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AGM Telematics Ltd specialises in vehicle tracking and GPS tracking with GPS vehicle tracking systems. The company was established in 2000 developing and delivering market leading GPS vehicle tracking systems and fleet management solutions to customers based across the UK.

Here at AGM we are proud to boast a fantastic team of individuals who work hard to provide customers with first class products and first class services. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount and we are committed to ensuring all of our customers receive the very best attention and care.

Vehicle tracking is now an essential business tool used in many different industries. In line with the challenging demands of the market we have developed Interlink, our innovative range of vehicle tracking systems. Interlink is designed to be simple and straight-forward to use while providing users with all of the tools necessary to meet their vehicle tracking requirements.

Vehicle & Fleet Tracking

Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our excellent vehicle and fleet tracking system, Interlink. Interlink has been expertly designed and created to assist businesses by increasing insight into fleet activity, usage and costings. Interlink is easy and straightforward to use and features all of the tools needed to meet customer tracking requirements. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about Interlink and discover which package is suitable for you. Or, alternatively, please contact us at AGM Telematics Ltd and we will provide all the information and advice you may need.

Trailer Tracking

We also supply Interlink Trailer. This excellent range of trailer tracking solutions enables users to locate trailers at all times. A range of options is available including:

  • Full Tracking: an ultra low power trailer tracker that provides a complete log of all trailer movements.
  • Trailer Tag Polled: a small, self-adhesive and self-contained asset tag configured to send positions between one and four times a day.
  • Trailer Tag Motion: a small, self-adhesive and self-contained asset tag configured to send positions when the trailer starts and ends movements.
  • Trailer Tag: this tag works in connection with the tractor unit having a tag reader and a tracking unit.

Plant Tracking

Interlink Plant is a fantastic system that has been specifically designed and manufactured to track, monitor and recover plant equipment. Interlink Plant is a low cost, reliable solution for locating all plant equipment. It is waterproof and can be installed in almost any location within the equipment. This tracking equipment monitors the usage of plant on site, receives movement emails and SMS alarms when the plant is moved, receives out of hours emails and SMS alerts if the machine is used outside of agreed timetables, received theft emails and SMS alerts if the plant is taken away on a trailer.

Agricultural Tracking

At AGM Telematics Ltd we offer a range of equipment suitable for agricultural tracking. Customers can choose between Interlink Standard, Interlink Professional and Interlink Premium for full live tracking providing 120/60 seconds updates when moving, Interlink Plant for protection of plant machinery than may be unpowered for many months of the year, and Interlink Asset for protection of standalone assets such as pumps and generators. These options offer live location of vehicles and equipment, monitor usage of vehicles and plant, provide email and SMS alerts and alarms when the asset is moved and used outside allowed hours or if it is taken away on a trailer.

Tracking a Container

We also provide tracking solutions for containers or similar equipment. Interlink Container is a tracking and monitoring solution designed specifically for container logistics. This nifty tracking device is small, yet tough and robust for long term use. It is a self-powered tracking device which can be installed in just 60 seconds. The unit automatically activates when the door has been closed and will track for one to two months depending on update frequency. It provides the user with tracking information, door access, movement events, temperature reading/ alerts and unauthorised access alarms.

Motorbike Tracking

At AGM Telematics Ltd we have created the fantastic ILU-BIKE tracking product designed specifically for motorbikes. ILU-BIKE has resolved power consumption problems associated with tracking motorbikes by featuring state of the art power management technology designed to reduce power consumption and not affect the motorbike’s battery. ILU-BIKE features SirfStar IV GPS technology to pinpoint accuracy as well as active anti-jamming technology that can filter and remove up to eight channels of signal interference. It also features a built-in high capacity lithium ion battery for continued operation even in the event of tampering.

Personal Tracking

Interlink Personal is our excellent portable and rechargeable tracking system. It has been carefully designed to monitor the location of staff, engineers and remote workers in dangerous locations. Interlink Personal can also monitor and control vehicles, drivers, assets all from one central control system. The monitoring software features the portable tracker and updates its position every 60 seconds. The device features a long life battery combined with smart power saving technology and built in panic alarms that alert users by SMS and email when activated.

Bespoke Tracking Solutions

Please contact our friendly team at AGM Telematics Ltd for all of your tracking requirements. Our knowledge and experience of the industry enables us to provide first class tracking solutions. Alongside our standard tracking packages we have the facilities and capabilities to tailor packages in order to meet specific customer requirements. Please call us with your specialist requirements to find out how we can help.



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