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Acante is a leading manufacturer of touchscreen kiosks. We offer a range of standard solutions as well as a bespoke manufacturing service for clients requiring systems that are tailored to their specific needs. Capable of housing a full range of peripherals, our kiosks can be used for all sorts of applications, from ticketing and sales transactions to customer navigation and public internet access. 


All of our kiosks are designed and manufactured right here in the UK at our Reading production plant. We use the very best materials and the most advanced production techniques to ensure our products are ready for even the toughest operating environments. Quality, performance and durability come as standard with each and every kiosk we supply. 


Acante products are sold worldwide. They can be found in retail stores, tourist offices, leisure facilities, museums and many other indoor and outdoor environments. Our kiosks have been used to provide internet access in hotels, to minimise the length of queues in retail stores, to provide out-of-hours access to services and to provide information at National Trust properties – these are just a few examples. 


Find out more about the ways in which our kiosks can be used by visiting our website. 


Classic Information Kiosk

Our Classic Touchscreen Kiosk can be set up as an information kiosk, internet access point, ticketing kiosk or for various other applications. The 17” LCD touchscreen is positioned at exactly the right height and angle for use by children, adults and wheelchair users alike, ensuring full compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act. The surrounding areas are made from high grade steel and extruded aluminium with a powder coated finish. Our Classic kiosks use Intel technology and can be fitted with various peripherals, including stereo speakers and thermal printers. For more details and specifications, please view our website.

Classic Access Kiosk

The Classic Access Kiosk provides internet access for visitors, customers, staff or anyone else who may need it. It can be set up to allow users to surf the net freely, or it can be restricted to a particular website – in fact, you can have as much control over user access levels as you need. 


The Classic Access Kiosk has a small footprint which makes it ideal for situations where floor space is limited. It’s built right here in the UK at our Reading factory where quality standards are assured through the continual monitoring of manufacturing and engineering processes. Find out more by visiting our website. 


Ellipse Kiosk

Ellipse is the name given to our new range of free-standing slim line kiosks designed to fit easily and conveniently into any indoor location. With their own distinctive look, durable design and impressive functionality, these kiosks are perfect for a range of commercial applications. They feature a 19” resistive LED touchscreen and can be set up with various peripherals, including vandal-resistant, IP65 sealed keyboards and tracker balls. Ellipse kiosks can be configured for ticketing, internet access (via WLAN or static point connection), customer navigation, self check-in/out and various other applications.

Apollo Interactive Kiosk

The Apollo Kiosk is another highly interactive and incredibly versatile solution designed and manufactured by Acante. These models feature an LED illuminated 19” touchscreen and a sleek profiled body which is perfect for contemporary environments. It can be set up for ticketing with specialist printers; for internet access with vandal-resistant, IP65 sealed keyboards and wireless connectivity; or even for sales transactions with note and coin tenders, chip and pin readers and receipt printers. More details and specifications can be found on our website.

Multi-Touch Glass Kiosk

Our Multi-Touch Glass Kiosk incorporates a 6-point, 32” large format touchscreen that brings visual impact to any situation. These models have been used for all sorts of applications from customer orientation to e-learning. They are made using a combination of stainless steel and toughened glass, and are designed with a small footprint that minimises the amount of floor space they require. Multi-Touch Glass Kiosks can be set up with a range of peripherals to suit your individual requirements and may also be customised with company/organisation branding. For more information, please head over to the Dicoll website.

Bravo Interactive Kiosk

Bravo Interactive Kiosks have been designed with versatility in mind. These models can be used for information, internet access, ticketing, e-learning, e-payment and much, much more. They are capable of housing a range of peripherals as well as their 19” capacitive touchscreen, and they are made with robust materials to ensure maximum durability in demanding environments. Optional extras include receipt printers, A4 thermal printers, integrated stereo speakers, webcams, telephone handsets and hearing loops. Find out more by visiting Dicoll online.

Elite Information Kiosk

This is an ultra-thin touchscreen information kiosk designed to bring visual impact to any situation. The Elite has been used in a range of applications, from customer orientation to e-learning, and it can be fitted with various peripherals to support things like ticketing, e-payment and internet access. A footprint measuring less than 0.25m² makes this model particularly useful in situations where space is at a premium. Like all of our Kiosks, the Elite is designed and manufactured in-house at our facility in Reading using the finest materials and the most advanced production techniques. This ensures they are ready for the challenges of a high-use public environment.

