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Addmaster is the leading European supplier of additives for industry. We specialise in offering innovative additives for a range of industry needs and our edge comes from an ongoing commitment to research and development. We are dedicated to improving our additive offering to you – our customers.

Addmaster, of Stafford, was founded in 2000 to offer a revolutionary and technologically advanced resource for industrial and commercial additive needs. We started with the plastics sector. Our huge success has allowed us to grow into new market sectors like paint, paper, textiles and coatings.

We also offer additive masterbatches, compounds, as well as liquid or powder dispersions for any industrial or commercial application.

Addmaster is also proud to own the award-winning and industry-leading Biomaster range of silver-based antimicrobial technologies. The Biomaster range offers a 99.99% reduction in bacteria. Biomaster goods are incorporated into many products around the world in the medical and healthcare industries, domestic appliances, paints and coatings, catering products, and bathroom accessories.

We offer exceptional value to our customers – and this in turn provides us with the revenue we need to continue developing future products and improving our offerings to you. Addmaster is registered to ISO 9001; we offer top products and a professional and efficient customer service.


Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology, Addmaster's flagship product, is a range of innovative and safe, effective additives to control harmful or dangerous baceria. Biomaster makes any substrate cleaner and more hygienic over its service lifetime. Biomaster is proven in reducing the spread of MRSA, Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.Coli, Listeria, and over 50 other bacteria by nearly 100%. Biomaster can be included in any material and becomes an essential part of your product to offer lifelong and strong protection against contamination.


Addclean is specially designed to be used in tough polymer processes. A high performance and purging master batch, Addclean is unlike other system; it is non-abrasive, non-aggressive, and can be used at dosage ranges of just 10%. Addclean helps shorten clean-down times, eliminate hang-ups in hot tools, and reduce black specks. And it offers strong cost benefits over other common compounds.


We offer Hydromaster masterbatches to give your polymer long-lasting hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties. So whether you want to repulse water or attract it, our compound can help you with your needs. Hydromaster additives can be used to lengthen the life of plastic, instead of traditional topical coatings like fabrics, geo-textiles, or other coatings. And Hydromaster products allow normal resin processing temperatures to be used. Hydromaster compounds can be used in low concentrations in extrusion, injection moulding, synthetic fibre fabrication, and other industrial uses.


Odourmaster's active ingredient is a microporous inorganic material able to absorb large quantities of odours, gasses, and volatile organic compounds. Odourmaster can be used in plastics converting processes; compatible with PE, PP, and EVA, Odourmaster masterbatches are effective in absorbing compounds such as monomers, esters, vinyl acetate, organic acids, aldehydes, and ketones. The product can be used at standard resin temperatures and in extrusion, injection moulding, and other processes; again, at low concentration.


These masterbatches help in polymer processing and can protect polymers from degradation both in the short and long term. Processmaster is ideal for any polymer where you need to improve the protection of polymeric characteristics or process ability – whether it is adding stabilisation to reduce heat or reducing sheer and friction. And like all of Addmaster's products, Processmaster can be used to good effect with low concentrations and in cast film extrusion, injection moulding, synthetic fibre production, and tubes and profiles.


Addmaster offers fragrance as well as taking odours away. Scentmaster masterbatches are polymeric carrier systems that contain a high measure of fragrance, from a wide range of choices, for the production of perfumed plastic articles. Scentmaster is typically useful for the food and beverage industry, as well as other consumer home products. Our fragrances include: Lemon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Green Apple, Orange, Pine, Raspberry, Peach, Lavender, Cut Grass, Chocolate, Rose, Eucalyptus, Aromatherapy, Baby Lotion, and Floral Bouquet. Other fragrances are also available.


Addmaster offers the UVmaster masterbatch for UV coating of your products. We work in concert with UV additive producers to offer a range – whether absorbing UV, reflecting it or stabilising it is required. UV testing can be provided, if necessary, and UVmaster is compatible with all major types of polymer. UVmaster is applicable (and in low concentrations) to the standard Addmaster range of uses, such as cast film extrusion, injection moulding, and other applications.


Addmaster is pleased to offer Flamemaster – a unique product that uses non-halogenated flame retardant technology to offer you a flame retarding solution. Flamemaster's hallmarks are low toxicity and low interaction of the active ingredients; as a result, Flamemaster can be used in nearly any application. The chief advantage of Flamemaster is to reduce the effect on the physical characteristics of your products while providing a thermal barrier, low smoke and char stabilisation.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Addclean Unique purging masterbatches for all plastic processes
  • Biomaster Using Masterbatch, Powder and Liquid technology we are able to provide an antimicrobial solution for any plastic, textile, paper & coating application.
  • Flamemaster Flame retardant masterbatches and compounds
  • Hydomaster Water repellent and wetting masterbatches
  • Odourmaster Deoderiser and neutraliser masterbatches
  • Processmaster Process aid masterbatches and surface modification
  • Scentmaster Fragrances and flavoured masterbatches
  • Staticmaster Antistatic and conductive masterbatches and compounds
  • UVmaster UV stablisers, absorbers and reflector masterbatches
  • Verimaster A unique range of taggant technology for use in Brand, Product and Supply Chain Verification.

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements