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A.E Petsche Company is a global supplier of high performance interconnect products. We offer a comprehensive range of wire, cable, connectors and harness management solutions, all available from stock and delivered worldwide. 

Established in 1966, A.E Petsche has nearly 50 years of experience in the electrical sector. We have become recognised throughout the world for the quality of our products and for the excellent service that all of our customers receive. 

Indeed quality, both in terms of the products we supply and the services we provide, is what our reputation has been built upon. In order to maintain quality and preserve this hard-earned reputation, A.E Petsche has implemented a quality management system that is both ISO 9001:2008 accredited and AS9100 (aerospace standard) certified. This involves a 36-point inspection process which gives customers and suppliers complete assurance that their materials will be handled and prepared to the very highest standard. 

You can find out more about our high performance interconnect products in the sections below and on our website. If you require any help or advice in their selection, please get in touch with our helpful, friendly sales team using the contact details provided at the top of this page. 

Standard Wire and Cable Products

A.E Petsche Company has been the world’s leading supplier of high performance wire and cable since 1966. For more than 45 years we have been offering the most comprehensive range of military and aerospace standard wire and cable products. We also now offer an extensive range of high performance wires and cables for use in other demanding applications, including medical, transit and ground-based military vehicles. 

We supply products from some of the world’s best manufacturing companies, including Thermax/CDT, IW, Judd Wire Inc., TE Connectivity, Nexans, Draka Fileca and many other leading brands. 

Visit us online or get in touch to find out more. 


A.E Petsche Company offers the following types of connector:

  • Circular – including metallic and composite types for use in industrial, civil aeronautic, military hardware and military aeronautic applications.
  • Rectangular – including the latest space-saving types and many high density variants for use in military, commercial and industrial applications.
  • ARINC – including both ARINC 400 and 600 variants for use in mechanical and electrical interfaces between on-board avionics equipment and rack-mounted electrical hardware. 
  • RF – for a range of aircraft, space and marine applications. 

More information can be found on our website. 

Connector Assembly

A.E Petsche Company is the world’s leading interconnect specialist. Not only do we offer a comprehensive range of connector products, we also provide a full suite of services, including connector assembly. This takes places at our Class C value-added connector shop, where we are able to pre-assemble or kit custom and “QPL” connector configurations from our extensive in-house inventory of components. State-of-the-art connector assembly facilities and ISO-rated assembly procedures mean customers can expect precision assemblies of the very highest quality. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more.

Harness Management

A.E Petsche Company complements its comprehensive range of wire, cable and connector products with an extensive selection of harness management solutions. These are designed not only to protect but also to help arrange and identify cables, wires and connectors. The range includes:

  • Heat shrinkable tubing
  • Identification tags
  • Solder sleeves/crimp devices
  • High performance sleeving
  • Cable ties and accessories
  • Overbraid materials
  • Lacing cord
  • Conduit systems
  • Moulded parts and adhesives

We also have a number of related tools to assist in the application of our harness management products. 

Special Purpose and Custom Wire and Cable

As well as supplying mil-spec and OEM standard configurations, A.E Petsche Company can offer many special purpose cable and wire products either from stock or custom-made according to your requirements. This includes high-speed data cables, fibre optic cables, thermocouples and flat cables. 

Flat cables are designed and assembled by us under the widely recognised Wireweave® brand. These utilise traditional wire types and allow users to minimise the size of the harness and reduce both shielding requirements and harness weight. 

Find out more about our special purpose cable products and bespoke assembly services by visiting A.E Petsche Company online. 


In this product category you will find:

  • Signal Relays (Rated less than 1 amp) - These range from the smallest TO-5 and .100 grid type relays to the powerful full-size crystal can relays. Military standard callouts include M39016, M28776, M28750, M5757, M83726, MS27245 and MS27247.
  • Mid-Range Relays (Rated from 1-25 amp) - Applications include military ground vehicles, missiles and missile launch systems, military and commercial aircraft, weapons systems, chemical detection systems and navigation and guidance systems. 
  • High Power Relays (Rated more than 25 amp) - Available in PCB and panel mount styles, these relays feature unique sealing technologies to make them suitable for use in harsh environments. They can be found in use on the F22, the F35 and the International Space Station. 

Switches and Sensors

Our range of switches and sensors includes:

  • Basic Sealed Switches – These are enclosed within a corrosion-resistant aluminium housing which protects against contamination. Construction meets MIL-PRF-8805. 
  • Toggle Rocker & Push Button Switches – Hermetically sealed and suitable for use in panel-mounted applications where an environmental-proof rating is required. 
  • Custom Switch Assemblies – Developed by Honeywell according to customer specifications. 
  • Sensors – These are designed to meet demanding temperature, shock, vibration and EMI/EMP interference specifications. Available in high and low frequency versions. Applications include engine and APU systems, landing gear and flight and pilot controls. 

Please get in touch to find out more. 

Sixnet Switches

A.E Petsche is an approved distributor of Sixnet’s IP67 Ethernet Switches, including the ET-8xG-MIL-1 switch pictured to the right. This is an all-Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet managed and unmanaged switch with military-style D38999 connectors, an ultra-rugged case, protected circuitry and advanced software. It is ideal as a commercial off-the-shelf solution for battlefield communications, combat vehicles, avionics and any industrial application requiring hardened switches. Full details and specifications are available from our website.

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