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Access Automation Ltd is a market leading supplier of barriers, gates, road blocks, turnstiles and fencing to the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. We have provided access solutions to major international blue-chip organisations up and down the United Kingdom. Working on numerous construction projects has brought us a wealth of experience in the sector which enables us to offer an unbeatable range of services, from design through to groundworks, electronics installation and even on-site training. So whether you need an access solution for construction, security, safety or access management, our expert team of designers and engineers will produce the goods within budget. Where else would you get innovative products, a professional service, and AESIF industry approval?


Access Automation Ltd was set up in 1988 to supply the local residential electric gate market. Our reputation for high-quality products soon earned us contracts in the commercial sector, and since then we have never looked back. We have worked on some of the most prestigious projects of the last twenty years, including the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and Kew Gardens. Access Automation still offers the same great professional service on both domestic and commercial projects. We also provide maintenance contracts and an emergency call out facility to ensure your access systems are working as they should be.

Traffic Barriers - Visit our website

Access Automation Ltd supplies traffic barriers in either electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic drive format. These are ideal for vehicle control on commercial sites, especially in car parks. Not only do we supply these great products, but we’ll also install them for you if required. They can be controlled using a variety of manual or electrically operated systems and have an opening speed setting of 2-12 seconds. Manuel barriers employ counterbalanced vertical lift boom arms, while electrical barriers are supplied by a 240V single phase power source. Beam sizes span from 2 meters up to 8 meters and can be finished in a choice of colours or in simple stainless steel.

Road Blockers - Visit our website

Road blockers are an ideal heavy duty method of preventing vehicle access to sites for protection of property from theft. With designs varying from 'street furniture' style to industrial heavy duty units, our road blockers offer fast, reliable and secure access to and from your site. So how do they work? Hydraulic rams power a rising kerb which prevents unwanted vehicle access in manned and unmanned vehicle parks. An innovative programmable logic controller co-ordinates the hydraulics, access control and traffic light signals. Access control options include proximity cards, radio, tokens, keypads or intercoms. Available in a range of widths and heights, these are the ideal deterrent against even the most determined intruder.

Turnstiles - Visit our website

Available to be fitted internally or externally, our turnstiles are a practical method of controlling pedestrian access to your site. We offer a range of models, from standard manual units to high-spec automated internal units, offering a flexible approach to the issues of aesthetics, security and functionality. These mild steel or stainless steel constructions with three-arm 120 degree rotas or four-arm 90 degree rotas have been used at a number of different sites, including industrial premises, transportation areas, airports, offices and leisure centres. All of our access control systems can be used in conjunction with our turnstiles.

Access Control - Visit our website

Our in-house team of design engineers are continually developing innovative, tailor-made pedestrian access systems. These have opening speeds as fast as 3.5 seconds and feature built-in safety mechanisms. Our access solutions are controlled by numerous systems, including Radio, hardwired intercoms, wireless intercoms, keypads, proximity cards, swipe cards, vehicle detection ground loop systems, and long range vehicle proximity systems.

Automated Gates - Visit our website

Here at Access Automation, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of automated gates.

The range includes:

  • Swing Gates up to 5 meters: available in a range of standard styles and designs with all types of automation.
  • Swing Gates up to 9 meters: these gates can be manufactured from steel, wood or a combination of both.
  • Swing Gates up to 14 meters: offering high performance and security for a range of commercial and industrial requirements.
  • Bi-Fold Gates: widely used by Police, Fire and Ambulance Stations due to fast opening times of the gates.

Other automated gates in the range include: Sliding Tracked Gated up to 6 meters, Sliding Tracked Gates up to 2000 kgs, and Cantilever Gates up to 9 meters.

Automated Barriers - Visit our website

We are also pleased to offer an excellent range of automated barriers.

The range includes:

  • Automatic Traffic Barrier up to 6 meters: CE Approved, maximum boom length of 6 meters and opening/closing time of 2 – 6 seconds.
  • Automated Traffic Barrier up to 7 meters: CE Approved, maximum boom length of 7 meters and opening/ closing time 2 – 7 seconds.
  • Automated Traffic Barrier up to 9 meters: CE Approved, maximum boom length of 9 meters and opening closing time of 4 – 10 seconds.

Please visit our website for more information about these barriers.

Bollards - Visit our website

We offer a range of bollards to suit different customer requirements.

Examples of the range include:

  • AA500BOL 500mm and 700mm Electromechanical Rising Bollards: supplied fully assembled, pre-wired and ready to use.
  • AA800BOL 600mm and 800mm Rising Bollards: a safe, fast and robust hydraulic bollard with a lift time of 5-6 seconds.
  • AABOLFD Fold Down Post – 760mm high: this post has been designed for use in areas such as parking spaces, office forecourts and driveways where access needs to be restricted.

Other heavy duty bollards and telescopic posts are available in the range. Please head over to our website to view full product descriptions.

