Abergele Mobility is part of the highly respected O.C.S Care Agency, which was set up in 1996 and provides a high level of home and day care to Abergele and the surrounding area.  As part of the O.C.S service, Abergele Mobility was created to supply the essential equipment for the disabled and those with mobility needs. 

Our products are designed to make everyday living a little bit easier and we carry a range of items to help those with disabilities around the home, such as dressing and bathing aids as well as equipment that can be used out and about. We also sell all the tools carers and support workers may need to assist  someone, for example protective clothing including gloves and aprons as well as a selection of products used for cleaning; mops, sponges and hand sanitizer.

Additionally, we offer a hire service for wheelchairs, scooters, rise and recline chairs, profile beds, commodes and three and four wheeled walkers. This service is especially useful if you are holidaying in the area and need to hire a bulkier item such as a wheelchair or scooter for the duration of your stay.

Another extremely useful and popular service that we are able to provide is insurance and warranties on or mobility products including the higher priced goods such as scooters and power wheelchairs. We were alerted to the demand to offer insurance for these products after receiving an abundance of calls and emails from our customers asking for recommendations on insurance companies. We decided to team up with First Senior Insurance to supply a full range of cover that includes accidental damage and theft. This kind of insurance affords our customers the peace of mind knowing that their items are protected.

Our level of customer service and the quality of the products we supply are second to none. All our products can be ordered online and they are usually delivered in two working days. You can contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our products or services.

Walking Frames

Our walking frames range from simple metal frame walkers to much more complex and deluxe models. We have a walking frame to suit every need and every type of budget, many with handy bags attached to carry essential items in. All our walking frames offer excellent support and are a useful tool to aid mobility. Our top of the range walking frame, the Diamond Delux Rollator, is two products in one and easily converts from a rollator to a chair as well as being ideal for those with arthritis.


Our scooters are an excellent means of transport and still provide the user with a high level of independence. We stock a selection of scooters from the more traditional 4 wheeled drive type right through to the luxurious new Sport Rider. The Sport Rider has been built to resemble the design of a motorcycle and offers a smoother driving experience whilst still retaining all the safety features, reliability and comfort of the standard scooter. We also carry a full range of scooter accessories to guarantee the maximum amount of comfort on your journeys.

Wheelchair Accessories

We have everything you need in order to personalise your wheelchair and make it a bit more comfortable and. Our choice of items includes cup holders and arm rest trays for added convenience as well as bags, cushions, covers and ponchos. To assist with the manoeuvrability of your chair, we also have an easy to install, lightweight power stroll. Additionally, we have portable ramps that can help with ease of access to cars and houses.

Bath Seats

From simple, easy to fit bath boards and traditional bath seats, we stock a range of items that makes bathing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We have a selection of traditional swivel bath chairs and a corner bath chair for sitting comfortably in the tub or shower stools for a nice, long hot shower. For the ultimate in bath chairs we stock both the Bellavita Bathlift and the Deltis Bathmaster which are both lightweight, reclining, motorised bath chairs offering the maximum in comfort and safety.

Pressure Cushions

We stock pressure cushions for all needs and areas of the body. We have ring cushions for sitting and square cushions that can be used on bonier parts of the body, both help guard against friction and the development of ulcers that can occur due to long static periods. We also provide heel protectors as well as heel and ankle pads for people with skin disorders. All our pressure cushions and pads are designed with the optimum comfort of the user in mind.

Help with Dressing

To help speed up fiddly day-to –day activities we have a variety of options available.  From a modern twist on the classic shoe horn, a clever way to help put on socks to an ingenious, yet simple way for buttoning shirts and pulling up zippers, we have the answer. Our goal is to provide items that allow our customers to complete tasks independently and with ease. We also have items designed for added warmth, such as our fleecy back support cushion which can help with back ache to our cosy thermal socks for keeping toes nice and snug.

Long Reach Grabbers, Jar Openers & Turners

Incredibly handy little gadgets that are so useful, you will wonder how you ever lived without them! Our grabbers and reachers are designed to pick up items without the need for bending and some are especially for those with weaker or arthritic hands. We also carry a selection of items to help out around the kitchen, such as easy to use ring pulls for can and tins, aids for unscrewing jars and a table top tin opener.

Rise & Recline Chairs

Our rise and recline chairs are designed to gently lift the user to a standing position and are ideal for users with mobility problems that include arthritis, MS and circulatory problems. Our chairs are available with both single and dual motors, with the dual motors allowing you to control the leg and backrests independently. All our chairs are easy to operate and come in a choice of finishes and colours to compliment every decor.



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