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The APC group of businesses - Hero, Novacom, Contech, Hi-rel, Locator, Displays+, Minimise and QV Controls - covers the full spectrum of technical consultation, design and service for electrical and communications components.  APC Hero provides technical and design-in support on key technology product sectors, specialising in sensors, communications (wireless and wired), LED's and ultra-capacitors, to many markets: 

  • Industrial
  • Test and Measurement
  • Data Logging
  • Green Energy 
  • Storage Solutions
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Home Automation 
  • Energy management.

All the APC businesses, and Hero is no exception, have built the organisation on an expert understanding and knowledge of electrical components and their applications, in order to provide the very best solutions to our clients. APC Hero have secured agreements with leading component manufacturers who require specialist support and expertise, and whose products we can offer to the aforementioned markets. The team of engineers and account managers have many years experience in the sector, they carry a clear understanding of the applications, customers and the particular demands of the market. As always we compliment our technical capabilities with a very high level of customer service.


    APC Hero want to be able to meet all of your sensor needs so have made a selection of sensors they recommend from leading manufacturers - Sensirion, First Sensor, sglux and Cozir - for a host of processes and needs. In addition to the aforementioned sensors - liquid flow, CO2, PSD - they have sensors for UV, temperature, humidity, radiation, gas flow and differential pressure monitoring and response. All of these sensors have been selected with the highest quality standards in mind. For instance, the UV radiometer shown in the picture, is developed by sglux, a well known and respected ultraviolet manufacturer of specialist sensors designed to monitor the light sources to ensure the correct power levels.  They can be used for  applications like the curing of inks and paints, water treatment and general disinfection. Visit our website for the full range of sensors we supply.


    As a technologically focused organisation we have always been at the forefront with communication developments. This has allowed us to build a product offering from leading manufacturers - Bluegiga, Adeunis RF, Locosys, Wiznet, Telecom Design, Yitran, and Telic - in widely used formats and frequencies - bluetooth, wifi, GPS, GSM/GPRS, ISM, Ethernet and PLC - that have unlimited potential for your applications.


    We've put together our LED collection - high bright, through hole, surface mount (SMD), lamps, lights and clusters, infrared and phototransistor, photocoupler, photo interrupter, photo reflective sensors, indicators and signals, and displays - from leading manufacturers such as Kingbright and Signal Construct. LEDs are now found in any application where light plays a part because of their low energy consumption and cost efficiency. Contact our team of engineers and technicians to see how LEDs can help with your product or processes.


    Ultra-capacitors were developed as a more environmentally friendly way for high power consumption applications that operate intermittently. The devices - ultracapacitors, hybrid-capacitors, and a wide range of modules - are manufactured by Ioxus in Oneonta, USA to store energy via purely electrostatic forces.  Ultra-capacitors surpass batteries environmentally and in power delivery. APC Hero has the franchise to sell and service these devices in the UK and has supplied them to transportation, renewable energy, and industrial markets. With the modules, Ioxus are able to produce custom builds to meet specific requirements, and APC Hero can advise on the best solution.

    Data Entry

    Another subsidiary of APC group, APC Contech was established to provide application specific keyboards and data entry solutions. The experienced technicians and consultants have put together an extensive range of devices that they can recommend for different applications or use a combination to solve larger business and process problems. Specialist products are on offer from leading brands. Medigenic supplies the NHS with infection control keyboards and mice, crucial for all clinical environments. The range on offer comes under the following categories: 

    • Medigenic Infection Control
    • LogicKeyboard Editing
    • iPad Trolleys, Stands and Cases
    • Tipro Dispatch Terminals
    • Industrial Keyboards
    • Custom Keyboards, Keysets and Panels
    • Displays, Tablets and Medical PCs
    • Printers, Cheque / Card Readers 
    • Barcode Scanners


    Digital Signage

    Digital signage is rapidly taking the place of traditional point of sale, advertising media and general signage. We can use our knowledge of digital signage to upgrade and update your systems to operate efficiently 24/7 and the make the most of your media. We source digital signage components from leading brands within the sector such as Advantech and IAdea, but also offer our own custom solutions. With any solution that we offer, off-the-shelf or custom, we can provide a full technical service and support comprised of a team of engineers that can fulfil any user needs. A key partner and service offered with all projects is to have the equipment tested and verified by signagelive, who will also be able to pre-load any operating system - Windows XPE, Embedded Standard 7 or CE (mobile), Linux and android mobile - you specify or we advise.

    Embedded Computing

    Advantech is the largest manufacturer and distributor of industrial computers in the world and we are one of the few dedicated specialists for their embedded computer range - single board computers, box PCs and panel PCs - in the UK. The applications of these devices is unlimited and so far we have recommended and helped implement them for a diverse spectrum of processes from ARK embedded computers for hosting digital signage, single board computers for testing computer carrier boards and self service touch kiosks, all for a multitude of industries and sectors.  Visit our website for a selection of the standard range, with the most popular products starred. We are able to collaborate with Advantech on your behalf to find a custom selection if the standard offering does not meet your requirements.


