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AEF Solutions have over 60 years experience in providing specialist design and manufacturing solutions in custom made filtered connectors for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC, EMI, RFI) and Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS), which also encompasses lightning protection.

Our years of experience in the connector industry has enabled us to build a loyal and returning customer base, this is due to our versatile approach to customer service and exceptional attention to detail. 

Our connectors are hardwearing and durable which is why they are the first choice for some of the most demanding industry sectors including Defence, Military Aerospace, Commercial Avionics as well as being regularly used by the Telecomm, Datacom and Industrial markets. Our connectors have featured in the Eurofighter, Airbus A380 and may other high profile applications.

From our specialist unit in Kent, AEF Solutions are able to deliver our electronic solutions worldwide through our trusted distributors who are able to maintain our high levels of service and quality.

AEF Solutions are a proud to be a founding member of Electromagnetic Compatibility Industry Association – EMCIA.

Filter EMP Connectors

AEF Solutions manufacture filter connections to meet the demands of HIRF and lightning. Interconnect solutions are our speciality and they address both EMI/RFI filtering and EMP transient protection. We achieve our high quality cost effective solutions by using Transient suppression technologies and a number of different filtering options on our connectors which offer a fast, reliable level of performance. In addition to common and differential mode filtering our filtering solutions allow for the application of multi-stage filters as they have Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) stages, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection devices.

Protective Caps

AEF Solutions’ connector protective caps are available in aluminium, aluminium bronze or stainless steel and they can plated be in several finishes such as cadmium olive drab, electroless nickel, black nickel, zinc cobalt or black anodized. Caps come supplied with a chain, plastic coated wire or nylon rope depending on the customer’s preference and are available for both receptacle and plug connectors. There are also several types of fixing terminal on available.

Filter Modules and Plates

AEF Solutions make use of several different technologies in our filter plates and filter and transient protection modules. The filter module and filter plates both feature on board capacitors that are available in Planar, Tubular, Discoidal or SMD. Both filter plates and filter modules have one module arrays that offer multiple capacitance values as well as ground and feed-thru lines. The EMI/RFI and EMP transient protection make excellent use of space efficient packaging. The filter plates and filter modules have voltage ratings of 100 VDC – 1000 VRMS and a capacitance range 22pF– 2 uF. Within the same array there is a mixed capacitances 1000:1 ratio on filter plates and modules.

Solder Tail Connectors

Solder tail termination is available on virtually all of AEF Solutions’ military circular and rectangular connectors and they are ideal for use on both Printed Circuit Boards and Flexible circuits. AEF Solutions take particular care to design and manufacture the contact interface dimension in order for it to comply with the applicable Mil Specification. We are able to offer a fully bespoke design service on the tail dimensions that take into account the type of application and exact specification of our customers. AEF Solutions are also able to supply coaxial, triaxial and quadrax contacts.


AEF Solutions provide a vast selection of Backshell fittings designed to work with almost all types of military circular connector. Our Backshell fittings work with a range of different cable specifications including screened and un-screened. They are available in three materials, aluminium, aluminium bronze or stainless steel and come with the option of having them plated in  cadmium olive drab, electroless nickel, black nickel, zinc cobalt or black anodized. Provision for a Heatshrink Boot or screen termination is provided by the “Cone” or Constant force spring.

Cable Assemblies

At AEF Solutions we are able to provide a full range of cable assembly solutions for our customers. We will take charge of the whole cable assembly project, including acquiring the connectors, which can be either filtered or unfiltered, sourcing the cable that fits the precise requirements of the job, undertaking the build and then carrying out all the necessary tests. We are also able to offer a full cable design service should it be required.

Flexible Circuit Assemblies

In addition to our cable assembly services, AEF Solutions are also able to build compete flexible assemblies. Customers are able to take advantage of our in house design service to help create the perfect flexible circuit for their desired application. We will also obtain all the necessary filtered or unfiltered connectors as required, find the correct flexible circuit then perform the build and undertake all testing ensuring that your finished flexible circuit is of the highest standard and offers the ultimate level of performance.

Panel & Box Build

AEF Solutions are able to provide our all of customers with a full turnkey service and project management for all box and panel build applications. This part of our service supplements our work in filter connectors, flexible circuit assembly, cable assembly, wiring, PCB assembly and testing. AEF Solutions will take full control of all aspects of your box and panel build from conception to completion with the option to make use of highly experienced in-house design team if required.

