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Agralan is well-respected and recognised in the horticultural industry as market leader in the supply of high quality products used to reduce the use of pesticides.

We supply a wide range of products within the following categories: Insect Pest Control, Slug Control, Household Pests, Natural Pest Control, Gardening Friends, Sundries, Healthy Soil and Weed Control, Raised Beds and Cloches, Feeding, Watering, Sprayers, Enviromesh, Frost Protection and more.

Agralan was established in 1986 and has grown from strength to strength during the years since. We have developed and continue to develop a fantastic range of products that are designed to reduce, rationalise or avoid the necessity for pesticide application. Our experience in the industry and knowledge of biological pest control enables us to provide solutions that meet the needs of customers in today’s market.

Please visit our website to find out more about our services and to view our product range. Please call us at Agralan for further information or advice regarding crop protection.

Insect Pest Control

Please visit our website to view our excellent range of insect pest control products. We offer a wide range of products including Enviromesh, Enviromesh Tunnel Kit, Enviromesh Ultra Fine, Butterfly and Bird Protection Netting, Yellow Sticky Traps, Glue Bands, Insect Barrier Glue, Mini Yellow Sticky Traps, Mini Yellow Sticky Trap Holders, Pot Plant Sticky Traps, Whitefly Killer, Codling Moth Trap, Codling Moth Refill, Plum Moth Trap, Plum Moth Refill, Pea Moth Trap and Refill, Tortrix Moth Trap and Refill, Raspberry Beetle Trap and Refill and Leek Moth Trap and Refill. Please see all items online.

Gardening Friends

We also offer an excellent range of products in our ‘Gardening Friends’ category. Items include: Lacewing Chamber, Bumblebees for Pollination, Lacewing Chamber Refill, Lacewing Attractant, Bumblebee Nest, Mason Bee Nest/ replacement tubes and liners, Books on Bees, Butterfly Feeders, Grow Your Own Ladybirds, Ladybird Feeder and Ladybird Food. Please visit our website to view and order all items easily online. Our products are offered at competitive prices and delivered quickly and efficiently.

Healthy Soil and Weed Control

Agralan offers a range of high quality products designed to promote healthy soil and aid weed control. Our range includes: Revive (a natural aid to healthy root growth), Soil PH Testing Kit (a liquid and powder formula for testing of pH), Soil pH meter (with added features for ease of use), Soil Thermometer (in a strong metal case), Permealay (a black ground cover fabric that is permeable to water, air and nutrients), Permealay Pegs (15cm long black plastic pegs), and Biodegradable Mulch (biodegradable weed suppressant manufactured from GM)-free corn starch and vegetable oil.


We also offer an excellent range of feed products. The range includes: Comfrey Tonic (a natural organic liquid feed for tomatoes, fruit and flowers), Comfrey Pellets (an effective fertiliser for tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, soft fruit and flowering plants), Agrafeed F (an organic fertiliser with 100% vegetable origin), Agrafeed R (an organic fertiliser with 100% vegetable origin containing comfrey, seaweed and alfalfa, suitable for potatoes, carrots and other root crops), Granomax (spreads easily and accurately) and Aquamix (feeding and watering in one easy operation).


Our range of watering products includes: Holiday Watering Kit/ Greenhouse Watering Systems (based on the unique hortibottle reservoir and metering cap), Soaker Hose Kit (for easy garden irrigation), Soaker Hose Parts, Citrox (natural garden and greenhouse disinfectant for effective use against fungi and viruses), Capillary Matting with Cover (for greenhouse bench and holiday watering), Foxy Plus (can spray in any position), Nematode Applicator (hose end dilutor specially designed to apply nematodes for control of slugs, vine weevil, leatherjackets and chafers), and Trigger Spray Heads (designed to fit any plastic standard bottle).


We also offer a fantastic range of sprayers. Our range includes: Garden Star 5 (a compact five litre sprayer that is easy to fill and clean), Iris Knapsack Sprayer (features a heavy duty tank, brass trigger lance and nozzle), Foxy Plus (can spray in any position), Nematode Applicator (a hose end dilutor designed to apply nematodes for control of slugs, vine weevil, leatherjackets and chafers), and Granomax (for fast and even spreading of fertiliser, grass seeds, granules and grit). Please visit our website for further information and to view prices.

Enviromesh and Crop protection

Enviromesh is an excellent product that is widely used by organic growers for the protection of vegetable crops from pests, birds and the weather. Enviromesh has become increasingly popular with conventional growers for the protection of high value crops. Our range includes: Enviromesh rolls (fine mesh netting woven from U.V. stabilised polyethylene), Enviromesh Ultrafine (a very fine mesh woven from U.V. stabilised polyethene), Bird and Butterfly Crop Protection Netting (lightweight and durable anti-bird crop protection netting), Buzzline Birdscarer (effective bird deterrent) and Insect Barrier Glue (fits standard mastic gun).

Frost Protection

Our frost protection range is permeable to light and water and protects plants and crops from frost damage throughout the winter. Our range of frost protection products includes: Envirofleece 17g (high quality, non-woven, ideal for early growth), Envirofleece 30g (suitable for bedding plants, containerised stock and fruit), Envirofleece Plus (a high quality spun bonded fleecewith reinforced side edges for extra strength), and Envirotect (features a unique woven design for extremely strong cover and promotes higher air and soil temperatures to enhance plant growth). Please see full product details online.



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