    Our recommended selection of displays for personal, commercial and industrial computing applications, including signage when combined with media players, are from the world's leading manufacturers, CMI, Mitsubishi, AUO, Ampire, E-Ink (Primeview) and Elec & Eltek. Drawing on all the other computing tech that we can source from Advantech and other manufacturers we can help construct complete systems and processes that solve your business problems. This expertise and knowledge of all elements within the construction of computing and other technologically advanced systems is our key offering to clients.

    Gas Flow Sensors

    Sensirion manufacture a range of mass flow meters and controllers for gases, which we highly recommend for many applications, and have been relied upon in the medical industry. Both meters and controllers have a MEMS based calorimetric microsensors which measure flow using the thermal measurement principle, and is integrated in one signal chip using CMOSens® Technology. Altogether these devices ensure not only fast and accurate measurements to be made but also at a very economical cost to your business. Previously the devices have been used in analytical instruments, solar equipment, gas chromatography, coating processes, pharmaceutical applications, chemical engineering and process quality control, to name just a few applications. Discover more possibilities through our website.  

    Differential Pressure Sensor for Gases

    Built using Sensirion's innovative CMOSens® sensor chip, the differential pressure sensors for gases provide reliable and fast measurements from the intrinsic flow. This enables them to offer the devices at very attractive prices making them ideal when a price-sensitive solution is sought, whilst not sacrificing accuracy and resolution. Each differential pressure sensor is individually calibrated and temperature compensated, which is why when taking into account the attractive prices, they have been very applicable to medical and HVAC processes.

    Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensors (RH&T)

    For monitoring and handling humidity and temperature, we recommend Sensirion's sensors, which can be easily integrated into any process. The miniature digital devices are unrivalled in their low energy consumption (CMOSens® Technology) and are high performance, making them a stable long-term solution, especially for remote applications. The humidity and temperature sensors come in different housing types and accuracy levels for varying applications and calibrations; some come in pin types for easy and flexible integration and exchange, and other models are SMD to allow reflow soldering. If you require a customised solution we are able to advise on the best solution and Sensirion will be able to manufacture the custom sensors.

    Digital Signage

    Advantech x86-based digital signage platform has been applied across retail, healthcare, hospitality and restaurants as an integrated solution that comes ready to go. Pre-loaded with Intel OPS and Advantech's reliable and stable media players these devices can function securely 24/7 - Acronis data protection software, and system security software by McAfee - are highly scalable and content can be managed remotely using SUSIAccess remote device management software. Advantech have a selection of ARK devices that have different features and functions. We can advise you which of these will benefit your intended applications, such as HD and high performance.

    Single Board Computers

    Classified between a full computer and a mini controller, Computer on Module (COM) single board computers are a subtype of an embedded computer and benefit from fan-less operation making them easy to integrate for small form factors. The simplified form allows for quick design turnover and easy development, maintenance and migration for your applications. We will be able to recommend one of the standard COM or SOM single board computers that are offered by Advantech - COM Express basic, compact and mini, Qseven, ETX/XTX, development and application boards - or can consult on a custom build. All standard and custom single board computers are optimised for low power consumption but have also been adapted to meet specific applications, like the connectivity offered by the COM Express range, or the bare build of the development board for the testing of computer carrier boards.

    Liquid Flow Sensors

    A specialism of the APC Hero team is designing systems with liquid flow sensors and meters and providing technical support. The APC Hero team have used their expertise to carefully select Sensirion as their recommendation for liquid flow sensors and meters. Sensirion sensors are so advanced and accurate that they can measure flow in milliliters, microliters or even nanoliters per minute, even through the wall of a flow channel to monitor leakage (CMOSens® Technology). The devices have been applied to medical equipment, diagnostics and process technology, but can be applied to any function where liquid flow monitoring, liquid handling or liquid dosing is a concern. Contact our team for a consultation on how Sensirion products could benefit your business.

    Position-sensitive diodes (PSD)

    Another carefully researched, interrogated and selected product we recommend in our technical support and our design-ins, is the position-sensitive diodes (PSD) manufactured by First Sensor. These diodes measure a light spot in either one or two dimensions on a sensor surface using silicon PIN diode technology. Most commonly found in camera automatic focusing lenses, these components can play an important role in any product or process that is required to detect the position of incoming light. Our team will be able to advise you on whether these components can be an effective addition or element within your product or processes.

    Co2 Sensors

    Carbon dioxide detection can be important to many processes, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), indoor air quality (IAQ), education, horticulture, diving, industrial, safety and automotive. The APC Hero team have selected COZIR ambient and wide range sensors, as they combine very low power consumption, 50 times less than older NDIR devices, and instantaneous warm-up in only 2 seconds, making them applicable universally. They have been used in the past for hand-held devices and wireless systems as they can maximise battery life with a low duty cycle. Other benefits over the traditional NDIR carbon dioxide gas sensors, includes, auto calibration, wireless communication compatible, minimal power-up time and a standard digital output. The versatile devices are compact and can be housed in handheld devices or wall mounted. All devices are manufactured by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians in a purpose built and clean area designated for assembly, calibration and quality control on 100% of products, with further follow ups on sensor temperature and CO2 response. 

    APC Hero have recently introduced to the market the new COZIR SprintIR, the fastest sensor in the world that makes up to 20 measurements per second when the capture of rapidly changing CO2 concentrations is needed. 



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