Special Applications

Customers often approach us with requests for items that are slightly different from those in our standard range or that are needed for specialist applications. At AEF Solutions we always strive to fulfil all customer needs and we have developed special application products to meet these requirements. Our selection of special application products is large and diverse and includes soldered assemblies, sealing of connectors to achieve IP67, filter adapters, filtered plug connectors (circular and rectangular) and hermetically (glass to metal) sealed connectors.

Fibre Optics & Media Conversion

In today’s society customers are always looking for ways to improve their communication and achieve faster broadband speeds. For a reliable, fast and secure communications solution, AEF Solutions are able to design and manufacture media convertors that provide Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX Electrical media to 100Base-FX Optical media and Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T Ethernet Electrical to 1000Base-SX Ethernet Optical media. The optical fibre link up varies from 550 metres to 2.0 kilometres.

Tubular Filter

When the use of a planar array is prohibited due to the required high/low ratio required by a capacitor, tubular ceramics are the perfect alternative for a high performance filter. The body of the contact has the tube built into it and the filter connector has it assembled into the ground plane. Tubular ceramics can actually be a more profitable solution than planar array technology particularly when used with lower contact count connectors. AEF Solutions design their filter connectors with the military in mind and our connectors always meet and often exceed the standard military requirements. As our filter connectors are both intermateable and interchangeable they will work with standard non-filtered QPL connectors.

Planar Array Filters

Especially designed for use in multi-line EMI/RFI filter circuits, which are commonly found in filtered connectors, multilayer ceramic Planar Capacitor Array components are more reliable than other capacitor technologies as well as being able to offer reliability, high levels of performance, weight and volumetric efficiency. Made from a ceramic block that houses capacitors or a amalgamation of capacitors, feedthrough and ground lines, the planar capacitor array has capabilities ranging from a simple 2 hole unit to a complex 155-way device. The device perimeter makes the ground connection with the individual line connection being made through a terminate hole to each capacitor. The signals make multi directional paths to the ground providing very low impedances. Many electrical functions can be achieved by using the planar capacitor array such as grounded contacts and hole grounding to a specific maximum resistance as well as many others.

Discoidal Filters

The key elements in many EMI filters are single plate and tube ceramic capacitors and the Discoidal chip multilayer ceramic capacitor works in perfect harmony with both. The configuration of the Discoidal Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors enables them to be mounted directly into filters as well as onto bulkheads and hybrid circuits. AEF Solutions’ Discoidal Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor’s perfect geometry affords it with superb RF performance capabilities and extremely high self resonant frequencies. The voltage ranges are 50Vd.c. up to 3kVd.c. The capacitances values are limited on the single layer design, although there is an increased range to 4.7uF with the Multilayer Discoidal Chip process. The AEF Solutions’ Discodial Capacitors can be easily incorporated into connectors, modules or plates.

SMD on Board Filters

SMD on Boards are an excellent alternative to other types of filtering technology offering a cost effective solution and faster turnaround times. AEF Solutions design all of their SMD on Board in-house allowing us to provide our clients with prototypes quickly and offering a flexible approach to any filtering change requirements at the design stage. Although often considered to not be as good as Planar Array in terms of performance, SMD on Board is usually sufficient for the needs of most applications. All of AEF Solutions filter connectors will meet and in many cases exceed the standard military specifications.


By using MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor), Diodes (Uni-polar and Bi-polar) or GDT (Gas Discharge Tube), AEF Solutions are able to provide Transient protection on all of our connectors, modules and plates. AEF Solutions are able to use these devices in combination to re-direct the energy spikes and we also offer the option to have them incorporated into our filter connectors, modules and plates. We can help decide which of our devices is the most suitable depending on either the over-voltage threat that has already been encountered of the one anticipated. Should need any further help or advice in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Resistive Arrays

In addition to our EMI/RFI/EMP connectors, AEF Solutions are also able to design and build resistors. Our resistors can be placed in one of two areas, either in-line between the contacts or between the contact and the connector shell (ground) depending on what is most applicable for the final use. AEF Solutions are able to design resistive arrays into all connector types ranging from Military Circulars to D sub connectors. Our designs are all custom made and we work with our clients to come up with the most appropriate design for their needs.



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