that require the analysis of integrated or grab bag samples from fossil fuel emission sources. The Orsat Analyser is effectively used to determine carbon dioxide, oxygen and carbon monoxide concentrations from these samples. It features a jacketed burette for temperature stability, a stopcock manifold, and absorption vessels – all mounted in a carrying case. The graduated glass burette and absorption pipettes contain absorbing reagents to measure the percent of each gas in an integrated sample. Various models are available as well as a range of spares.

Centrifuge Tubes

Our highly skilled team is able to graduate laboratory glassware on-site. Examples include centrifugal tubes, burettes, burette stems, measuring cylinders, bottles, dean and stark receivers, receivers (crow types), and rain gauges. We use balances that are regularly checked and calibrated to calibrate products to Grade A standard. We are also able to calibrate and graduate customers’ own glassware. Please contact us at Aimer with your requirements.


We supply a wide range of high quality burettes. These are checked and calibrated to Grade A standards on-site. Please contact us or visit our website to find out more about our burette range as well as other glassware options and services that are available.


We are able to amber a wide range of glass types such as flasks, beakers, burettes, test tubes, bottles, separating funnels, light shades and glasses. This process is often essential for applications where substances are photosensitive – the amber helps to absorb harmful wavelengths. We supply a wide range of ambered glass and can also amber customers’ own items. Please contact us for further information.


Our glassware repairs service is often a cost effective solution for many customers as the repairs can be much cheaper than purchasing new, expensive replacement items. We would say that glass repairs are approximately a third to a half of the price of buying the same product new although we advise all customers to contact us first for costs and information.  We send out a special plastic box for the broken glassware to be sent back to us in safely and ensure quotes are agreed before any work is undertaken. All of our repairs are carried out to incredibly high standards. Please contact us to find out collection availability in your area.


Our highly talented and experienced design team is able to work from the simplest of design sketches and ideas. They then take the design and the dimensions to transform them into finished articles. Aimer works closely with customers at all stages of design and production to make sure the most effective result is reached. Design sketches and dimensions can be faxed, posted or emailed to us at Aimer Products Ltd and one of the team will be in touch with you shortly.

Profile Glass

Profiled glass rod and tube is available in a range of shapes and sizes with various inner and outer profiles. Standard rods and tube come in 1500 mm lengths, but these can be cut to size and polished according to your individual requirements. On our website you can find a full list of rod and tube profiles available for purchase. For more information, please get in touch with our customer service team on 020 8804 8282.

Graduating Laboratory Glassware

Aimer Products has a team of highly skilled technicians who are able to carry out a range of calibration tasks onsite or within our laboratory. They use a range of regularly checked and calibrated balances to calibrate laboratory glassware to Grade A standard. This includes calibration of centrifuge tubes, burettes, burette stems, measuring cylinders, bottles, dean and stark receivers, crow type receivers, rain gauges and various custom-made instruments. Visit us online to find out more.

Bespoke Glassware

Aimer Products Ltd has decades of experience in the field of premier quality bespoke glassware. We can manufacture a diversity of specialist handmade glassware to suit client requirements and specifications. We are experts in the field of scientific and industrial glassblowing and we always welcome a challenge when it comes to specialist pieces required by our long-term and one-off clients. Our highly skilled staff will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in order to assess your bespoke glassware needs. For more information on our products and services please visit the Aimer Products website or contact us by email, telephone or in person.

Glassware Product Range

As you would expect from a company established in the early 1900s, Aimer Products offers an extensive range of glassware products and services. We can offer bespoke glassware, ASTM glassware, glass tubing and rod, jointed glassware and amber staining. Our services also include petroleum testing glass, graduating, IP glassware and sintered glass. We also have the experienced staff and workshop equipment to carry out a wide range of glass repairs at cost-effective prices with quick turnaround times if needed. We welcome enquiries from long-term and new customers, and a copy of our current catalogue is available on request.

Contact Aimer Products Ltd

Aimer Products Ltd is based in Stockingswater Lane, Brimsdown in Enfield. We can be contacted by telephone, fax and email, and contact details are available via the Aimer Products website. We have also included an online enquiry form for information, requests or quotes on any of our services and products. We welcome enquiries in person at our Enfield premises; directions to our premises are available at our website. Aimer Products welcome a challenge and we are more than happy to discuss any specialist glassware requests. For more information on our range of products and service please contact our dedicated sales team via email, telephone or in person.

Aimer Products Customer Service

At Aimer Products Ltd we understand that the longevity of our company is due to the high satisfaction levels of our customers. Over the years we have developed long-term business relationships with many of our customers who rely on us to manufacture high quality glassware products to their specifications. Our high levels of client satisfaction are a testament to our professional attitude, superior products, range of services and competitive pricing policy. We provide the same high levels of customer service regardless of the size of company we are working with and regardless of how big or small the order is.

Amber Staining Service

Aimer Products Ltd has decades of experience in the field of amber staining and we provide an extensive service to clients based throughout UK. We provide our amber staining service for both scientific and non-scientific products as well as providing a diversity of amber glassware products. Amber stained glass is the ideal solution when working with photosensitive substances as the amber will help to absorb harmful wavelengths. Aimer Products are experts in the field of amber staining and can produce high quality results at competitive prices. We are more than happy to amber stain glassware products supplied to us by our customers.

Amber Staining Glassware Products

At Aimer Products we have the expertise and skilled staff to amber stain most types of standard and custom glassware. We have provided a professional amber staining service to private and commercial companies as well as to individuals for many years. Our scientific glassware amber staining service can include products such as test tubes, burettes, flasks, bottles, separating funnels and beakers. We are also more than happy to amber stain glassware products such as light shades and glasses supplied to us by customers. We offer a very competitive pricing policy and can offer quick turnaround times if required.

Why Choose Aimer Products Ltd?

Our customers choose Aimer Products for their glassware needs due to our professional attitude, our high quality products and our extensive service range. Established in the early 1900s we are one of the most experienced glassware manufacturing companies in the UK and we are also one of the leading UK companies in the field of bespoke glassware. Our services are used by a diversity of private and commercial companies including the medical and scientific industry. Our customers rely on us to provide them with superior products manufactured to their exact specifications at cost-effective prices. For more information on our complete range of services please visit the Aimer Products Ltd website.

A1 Laboratory Supplies

A1 Laboratory Supplies is our sister company specialising in a product range running from laboratory equipment through to bespoke hand-made glassware. A1 Laboratory Supplies was created in 1968 and offer an extensive range of glassblowing services as well as sintered disc and glassware, custom graduated glass, new and modified products and an extensive repair service. A1 also offers services such as glass cutting and glass drilling, amber staining and silk screening. For more information on A1 Laboratory Supplies and their products and service range please visit the Aimer Products website or visit the A1 Laboratory Supplies website directly.

Orsat Spares

Our Orsat Gas Analyser webpage holds extensive details of the spares that we can provide for our customers. Aimer Products Ltd can supply absorption pipettes (either empty or with glass tubes or copper wires) and a variety of manifolds as well as various sizes of burettes. We can also offer dust traps, exhaust pumps, water jackets with or without bungs, explosion bulbs, palladium tubes, rubber tubing per meter and complete sets of glassware. Please visit the Aimer Product website for more information on our Orsat gas analysers and spares.



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