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AFM specialises in the supply and servicing of laser, bending, punching and shearing systems that incorporate specialist software designed to streamline the process chain and minimise waste, thereby increasing profitability. 

As the sole UK distributor for Ermaksan Machinery, we’re able to offer a range of top quality machine tools and provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure you get the very best from your investment. 

AFM was established nearly 40 years ago as a supplier of used machinery. The experience we have gained over this time makes us well placed to offer pre-sales advice as well as post-sales support in the form of servicing, maintenance, repairs, retrofitting and even training. 

10 years ago we begun selling and servicing new machinery from the world’s leading suppliers, and in 2009 we moved to our present purpose-built facility with offices and a workshop with overhead craneage up to 20 tons. 

We are now the largest supplier of fabricating and sheet metalworking equipment in the North East of England and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. 

Some of our systems are detailed in the sections below. To see what else we can offer, both in terms of products and services, please head over to the AFM Europe website – or simply get in touch on 01670 735 434.

CNC Pressbrakes

AFM are pleased to offer a range of CNC pressbrakes from one of the world’s leading manufacturers – Ermaksan. We are the sole UK distributors of Ermaksan machines, and as well as providing the systems themselves we can offer full support in the form of servicing, maintenance and operator training. 

  • ECO-BEND CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes – A range of user-friendly and cost-effective systems with plenty of added features.
  • EVO II Hybrid Press Brakes – A series of fast, silent, precise, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving machines that offer faultless bending of small parts. 
  • HD Heavy Duty & Tandem Press Brakes – These machines can handle deeper and longer plates with maximum accuracy and quality. 
  • MB Microbend Press Brakes – The smallest pressbrakes available. 
  • POWER-BEND Pro 3 Axes CNC Press Brakes – For stronger, faster and deeper bending. 
  • SPEED-BEND Synchronised Hydraulic Press Brakes – For situations where speed and quality are essential. 

Full details and specifications for each of the above can be found on the AFM website. 


We also have several high performance guillotines from Ermaksan. These include:

  • CNC HVR Hydraulic Variable Rake Guillotine Shear Series – A range of angle-adjustable, hydraulic guillotine shears able to cut any type of sheet with quality, speed and precision.
  • HGD Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Series – A range of high performing shears designed for 10-20mm sheets. 
  • HGS Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Series – A range of high performing and economic machines with a modern design, a strong steel frame and perfect cutting quality every time. 

Full details and specifications for the models above can be found on the AFM website. 

Rolling Machines

AFM can offer several top quality rolling machines from Isitan – one of the industry’s leading machine tool manufacturers. Models available include:

  • IRM Mechanical Rolling Machine – Designed for light to medium jobs on materials up to 5mm thick. The IRM is often used in the production of aluminium bendings, air conditioning channels, advertising panels and sheet metal covers. 
  • MRM-H Hydraulic Rolling Machine – Also designed for light to medium jobs, but on materials up to 10mm thick. 
  • MRM-S Mechanical Rolling Machine – With a helical gearbox and gear system.
  • R Mechanical Rolling Machine – A hand powered model for lighter jobs on materials up to 2mm thick.

EKM Iron Worker

The EKM IronWorker from Ermakson is a multi-function machine with stations for punching, profile cutting, flat sheet cutting and corner notching. Each workstation offers exceptional accuracy and ease of use whilst maintaining maximum operator safety. The EKM is an ideal choice for anyone who needs to carry out a range of tasks with optimum efficiency and outstanding quality. Despite its versatility, the IronWorker is highly affordable, compact and space-efficient. Plus it is easy to install and use, with only a minimal amount of training required. Find out more about this exceptional ‘all-rounder’ at AFM Europe online.

Laser Cutting Machines

AFM currently offers two types of laser cutting machine. These are:

  • FIBERMAK Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – A system that transmits the laser beam onto the sheet metal by fiber cables. Offers high beam density and excellent cutting quality, particularly on thin sheets. It’s also incredibly fast and efficient, requiring 70% less energy than CO2 lasers.
  • LASERMAK CO2 Laser Cutting Machine – The frame and components used in the construction of these systems are specially machined in CNC machining centres with maximum precision. This ensures perfect cutting results every time. 

For more details and specifications, please head over to the AFM website. 

EKN-6 Hydraulic Corner Notcher

The Ermak EKN-6 is a variable rake hydraulic corner notcher with an exceptionally strong frame. It features a Hoerbiger hydraulic system which requires no maintenance and has a wheel control lever that allows quick and easy adjustment (from 30° to 140°). The Ermak EKN-6 has a compact design which requires minimal floor space - it is also easy to install and requires only minimal training to use.  Find out more by visiting AFM Europe online.

Punch Presses

We can also supply and service a range of punch presses from Ermaksan. These include:

  • CPP Combined Plasma Punch Press – A two-in-one system capable of carrying out both plasma cutting and hydraulic punch pressing tasks. This means you do not have to change machine for different processes, reducing your production time and costs.
  • ETP CNC Turret Punch Press – Offering excellent speed and precision, the ETP is manufactured with the latest technologies to suit a dynamic and constantly changing marketplace. 
  • FPP Fix Punch Press – Allows sheets of up to 6mm to be processed multi-directionally. 
  • RPP Rotative Punch Press – For sheet thicknesses up to 4mm.

Full details and specifications for each of the above can be found on the AFM website.  

Used Products

As well as supplying a range of new machines, AFM can offer a choice of quality-approved used equipment, including sawing machines, guillotines, pressbrakes, steelworkers, bending rolls and a variety of specialist machines.  We have been supplying used machinery for nearly 40 years, which makes us well placed to offer advice and guidance when it comes to machine tool selection. 

See what’s currently available in our used machinery range by visiting AFM online. 



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