Classic Tower Kiosk

The Classic Tower Kiosk from Dicoll has a double sided design that allows two users to perform a function at the same time – whether it’s purchasing tickets, accessing the internet, making a transaction or just gathering information. Being double sided means the Tower Kiosk makes more efficient use of floor space and also of production materials (since less metal is needed than would be for two separate kiosks). It’s manufactured from powder coated mild steel and extruded aluminium, which together give it the durability it needs to perform in high-use public environments.

Multi-Touch Table

Bringing together the user-friendly format of Windows 7 and the exceptional performance of Intel i5, our 32” Multi-Touch Table is one of the most powerful and engaging solutions we offer. This kiosk facilitates fast, smooth and efficient use of software programmes, video applications and even games, and while it’s large enough to have fun, it’s not so big that it takes up an entire room. The table features a 32” multi-touch display surrounded by highly durable, powder-coated mild steel. It can be fitted with a range of peripherals and may be branded according to your requirements. Visit us online to find out more.

Wall Mount Kiosk

Our Wall Mount Kiosk is ideal for situations where floor space is all-important. It has a sleek design and it’s made with top grade materials to ensure maximum durability in tough, demanding environments. All models feature a 17” LCD resistive touchscreen and a small form factor PC using Windows 7 Pro. Other peripherals can be integrated upon special request. Wall Mount Kiosks from Dicoll are mostly used in retail environments as point-of-sale machines or as stations for dispensing vouchers. Find out more by visiting Dicoll online.

Outdoor Kiosk

Dicoll’s Outdoor Kiosk has been designed with IP65 environmental protection to prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture. It can therefore be used outdoors in almost all conditions. It’s built with extruded aluminium and high grade mild steel which is powder coated for added durability, and it can be finished with your own company branding if required. The Dicoll Outdoor Kiosk has a specially toughened touchscreen, and like most of our kiosks it can be fitted with a range of peripherals to support specific applications (information, ticketing, e-payments, etc.). You can find out more about our Outdoor Kiosk by visiting Dicoll online.

Stainless Steel Information Kiosk

Our Stainless Steel Information Kiosks have a sleek, stylish design and an easy-clean finish, making them ideal for situations where aesthetics are particularly important. They can be made to house a 17” or 19” LCD touchscreen which can be configured for information or internet access. Being made of stainless steel means they are highly durable and can withstand some of the most difficult operating conditions. A range of peripherals can also be fitted, including stereo speakers, Wi-Fi network adaptors, webcams, telephone handsets and hearing loops. For more details and specifications, please head over to the Dicoll website.

Bravo A4 Printer Kiosk

Our Bravo Kiosks are now available with integrated A4 colour laser printers capable of printing 5 pages per minute in full colour and up to 20 in monochrome, with a native resolution of 600dpi and an effective maximum resolution of 2,400dpi.  Like standard Bravo models they can be set up to perform a variety of functions, including ticketing, e-payment, e-learning, internet access and customer navigation. They feature the same high quality 19” capacitive touch screen and are made with the same top grade materials.

Duo Kiosk

Our Duo Kiosks feature a 19” capacitive touch screen for user interaction as well an additional screen for other advertising media (this is available in a variety of sizes). These models are ideal for all sorts of applications, from ticketing to customer navigation. They can be fitted with a range of peripherals, including A4 thermal printers, Wi-Fi adaptors, stereo speakers and anti-vandal keyboards and tracker balls. For more details and specifications, please head over to the Dicoll website.

Bespoke Kiosks

Need a fully customised solution for a very specific application? No problem. Dicoll has over 30 years of experience in electronic engineering, and we specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke interactive solutions. So whatever your requirements, be they functional or aesthetic, we can provide a kiosk to meet your individual needs. Our design services are completely flexible and transparent so that you know exactly what’s going on at each stage of the process. We use the latest CAD facilities to design your customised kiosk and employ the most advanced production techniques to build it. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of our design team, please get in touch using the contact details provided at the top of this page.

Flexible Branding Solutions

Dicoll works in partnership with Signs Express to offer customers a flexible branding solution for their kiosks. Whether you need a small signature logo or complete vinyl coverage, just send us your artwork (in EPS or high-res Jpeg format) and we’ll provide a mock-up so that you can see what it will look like when finished. Only when you’re completely happy with the size, look and position will any materials be printed. To find out more about this service, please visit Dicoll online or contact our sales team directly.



Registration Number: 08580291
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Annual Turnover: 2-5M

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