Car Park Count Systems - Visit our website

We also offer a fantastic range of car park count systems. These systems automatically count cars via an inductive loop which is buried beneath the surface of the road. Signals from the loop detectors are received by the counting system in order to maintain the number of vehicles entering and exiting certain areas. The data received then computes display information and/or alarm signals. Various counting systems are available including: Entrance Picture, Counter, Full Sign, Space/ Full Sign and Spaces Free Sign. Please visit our website to view images and to find out more about our car park count systems.

Solar Range - Visit our website

Our range of solar equipment includes:

  • Solar Powered Motor: cemented under the hanging end of the gate at ground level. These motors are suitable for use with solid gates of up to 2 meters or wrought iron or 5 bar gates up to 4 meters.
  • On Gate Solar Kit: this kit is suitable for single leaf swing gates up to 3 meters in length and with a maximum weight of 350kg. It is a self-contained system used with gates where there is no access to mains power.
  • Under Gate Solar Kit: motors are cemented just below the surface of the ground to hide from view.
  • Solar Powered control Units: a new solar control board that can be used to power CAME, FAAC, BFT, Tau, GR, Beninca and other types of 12v or 24v actuators/ motors.

Please visit our website to view detailed product descriptions.

Manual Barriers - Visit our website

Our range of manual barriers includes:

  • Low Cost Manual Barrier: this manual barrier is widely used for a range of parking, road access and traffic management.
  • Robust Swing Arm Barrier: this manual barrier is manufactured from high grade steel hollow box section and is widely used in areas where low volume traffic control is needed. It features an AA swing arm barrier which can be locked open or closed if needed.

Please see full product descriptions on our website.

Gate Safety - Visit our website

All new gate installations come complete with a Certificate of Compliancy. Gates are also ‘force tested’ (certificate supplied). We provide customers with a ‘handover’ book which features full details of the equipment and all the information needed in order to operate the gate safely. The equipment is also CE marked. To ensure automated gates are safe for use they should be regularly serviced and maintained (please see below).

Service / Repair Aftercare - Visit our website

We offered excellent service and repair packages to ensure your automated equipment is running safely, smoothly and efficiently.

We offer:

  • Standard Service Package: this includes two service visits per year within a 12 month period (commercial) or one service visit a year (domestic) including an annual force test.
  • Bespoke Service Package: we also offer bespoke service packages which are customised to suit the needs of individual customers. Please contact us at Access Automation with your requirements.

We also offer out of hours emergency support. Please see our website for details.

Automatic Gates For Your Home - Visit our website

From wooden farm style estate gates to ornate wrought iron gates, Access Automation Ltd offers a diverse range of automatic gates that allow for easy access to and from your property whilst providing maximum security and deterrent from intruders. We have over 15 years experience in designing, installing and maintaining automated gate systems for private households across the UK. We also have the capacity to retro-fit automation to existing gates, and can even supply new entrance systems including ground works. If you would like more information about our high-quality and cost-effective automated gate solutions, please visit our website or contact us.

Automated Swing Gates up to 5mtrs - Visit our website

Access Automation Ltd also supply a broad selection of automated swing gates up to 5 metres in length. Products in this range are built with high-quality materials and feature all of the latest safety options and controls. Our swing gates are available in many different styles, designs and colours. If you would like more information or would like to see any of our previous swing gate installations, please visit our website.

Automated Swing Gates up to 9mtrs - Visit our website

We also supply a range of swing gates up to 9 metres in length which are available in steel, wood or a combination of both and operated using on gate rams. The most powerful hydraulic operators available are the P4.5 operators, which have a pulling force of 8500N and can operate gates up to 4500mm each leaf. The high spec operators are suitable for commercial and industrial applications including:

  • Large steel gates
  • Timber gates
  • Palisade gates
  • Wind effected gates

For more information, please visit our website or contact us.

Automated Swing Gates up to 14mtrs - Visit our website

For commercial and industrial sites, Access Automation Ltd offers the high-performance D380 HD Swing Gate Drive Unit Kit. These units are suitable for the harshest and most demanding of environments including MOD, prisons, docks and airports. The D380 HD Drive Units can support gates up to 14 metres in length and are controlled via a specially designed inverted panel situated either local or remote to the gates. The drive unit speed can be modified to suit specific conditions, making them suitable for operation in extreme weather. The D380 HD Drive Unit is by far the most advanced drive unit on today's market.

Automated Bi-Fold Gates - Visit our website

Access Automation Ltd's AA80BIF Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gates are a popular choice of high speed automated gate for police, fire and ambulance stations, and high-security installations such as power stations. They offer an ideal solution for situations where speed of opening and closing is essential or where space is at a premium. The AA80BIF Bi-Folding gates typically operate at twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate of the same size whilst maintaining maximum levels of security at all times. Leaves can open to a full 90 degrees and do not encroach on the space between the posts when in a fully open position.

Automated Sliding Tracked Gates up to 6mtrs - Visit our website

Access Automation Ltd offers a 4v electromechanical operator that is suitable for intensive use for leaves up to 1500kg. They feature an electromechanical limit switch and electronic slow-down system HQSC-D control unit with built-in receiver, allowing gates of up to 6 metres in length to function in extremely cold environments (down to -20 °C). For more information, please visit our website or contact us.



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