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Established in 1983, Absolute Action is the world's pioneer of fibre optic lighting. Based near London, we specialise almost exclusively in the development of fibre optic technology for illumination and display purposes. With 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing fibre optic lighting, Absolute Action is the longest-established and most experienced company in the market.

Fibre optic lighting is our passion, along with successfully integrating it into the built environment. This dedication leads us to form close working relationships with our partners and clients, which helps our bespoke lighting solutions to achieve unparalleled results. We are committed to providing fibre optic systems that maintain our reputation for quality, reliability and durability, whilst also striving to increase performance and decrease power consumption.

Your needs are a top priority, and our ability to react quickly and with flexibility allows us to respond creatively to fulfil them. We have forged alliances world-wide with manufacturing partners whose ethos and commitment to innovation matches ours.

Gems and Jewellery

One use for our fibre optic lighting is as a sensational enhancer of fine jewellery and gemstones. Its unique aura bathes countless national and commercial collections all over the world, including the Hope Diamond in America and the Crown Jewels in London.

At Absolute Action, our knowledge and expertise in this field are completely unsurpassed, having been put to the test lighting some of the most highly prized and exotic artefacts around. For not only exquisite display, but absolute security, these artefacts have been entrusted to our care, with spectacular results.

Years of evolution and development to cater to changing fashions and technologies has resulted in the development of our range of fibre optic lighting systems. This also allows us to fulfil the unique requirements of our discerning customers.

Canopies and Atria

Lighting large, inaccessible locations is a challenge, but it can often be solved through the use of fibre optic systems that allow the light source to be remotely situated and easily maintained. Our bespoke manufacturing, knowledge of performance, extensive experience and development of maximum output lighting techniques result in low maintenance, reliable, enduring systems.

The Bentall store in Kingston-on-Thames (pictured to the right) demonstrates Absolute Action's ability to provide lighting for seemingly impossible situations. The roof structure is higher than the nave of St. Paul's Cathedral and required a lighting system that would not compromise the open aspects of the structure. Exhaustive testing and prototyping ensured that the end result was a fibre optic installation that still endures today, 20 years later.

Commercial Installations

Fibre optics systems can provide unique lighting solutions and bring distinct variety to a whole manner of commercial environments. They are very flexible, and facilitate re-configuration and re-use, which makes them a solid investment for businesses that may require constant refreshment and redesigning of their brand identity.

Apart from this facility for customisation, there are a range of other benefits to using fibre optic lighting systems. These include extremely low power consumption, durability, minimal and simple remote maintenance and a comprehensive range of control protocols. In addition, they do not emit ultra-violet or infra-red radiation, which means that the lighting will not cause merchandise to fade.

Art and Sculpture

At Absolute Action, we strive to provide exquisitely tailored lighting that enhances the works of artists wherever they are on display; from residential settings to major galleries and museums. Our range of fibre optic lighting solutions can provide illumination for all sorts of art, and is the result of years of experience and evolution. Regardless of what kind of art you need to provide lighting for, no lighting technology can match the unique benefits that fibre optics offer.

In addition, we offer The Art Light as a stand-alone picture lighting solution. For canvases of all shapes or sizes, The Art Light is particularly effective for the even illumination of pictures.

Conservation Projects

For the illumination of artefacts that have specific conservation needs, fibre optic lighting is the well established technology of preference. Whether in the largest international museums or private collections, fibre optic lighting can be used when the display environment has to be carefully controlled and when critical security issues are paramount.

Absolute Action work closely with curators and conservators to assure that the best balance is achieved between displaying and preservation, while also respecting the need for future flexibility and user-friendliness.

Current conservation focused applications of our lighting include illumination of domestic memorabilia at the George Washington Museum and protecting some of the world's most valuable books at the Bodleian Library.

Wet Lighting

Fibre optics are perfect for applications in aquatic situations, as no maintenance is needed at the point of light output, so the draining of pools and fountains is not necessary to replace lamps.

An example of our lighting being used for aquatic application is the pool area at Chewton Glen. Here, high intensity lamps at the source enable light to be conveyed efficiently across substantial distances to lensed heads, which deliver appealing collimated light beams into the water. Down-lighters and starscapes – which require no maintenance – are also used directly above the pool to create a dramatic and attractive effect.

Retail Applications

Fibre optic lighting systems have many advantages in retail environments, including the lack of glare, the fact that several outlets can be powered and controlled from one source, and significant reductions in power consumption and maintenance costs. The lack of heat output from fibre optic lights is also an important benefit, as they can be used for displaying items that may be susceptible to heat damage, such as food, wines, perfumes, clothing and accessories.

This advantage allowed our lights to be installed country-wide in Budgen's stores, as heat free lighting over frozen food containers. We helped these stores to reduce energy consumption in a practical and affordable way.

Residential Lighting

Our fibre optic lighting systems have also seen their fair share of bespoke integration into some of the world's most exclusive private residences, with Absolute Action's discerning clientèle greatly appreciating the quality and attention to detail that we offer.

Be it for the illumination of personal ancestral collections or bespoke chandeliers and water features, we constantly strive to provide elegant solutions and a totally discreet service. Fittingly, much of our work in private residences is entirely that – private. However, we can provide some illustrative examples of our residential lighting solutions with permission of the clients concerned.



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