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AES Europe Ltd specialises in the supply of products and the provision of services that help owners and managers of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, streams and canals monitor and manage water quality and aquatic ecosystems to the best effect. We are particularly focused on offering sustainable solutions for the elimination of non-native fish, invasive water weeds and harmful fish diseases. 


AES Europe’s team of specialist staff bring together a range of skills, knowledge and experience of the freshwater environment. They work together to solve underlying problems and to provide long-term preventative solutions that put an end to their recurrence. 


AES are committed to improving and maintaining excellent water and aquatic habitat quality. We care about the aquatic environment and are extremely passionate about our work. So dedicated are we to the protection of freshwater environments that we will travel to wherever we are required in Europe to fix the problem; the company currently has customers in France and the Balkans as well as throughout the United Kingdom. 


You can find out more about our products and services in the sections below and on our website. 



AES Europe offers a range of aerators for the oxygenation of freshwater lakes and ponds. These are supplied to us by two of the world’s leading manufacturers, Futi and Oase. Aerators are an essential tool for maintaining water quality; oxygenation is not just important for fish but for virtually all freshwater plant and animal species. It’s also important for the oxidisation of silt, the processing of nutrients and organic waste by microorganisms, and many other underwater processes that are vital to the health of the aquatic environment. 


AES offers comprehensive pre and post sales support. We’ll help you choose the right aerator for your application and we’ll assemble it, test it and install it if required. We can also arrange annual servicing. 


De-silting & Pond Cleaning

AES Europe provides a comprehensive de-silting service for owners and managers of lakes, ponds, streams and ditches throughout the UK and beyond. We use the very latest mechanical plant to complete the job as quickly and as safely as possible. 


Often it can be hard to estimate the quantity of silt that needs removing, and on occasion we may come up against rather more than we had expected. But our customers can rest assured that no matter how long it takes, we will never walk away from the job. 


Find out more about our de-silting services by visiting AES Europe online. 


Water & Environmental Testing

Regular testing of water quality is an essential element of water management, and all sorts of information can be garnered from even the most basic set of data. But gathering that data is not always easy, especially when the parameters are constantly changing. Oxygen and pH levels, for example, can fluctuate massively between day and night, particularly in water where algae are an influence. And even once the data has been gathered, you then have to interpret it, which is in itself a difficult undertaking.


The solution is to call AES Europe. We use the latest equipment to test all relevant parameters, including dissolved oxygen saturation, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, chlorine, alkalinity, turbidity, calcium content and total hardness. After gathering a reliable and consistent set of data we’ll then interpret the results and make recommendations on how you can improve the quality of your water. 


Fisheries Services

AES Europe offers a number of fisheries services to assist and complement the management of any water. They include:

  • Netting, electrofishing and trapping.
  • Fish surveys and population studies. 
  • Hydro-electric fishery surveys.
  • Biomanipulation.
  • Stock control and cropping.
  • Disease and health testing. 

Our fisheries services are very much in demand due to the extensive knowledge and experience within our team of consultants, three of whom have been working in fisheries for nearly 50 years combined. 


The company is Cefas Registered and all work is completed with Environment Agency consent. 


Weed & Algae Control

The team at AES Europe has a wealth of experience in the control and eradication of aquatic weeds and algae. They are able to employ a number of different techniques/methodologies, not only to remove them but to prevent their growth in the first place.  Options include:

  • Using modern, robust boat-mounted cutting equipment to remove rooted water weeds.
  • Biomanipulation – Reducing the amount of zooplanktivorous fish species, thereby allowing planktons to control the growth and spread of algae. 
  • Limiting the supply of nutrients that feed algae. 
  • Using ultrasonic technologies to kill off certain algae.
  • Using legal synthetic herbicides.

You can find out more about the relative merits of each option by visiting AES Europe online. 


Silt Control & Siltex

As well as providing a professional silt removal service, AES offers a number of solutions that help to prevent it becoming a problem to begin with. A preventative approach to silt control is always more effective and less expensive than a remedial one, and so we recommend that all new lakes with water inflows have silt traps and reed-bed filtration systems installed as a matter of course. AES Europe are experienced in the design, construction and planting of such facilities and will always be able to find space for incorporating them into both new and existing sites. 


Another tool for controlling silt build-up is the Siltex water conditioner. This helps to stimulate bacterial oxidation of organic waste (such as waterfowl faeces and deciduous leaf-litter) whilst enriching the water overlying the problem silt with calcium that improves conditions for detritivorous invertebrates. 


Erosion Control & Remediation

Bankside erosion is a significant problem in itself, but it also has a knock-on effect on water quality. For example, it will often release nutrients into the water which are utilised by algae, and this in turn contributes to algal blooms. Where the banks are clay, erosion will significantly increase turbidity (cloudy water). These are just some of the reasons why it is important to prevent and control erosion. The AES team will help you identify the causes and will propose both remedial and preventative solutions.

Coir Rolls & Pallets

One of the methods used for controlling and restoring bankside erosion is the deployment of coir rolls and pallets. These have become crucial water management tools and demand for them is increasing worldwide. The reason is that coir, made from coconut husks, is the ideal growing medium for establishing aquatic plants. As well as being completely biodegradable, it offers the perfect density for the root growth and it is rigid enough to provide some structure in its own right. Find out more about the benefits of using coir rolls and pallets for the prevention of bankside erosion by visiting AES Europe online.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants play a vital role in creating a welcoming and sustainable habitat for wildlife to settle and flourish in lakes and ponds.  AES Europe has a wide variety of native plants that can be incorporated to these environments and we can make recommendations based on your individual requirements, whether it be for plants to assist with filtration, to sustain particular animals, insects or fish, or to provide visual interest and structural integrity.  We supply plants as either plugs for direct planting or, if you want to make an immediate impact we can supply plants on coir rolls.  Our website contains a comprehensive list of the plants available, grouped into plant height for ease of selection.


Fish Rescues

AES Europe is well equipped and experienced at undertaking both planned and emergency fish rescue.  Our planned service comprises an initial survey, which allows us to ascertain stock dynamic and levels, fish health and the equipment required for safe removal. The results will determine if the fish are healthy enough to be moved, but in circumstances where this is not the case we can humanely cull the fish using fish euthanasia drugs that ensure no suffering is experienced.  Over the summer months, algae in shallow lakes and ponds can reach dangerous levels and therefore emergency fish rescues are common. We operate a 24-hour rescue service across the UK

Rivers, Streams & Ditches

The work required for maintaining rivers, streams and ditches is challenging and sometimes dangerous, as unlike lakes and ponds they cannot be drained and often require working in fast-running water.  AES Europe are able to undertake de-silting of watercourses, bank side stabilisation where erosion has occurred and clearance of branches, leaves and litter from rivers, streams and ditches to ensure water can flow freely and prevent flooding.  Other work that we carry out includes gravel installation and cleaning, installation of flow detectors and enhancement works.

Fish Stocking

The diversity of our offering leaves us well placed to advise on and assist our clients with stocking their ponds, lakes and rivers with fish.  All of the fish we sell have received a health test from and independent, Environment Agency approved fish health consultant and will come to you with a valid test certificate.  We are able to supply a selection of native fish species that have been reared on private estates and can be considered wild.  They have been left to feed naturally and come from a closed system.  These stocks are cropped every year to ensure sustainability and these surplus fish are then made available for purchase.  Please see our website for a list of species, sizes and quantities of the current fish stocks we have available.




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  • Futi Aerators
  • Nicospan Specialist geo-textile for use in stabilising river bank erosion
  • Oase Pumps, fountains
  • Siltex Water treatment product to reduce silt over a period of time. Applied by our staff using our own boat.

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